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Dual Motor Deluxe Power Unit vs 41-GJE031-USA

Nutone VX1000C 1040 Watts-Bag variant Power Units Powerfully Clean. Brawn was not Sacrificed for Beauty. Our New Motor Designs Deep Clean far Better than regular Vacuums. And Better Filtration, You will not Spread the Dust Around, Either. Exhausted to the outside of Your Home, The Microscopic Dust Particles that Simply Scatter with regular Vacuums are Ported Outside. Your Home is Cleaner and Indoor Air Quality is Improved also HEPA Filtration. Anti-Microbial Protection. Our New Bags and Filters Feature HEPA Rated Media and Anti-Stick Technology. Dust and Bacteria is Trapped Better than Ever Before correct Bag-Full Lights. Progressive display Lights Tell You in a Glance when to Change the Bag. Features a True "Bag-Full" Light and Shut Down Automatically to Avoid Rupturing the Bag. Simplified Bag elimination and Filter Changing. Just Open the Front-Facing Door Panel and Withdraw the Full Bag. Our Easy Snap Bag Change system Closes the Opening now Upon elimination, So What Goes in, Stays in. Tap the Clean Side of the Filter and Dirt Stuck to it'll Fall into the Debris can-Not Onto the Floor. For substitute Bags (3 Per Pack), Order Model # VX3918. Convenient Installation. Left- or Right-Hand Intake Ports change New or Retrofit Installations. The thin Profile Lets the Tank Fit in Tight Corners.

Electrolux EL4012A Silent Perfomer Bagged With 3In1 Crevice Tool with Hepa Filter, Blue

Enjoy a powerfully calm clean with the Electrolux silent performer. Its silence pro system will include the canister, motor and sound-softening nozzle, which gives powerful cleaning performance with minimal sound and disruption. You may be able to breathe easy thanks to its clean-air filtration system, featuring a HEPA filter that captures 99. 97 % of all airborne pollutants 0. 3 Micron or bigger to freshen your home. Easily clean stairs, furniture and other hard-to-reach places thanks to the silent performer's convenient 3-in-1 crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle. You will be amazed at how easily the vacuum's dual nozzles move from bare floors to carpeting, and how smoothly it maneuvers around furniture thanks to 360 degree motion technology, to completely clean every surface in your home.

Fully Loaded Proteam Super Coach Pro 6 QT Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

This is the Brand New completely 41GJE031USA Loaded New ProTeam SuperCoach Pro 6 backpack vacuum with the GV DELUXE attachment set, which will include: 50' cord, 30 extra GV bags, GV mini turbo attachment (This works great as a pet tool for vacuuming up pet hair, vacuuming stairs and hard to reach places, mattress, upholstery, cars etc. ), GV inflation tool, ProTeam 1 - 1/2" heavy responsibility Multi surface Floor tool, Duster brush, Crevice tool, Upholstery tool, 2 tool extension wands, and heavy responsibility tool hose. This powerful backpack vacuum uses 3 filters to protect the motor from grease, dirt, and sound mufflers aid in calm operation. Its rugged design and redesigned form make for a much more comfy fit on your back and make it a perfect match for the tough demands of food services, office buildings, schools, hospitals, churches and movie theaters. The 12pound SuperCoach Pro 10 is ergonomically intended and easy to preserve and use. Studies from an independent laboratory comparing upright and backpack vacuum use proved that operators using back packs vacuums: expend HALF the physical energy and perceived effort. Vacuum in HALF the time. These vacuums are ideal for cleaning commercial-grade carpeting, hard floors, chairs, sofas, blinds, stairs, and reaching up to clean heat and air conditioning vents also as over door and window trim.

ProTeam 103166 Shoulder Pads & Harness System, CommercialGrade UltraComfort Proteam Shoulder Harness for Proteam Backpack Vacums, Don't Work In vs 41GJE-031USA

Proteam 103166 shoulder pad harness system is a professional, commercial-grade should pad & harness offering super-comfort for those front-line heroes doing lots of vacuuming, ProTeam harness system fits any of Proteam Backpack vacuums: SuperCoach vacuums, etc. In minutes, easily and quickly installs into your current Proteam backpack vacuum. Complete harness system.

Zoom Supply ProTeam 107146 QuietPro Vacum Cleaner, CommercialGrade Proteam Quiet Pro HEPA Vacum, Includes 107100 Tool Kit Ultra Comfort Shoulder P

Proteam 107146 QuietPro BP HEPA backpack vacuum offers a distinctive calm Power TechnologyTM that delivers high performance for environments where you have to be as calm as possible. At 51dB (decibels), this vacuum is among the most calm on the market. Ideal for hospitals, offices, schools & universities, resorts & hotels and other places where disturbing employees, patients or guests will get you attention. For all the wrong reasons.

