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ARMA Vulcan 6X 3P MG - Compact 6x Rifle Scope Gen 3 ITT PINNACLE w/MG NRWVULCAN6P9DA1 vs 11830

The Armasight Vulcan scopes represent the apex for the night vision weapon sighttechnology. Host of the Vulcan features as well as wireless remote control, capability to use either CR123Aor AA battery and fast release Picatinny mount with locks. Small on dimensions, however bigon value the Armasight Vulcan won't unbalance your rifle; it mounts on an adjustablemount that will fit weaver or Picatinny rails, and may be mounted in seconds withouttools. The Vulcan has multicoated all-glass lenses and an internally adjustable good reticle thatmakes exact shot placement very easy. This night vision riflescope is water, dust and sand evidence for increased dependability. Complete with tactical rails for lasers orilluminators (high power IR illuminator included as standard), the Armasight Vulcan isideal for the predator hunter, tactical marksmen, or anybody that needs a compact andlight night vision riflescope. Features: large array of IIT configurations Shock protected, all-glass IR transmission multicoated optics Bright light cut-off Illuminated reticle with light modification Wireless remote control included removable long-range infrared illuminator Waterproof design Powered by a single CR123A Lithium or AA battery Low battery display fast release mount Mounts to standard weaver rails restricted Two-Year Warranty plans: IITGeneration Gen 3P - High Performance ITT.

Vortex Optics Viper HD 15-5x65 Angled Spottingx 0mm HD

Pick out the detail you need with the compact 65mm Viper HD spotting scope at your fingertips. Xr anti-reflective coatings team up with HD (high density) extra-low dispersion glass for remarkable resolution, color fidelity, and maximum light. Meet challenging conditions with confidence thanks to the superior fogproof and waterproof performance of the rugged Viper. Easily the best way to make your Trophy selection without put a mile on your boots-the high-performing Viper HD spotting scope has your name on it.

Arma Zeus-Pro 60 2-16x50 (30 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon , FLIR Tau 2 - 60x512 (17 n) 30Hz Core, 50mm Lens

