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JBL EON610 10 2-Way Stage Monitor Powered Speaker vs 3608630

More than just another great JBL sound system, the new EON610 is a true step forward in technology worked on exactly to deliver the best sound possible despite of its application. Totally rethinking how really good an cheap self-contained, movable PA system may be, JBL engineers purposely intended and built the EON610 from the ground up featuring JBL's advanced waveguide technology, JBL intended and made transducers, and convenient, wireless remote control of its onboard DSP EQ parameters via Bluetooth. This total redesign of the EON platform leverages the new technologies in cabinet materials, acoustic science, transducer design and user friendliness that delivers the surprising quality of a high-end studio monitor in a completely professional, greatly adaptable, easy to use, movable system for today's working musicians and sound providers.

Yamaha STAGES 600I Portable

The new STAGEPAS feature two sleek, 3608630 lightweight speakers and a removable powered mixer, with one pair of speaker cables and a power cord, giving you a complete, very movable sound solution that may be set up quickly and easily in a range of configurations and environments. By combining new high-efficiency amplifiers, newly intended speakers, and high performance DSP, the new STAGEPAS delivers a important increase in power output ( 400W for the 400i and 680W for the 600i) also as considerable enhancements in sound quality and dependability. Complementing the increase in performance, the addition of iPod/ iPhone connectivity, SPX digital reverbs, an onboard feedback suppressor and more versatile EQ, has improved functionality and easy use considerably, allowing STAGEPAS to meet the demands of a much wider range of applications and users.


BEHRINGER ULTRATONE K3000FX super-adaptable 300-Watt 4-Channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier with FX and FBQ Feedback Detection super-adaptable 300-Watt 4-channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier Powerful 15'' BUGERA woofer and custom-made 1'' driver for final sound reproduction Integrated digital FX processor with 100 awesome presets as well as reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and different multi-effects Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals important frequencies Full 4-channel stereo operation with separate Volume and FX Send per channel extra XLR mic input on Channel 1 for direct connection of dynamic microphones Dedicated 7-band graphic EQ for awesome sound shaping Balanced stereo XLR DI with Ground Lift switch for direct connection to your mixing console major part with FX Return level, Master Volume, Phones level and form switch Link output lets linking to a slave amplifier for true stereo operation Subwoofer output for final low-end power CD input lets you to play along to your beloved music Separate headset output - perfect for calm practicing High-quality parts and very rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and intended by BEHRINGER Germany The ULTRATONE K3000FX specializes in clean, powerful sound. With this 300-Watt workhorse in your rig, your keyboards will sound their best gig after gig. Channel Your Sound The 300-Watt K3000FX gives you four stereo channels, each with separate volume and FX SEND controls, plus Channel 1 has an extra XLR mic input for direct connection of a dynamic microphone. So, if you are the kind of keyboardist with many instruments at your disposal, the K3000FX is prepared to manage up to four independent signals. It's also ideal for use as an all-in-one solution for keys and vocal applications. The onboard 24-bit digital FX processor, with 100 amazing presets, adds a high-tech dash of reverb, chorus, flange, delay, pitch shift and other effects to your sound. The major part gives you separate controls for FX RETURN, MASTER VOLUME, PHONES and form. A CD INPUT lets you to play recorded music through the K3000FX throughout performance breaks, or just for playing along. A separate headset output is perfect for calm practicing. The K3000FX includes an integrated 35-mm pole socket for stand mounting and use as a PA system. The line output for direct connection to your mixing console makes it a perfect fit for an present PA system also. Big, Beautiful BUGERA A 15" BUGERA woofer, made totally in-house by our own experienced artisans, works in connection with a custom-made 1. 0" driver for awesome, full-range sound. The K3000FX includes a subwoofer output, also as a LINK output for connecting to an extra amplifier. A pair of K3000FX amps makes an very versatile and movable stereo system. Be EQ'd and Feedback-Free Use the K3000FX to bring out the best in your sound via its 7-band graphic EQ with our proprietary FBQ Feedback Protection System. This unbelievable audio solution now pinpoints frequencies that because feedback, so you get perfect sound every time. ULTRATONE is the Key Versatility, unbelievable sound and durability merge beautifully in the K3000FX. Check it at your nearest BEHRINGER dealer to learn what it can do for your sound.