Oreck Commercial BGC2000 Compact Vacuum

Bissell BigGreen Commercial, Little Hercules, Handheld Canister With Wheels, No Bags Needed, super-movable & Super Powerful, 5' Extension Hose, Suction Control gives Versatility For All Surface Types, will include 2-In-1 Floor Tool, 2 Extension Wands, 15 Foot Power Cord, Carry Handle, Permanent Wheels For Easy Maneuverability, 2 Rear Wheels With A Steering Wheel.

Allegro Central Vacuum 30 ft. Deluxe Package with 1 Inlet Installation Kit for RVs Campers Trailer Yacht vs 41-GJE-031-USA

This versatile vacuum cleaner is specially intended for RVs, boats, buses and may be used as a utility vacuum cleaner in the garage, in the work-room, take it to the cottage, take it to the barn, or for homes where the space is restricted. This all-steel vacuum cleaner has the power of Central Vacuum Cleaner and may be used for living regions up-to 3, 000 sq. Feet.

Lindhaus Aria Red Multifuntion Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Brush and Hard Floor Tool

The Aria vacuum cleaner is a result of years of cautious planning on both the creative and working level. It is sleek design delivers the highest quality performance and filtration with exceptional versatility and whisper calm sound levels. Full deluxe on-board tools include an upholstery tool with removable bristles, full length crevice tool and round swivel dusting brush with natural bristles. The 3 L Micropor Hepa style bag also to the other phases of filtration brings the Aria to a total of 5 levels of filtration which assures excellent protection against dust mites, pollens, etc. For people with serious allergies, Aria may be equipped with the Lindhaus S-Class Hepa filter (optional). The S-Class Hepa filter assures 99. 97 filtration efficiency at 0. 3 micron. The Aria returns this purified air into the room through an exclusive draft free clean air ventilation system built into the 360 degree bumper.

Rainbow Rexair Vacuum Cleaner Water Fragrance R3624 Model: R14937

Works With: Rainbow R-3624 Lemon Sent Description:Rexair Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Water Fragrance. 4 Bottles In Pack, each bottle 1. 67oz Lemom Scent. Add some drops to the water pan, keeps the house, carpets and the vacuum cleaner smelling nice! Rainbow Canister Vacuum Cleaner Water Fragrances, real Rainbow/Rexair Product. R-3624.

Rainbow E Series Vacuum e2 2 Speed 98 Brand !!

E2 Type 12 Two Speed Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Gold Series Deluxe Addition w/ Many 2009 Extras The E2 Type 12, Gold Series Two Speed Rainbow Vacuum has an Onboard Computer System. The two speed Rainbow has the New brushless motor giving it a sound of it is own and a more powerful motor for those broad cleaning jobs. Now you may be able to clean your home to a near dust free atmosphere with the Rainbow water filtration system and purify it with one machine. Quick for those Get Down, Get The Dirt Out broad Cleaning Jobs and Low Speed for Purifying, Aromatizing, Vaporizing or adding a little Humidity to the air. Rainbow Vacuum cleaning at it is best, leaves your Home Clean while Purifying the air you Breathe through bagless water filtration. This Gold Series Two Speed Rainbow which was only used some times, will include 2009 Electric and Non-Electric Hoses, Brand New 2009 Stainless Steel Wands(Never Used) that wont rust inside, all NINE Brand New 2009 Tools(Never Used) 2009 Aquamate AM-12 Shampooer, 2009 RainbowMate, Squeegee/Mop Kit, Brand New 2009 Rainmate, With a New Box of Fragrances. Instruction Manuals To Get You Up And Running.