DESCRIPTION: The Zeus Pro family of Thermal Weapon Sights showcases the best and new advancements worked on by Armasight in the field of uncooled thermal imaging technology for the dismounted soldier, special law enforcement team member, and professional hunter. The Zeus Pro epitomizes Armasight's 20/50 design gold standard, which is defined from product inception as being able of withstanding 20 meters immersion for 2 hours and engineered for routine use with 0. 50 BMG weapon shock and recoil. Established around common core electronics, signal processing, and eyepiece optics with generous eye-break, the Zeus Pro Series Thermal Weapon Sight is available in a range of alternatives and price points that cater to every application - military and commercial. Armasight has presented a distinctive dual battery choice for the Zeus Pro Thermal Weapon Sight consisting either of four 3. 0V DC 123A batteries all oriented in the same direction to prevent misunderstanding in substitute, or four 1. 5VDC AA batteries pre-loaded in a cartridge. In a pinch, a single 123A 3. 0VDC battery can power the Zeus Pro for just over one hour. The Zeus Pro 640 2-16x50 (30 Hz) Thermal Weapon Sight is distinguished by its simple and intuitive controls, functions, and features that are layered among direct button modifications, direct mix button functions, and electronic menu selections. In an effort to better support the art of shooting, Armasight has included ballistic drop reticules, electronic compass and inclinometer in the Zeus Pro package for better range estimation and target orientation. The Zeus Pro uses a 9-pin multipin connector to offer video-in imagery, where there can be a need for map or rangefinder display overlays, and external power access. In support of these potential, Armasight offers an optional laser range finder, external battery pack, multispectral laser and other accessories intended to attach on the MIL-STD-1913 rail of the Zeus Pro. Hard state technology reticule modifications and software algorithms, joint with a complementary color reticle platform, assures maximum reticle contrast, high level target accuracy, and boresight retention. This level of accuracy is translated into the tracking electronic zoom (e-zoom) function of the Zeus Pro thermal imaging weapon sights, which may be progressively increased from 1x to 2x to 4x and 8x without changing the point-of-aim to point of-affect relationship of the aiming at reticle. A five-button wireless remote switch is included to operate and change the settings on the Zeus Pro to optimize the imagery for the viewed scene without having to take off your hands from the weapon. The Zeus Pro has Bluetooth wireless capability and can directly interface with most smart phones with the possible for engaging a series of current and future applications. The Zeus Pro Thermal Weapon Sight represents the most versatile and sophisticated Armasight product available in today's market for hunters, SWAT teams, and military staff, depending on its superior price-to-performance value. FEATURES: 24/7 Operation in presence of environmental obscurants (smoke, dust, haze, fog) Superior engineering and design from inception to Armasight's 20/50 standard Rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant performance Operates on 123A or AA batteries dependable fast-release locking weapon mount Objective Germanium Lens alternatives TAU-2 17 micron Pitch Thermal Sensor SVGA 800x600 OLED Display Long eye-break eyepiece lens Digital Compass Digital Inclinometer Battery position display many User Selectable Ballistic and fast Acquisition Reticules Selectable Reticule Color Selectable Palettes: White Hot/ Black Hot/ Sepia/ OEM Custom/ Other Color Variants Imaging Filter Algorithms: - Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE) - Smart Scene Optimization (SSO) - info established Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ) - Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) - Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction (SSN) Wireless 5-button Remote Tracking Digital e-Zoom: 2x, 4x and 8x Still Picture and Video Recording capability (Mounted DVR choice) Made In the USA SPECIFICATION: Magnification 8x - 16x Refresh Rate 30 Hz Objective Lens Type Germanium kind of Focal Plane Array FLIR Tau 2 Pixel Array Format 640x512 Pixel Size 17 micron Display Type AMOLED SVGA 060 Pixel Display Format 800× 600 Pixel Size 17 micron Display Type AMOLED SVGA 060 Pixel Display Format 800× 600 Objective Focal Length 50mm Objective F-number 1:1. 4 concentrating Range 5 m to inf. Battery 4 each 123A 3. 0VDC or 4 each AA 1. 5VDC Battery Life at 20 ° C (68 ° F) > 6 hr (optional up to 14 hours) External Power Supply Optional expanded Battery Pack with rechargeable batteries (up to 8 hours) or 6 VDC/ 1А external power source Operating Temperature -51 to +57° C (-59 to +134° F) Storage Temperature -57 to +85° C (-70 to +185° F) Dimensions, mm/in 197x76x76 / 7. 5x3. 0x3. 0 Weight 0. 95 kg / 2. 0 lbs.

Vortex Optics Kill Flash ARD Optic Cover with Flip Cap, Size 7

He VORTEX kill FLASH ARD Optic 11830 Cover w/ Flip Cap, Size 7, 2. 2-2. 45 in. (ARD-CAP-7) is an anti-reflection device (ARD) that decreases objective lens glare and reflection. Also to decreasing reflection, the kill FLASH ARD guards the lens from scratches and damage. Size 7 will fit a range of Vortex merchandise: Razor HD 5-20x50 Riflescopes: EBR-1 MOA Reticle, EBR-2 MRAD Reticle, EBR-3 MRAD Reticle, Viper PST Riflescopes: 4-16x50, 4-16x50 FFP, 6-24x50, 6-24x50 FFP, Viper Riflescopes: 3. 5-10x50, 6. 5-20x50, Diamondback Riflescopes: 3. 5-10x50, Crossfire Riflescopes: 2. 5-10x50, 3. 5-10x50; Recon R/T Scopes: 10x50, 15x50; Razor Binoculars: 8. 5x50, 10x50, 12x50, Viper Binoculars: 10x50 R/T, 8. 5x50, 10x50, 15x50.

MHtech Tactical Flashlight Knife Multifunctional Adjustable Focus Cree LED Flashlight Torch with Self Defense Survival Knife for Vehicle Hunting Fishi

The flashlight has an On/Off button and a small opening for the charger, it has 3 modes of action which are normal light, dim light and flashes, it also has a green ring that makes zooming when needed, the light is strong and it can cover a large area. The knife is housed inside the case which you unscrew and can screw on top to make a longer knife. The blade is excellent quality and very sharp. On the other end is a hammer if you were trapped and had to break glass you could and escape. Specification:Brand: MHtechMaterial: Aluminum alloy + stainless steelBrightness: 250lmLighting Mode: High light, Low light, and sharp flashLens: GlassOther Part: Assembled knifeLength of knife: 7. 6 inchPackage Include:1 x LED Flashlight Knife1 x USB Charging CableNote: The battery isn't included in the package, so the user should purchase a 18650 Lithium battery himself.

