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Milker Machine for Small Farm Single Cow Milking Station Vacuum Pump 25L SS Bucket Claw 4 Milk Shell with Liners Clear PVC Flex Hose Complete vs 1480

Milk Station: Vacuum Pump with 25 L SS, Milk can, Pulsator, Claw, Teat-Cups/Liners, Hoses, and Hardware. FEATURES: Complete milking station will include a 6 cfm single stage vacuum pump, milker can with vacuum gauge, vacuum regulator, adapters, and hoses. This may be used to milk cows one at a time. Single stage vacuum pump 1/2HP, 6 CFM, with 1/4" and 3/8" flare ports, hand valve fitted the intake port for separation Milker can: SS can with cover and cover liner Pulsator Model P80(L80) Milk Claw with air and milk hose connection Teat cups: SS with rubber liners and hose 5 feet 5/8 ID thick-wall vacuum hose to connect the vacuum pump to the milk tank 9 feet 5/8 ID thick milk hose, and 9 feet air hose to connect the pulsator to the milk claw Vacuum Gauge, from 0 to 30 inch Hg SS case 2. 5 inch face with a Tee adapter to the 1/4" flare pump port Vacuum Regulator, relieve valve, adjustable range: 10 to 29 inch Hg; with a Barbed Tee adapter to 1/2 or 5/8" vacuum line Adapter from 3/8" Flare to 1/2 or 5/8" hose connector All parts are brand new, rubber parts are stretchable Total shipping Weight: 50 lbs Packing List: Single stage vacuum pump 1/2HP, 6 CFM: 1 unit Milk can with SS can: 1 unit Pulsator: P80 1 unit Milk Claw: 1 unit SS Teat cups: 4 units Rubber liners for teat cups: 4 units 9 feet 5/8 ID thick milk hose: 1 unit 9 feet double air hose: 1 unit 5 feet 1/2 or 5/8 ID thick vacuum hose: 1 unit Vacuum Gauge: 1 unit Brass Tee adapter: 1 unit Vacuum Regulator: 1 unit Plastic Barbed Tee adapter 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2": 1 unit Brass Adapter 3/8" FFL X 1/2" Barb: 1 unit.

Adventure Is Out There Art Print, Disney Up Movie House and Balloons Art Print, Adventure Quote Art Print, Unframed Print, 8 x10 Art Print

"Adventure Is Out There" - Art 1480 PrintArtwork only - FRAME isn't INCLUDEDYour order will print and ship inside 2 working days of buy (typically sooner). The design is printed on premium, high quality, super smooth, heavyweight matte cardstock using professional grade printers and ink. Shipping is via USPS Mail. Let enough time for transit. COLORS MAY differ somewhat based on YOUR MONITOR OR SCREEN. Contact DPI Expressions if you have any questions. We're happy to help. Thanks! :).

Tormek TS-740 Sharpening Station

Most benches are too tall to get you the correct control of your sharpening. When your shoulders are relaxed and your arms expanded about waist high you're in a more comfy position - you may be able to apply the right amount of pressure and get the best results. Depending on this important observation, Tormek intended the Sharpening Station TS-740 where you'll have the perfect working position, adjustable to your height. Also, with the drawers intended to fit the Tormek accessory kits, your jigs and accessories are generally at hand and everything has its place. Shortly, you have a real sharpening station! The Tormek Sharpening Station is supplied complete with the Tormek drawer inserts for 1) the accessories that come with the machine, 2) the Hand Tool Kit and 3) the Woodturner's Kit. (Machine, Accessories and Jigs SOLD individually. ).

Str8-n-Up Slouching hunching stress reducer sling

WHY USE STR8-N-UP. If you're at the office, gym, home, or in travel, you can be compromising your form and not know it. We become unaware at times the havoc we're wreaking to our bodies and future health caused by slouching, hunching and stress. Start retraining, reminding and realigning your body today with the help of Str8-n-Up. Str8-n-Up is intended depending on muscle memory. Wear for only 30-minutes a day and start conditioning yourself to be more aware of improper form so that you may correct your posture and keep it in check. Str8-n-Up helps you to know and feel what correct form should be. Slouch LESS, suspicion LESS, Stress LESS, Str8-n-Up MORE. WHERE TO USE STR8-N-UP At the Office Sitting or standing for long hours at work may be a strain to your posture. Str8-n-Up is a much needed office accessory that will remind and retrain you of what correct form is. Stretch out your tensed shoulder and neck muscles and realign your form throughout lunch or coffee breaks. For Video Gaming Str8-n-Up is THE video gaming accessory. Give your child the perfect video gaming accessory to go with their gaming system. Str8-n-Up will train their muscles and mind of what correct form is so you wont have to be worried over their slouching on the sofa. At the Gym, Yoga and Pilates Studio Str8-n-Up is the ideal workout friend. Before, throughout or after workouts, yoga and Pilates, Str8-n-Up may help stretch out shoulder, neck and chest muscles and opens up the diaphragm to get full breaths of air into your lungs. It properly aligns shoulders to keep injuries to a minimum while working out. For Travel & De-stressing Need de-stressing after long hours in traffic or traveling? Str8-n-Up is the ideal de-stresser. It assists to softly stretch your tensed shoulders back to relax mode. Its distinctive design softly pulls and stretches your shoulder and neck muscles down and back. Its the perfect personal massage after a stressful and long hours of travel.