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner DC26 is an super-lightweight bagless canister vacuum for all floor types. It&'s Dyson&'s smallest, lightest canister but works like a full-size Dyson machine, with no loss of suction. Each dimension and angle was recalculated and engineered to make a smaller cyclone as economical as a big Dyson cyclone. Small and compact, the base fits on a regular letter size sheet of paper – it&'s easy to carry and store. The carbon fiber brush bar is ideal for cleaning short pile carpet, and may be turned off to protect fragile surfaces. The brush bar holds rows of super-good carbon fiber filaments that decrease static and remove good dust from hard floors. A lifetime washable HEPA filter traps microscopic allergens. DC26 Multi Floor also comes with an articulating hard floor tool that maneuvers easily and cleans narrow gaps. More About the Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Dyson engineers are constantly testing and inventing, trying to find new ways to make their technology work better. As they work, they file patent applications to protect their inventions from copycat manufacturers. That&'s why the only place you&'ll find Dyson technology is inside a Dyson machine. Root Cyclone Technology for No Loss of Suction common vacuum cleaners rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. As you use them, the tiny holes in the bag clog up with particles of dust. This restricts the flow of air, so the vacuum cleaner loses suction. Dyson vacuum cleaners don&'t rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. They use patented Root Cyclone™ technology, which spins the air at very high speeds. The cyclones inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner produce centrifugal forces many thousands of times the force of gravity. Dust, dirt and pet hair are flung out of the airflow and straight into the bin. No bag. No loss of suction. Product Features Concentrated Root Cyclone technology: Dyson cyclones catch microscopic particles down to 0. 5 microns in size, with no loss of suction. No extra costs: Other vacuum cleaners are intended to need substitute bags, belts and filters. Dyson vacuum cleaners don&'t need bags and have lifetime washable filters, so there aren't extra costs to worry about. Turbine head with conductive carbon fiber brush bar: The brush bar holds both inflexible nylon bristles for removing ground-in dirt from carpets, and super good carbon fiber filaments, engineered to take off good dust from hard floors. The brush bar is powered by an air driven turbine and is ideal for hard floors and short pile carpets. The floor tool clicks into the back of the machine when not used for easy storage. Articulating hard floor tool: Maneuvers easily and cleans narrow gaps. Extra tools: DC26 Multi Floor also comes with a stair tool and mix brush/crevice tool. Clear bin and hygienic emptying: The bin on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is transparent so you may be able to see when it needs emptying – and just how much dust, dirt and pet hair your new Dyson machine has picked up. It&'s made of tough polycarbonate and may be emptied with the press of a button – minimizing the risk of contact with dirt. Miniaturized cable rewind: Smaller and lighter, without compromising cable length of 16ft. HEPA filter: Captures allergens, expels cleaner air. Traps microscopic particles down to 1/5, 000 of a pinhead. Particles this small include common household allergens like pollen, mould spores and dust mite feces. Centralized motor: located to decrease drag weight. Makes the machine easier to pull along. Certified asthma and allergy friendly: DC26 Multi Floor is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. 5 year parts and labor warranty: Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is probably to take some knocks and bashes throughout everyday use – but that&'s nothing in comparison to what Dyson puts its machines through throughout testing and development. All Dyson vacuum cleaners undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing program. That&'s why DC26 Multi Floor comes with a free 5 year warranty – parts and labor. Read more about Dyson No bags or filters to purchase. No extra costs. Other vacuums are intended to use consumables – so their manufacturers can make profits selling substitute bags and filters. Dyson vacuums don&'t use bags, and they have lifetime washable filters. There aren't consumables – so there aren't extra costs. Only Dyson-patented means Dyson performance Other merchandise may appear like Dyson machines, however they don&'t work like them. Dyson technology is protected by more than 1, 900 patents global to ensure that when you purchase a Dyson machine, you get what you expect. Proficiently engineered – less bulk, and less waste Dyson machines are tough. But they&'re also proficiently engineered. Dyson is generally looking for ways to use fewer materials, while simultaneously making our machines stronger – doing more with less. 5 year warranty and a lifetime of support Dyson's canister vacuums are protected for 5 years parts and labor warranty. But we&'ll still be here when yours runs out – we supply Dyson technology holders with a lifetime of support. Dyson Comparison Table DC26 Multi Floor DC39 Multi Floor DC39 Animal DC47 Animal & & & Features & & & Full Size or Compact Compact Full Size Full Size Compact & & & & Weight 12. 0 lbs 16. 9 lbs 16. 9 lbs 13. 8 lbs & & & Cyclone Technology Root Cyclone technology Radial Root Cyclone technology Radial Root Cyclone technology Radial Root Cyclone technology & & & & Ball Technology ✓ ✓ ✓ & & & & Cleaner Head Technology Carbon fiber floor tool Triggerhead tool Triggerhead tool Triggerhead tool & & & & Engineered for Pet Hair Pick-Up& & ✓ ✓ & & & & suited Floor Types All All All All & & & & Hose Length& & 10. 0 ft 10. 0 ft 10. 0 ft 10. 0 ft & & & & Cord Length 16. 4 ft 21. 7 ft 21. 7 ft 16. 4 ft & & & & Max Reach 26. 2 ft 32. 8 ft 32. 8 ft 27. 3 ft & & & & Cleanerhead Width 8. 25 in 10. 4 in 10. 4 in 8. 4 in & & & & Bin Capacity 0. 18 gal 0. 53 gal 0. 53 gal 0. 15 gal & & & & Bagless ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ & & & & Retractable cord ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ & & & & HEPA Filtration ✓ ✓ ✓ & & & & Suction Power 160 a/w 275 a/w 275 a/w 170 a/w & & & & Tools Included Articulating hard floor tool, mix tool, Stair tool mix tool, Stair tool Tangle-Free Turbine tool, mix tool, Stair tool Tangle-free Turbine tool, mix tool, Stair tool & & & & Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years.