VastFire IR Ifrared LED Light Flashlight 850nm Flashlight Hunting-to be Used With Devices (Torch Only One)

Discription Model: SK68 Color: black Material: 6061T aircraft Aluminum HA III hard anodized construction Lens: Clear anti-reflective covering magnifying ABS lens Bulb: 850nm OSRAM LED assembly Runtime: 1. 5 - 5. 5 hours( depends on battery capacity and mode selection ) Lifespan: Average 10, 000 hours Mode: On - off Operating voltage: 0. 8V - 4. 2V Power supply: 1 x AA or 14500( NOT included ) Switch: End cap press on-off switch Dimension( mm ): 9226 mm(LD) Weight( oz ): 2. 4 Rotate the flashlight head part to zoom in and zoom out to get zoomable light Shock tolerant, slip-tolerant body design common waterproof standard with O-ring sealed, splash evidence, be OK to use in rainy days Step down constant current driver, high efficiency with dual mode DC-DC regulator. Replace battery when the light is too dim Note The LED chip from this flashlight turns red by naked eyes when the light on, but the light beam have to be detected by night vision scopes or non-IR filter cameras Package as well as 1 X OSRAM LED IR-850NM Torchnot include battery.

Arma CO-Mini GEN 2+ QS MG Quick Silver White Phosphor Clip-On System with Manual Gain, Black

DESCRIPTION: intended for short-to-medium ranges, the Armasight CO-Mini QS MG is the most compact commercially available Clip-On Night Vision Device. The CO-Mini QS MG uses image intensification technology and is intended to change most low-to-mid power daytime sights, scopes, or binoculars to operate at night. The CO-Mini QS MG may be mounted in seconds and without tools. It may be attached in front of a day rifle scope (using its fast release Picatinny mount) or directly onto the day scope (or binocular/telescope) objective lens with an optional adapter. CO-Mini is suited for use with most commercial and military specification day time sights, telescopes or binoculars (up to 6X magnification). Because the CO-Mini QS MG is mounted in front of your day scope, the shooters eye break isn't altered, and shot release and follow through all remain intuitive. The clip-on device is factory bore-sighted to better than 1 MOA accuracy, so no alteration in zero is experienced. The Armasight CO-Mini QS MG is meant mainly for use by the most calling for hunter or short range assaulter, where field of view and easy use is more important than high magnification. Filled with groundbreaking and important features – optional variable get control, bright light shut-off, wireless remote control are just some – the Armasight CO-Mini QS MG is intended to make fast intuitive shooting just as easy at night as it's throughout the day. If your day scope is a well recognized brand or not, the Armasight CO-Mini QS MG will work just also at magnifications 2-6X. The manual get control feature (MG) lets the user to increase or decrease image light for best possible contrast in any situation. The Armasight CO-Mini QS MG comes with a high-performance Armasight fast Silver White Phosphor Gen 2+ IIT with manual get control allowing a clear black and white image and resolution of 55-72 lp/mm. The CO-Mini brings high quality clip-on night vision inside everyone&'s reach. FEATURES: Simple and fast conversion of daytime scope, sight or binoculars to Night Vision Mounts in front of rifle scope with no re-zeroing obliged Equipped with Wireless Remote Control Auto get Control Powered by a single alkaline 1. 5V AA or 3V CR123A lithium battery Low Battery display fast Release Mount Bright Light Cut-off System Mil Standard Compliant restricted Two-Year Warranty SPECIFICATION: IIT Generation Gen 2+ QS MG Resolution 47-54lp/mm Magnification 1x (suggested to use with up to 6x day time optics) Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 27. 5 Lens System F1:1. 26, 38mm FOV 22° Range of concentrate 20 m to infinity Diopter modification No Controls Direct auto light Control Yes Bright Light Cut-off Yes Infrared Illuminator removable Long Range IR Illuminator Power Supply 1 x 1. 5V AA type battery or 1 x 3V CR123A type battery Battery Life 60h ( 3 V ) / 30h (1. 5 V ) Environmental ranking Waterproof Operating Temperature -51° C to +49 ° C Storage Temperature -51° C to +49 ° C Dimensions 125 x 68 x 55 mm / 4. 9 x 2. 7 x 2. 2 in Weight 0. 48 kg / 1. 06 lbs Warranty 2 years.