Sutong China Tires Resources Inc. WD1042 145.70-6, 2 Ply, Knobby Style Tread, ATV Tire

Gives versatility for a mix of terrains & applications. Improved performance in nearly any riding conditions. Ideal choice for riders seeking knobby performance without going broke. 145. 70-6, 2 ply Knobby style tread, ATV tire gives versatility for a mix of terrains & applications improved performance in nearly any riding conditions Ideal choice for riders seeking knobby performance without going broke.

Personalized Class Name Plaque Multicolor Dots and Stripes with a Tree and Birds

Kasefazem personalized door signs are an original way to welcome students or visitors to your classroom, office, shop or studio. The sign is made of high grade vinyl and PVC which are cleanable and will last for many years. It is thin and lightweight which makes hanging easy as you do not need big bulky hook to hold it up. For indoor use only.

SITKA Merino Core 1 Bottom, Optifade Forest (10010-FR)

With the same benefits as the Merino Core-Zip T, the SITKA Merino Core 1 Bottom, Optifade Forest (10010-FR) makes a perfect base level from a snowy grind in the Rockies to a frigid Midwest stand. The benefits of Merino Wool have long been appreciated in high performance athletic wear, and used in actions like running, hiking, skiing and cycling. Since merino is naturally odor tolerant, it's an ideal fit for hunting. Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, particularly when worn directly against the skin. The wool gives some warmth without overheating the wearer, and also wicks moisture which makes it comfy against the skin. Measuring just below 19 microns, the Merino fabrics are round knit. This assures less attrition on the fabric face and better pilling performance and durability. Professional and serious hunters favor Sitka Gear in OPTIFADE Concealment - because it's engineered to make it hard for prey to detect and recognize humans.

Dreams work success Gold Print (Unframed), Typography Print, Gold Foil Print, Gold Foil Art, 8x10 , TA-014G

Props and frame aren't included. We think that there's a power of the word which may change your feelings. The word can inspire you or motivate you each day. This work is well intended with a distinctive font. When you look at it, it'll make you relax. It'll look great on your wall. It may be used to decorate bedroom, office, restaurants, etc. This will make your place looks luxury. This work is made from real gold foil on premium white matte card stock.

Poster Bed with Canopy

Salem Collection by Silver Coast Company Magnificent architecture great casinos and the majestic Mediterranean landscape serve as the inspiration for the collection. Intricate lines dramatic carvings ornate metalwork and leather accent harmoniously tie together to evoke a sense of splendor and brilliance. The quality and attention to detail is undoubtedly obvious during the collection which features broad etchings and beveling and shell-like carvings. In keeping with its predecessor has two finishes. The restaurant Noir is a rich darker color that's applied to cherry veneers over birch solids. The Silver Pearl finish is a new lighter finish with a silver build up applied to ash burl veneers. € Updated Mediterranean style influenced from Old World Europe € Cherry and Ash Burl Veneers Birch Solids € Screwed on plywood backs for extra support € Smooth Glide System ball bearing metal side glides € Elaborate in depth carvings € Bed features high posts with iron canopy.

Alimed Replicare Ultra Advanced Hydrocolloid Alginate Dressing, 7 X 8 Sacrum (Case of 30)

Replicare super Advanced Hydrocolloid Alginate Dressing offers superior exudates management and increased absorption capability. Gives better evaporation through an adaptable, polyurethane top film that regulates moisture vapor transmission rate. This lets extra moisture to evaporate while maintaining the correct moist wound environment. Super Advanced Hydrocolloid Alginate Dressing aids in the prevention of bacterial contagion. Top film is waterproof and easy to clean. Microthin edges and improved sticky offer better adherence and reduced leakage possible. Can remain in place for up to 7 days for convenience. Fewer dressing changes.

Siluet Post Partum Girdle Mid-Thigh Body Shaper, Lavender

Siluet Postpartum is intended particularly for the recuperation period after the birth of your child, by cesarean or natural delivery, helping in restoring the form of your body to its natural state. After many years of research, our designers have produced the 1st curative and skin regenerative garment in the market. By using this garment for at least two hours a day, and for six consecutive months, you canmake amazing changes in your figure, and most importantly, it'll help in disappearing scars, offering a solution to those annoying marks on your skin. Our patented Drago technology was worked on mainly with a natural additive, coming from a tree in the Peruvian Amazon, aka "Sangre de Drago" or "Drago Blood". It is high content of proanthocyanidins and the alkaloid taspine induce cell migration into the influenced area forming a new epidermal level. These parts are processed with the new technology in the market and have led to the 1st anti-inflammatory and curative material.

