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Pedal Commander throttle response controller all models 2006 and newer - get increased permance or save fuel up to 20 - Available Cha vs 30301

What is Pedal Commander? Pedal Commander is a throttle answer controller that removes answer delays on your electronic gas pedal. Todays newer vehicles lack the responsiveness that came with older throttle cables? It doesnt matter how fast you push your gas pedal to the floor, you don't can access all the power your car has to offer. We're your solution! Our competitors can not compare Pedal Commander is more customizable than any of our competitors. Each of our 4 modes comes with 8 different sensitivity levels. These parameters are what give you distinctive acceleration control. Our throttle controller is the only one on the market that has a true ECO mode that can save you up to 20 in fuel costs. Tested by our customers in daily commuters, race vehicles and trucks used for towing reasons, this unit will end up paying for itself. Easy plug & play installation, NO mechanical experience obliged Pedal Commander may be installed in 10 minutes or less. It's a complete plug-&-play system that connects above your gas pedal and stays inside your car, you don't have to pop your hood. If you may be able to plug in a lamp, you may be able to install Pedal Commander! 100 Money-Back ensure If you're unsatisfied for ANY reason, well take the product back inside 30 days & issue a 100 refund, no questions asked! Compatibility Pedal Commander is well-matched with any model Dodge made after 2006. Caliber Challenger Charger Dart Journey Magnum Nitro RAM ViperNOTE: Pedal Commander isn't effectively if your car is in cruise control. The cruise control feature gives full throttle control over to the vehicles computer (ECU) and the Pedal Commander is totally ineffective.

26040 Evo HT2 Programmer

Edge's all-new handheld performance programmer. Now Shipping! The EvoHT2 is a premium hand-held performance tuner from Edge merchandise. The new handheld tuner was intended exactly to get you the most power at the best price, with business leading service and quality that comes standard with every Edge product. Now with a color screen, upgraded processor, and many new features, you literally hold the power to unlock the hidden possible of your truck or SUV's power and fuel economy in the palm of your hand! Not available for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

31402 Juice with Attitude Engine uter

The Juice with approach CS2 features a sleek 2. 4" Color Screen which makes it a complete, complete gauge package that stays mounted in the cab of the truck and displays up to eight parameters at a time! Monitor important engine data, like EGT's, engine RPM, transmission liquid temperature and engine oil temperature to name some.

TS PERMANCE 05 Cummins ISX and older 8210102 TS PERMANCE 05 Cummins ISX and older 8210102 TS PERMANCE 05 Cummins ISX and older 8210102

TS PERFORMANCE 05 Cummins ISX and older 8210102 Untitled Document Save money by improving fuel economy and power to your heavy responsibility diesel with TS Performance's new MP-HD module. The MP-HD monitors the car's fuel actuators and optimizes the length of fuel delivery at each injector across the complete RPM range of the engine. The result is improved fuel economy, up to of a mile-per-gallon in recent testing, and allowing a 30% increase in power. The TS Performance MP-HD features fitted circuit protection that shields engine electronics to offer durability and dependability throughout constant use. Also, the MP-HD module may be easily updated from your business or home computer, with custom tunes available from TS Performance. Easy Installation Plug and Play No Cutting or splicing wires Undetectable Once removed there's no footprint left in the factory computer Increase in HP and Fuel Economy get 20%-30% more HP and Torque get 10%-20% better fuel economy Easy to use No programs to download No switches to change.

Superchips 3842 Flashpaq Tuner /RAM Diesel/Gas Engine

The Flashpaq performance  tuner is the best-selling 30301 handheld tuner global.   it is success comes from quality, novelty and seat of the pants performance results. The  Flashpaq delivers the most power to-the-wheels while eliminating common problems found in the other merchandise.   The results for your gas or diesel powered truck, SUV or performance car  are business leading. Today's Flashpaq holds a lengthy features list as well as many power levels and a range of user-adjustable alternatives. The 1st time you get behind the wheel with the Superchips Flashpaq you'll notice improved throttle answer, high-end drivability and remaining power gains.

