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2904T70 MiniMite 4 T70 vs 2893-T75-G

The Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM (MM4) system will include all the same features as the Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM but with the use of a stronger 4-stage motor turbine. The MM4 PLATINUM will include the Fuji T-70 Spray Gun that features a pattern control handle to change the fan size from small to big. Fuji installs the same powerful 4-stage turbine motor as used in the Q4 Models. The MM4 PLATINUM doesn't have the patented sound-reduction feature as seen on the Fuji Q-Models, but the sound level is no more than any other standard HVLP turbine. The MM4 PLATINUM Turbine develops roughly 8. 5psi. This lets for less thinning of paints than any 3-stage model. More than enough pressure to spray all recognized coatings (when properly thinned) and all the newer water-established coatings. The Spray Gun included with this package is the Fuji T-70 with 1 Quart cup. The standard Air cap set #3 (1. 3mm) is for the use of general function good finishing. Easy to preserve. Perfect for professional or beginner. This is an industrial-rated machine at an unbeatable price. Heavy-responsibility metal case with Gun Holder. Movable and powerful. The system will include the Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM Turbine, 25ft Hi-Flex hose, T-70 Non-bleed Spray Gun with 1 Quart cup, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, wrench and 20 page user manual. What&'s new in the Mini-Mite PLATINUM Series? The Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Box Fuji Spray has intended a distinctive technique of removing any heat build-up from the Turbine case. Extra heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation Box located at the rear of the case. Fuji Spray sound Reduction Covers The Mini-Mite PLATINUM Turbines are equipped with a technique to decrease sound. The sound Reduction Covers house the Filters.

9600G Gravity GXPC Gun

The new Fuji XPC Gravity Spray Gun features a side pattern control handle to change the size of the fan from small to big and any size in between. The pattern control handle lets you to change to the exact size of the object you're spraying. This is a tremendous improvement over the antiquated 'band' pattern modification still used on most HVLP turbine guns that don't supply completely incremental sizes. Other desirable features are 100% stainless liquid parts, stainless springs, metal knobs and band, ergonomic handle that's generally cool to the touch. 400Cc (a little less than 1 pint) gravity cup is installed – this is the ideal size for medium-sized projects like cupboards, furniture etc. 1. 4mm Aircap Set #4 is installed – perfect size for most good-finishing.

Wagner 0272904 Atomizer Valve, 2Pack

The 1st thing to replace when that Wagner power painter's excellent performance begins to wane, this atomizer substitute valve fits Wagner's Models 220, 305 and 315 Power Painters. Valves should be replaced every 10 to 12 gallons of paint for continued material breakup for good spray applications. -Brian D. Olson.

AMPRO A6050 Production Air Gun Replaces AR6050 vs 2893-T-75G

The AMPRO A6050 production air spray gun is intended for vehicle and production applications. It's for use with acrylics, enamels, lacquers, primers, rimes, shellacs, stains and varnishes. The needle and nozzle are stainless steel and liquid. There's a 1 quart heavy responsibility aluminum siphon feed cup.

Wagner 0529017 PaintReady Station Paint er 0529017 PaintReady Station Paint er

The Wagner paint prepared station is an indoor and outdoor paint station for all surfaces. The paint prepared station will include advanced spraying technology with the I spray nozzle that lets for spraying indoor and outdoor paint unthinned. The I spray is ideal for broad surface coverage and delivers a roller-like finish when using unthinned latex paints. The turbine base and 15 ft. Hose let for longer project handling with minimal exhaustion. The paint prepared station is adjustable for any project type and any material. The lock-up feature lets for easy cleaning and material changing.

DeVilbiss 130518 Coalescing Filter Element

Filter Element, Coalescing & 130518 2-Stage Filter Set Parts Part No. & 130518& Description& Filter Element, Coalescing 2-Stage filter plans Air Flow 65 SCFM @ 90 PSIG Max. Pressure 150 PSIG Max. Temperature 150& deg; DeVilbiss 130518& Filter Element, Coalescing & .