Arma Vulcan 6X FLAG MG Compact Professional Rifle Scope Filmless Auto-Gated IIT with Manual Gain

DESCRIPTION: The Armasight Vulcan scopes represent the apex for the night vision weapon sight technology. New optical design, which is considerably more compact than what was offered before forms modern business standards. Host of the Vulcan features as well as wireless remote control, capability to use either CR123A or AA battery and fast release Picatinny mount with locks. Small on dimensions, however big on value – the Armasight Vulcan 6X 3P MG won't unbalance your rifle; it mounts on an adjustable mount that will fit Weaver or Picatinny rails, and may be mounted in seconds without tools. The Vulcan has multicoated all-glass lenses and an internally adjustable good reticle that makes exact shot placement very easy. This night vision riflescope is water, dust and sand evidence for increased dependability. Complete with tactical rails for lasers or illuminators (high power IR illuminator included as standard), the Armasight Vulcan is ideal for the predator hunters, tactical marksmen, or anybody who needs a compact and light night vision riflescope. The Armasight Vulcan 6X 3P MG comes with a high performance Gen 3 Pinnacle IIT with manual get control allowing a clear image and resolution of 64-72 lp/mm. FEATURES: 6x Magnification with 6. 5 inches degrees FOV Shock Protected, all-glass IR transmission multicoated optics Bright Source Protection, Auto Bright Control (ABC) Illuminated center red cross reticle for best contrast Controls and modifications are simple and easy to operate Waterproof Flip-up back-up iron sights Mounts to standard Weaver rails Variable reticle light restricted Two-Year Warranty removable infrared(IR) illuminator SPECIFICATION: IIT Generation Gen 3P - High Performance ITT Resolution 64-72 lp/mm PINNACLE IIT Magnification 6x Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 10 Eye break, mm 46 Windage and Elevation modification, deg 1/2 MOA Lens System F2. 0, F160 mm FOV 6. 5 inches° Range of concentrate 25 inches m to infinity Diopter modification -6 to +2 dpt Controls Digital auto light Control Yes Infrared Illuminator removable IR85 inches0 IR display Yes Low Battery display Yes (in FOV) Power Supply 1 x 3 V CR123A type battery Battery Life 60 hours Environmental ranking Water tolerant Operating Temperature -40 to +5 inches0 ° C Storage Temperature -5 inches0 to +70 ° C Dimensions 388 x 102 x 71 mm / 15 inches. 3 x 4 x 2. 8 in Weight 1. 9 kg / 4. 2 lbs Warranty 2 Years.

ATN PVS7-3A Gen 3 Goggle

ATN PVS7-3A Gen 3 Night Vision Goggle is reliable, high performance, and same to the AN/PVS7 model which is adopted as standard military issue to US Army ground troops. Intended to help looking at and supply dependable service in the most unfavorable conditions. Multi function: hand held, head mounted, helmet mounted, or tripod mounted. Features are infrared illuminator with momentary and uninterrupted on switching function. Infrared operation and low battery indicators are displayed inside user's field of view. Unit comes complete with a lightweight, completely adjustable military head strap that lets for comfy, long-term use. Full US Mil specification combat proven body with goggle assembly, soft carry case, demist shield, sacrificial filter for objective lenses, shoulder strap, head-mount assembly with 3 brow pads, lens tissue, neck cord and front lens cap. Water and fog tolerant. Requires two AA batteries, included. ATN Corp manufactures and distributes the widest array of Night Vision and high quality optics in the world. We're a sales and market leader in the US. Unsurpassed buyer service on both our web site and 800#, our technicians are the most knowledgeable in the world. We make for the US Military, law enforcement, the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security.

mark Ghost Hunter 2x2 Monocular

The Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monocular delivers high quality image and resolution to view any night time scenario. The monocular has a high powered infrared illuminator suggested for use in low-ambient light conditions or total darkness. This monocular may be bought in a 2x24, 4x50, or 5x60 magnification to fit the users wanted operational distance. The Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monoculars feature a close observational range of concentrate, fast power-up and a ¼ inch socket for a tripod or weapons mount. Sightmark merchandise are protected by Sightmark&'s restricted Lifetime Warranty. Sightmark-Make Your Mark.