OEM Engine uter Programmed Plug & Play 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

Engine Computer (ECM, ECU, PCM) fitting all 2003 Chrysler Town & Country models with agreeing part number RL127682AA. This unit comes programmed, flashed and updated as indicated by your car's car identification number (VIN) with the last maker updates. These updates will assist improve the performance and fuel economy of your car. Your VIN number is needed in order reprogram the unit. We suggest as well as your VIN number throughout the checkout procedure or via message, for the fastest possible service. You may also call or email it to us after you have finished your buy. If we don't get your VIN number inside 3 business days, Amazon requires us to ship you the unit without VIN Programming. If your car has PATS (Passive Anti-theft System) or a Computer Chip in the key you may have to have the keys reprogrammed by a Locksmith or at one of the maker's Dealerships. We offer a key reprogramming service on choose makes and models; email or call us for more info. If your car isn't PATs equipped, your unit will be Plug and Play. The most of engine computers for vehicles from 1996-present (OBDII) are subject to programming to function properly in your car. Most units before 1996 (OBDI) are called plug and play. This item comes with a lifetime warranty. Warranty doesn't include any labor related with installation or elimination of parts.

Zubie ZK30012M GPS tracker 3 vehicles.

Zubie makes driving safer, easier, & less costly -for the whole family! The Zubie key is a smart device that plugs into your car's diagnostics port and sends you important info about car place, car diagnostics, and driving behavior through the free Zubie app and web view. Connecting never been this easy, let Zubie bring your family together. Must be activated on the same account.

Haltech HT055050 Platinum Pro Engine Management Stand Alone

(Plug-in) Built for the (00-03) Honda S2000.. The Haltech Platinum Pro is a completely programmable ECU interfacing directly with all standard sensors and on board computer systems. Taking control of all the essential engine management tasks like fuel delivery, ignition timing, increase levels, camshaft positioning and correction maps, the Platinum Pro ECU interfaces with the factory systems for on-board diagnostics and troubleshooting. Features:sequential Fuel ControlDirect Fire Ignition ControlVariable Camshaft position mapping Knock DetectionEngine Rev LimiterClosed loop increase control Launch controlClosed loop wideband 02 controlOn board data loggingSpeed density, Alpha-N or MAF tuning extra user definable inputs and outputsWindows SoftwareThe Platinum Pro kit will include:ECU Programmable ComputerPlug and Play Wiring HarnessUSB Programming CableInstruction ManualProgramming Software.


The Evolution CTS2 reprograms your car's stock computer. This product comes with many power levels custom tuned by a whole team of engineers, and may be installed in minutes without ever popping the hood. The Evolution CTS2 largely increases hp and torque. Not only does it re-tune your car, it stays mounted in the cab and features real-time, monitoring of important engine data. Evolution CTS2 Features:• HDMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories• Performance tuning for mileage, towing, daily driving, and performance • Up to an extra 180HP and 440 ft lb TQ on Diesel applications• Tuning for shift points, shift firmness, TQ management, fuel pressure and more This kit is ideal for the daily diesel driver or if you're towing then it is a must have! Towing can put lots of strain on the truck and make it run hot. The architecture of the EAS lets users to daisy-chain many accessories using the EAS lets users to monitor and display dozens of parameters on a single device. Coverage (Chevrolet Silverado 2500 2001-2015 6. 6L Duramax) (Chevrolet Silverado 3500 2001-2015 6. 6L Duramax) (Chevrolet Silverado 4500 2001-2013 6. 6L Duramax) (Chevrolet Silverado 5500 2001-2013 6. 6L Duramax) (Dodge/Ram 2500 2003-2012 5. 9L and 6. 7L Cummins) (Dodge/Ram 3500 2003-2012 5. 9L and 6. 7L Cummins) (Ford F-250 1994. 5-2003 7. 3L, 2003-2007 6. 0L, 2008-2010 6. 4L, 2011-2015 6. 7L) (Ford F-350 1994. 5-2003 7. 3L, 2003-2007 6. 0L, 2008-2010 6. 4L, 2011-2015 6. 7L) (Ford F-450 2008-2010 6. 4L, 2011-2015 6. 7L) (Ford F-550 2008-2010 6. 4L, 2011-2015 6. 7L) (Ford Excursion 2000-2003 7. 3L, 2003-2005 6. 0L) (GMC Sierra 2500 2001-2015 6. 6L Duramax) (GMC Sierra 3500 2001-2015 6. 6L Duramax) (GMC Sierra 4500 2001-2015 6. 6L Duramax) (GMC Sierra 5500 2001-2015 6. 6L Duramax) Device not well-matched wth 2011 Ram 6. 7L manual transmissions.