Campbell Hausfeld Easy Paint er #HV2002 vs 2893-T-75-G

Perfect for serious do-it-yourself projects, the Campbell Hausfeld easy spray paint sprayer creates decorative and good finishes. The easy pattern form changes to round, vertical and horizontal shapes, and a metal air flow modification changes pattern size from 1/4 to 6 inches. This adjustable metal spray gun covers 100 square feet with a one-quart metal canister. The gun sprays eight finishes: latex, oil-established pant sealer, leather, confetti, fleckstone, crackle, stencil, and low-overspray good finish. It comes with a 1-year restricted warranty. What is in the Box Easy Spray paint sprayer, 15-foot hose, cleaning brush, wrench, viscosity stick, five strainer cones, extra needle/nozzle for light materials.

Wagner 0529029 Flexio 990 Direct Feed er

The flexio 990 is an indoor/outdoor movable spray system that pulls paint directly from the container, allowing you to paint longer and faster. The groundbreaking peristaltic pump feeds paint straight to the spray gun saving you the time and mess of constant refilling. The exclusive x-increase turbine gives the power for full coverage with adjustable control and low over spray while the ispray nozzle sprays unthinned residential paint for broad surfaces indoor and out. The flexio 990 delivers freelancer performance like spraying up to 9 gallons per hour and an expanded reach. Features like the one-touch set up and hands free cleaning make the 990 DIY friendly. With air power, flow and pattern modifications, the flexio 990 is perfect for 2-story homes, full interior remodels and outdoor projects. The ispray nozzle sprays unthinned residential paints for broad surfaces both indoors and out. The detail finish nozzle is ideal for small projects and good finishing. The flexio sprayer produces a somewhat stippled, roller-like finish, perfect for interior walls. Edges, corners and broad interior surfaces can now be covered faster for better coverage and with some basic masking, you're saved from the tedious efforts of a Brush, saving time for other projects.

2894 Q4

The Q PLATINUM Series features many new technological advancements. Incorporated into its design is a proprietary Heat Dissipation Box (HDB). The HDB expels extra heat from the turbine ensuing in much cooler operating temperatures. Less heat translates to longer motor life for your turbine. Because the hot air is routed to the rear of the turbine and passes through 60 holes the procedure is silent. The Q4 PLATINUM Turbine Spray System is the quietest 4-stage HVLP turbine on the market. Using patented sound reduction in conjunction with its new PLATINUM features, sound levels have been reduced to less than 50 % of standard HVLP turbines. All other plans are same to the Mini-Mite 4 Model. Supplied with the new Fuji T-75G Non-bleed Spray Gun with Pattern Control handle - the fan size is adjustable from small to big and everything in between (completely incremental). The benefit of non-bleed is that air only passes through the Spray Gun when the trigger is pulled ensuing in less blowing around of shop dust and less paint increase on the tip of the liquid nozzle. Get a professional finish with all recognized coatings. The Spray Gun included with this package is the Fuji T-75G with 600cc Nylon Cup. The standard Air cap set is the general function #3 (1. 3mm) for good finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, latex, water established coatings and more. Easy to preserve. Perfect for professional or beginner. This is an industrial-rated machine at an unbeatable price. Heavy-responsibility metal case with Gun Holder. Movable and powerful. Complete system will include the Q4 PLATINUM calm Turbine, 25ft hi-flex hose, T-75G Non-bleed Spray Gun with 600cc Nylon Cup, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, wrench and 20 page user manual. What&'s new in the Q PLATINUM Series? The Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Box Fuji Spray has intended a distinctive technique of removing any heat build-up from the Turbine case. Extra heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation Box located at the rear of the case.

Krause & Becker 5 GPH Electric Paint Gun with Durable 24 Oz. Polypropylene Paint Cup

Apply latex paints, water established sealers, lighter body paints and stains quickly and easily with this electric paint spray gun. This electric paint sprayer is perfect for general function painting projects in your shop, home or yard. The paint spray gun will include one extra substitute rod and cylinder assembly. Features are a high flow rate for better paint coverage, a lasting 24 oz. Polypropylene paint cup and a viscosity cup with hanger. AC Volts: 120 Amperage (amps): 1. 2 Working pressure (psi): 175 PSI Container size: 24 oz. Product Height: 9-1/2 in. Product Length: 9-1/2 in. Product Width: 4-1/2 in. Weight: 4. 18 lb. Accessories Included (4) nozzles: (2) 0. 032" for latex paints, (2) 0. 021" (one with expanded tip), extra piston rod and cylinder assembly.