PROSUPPLIES @ AIM SPORTS Tactical X32 Compact .223 .308 Scope /w Rings Rangefinder reticle

. Magnification:4X. Diopter modification range:-2. 5D/+3D. 1 click=1/4". Objective diameter(mm)=32. Reticle style: Rangefinder reticle. Exit pupil(mm)=8. Eye reliefe(inchs)=3". Field of view@100yds:28. Tube diameter:1". Length(inchs)=7. 7. Weight(oz)=8. 5. W/E change click value@100yds:40M. O. A. Parallex setting(yds):100.

mark SM21031K 6-100x100 Spotting Scope

Sightmark is proud to introduce the 6-100x100 Spotting Scope, the 1st 100x magnification spotting scope ever released. The 6-100x100 offers users clear views at distances up to 1, 000 yards. Its dual optical system gives great versatility by giving the user two scopes in one, offering both a 6-25x optical system and a 25-100x optical system. The 6-25x magnification and large field-of-view (368 feet at 1, 000 yards) let the user to proficiently get targets, while the 25-100x magnification is perfect for looking at longer distances. The spotting scope features a 100mm objective lens that permits more light to enter the scope, making the image crisper and clearer. If you're a shooter, big game hunter, bird watcher, or an fan who enjoys bringing the great outdoors closer, the 6-100x100 Spotting Scope is the ideal instrument for all looking at needs. Included with the scope are: a tripod, carrying case, lens cover, sunshade cover and lens cleaner.

ATN Marsx-3 Gen 3, x Riflescope

ATN Mars4x-3 Gen 3 Night Vision Rifle Scope with 4x magnification. Newest in the ATN line featuring only the purest grades of heavy glass and computer-aided optical designs to create lenses that are beyond current military standards. All optical lenses on the MARS scopes are individually fitted and calibrated to accomplish optimum performance. The highest quality MX10160 type hand-selected image-intensifier tubes to optimize functionality in all lighting conditions, making sure superb performance, remaining clearness and combat dependability. Compact, lightweight and rugged one part construction in CNC milled from hard aerospace-quality aluminum billet and fitted with titanium inserts. Proprietary feature - Two Color Manual light of aiming reticle. This feature lets for a choice of color (red or amber) of the projected reticle based on operator preference and tactical situation. Powerful magnification; superior quality, multi-coated all glass optics; precision windage and elevation modifications; tactical digital remote control; waterproof and submersible to 66 ft for 1 hour; included mount for Picatinny or 7/8" Weaver-style rail; nitrogen-purged for resistance to interior fogging. Free Pelican Hard case. Unit accepts either (1) 3V CR123 or (1) AA battery, included. ATN manufactures and distributes the widest array of Night Vision weapon sights in the world. We're a sales and marketing leader in the US. Unsurpassed buyer service on both our web site and 800#, our technicians are the most knowledgeable in the world. We make for the US military, law enforcement, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Inteliscope Thermal Scope Bundle for Android

The Inteliscope PRO+ Thermal System, coupled with the Inteliscope App, represent an evolution in firearms accessories. The Inteliscope PRO+ Thermal System turns your Android smartphone into a thermal night scope using the included SEEK CompactXR thermal camera. This system lets you to secure any Android smartphone and case to your rifleensuring important info is easily available before, throughout, and after every shot you take. The Inteliscope App lets you to switch from day to thermal-night with just the touch of a button, record shots from your rifle's point of view, saves and shares videos, and delivers "heads-up" info in real-time. This mix enables you to carefully shoot around corners without head contact, in both day and night shooting situations. The mount is lightweight and lasting, of aluminum construction with a rubberized tactile finish, and heavy-responsibility mounting thumb screws. It's well-matched with any Picatinny rail. It may be adapted to fit other mount styles via a regular Picatinny adapter and fits every smartphone on the market, as well as aftermarket cases. Easily withstands use with high-caliber firearms.