Innovate Motorsports (3877) LC-2 Digital Wideband Lambda Controller Kit with Bosch LSU 4.9 O2 Sensor

The evolution of the world's most well-liked stand alone digital O2 sensor controller, the Innovate Motorsports LC-2 builds upon the legacy of the LC-1 by adding simplicity and leading edge technology. The LC-2 utilizes the only 100 % digital wideband air/fuel percentage technology on the market. The LC-2's patented award-winning DirectDigital signal processing technology gives data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load. The LC-2's self-calibrating circuitry also compensates for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition. The LC-2 will include a digital input/output, 2 full-programmable analog outputs, and is ideal for applications like dynamometers, data acquisition systems, standalone ECUs, and gauges. The LC-2 may also be "daisy-shackled" for cost-efficient individual cylinder monitoring, and is completely well-matched with the Modular Tuning System (MTS).

SKL Motorworks Permance Chip KL-PRO1 d F-150 F150 Heritage XLT 2WD 4.2L V6 202HP RWD 5-speed Manual Power Tuner Aftermarket Racing Parts

The SKL MOTORWORKS Perfomance Chip Tuning Module is intended to maximize the power or economy from your vehicles current setup. The Perfomance Module will work with a totally stock car or with changed vehicles. Its easy to install, completely reversible, and usually requires no cutting or modification of your car. The Perfomance Module is the answer to today's high fuel prices and our quest to squeeze that hidden power and fuel economy out of your engine. With our merchandise you get a hp increase of up to 20, while gaining up to +5 MPG in fuel mileage caused by increased engine efficiency! The way our merchandise work is by sending a uninterrupted signal through a factory engine data sensor that your Factory Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors. This changed and uninterrupted signal causes your factory ECM to reprogram itself for a much more optimum fuel mixture and timing curve, allowing the full benefits of an costly power programmer but while retaining the complete safety of your Factory ECM. Since the Performance Module doesn't directly interface with your Factory ECM and just only sends a uninterrupted signal through a factory engine data sensor, it'll totally not leave any footprints behind in the memory since our merchandise are simply triggering your Factory ECM to reprogram itself on its own, being totally undetectable by your dealership. Our merchandise are totally reversible and your Factory ECM will instantly revert back to the stock settings once removed! The SKL MOTORWORKS performance chip is a great high performance part for your car. It'll work with present cold air intake and exhaust mods also as other mods. It'll also work on stock car. Your 100 satisfaction is generally guaranteed.

Hypertech 32500 Max Energy Power Programmer

The Max Energy tuning gives extra power and optimized transmission functions, ensuing in less fuel to speed up and maintain cruising speeds without the torque converter unlocking and transmission down-changing to a lower gear. The results are maximum power and fuel mileage. For gas vehicles that come from the factory able of using regular octane fuel, two (2) optimized tuning programs are provided: one for premium, and the other for regular. Only one (1) power tuning program is made available for vehicles that were intended from the factory to use only premium fuel. For diesels, the Max Energy offers three (3) phases of power tuning for diesels. The highest power level, stage 3, maintains safe EGT while towing the maximum weight particular by the car's maker. Hypertech's low EGT, correct transmission changing, and superior tuning that does not require de-fueling.