Stucco er

Our Stucco Sprayer Hopper Gun may be used for plastering a stucco house, conventional plastering of stucco's like one coat or three coat stucco or GFRC. The range is from 1/8″ heavy texture to 1″ thick structural layers. It also may be used for applying plaster, hard coat stucco, EIFS, small scale shotcrete, papercrete, earthen combinations and more. Will spray: Sand /Cement Slurries, plaster spray merchandise, Grout, GFRC, GFRG Monokot Mk-6, and other Fireproofing materials.

Graco 244194 or 244194 Packing Repair Kit Made in the USA $27.95 Aftermarket

Fits many airless paint sprayers. Check 2893-T75G your manual before buy. All the leathers, packings and machined parts are made in the USA of the highest quality materials and must pass our quality control inspection procedures to get into our kits. Beware of Aftermarket Kits not made in the USA! Materials may not be equal to US materials. Graco is a trademark of Graco Inc. Which doesn't sponsor, authorize or support ProSource or its merchandise.

Earlex 0HV6003PUS Port 6003 er with Pressure Feed Pro 8 Gun

The 6003 is a step up in power and performance with a 1200W 3-stage turbine. Ideal for increased atomisation of thin or thicker coatings and increased production speed. Suggested for medium-sized residential or commercial projects, the 6003 is ideal for mid-level projects where speed and dependability are essential. Enamel and multicolor coatings also to stains, sealers, moisture cure epoxies, light body varnishes, shellac and lacquer.

Wagner 0525010 Project Power Painter with Optimus

The Wagner Project Sprayer with Optimus Dual Tip Technology is a hand held sprayer intended for the home owner to speed up painting projects up to 2 times as fast as a brush. It uses quick piston pump technology in conjunction with the tungsten carbide Optimus Dual Tip to offer a professional fan shaped pattern favored for attaining the best, most finish. Material is covered from a convenient one quart cup. Great for hard to paint surfaces like shutters, lattice, and fences. Sets up in less than 5 minutes and cleans up in less than 10 minutes. DOWNLOAD MANUALBUY PARTS.

Graco FieldLazer Sports Field Striper 5 Gallon Capacity

With the Graco FieldLazer Sports Field Striper, airless pumping technology atomizes higher concentrations of turf paint for lighter, longer lasting lines. At just under 80 pounds, the FieldLazer weighs in as the lightest, simplest-to-push airless field striper. The exclusive tall-wheel cart rolls easily over ruts and cleat marks. Versatile and easy to use, the FieldLazer tackles your field marking jobs with ease.

Graco 16Y386 TrueCoat 360DSP

The Graco TrueCoat 360 DSP dual speed pro handheld airless sprayer is so advanced, it is simple. Thanks to its disposable FlexLiner paint bag system, the TrueCoat 360 DSP can paint in any direction, upside down. No other sprayer is this easy to use - just fill, squeeze, and spray and when you are done, simply dispose or reuse the FlexLiner bag.

Titan Advantage 400 High Rider Airless er 0552071 with Free Pack

Titan Advantage Airless Sprayer. Titan's Advantage 400 High Rider Sprayer is a sprayer with big power. Meant for residential and small commercial uses, this sprayer is made to maximize performance and minimize upkeep. Features: Exclusive DCX Motor, protected from overspray. Lifetime Service. Sleeveless liquid part. Easy-Carry Handle. Plans: Max Operating Pressure: 3100 PSI. Motor:. 75 HP DCX Motor. Hose Length: 50'. Gun Included: G-10. Weight: 58 lbs. Free Spray Pack will include: Titan 415 Spray Tip OEM. 2 White 60 Mesh 50020006 Gun Filters. 3 Yellow 100 Mesh 50020010 Gun Filters. 12" Tip Extension. 4oz Piston Pump Seal and Lubricant.

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