Hisonic HS122B-HL 40 Watts Lithium Battery Rechargeable Portable with Built-in Dual Wireless Microphones, BLACK

The Hisonic HS122B seamlessly combines a powerful 40 watts speaker and a dual VHF wireless microphone system into one movable PA system. It has everything you need for your sound amplification applications. No assembly obliged! No extra system to buy! Open the box, turn on the switch, put battery in the microphones and switch them on, let the show begin! The speaker is fitted with a long-life high-capacity rechargeable battery, ideal for outdoor actions where there's no access to a wall outlet. When the battery level is low, simply plug into a wall outlet with included power cord to charge it up again. The speaker may also be powered by the power cord and a 12V/DC adapter (included) if it's used indoor with access to electricity. The system comes with one handheld transmitter/microphone and one body-pack transmitter with different frequencies, they may be used at the same time without any interference. You have the flexibility of picking either a headset microphone or a lapel microphone to use with the belt-pack transmitter based on your application. Also, the system has extra microphone input jack if more microphones are needed. An audio input jack is available so you may be able to play the music using the speaker by plugging in your CD player, cassette player or an MP3 player as well as ipod. With its versatility and portability, this system was widely used among the professions like teachers, auctioneers, studio instructors and etc. The package will include the speaker, one handheld microphone, one body-pack transmitter, one headset microphone, one lavalier microphone, power cord, two 9V batteries, 12VDC adapter (cigarette lighter adapter) and a carrying bag.

Samson Expedition XP106 Rechargeable Battery Powered with Bluetooth

You do not need the biggest movable PA on the market, particularly if that means hauling around some big speaker that is total overkill for the job. The Samson Expedition XP106 is the Goldilocks of movable PAs - it is large enough and deafening enough sound great, however it is still small enough that you may pick it up and go with a single hand. What is more, the XP106 packs some really cool features you will be happy to brag about. For example, you may be able to stream music to it from your phone or iPad via the onboard Bluetooth receiver, and its remarkable 20-hour battery life means you do not have to worry about the music cutting out in the center of your party. Over that, Samson tossed in an excellent dynamic microphone, so you are prepared to go right out of the box.

Fender ssport Event Bundle with Speaker Stands, XLR Cable, Instrument Cable, and Polishing Cloth

With versatile controls and connectivity, the Passport Event movable audio system is perfect for intensifying your voice, instrument and background music anytime and anywhere. Its full-range speakers, versatile features, friendly front-panel controls and 375 watts of sonic power supply powerful, clear and dependable Fender sound ideal for gigs at parties, small clubs and coffeehouses; education, sporting and worship events; meetings, seminars, presentations and more. Conveniently self-contained with go-anywhere suitcase-style portability and easy setup, Passport Event includes Bluetooth connectivity for streaming wireless audio from mobile devices. FeaturesAll-in-one PA system with seven-channel powered mixer and full-range speakers375 wattsEight inputs (four XLR mic/line, 1/4" instrument/line, 1/4" stereo, 1/8" stereo, stereo Bluetooth)Sub output with auto high-pass filter for powered subwoofer useBluetooth connectivitySeparate volume, treble, bass and reverb controls on each channel.

Samson Expedition XP308I Portable and Mic ckage

The Samson Expedition XP308I will include two 2-way speakers with custom 8 woofers and a 1 tweeter in a custom horn. They produce a large dynamic range of clear, deafening, full-range audio that can fill up a small to sized venue with relative ease. It delivers 300 watts (2 x 150) and is a perfect match for the speakers. To support these lightweight speakers you'll recieve Samson LS2' s which are a pair of Heavy-responsibility telescoping tripod stands, adjustable to 6 feet in height. You'll also get a Samson Q4 CL high output dynamic microphone which will include a bag, XLR cable and a clip also. To complete this package you'll get an On Stage round base mic stand.

LD s MIX6AG2 Stinger 6.5-Inch Active Speaker with Integrated 4- Mixer

With a fitted mixer, the compact, lightweight Stinger MIX 6 AG2 active loudspeaker is the ideal choice for small-scale PA and personal monitoring applications. It features a 6. 5" woofer and 1" HF transducer with an 80 Hz to 20 kHz frequency answer and 80 Degree x 70 Degree dispersion delivering amazing sound with clearness and punch. The integrated mixer gives a stereo line and 3 microphone channels with high and low EQ, switchable hi-Z input and phantom power plus 24-bit digital effects. It lets for connecting a large range of resources as well as MP3 and CD players, iPods, instruments and condenser mics. The output part will include a 3-band master EQ for in general tone shaping and feedback control, 4-part LED metering, RCA recording outputs and an adjustable monitor out. The Stinger MIX 6 A G2 incorporates a Class D amplifier with 2x280 watts peak power and 6. 3 mm TRS output to power its optional passive friend Stinger MIX 6 G2. Dual bottom and side stand mount inserts permit both vertical and horizontal setup, the latter putting the mixer controls right at your fingertips. On own or in tandem with the passive unit, the Stinger MIX 6 A G2 gives awesome performance and versatility in an easily movable package. A transport bag, a slave speaker and a speaker stand are available optionally.

