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Drinkable Air Residential Atmospheric Generar (AWG) Chameleon 8 Black vs 48-k-56-sxt

The Chameleon 8 Drinkable Air Machine Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)The Highest Quality Water Appliance available. Imagine having your "unlimited supply" of new drinking water.. Imagine drinking oxygen enriched water that rehydrates your body faster.. Minimal Maintenance, Ideal For Home or Office, decreases Carbon Footprint, Preserves our Natural Resources, decreases Plastic Bottle Waste, removes Bottle Storage, No More Lifting Heavy Bottles, Be Prepared For Hurricane Season, Made in the U. S. A. A true Green Solution to REAL water sustainability. No plumbing needed and may be placed anyplace in home or office where there's an electrical outlet. Kills all bacteria & viruses instantly and is a self-cleaning bacterostatic Ozonation System. The atmospheric water generator system is a new, state of the art system that takes humidity from the air to produce pure drinking water. The Atmospheric Water Generator extracts humidity from the air and turns it into 99. 9 pure, delicious drinking water. The machine operates silently and proficiently to let you enjoy the invigorating taste of the cleanest, best tasting drinking water on Earth.

RO Feed Adapter 1/2 1/4 Ball Faucet Tap Feed Reverse Osmosis

100 New, Never Used Easy to load 48k-56sxt and unload Applications: Apply to Reverse Osmosis Water System and Housing In Line Filters ETC Tee union:1/2" Thread male x 1/2" thread female x 1/4" thread female. Stainless steel. Ball valve:1/4" Thread male x 1/4 tube fast connect. Copper material. Package Included: 1 x Tee 1/2"+1/2"+1/4" 1 x ball valve.

ducts SSCSDISPLAY Clean and Sanitize Kit for s

Softeners have two main vulnerabilities: Bacteria build-up, and resin fouling. The Sani-System Clean & Sanitize Kit will care for both of these issues. Sani-System is proven to kill 99. 99 of harmful bacteria without the use of chlorine, oxidizers or acids that can harm system equipment, parts and resin, while Pro Res Care restores softener resin to peak efficiency. It is a classic one-two punch that will maximize system performance and longevity to save you money.

5600 (56M24RN48H) Meter 32, 000 Grain 9 x 48; 1.0 CF vs 48k-56sxt

Water Softeners were used to take off hard minerals called calcium magnesium and iron. These three minerals aren't problematic but may be a nuisance. They because scale build up along pipes and faucets; hard water stains on glass pots and pans; lowers the life expectancy of appliances; and more. By softening your water you will be able to save money on your water heating bill; remove hard water stains; save money on soap or cleansers; have smoother and softer skin; and be increase the life of appliances. The Fleck 5600 series water softeners are the flag ship model of all water softeners. They are the MOST dependable and MOST lasting ones on the market. Supported by a 5 year warranty on the Fleck control valve and a 10 year warranty on the Structural tank the Fleck 5600 water softeners will work for nearly any water situation. Fleck 5600 Metered On Demand" control valves uses a gallon counter to compute when your system needs to regenerate the resin. These systems saves you time and money because it monitors the amount of water used over a time period. Grain Capacity: 32, 000. Mineral Tank Size: 9X48. Brine Tank Size: 18X30. Maximum GPM: 10 estimated Height: 61" estimated Shipping LBS: 115.

APEC SaltFree AntiScale (13 Bathrooms) 10 GPM

The FUTURA salt-free, anti-scale water conditioner is a new advancement in water treatment technology that conditions water without the use of salt or corrosive chemicals. This system uses an advanced ceramic media that effectively attracts and neutralizes hard water properties without the need for regeneration, backwashing, or electricity. When water comes into contact with the catalytic surface of the media, hard water agents calcium (CaCO3) and magnesium become attached to the ceramic granules and is instantly transformed into a scale tolerant crystalline form that are carried away by the water flow. These crystals are harmless, neutral, heat tolerant, and totally stable and won't attach to any surfaces like your pipes and heaters to produce lime deposits. These nano-crystals are comparatively insoluble, effectively isolating hardness up to 25 grains/gal. (420 mg/L) from the water chemistry. Salt-Free Water Softener Benefits - Salt-free, 100% safe and accepted for families with infants, kids and the elderly. - Better for heart and cardiovascular health when compared with conventional salt established water softeners. - decreases hard water spots on glasses, bathtubs, mirrors, tiles, cars, or any plumbing fixtures- makes all your cleaning and scrubbing much easier. - Extends the life while decreasing the maintenance of icemakers, coffee machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and laundry equipment. - removes the messy annoyance of having to store, add, and replace heavy chemical salt bags every few months. This system comes with a free 20" whole house carbon filter that's very efficient in decreasing chlorine, bad taste, odor and organic compounds. Gain from sediment and chlorine-free water for healthier skin, hair, and body. Enjoy improved water clearness and reduced odors during the complete home.