LLCJ 10 x Super Bright 194 168 2825 T10 5-SMD White 5050 LED Car Lights Bulb

This page features 10pcs of Brand New, Never Used, High Quality T10 SMD 5050 5LED bulbs. These bulbs may be used on many light applications for your car. Usual use for display light, Interior dome light, Parking light, Side light, Corner light, Number plate light, etc. Input : 12V, No UV or IR radiation. Light Color:Pure White High light and Low power intake, lifetime than any other kind of bulbs. High Quality LED SMD5050, direct substitute for all T10 Wedge Type W5W, 147, 152, 158, 159, 161, 168, 184, 192, 193, 194 2825 Sold in lot, the price is for 10 pcs of 6000K Xenon White Light. Super bright LEDs are much lighter than original incandescent bulbs Installs easily in just minutes - no tools needed! Dimension: 13 x 28 x 13 mm.

Hypertech 345752 Power Programmer III Automotive Tuning uter

Hypertech Power Chips are direct replacements for the stock chips in 1981-1995 GM vehicles. The Power Chip holds the Hypertech Power Tuning data that controls the engine's air/fuel percentage and spark advance for maximum power and performance, plus possible gas mileage enhancements. Power Chips may be easily installed, using only hand tools. ThermoMaster power chips are intended for daily street driving or competition in unmodified vehicles using a 160 degree or 180 degree thermostat.

Superchips 2865 Flashpaq GM Gas V8 Gas Truck/SUV and V8 Cars

The Flashorsepoweraq performance  tuner is the best selling handheld tuner in the business.   The success of the  tuner is caused by its quality, novelty and  performance results. The  GM gas Flashorsepoweraq  delivers more to-the-wheels  power than other well-liked  tuners all while eliminating common problems found in the other merchandise.   The results for your gas powered truck, SUV or performance car  are business leading  and the features list lengthy as well as many power levels and a range of user-tunable alternatives. The 1st time you get behind the wheel you'll notice improved throttle answer, high-end drivability and remaining power gains.

SCT 5015 Livewire TS Permance Programmer and Monitor

From the factory, your car's computer is calibrated for the masses, intended with the average driver in mind, not the performance fan. This not only leaves priceless hp & Torque hidden inside your car, however it also makes for a mediocre driving experience. The Livewire TS unlocks your car's hidden performance by re-calibrating your car's computer for Maximum hp & Torque, Increased Throttle answer, Firmer Shifts and Increased Fuel Mileage. SCT's Pre-loaded Dyno Proven tune files optimize the car's Air / Fuel percentage, Engine Timing & Fuel Curves for Maximum Performance while maintaining OEM dependability & drivability. If towing a completely loaded race trailer or a fifth Wheel Camper, SCT's Towing tune files add the perfect mix of hp & Torque to help make hauling loads easier. SCT's Performance & Towing tune files not only optimize the car for Maximum Performance, they frequently INCREASE the car's FUEL MILEAGE by up to 1-2MPG.

Dinan D440-1634-ST2 DINANTRONICS Permance Tuner Stage 2

The DINANTRONICS  Performance Tuner is engineered using the best possible parts and advanced hardware. The most evident and observable part is the elaborate wiring harness. Using OE connectors and an expandable braided wiring sleeves assures that all observable parts appear as if they come straight from the factory. More importantly but it guarantees long lasting and reliable performance caused by the use of high heat, moisture and attrition tolerant materials and design. The other hardware element involved is the Dinan electronic control unit (ECU) itself.   While its external look may seem tame, the processing power and sophistication held inside its interior circuitry is anything but. Able of delivering signals to different systems at an astounding 4000 times per second the DINANTRONICS  Performance Tuner yields the power to control all current signals delivered to the ECU also as those worked on   at some point without a hiccup in performance or dependability.   This great processing power equates to a high degree of engine control ensuing in a lower likelihood of setting a fault. Also smoother running conditions and superior drivability are achieved, all of which are Dinan hallmarks. Fits: BMW; 5 Series, 7 Series; 550i, 750i; Sedan; F10, F01, F02; 2014-2015 550i and xDrive F10, 2013-2015 750i and xDrive F01, 2013-2015 750Li and xDrive F02.

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