Gear One 2400 / Kustom KPC15 Mains and Monitors ckage

Let us face it; some people go to shows and relate bad venue sound with your band's skill, despite of how good your band may really be. House sound systems are typically anything but spectacular, so why not take charge of your sound with a complete and cheap PA package? This package pairs together all of the major parts you need for your band's next live performance as well as a pair of Kustom KPC15 15 Loudspeakers, a pair of Kustom KPC10M 10" Stage Monitors, the Gear One PA2400 8-Channel Mixer, four Gear One MV1000 Dynamic Microphones, four XLR mic cables, four 1/4 speaker cables, and two Musician's Gear All-Steel Tripod Speaker Stands. KPC15 15 LoudspeakerThe Kustom KPC15 15" PA Speaker Cabinet with Horn is a great cab for medium and small gigs. Its specially voiced crossover assures clear separation of frequencies for crisp, full-range reproduction. A 15" woofer delivers deep; rumbling low frequencies, when a 7" x 15" horn (with overload protector) produces bright high-end tones. It includes two parallel input jacks, tough construction with strengthened corners, and a heavy-responsibility Tolex covering. KPC10M 10" Stage MonitorThe 10" Kustom KPC10M Monitor Speaker Cab boasts a horn and a specially voiced crossover to ensure clear separation of frequencies for crisp, full-range audio reproduction. The speaker cabinet's 10" woofer delivers punchy low frequencies, when a 2" x 6" horn produces bright high-end tones. The KPC10M monitor cab comes with 2 parallel input jacks. Sturdily constructed, Kustom gives the monitor strengthened corners and heavy-responsibility Tolex covering. The Kustom KPC10M speaker also offers 30, 60, and 90 positioning. PA2400 8-Channel MixerThe Gear One PA2400 features two 400W amps that may be directed to left/right mains, mains/monitors, or linked for an 800W mono. Each amp is plenty for powering most 15" two-way speakers. If you need a system with rock band club capability, the P.

Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and Portable Speaker Sound with 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Dock, Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Wireless Microphone, 500 Watt

The Pyle PWMA860I Wireless and movable PA Speaker Sound System is perfect for any social gathering or crowd control situation. Get convenient access to powerful audio output, the freedom of wireless mobility and move around with ease. Fitted 30-pin iPod dock lets you to connect your well-matched iPod or iPhone and play your beloved music - while keeping your device charged. This remarkable 500 watt system powers the 8'' woofer and 3'' compression tweeter speaker to project your voice and audio with gusto, and a ported enclosure design adds extra punch to the bass. It comes with a VHF wireless microphone that operates at a distance of up to 100 feet away. The amp has a telescoping handle and castor wheels for easy portability. It runs on a rechargeable battery, so you do not have to keep purchasing new batteries - simply plug in and charge with the included AC adaptor. Four multi-color LEDs notify you when the power is on, when the unit is charging, when the battery is low, and when the wireless mic is operating. Change the sound to your liking with the treble and bass controls. This amp will include an echo modification handle for adding voice effects when using a connected microphone. This system includes lots of external inputs - four 1/4'' jack inputs total for two wired microphones, CD or MP3 player, guitar, or any extra external audio device. Take control of the sound, and the crowd, with the Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and movable PA Speaker Sound System.

Line 6 StageSource L2t 2-Way Powered Smart Loudspeaker with Digital Mixer

The perfect blend of multi-function design, powerful DSP and precision parts, Stage Source L2t is the world's most versatile loudspeaker system for musicians on the go. Implanted Smart Speaker technology optimizes the electro-acoustic performance for any application-front-of-house PA, floor monitor, instrument backline and more. The onboard multi-channel digital mixer gives world-class effects, acoustic guitar modeling and feedback suppression, making Stage Source L2t a self-contained live sound solution. If you decide a single 800-watt, two-way, bi-amped L2t speaker or scale up to big multi-speaker systems via L6 LINK digital networking, Stage Source systems deliver best-of-class performance across the widest range of live sound applications. Smart Speaker modes optimize the sound for any application. Integrated multi-channel mixer with effects, multi-band EQ and feedback suppression. Modular architecture gives true scalability-from solo gigs to full band performances. L6 LINK digital networking streamlines setup and creates an intelligent ecosystem. 800-watt, 2-way, bi-amped design for pure, powerful sound.