Arma Zeus 160 7-1x75 (60Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon with FLIR Tau 2 160x120 (25 nm) 60Hz Core and 75mm Lens

The Zeus 160 7-14x75 (60 Hz) is a hard state, uncooled, long-wave infrared, magnified dedicated weapon scope meant for day and night engagements without the have to remove the sight from the rifle. The 24/7 mission capability is only one of the strengths of Zeus. The thermal imaging technology also lets you to detect targets by cutting through snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze and other atmospheric obscurants. Unlike the use of laser aiming at or near-infrared illumination to add night vision equipment, the Zeus Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight is very hard to detect with other devices as it emits no observable light or RF energy. Also to being the smallest and lightest in their class, Zeus Thermal Imaging Weapon Sights are distinguished by their simple and intuitive controls, functions and features that are layered among direct button modifications, direct mix button functions and electronic menu selections.

ATN Thor320-.5x Thermal Weapon 320x20, 50mm, 60Hz

The new ThOR line is rich with features and alternatives making it the best value of any comparable system on the market. This model is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, still it&'s rugged and lasting. The complete system is fitted the USA, using Mil-specification Lenses that make the ThOR battleworthy for most any mission, operation, or outdoor activity. Each system features a digital menu that gives you a range of alternatives and modifications allowing you to customize your system. You may be able to choose some reticle alternatives (4 standard) also as decide a reticle color best suited for your particular application. No more black reticles on a black and white screen – ThOR features a color OLED display giving you a sharp color reticle every time. Or switch to full color mode (5 available) and overlay it with either a black, green or red reticle based on the conditions and the environment. Ever have problems with a scope not being able to hold zero? The ThOR has no screws or springs that can create aiming at errors. With all digital controls, the ThOR will NEVER let your reticle to move off base. Video Frame Rate improved Imaging (60Hz) Magnification 4. 5X Objective Focal Length 50 mm FOV 6° x 4. 7° concentrate Range Exit Pupil 14mm Eye break 28mm Detector Type Uncooled Microbolometer Spectral answer 7-14 μ m Resolution 320x240 Pixel Size 17 x 17 μ m Thermal Sensitivity < 0, 1° C Range to Detect a Human 1300 m Output Format Analog friend / NTSC Display Color OLED matrix Display Format SVGA, 800 x 600 pxl E-ZOOM Yes light modification Manual Contrast modification auto Power Supply 3 x 3 V CR123A type battery Start-Up Time < 5 sec Operating Time w/one battery pack 8 hours Waterproof Yes Dimensions 203 mm Weight (w/batteries) 0. 85 kg Warranty 1 year.

YISHU HD 10X50 Waterproof Binoculars, High-Powered Field Surveillance Binoculars

Features: 1. 10X magnification. 2. Completely coated optics for increased light. 3. Central precision flat fast-adjusting the concentrate and the right eyepiece good-tuning. 4. Lasting rubber armoring, absorbs shock while giving a firm grip. 5. Big center concentrate handle for easy, exact modifications 6. Dependable, fog-free performance 7. Ideal for out door actions, backpacking, hiking, climbing, traveling 8. Comes with a carrying pouch, neck-strap and lens cloth 9. Ideal for bird watching, walking, climbing, boating/yachting, travel, also as other outdoor recreations. How to use the binocular : A:IDP modification: Set the interpupillary distance by grasping the body and bending it till you may be able to see one circle of view. The setting for your eyes will be indicated on the IPD scale. (Note the scale setting for afterward use. ) B:concentrating: 1. Close your right eye and sight an object with your left eye. Concentrate the binocular by rotating the center concentrate wheel till the image is sharp and clear. 2. Open your right eye and close your left eye. Rotating the right eyepiece till the object sighted is sharp and clear(Note the setting of diopter scale for afterward use. ) 3. Both sides(eyes) are now in concentrate and you'll have to use only the center concentrate wheel to concentrate on the other objects. C:Rubber fold-down eye cups: Fold down for use with eyeglasses and fold up for use without eyeglasses. They supply comfort and advertise looking at ease. Plans: 1. Magnification: 10X 2. Eye Lens Diameter: 20mm 3. Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm 4. Binoculars size: 190 x 190 x 60mm (standard) 5. Net Weight: 890g Package Contents: 1X High Powered Binocular 1X Backpack1X Packaging boxes Note:This binocular night vision must in faint light environment.

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