Handlettered Giraffe Graphic Design Print 8.5 x11 Artwork You Bet Giraffe I Love You

Add a little whimsy and a little decor to any room with our graphic handlettered "Giraffe" print. Standard print is a 8. 5 x11 cardstock print. Prints arrive unmatted, prepared to be placed in your beloved frame. Original artwork: all June & Lucy paper products are entirely produced and intended by me personally. Do not steal them.

Skid-resistant Carpet Runner - Mocha Brown Stripe - 12 Ft. X 27 In. - Many Other Sizes to Choose From

House Home & More Skid-tolerant Carpet Runner works great on carpet, tile, wood floors, also as other hard-floor surfaces! These runners feature a premium, skid-tolerant rubber backing to help create a safe, slip-tolerant surface for you and your family as well as your dog or another pets. Made of high-quality olefin carpet to resist stains. Each carpet runner is bound on all edges to prevent fraying. Low pile-height (roughly inch) lets for easy door clearance. These runners are easy to clean. They may be vacuumed without bunching up and may also be spot cleaned. Caused by the skid-tolerant rubber backing these carpet runners aren't machine washable. Made in the U. S. A.

OTC 1881 Accessory Set for 25-Ton Capacity Presses

OTC Accessory Set for 25-Ton Capacity Presses accessories attach to ram's forcing screw or support work on the press bed. The set will include, No. 1124 bearing pulling attachment, No. 34510 ram pushing adapter with 3/4 inch diameter shank, No. 34511 ram pushing adapter with 1 inch diameter shank, No. 34807 V-pushing adapter, No. 1891 11-1/2 inch long V-blocks (pr. ), No. 28229 ram forcing cap, and No. 38953 threaded adapter.

Hygiena EnSURE Luminometer INCLUDES 100 UltraSnap Test Swabs - ATP Bio-Contamination Testing Meter with SureTrend Software

EnSURE is a quality monitoring system that uses one instrument platform to gather, examine, and report data from many quality indicators. 100 UltraSnap Swabs Included with this buy (4 packs of 25) This product is to be used with the SystemSURE Plus ATP cleanliness Monitoring System UltraSnap is a user-friendly, all-in-one ATP sampling test. Ultrasnap uses the world's 1st liquid-stable reagent in place of the freeze-dried enzymes used in other ATP sampling devices. Using new state-of-the-art technology and patented designs, the EnSURE system is a simple-to-use, adaptable, and correct quality monitoring system. Movable ATP Tests Microorganism Tests procedure Efficiency Tests Allergen Prevention Sure Trend Software Run many tests on one system. Users can use the system for ATP cleanliness monitoring or have an extended program that incorporates fast microorganism tests for environmental monitoring and product testing. Compare to 3M Clean-Trace, 3M Bio-Trace, ProMega, BioControl Lightning MVP, BioControl MVP Icon, Omega, Neogen Accupoint, Berthold Charm Sciences FireFly, Charm Sciences NovaLum, Charm Sciences Lum-T, Thermo, Hidex, Titertek, Kikkoman Luminometer, Celsis. EnSURE uses a state-of-the-art Photodiode sensor technology that gives superior sensitivity and stability over bulky Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) sensors. Proven performance Hygiena ATP monitoring systems have been used by food and beverage processors for over 10 years. Not only are they intended to last, however more importantly, to do better than all other systems on the market. Compare to Hygiena SystemSure Plus Luminometer. Related Swabs Include; Aqua Snap, super Snap, Luminometers Calibration Control Kits, MicroSnap Testing Device System Incubator, MicroSnap E. Coli Food Safety Testing, MicroSnap Total Coliform, Super Snap ATP Food Safety Testing Swabs, SnapShot, WaterShot.

aiR+ XP Bronze air duct cleaning package

Intended to increase job-site efficiency, the aiR+ XP offers 30 more power when in comparison to our original aiR+. The XP channel cleaning system still gives you the flexibility to clean all channel work carefully as well as flex channel. AiR+ XP plans- Pod weight- 54lbs Carrier weight- 40 lbs Brush motor- 450 RPM 120/220V AC Dual HEPA filter- 99. 97 down to 0. 3 microns Power prerequisites- 2 15 amp circuits aiR+ XP Bronze package will include- aiR+ XP air channel cleaning system 35' x 1. 5" complete hose assembly 35' x 2. 25" complete hose assembly Anti-Microbial fogger 2- 32oz bottles of RotoShield Mold Control 8- soft bristle brushes (4, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20") 4- inflexible bristle brushes (14, 18, 20, 30") Set of 10 HEPA bags.

CROM (Cervical Range-of-Motion Instrument) - Deluxe - Model 926649

This instrument combines AMA-obliged inclinometers and magnets in an easy-to-use instrument. Removes positioning, zeroing and tracking errors common with standalone inclinometers. Standardized protocol minimizes chance for examiner error. Comes complete with manual, normal values, magnetic yoke, and convenient storage case. Deluxe will include another nose part, tape measure, deluxe case and the Forward Head Unit for taking forward head measurements. DVD included. Latex free.

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