Ion Audio i57 Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Auxiliary USB Charger - (Old Model)

Enjoy your music whenever and wherever you want. Tailgater Bluetooth is a movable sound system that will include speakers, amplifier, audio inputs and wireless Bluetooth technology all in one lasting cabinet that has handles for easy transport. Tailgater Bluetooth has a fitted battery with a charge display, and will supply up to 50 hours of cordless sound. Or you may be able to use the included power cord and rock out as long as you want. Tailgater Bluetooth's improved bass output creates full, rich sound that is perfect for a party, tailgating, or any other place you want to turn on your music. For any more queries contact ION Audio's buyer Support Number @ 1. 401-658-3743.

Pure Acoustics Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless - Includes Wireless Mic rty Karaoke Machine Sound with Telescoping Handle &

The MCP-100 was intended to let you to take pleasure in all the qualities of a professional speaker with all the benefits of a movable music box. Wireless and wired microphones included USB input to connect any USB memory stick with thousands of songs Micro SD card slot to connect SD memory cards with your beloved music secondary Input - Plug in your Smartphones, tablets or MP3 players and sing along Guitar input port & separate volume control Professional karaoke Easy mobility & safe carry many power supply switch so music will never stop Rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of listening pleasure Power Output: 45W Frequency answer: 20Hz - 22 KHz -/+3dB Sensitivity: > 85DB Woofer: 8 Tweeter: 3" horn speaker Product Dimensions: L 25. 8 x W 22. 5 x H 40cm main Power Source: Rechargeable Battery DC: 12V Alternate Power Source: 220v/110v Wireless MIC frequency: 202. 75MHz.

Mr. Dj MASTER4000 Dual 15 3-Way Portable Speaker with Built-In LED Light, Bluetooth, USB & FM Radio

Mr. Dj MASTER4000 Dual 15-Inch 3-Way movable Speaker with fitted LED Light, Bluetooth, USB and FM Radio, Heavy responsibility Handles for Easy Portability, Featuring equalizer, 2 microphone inputs, guitar input and 2 RCA inputs, Bluetooth Technology, FM tuner and USB/SD player with remote control, RGB LED Light.

GoSpeak! Pro Portable Presentation Speaker and Amplification

From your opening remarks to your closing statements GoSpeak! assures that your message is heard with clearness and power. GoSpeak! Delivers the quality voice amplification to reach audiences of up to 200 people, in an astonishingly thin and light design that folds up and is easy to carry with you. Breakthrough flat panel Surface Sound speaker technology from NXT makes clear and rich omni-directional stereo sound possible in such a small package. Add sound effects and music to your presentation by connecting your computer or another secondary audio system.

Bose L1 Comct w/ carry Case & Bluetooth Adapter - Bundle

This Bundle holds 2 things: (1) Bose L1 Compact movable Line Array System (1) Bose BlueTooth Audio Adapter The L1 Compact movable line array system: Carry it in one trip. Set it up in one minute. Fill the room with Bose sound. The L1 Compact system combines regular PA and monitors into one sleek unit. Located behind or to the side of a performer, DJ or presenter, it delivers large, sound coverage during the stage area and audience off to the extreme sides. It is our smallest, lightest, simplest-to-set-up L1 system, weighing just 29 pounds. Big sound. Small package. Now you may be able to have quality Bose sound for nearly any gig, event or occasion. The L1 Compact system is small enough to fit in your trunk or back seat, and its groundbreaking modular design makes setup easy and fast. You may be able to arrange it in either a collapsed configuration for smaller spaces or a taller, expanded configuration for bigger ones. No extra gear to haul. No heavy speakers to hoist onto stands. No speaker cables. Connect the Bose Bluetooth Audio Adapter to your speakers, home entertainment system, or monitoring system for easy wireless audio! you may be able to pair up to eight Bluetooth devices, and you do not have to fuss with any setup programs or software. Musicians at Sweetwater see this as a more convenient way to play with music apps around the house, instead of being tied to your speaker system with cables and adapters. And with support for up to three active devices at a time, your friends can tap into your sound system, too, with the Bose Bluetooth Audio Adapter. Compatibility: Bluetooth 4. 0 devices.

LyxPro 12 Portable Battery Powered Speaker, Built In EQ & Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth, MP3, USB, SD, 1/4 , 3.5mm, 2 Wireless Mic

Active All-In-One The SPA12BAT from LyxPro is a powered PA system, which leaves no power amps, mixers or another heavy pieces of equipment to lug around. Simply Turn On the Speaker and party. Music Player Bluetooth potential, a USB port, and an SD card slot let seamless playback of your music in Mp3 and WMA formats. Connections Galore The SPA12BAT features a 1/4" jack with line/mic selector switch, 3. 5mm Stereo, and R/L (red/white) RCA line inputs.

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