Panasonic MCCG902 Vacuum Cleaner 63422409

Works With: Panasonic MC-CG902 Panasonic 63-4224-09 Description:Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner 63-4224-09 Panasonic Canister "Bag" Vacuum Cleaner with Power Nozzle, Powerful 12 Amp Motor, On/Off Bare Floor switch, Motor Protection System, Tools on-board include: (Floor brush, Dusting brush, Upholstery brush, crevice tool) and (2) chrome wands, 24-Foot Power Cord with Cord Reel, HEPA Filter, Carpet Height modification, 360 Degree Swivel Hose 14-inch Cleaning path, Burgundy finish, substitute accessories: substitute HEPA (MC-V194H), substitute Belt (Type CB-6), Type C-5 substitute Bag, 25 pounds. MC-CG902 63-4224-09 Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner 63-4224-09 Panasonic Canister "Bag" Vacuum Cleaner with Power Nozzle, Powerful 12 Amp Motor, On/Off Bare Floor switch, Motor Protection System, Tools on-board include: (Floor brush, Dusting brush, Upholstery brush, crevice tool) and (2) chrome wands, 24-Foot Power Cord with Cord Reel, HEPA Filter, Carpet Height modification, 360 Degree Swivel Hose 14-inch Cleaning path, Burgundy finish, substitute accessories: substitute HEPA (MC-V194H), substitute Belt (Type CB-6), Type C-5 substitute Bag, 25 pounds. MC-CG902 63-4224-09.

LaserVac Shark 9000II Service Vacuum Kit

The Shark 9000-II complete service vacuum kits (120V) supply an excellent movable vacuum solution for maintenance staff and field technicians. All Shark 9000 models use a pleated micro good paper particularly intended to pick up sub-micron particles. LaserVac movable industrial vacuum cleaners use a distinctive by-pass system that cleans the contaminated air being brought in by the vacuum in a high efficiency filtration module, separate from the motor, ensuing in a safer and longer-lasting vacuum. The high efficiency (98 efficiency) filtration module holds up to 5 lbs. Of toner or 20 lbs. Of developer, and lets up to five shakeouts for reuses. The Shark 9000 vacuum weighs roughly 11. 5 lbs.

Panasonic MCCL945 Plush Pro Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Maximized air stream delivers excellent cleaning and considerably decreases push/pull effort on super-soft carpets which are a challenge to regular vacuums. Powerful JETFORCE technology forces dirt and debris to the bottom of the dust cup helping to keep the filter clean and prevent loss of suction. "Zero Turning" radius design helps vacuum to maneuver easily around furniture. Crevice tool and dusting brush located conveniently on telescoping wand which extends for above floor cleaning. Air turbine pet tool for pet hair elimination on many surfaces.

The Original Bank Vacuum

The Original Bank Canister Vacuum is the ideal solution for home floor cleaning. Easily switch between thick carpet, smooth hard wood, and the most fragile area rugs. It's the most economical way to clean todays modern homes. The Bank Vacuum has the best performance out of any other vacuum in its class. It features the most powerful suction and the highest airflow possible, with S Class filtration.

SES 1133 Electric Hose

Meant for use with the Miele S500 & S600 models. Will include wand swich to turn on & off the powerbrush. Hose may be used with the following powerbrushes: SEB213 SEB213-2 SEB234 For use with the following Miele models: Solaris Solaris Electro Plus And other Meile S500 & S600 Miele vacuums If your Solaris has an external powercord running down the wand, then the SES113 will work perfectly.

Rebuilt Rainbow D4 SE GV Vacuum Cleaner Loaded with GV tools & accessories 5 Year Warranty

Nearly new D4 Rainbow vacuum. The canister was totally rebuilt and comes with our 5 year motor warranty. It was upgraded to the best standard power nozzle that money can purchase. It lasts a long time, vacuums your carpet really good, has a geared belt (dosent must be replaced like normal Rainbow belts), parts are common and this head alone sells for 200 dollars and its brand new! This is one of the best vacuums money can purchase, its new or totally rebuilt and they usually last for decades. This will include brand new upholstery tool, duster brush, floor tool and crevice tool. Other things are 3 tool wands, 2 extension wands, new hoses, 2 smell good scent bottles, hand held shampooer (hard to find), famous squeegee tool squeegee attachment (hard to find, used to mop your floors and suck dirty water into vacuum, and everything else pictured. Brand New things Include: Brand new rebuilt bottom end. NEW BEARINGS SEALS ECT. This also comes with a brand new brush roll, brush roll bearings and belt. Don't purchase THIS MODEL WITHOUT SEEING THE BOTTOM OF THE POWER HEAD AND A BRAND NEW BRUSH ROLL. If you purchase another rainbow like this online and it doesn't have a brand new brush roll, you'll be replacing it soon. This has the hose with the trigger on it which lets you to effortlessly change from carpets to hard floors.

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