Boss 365 36400 Grain

The WaterBoss Model 365 Water Softener is built to give whole-house efficiency. The Model 365 can soften up to 90 grains per gallon and decrease up to 10 ppm (parts per million) of ferrous iron and filter dirt and sediment down to 20 nominal microns. This water softener is the solution for bigger families. The model 365 has a compact design for easy installation into tight spaces. Only measuring 14 3/4" large, 18 3/4" in depth and only 30 3/4" tall makes the model 365 a water softening powerhouse. The patented compact design lets the model 365 to regenerate in as little as 38 minutes at a 6 lbs. Salt setting. The faster regeneration times lets the model 365 to use less water. The longer the regeneration time lasts the more water your softener will use. Proudly made in the USA, the model 365 comes with a 3 year restricted warranty that will include the electronics. The media tank and outer cabinet have a 10 year restricted warranty. If you may want to ever experience a problem with your WaterBoss product, we offer internally technical support at 1-800-437-8993 Mon - Fri 8 AM to 5 PM EST.

Big Blue 10 System (1 Port)+ Bracket+ Pleated Sediment

1 OF 10 BIG BLUE WHOLE HOUSE FILTER HOUSINGThis premium 10 whole house filter housing offers the flexibility to meet your big capacity filtration needs, as well as high-flow and heavy-sediment applications. The big blue housing lets for greater cartridge capacity, decreasing the number of vessels obliged for high-flow-rate applications. The opaque blue sump is made of strengthened polypropylene for strength and resistance to chemicals, and the black cap is made of high-flow polypropylene (HFPP) for hardness. A pressure break button on the inlet side of the cap releases pressure in the housing for changing filter cartridges. The housing may be used with a 10 x 4-1/2 filter cartridge. Product Details: Blue 10 full flow size housing Accepts 10 x 4. 5 cartridges Heavy responsibility construction Rated for temperatures up to 125F (52C) Made from FDA grade polypropylene Type: 10 Full Flow Pipe size: 1 NPT Pressure Release Button: Yes Housing Wrench: Included CAUTION: If you suspect your water pressure will at any time surpass 90PSI, a pressure regulator must be installed! 1 OF 10'' BIG BLUE PLEATED SEDIMENT WATER FILTER CARTRIDGE (5 MICRON)Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridge outperforms wound, spun, melt blown, resin bonded and other depth type filter elements because this cartridge is pleated, it gives increased surface area and longer filter life. Lower pressure drop is another important benefit of using pleated filter cartridge, which lets for increased flow rates and the use of smaller filter housing to decrease capital equipment costs. Pleated cartridge gives depth filtration for greater sediment elimination, with more surface area. Product Details: Micron ranking: 5 Micron Dimensions: 10 x 4. 5 Pleated for increased surface area Long life / reduced filtration costs.

Distiller, Counterp, 304 Stainless Steel body, Glass Bottle, 4L capacity, (Black color), make 100% pure .

This item is suited for hospital, clinic, home, office, laboratory, travel and so on. Plans Model: UTK-D4040 (Glass Water Jar) Name: Water Distiller machine Voltage: 120V, 60Hz Power: 750W Distiller water: 1. 5L/H Chamber size: ¢ 180-200 Outside size: 290-290-390mm Net Weight: 5 kg Gross weight: 6 kg Packing size: 245-285-510mm Condenser: Rolled sheet types: > 400 Discharge tube made of stainless steel: 316L Inner container: stainless steel 304 Cap/Filter: stainless steel 304 Electronic heater pipe: aluminum Water Jar: Glass (246 deg. C) Over-temperature safety: power-off when temperature is 160 deg. C Inner container volume: 4L Package include: 1 Distiller Machine 1 Glass Water Jar 1 Discharge Cap 1 Bottle Cap 1 Stainless Steel Filter 1 major Power Cord 1 User Manual Kindly note: The white bottle of Chemical citric acid powder is banned for shipping by all airlines. So we couldn't ship it with the distiller machine to you. Hope you are aware of. About how to clean the distiller machine, we propose you use white vingar, you may be able to fill it with white vinegar to take off most hard water residues. It's what they use to clean coffee machines when the deposits are because issue. Just fill the reservoir, soak, clean if you may be able to reach it, then rinse completely. We ship our distillers by DHL or Fedex from China, typically you may be able to get the package inside one week or 10 days. Because the shipment is from China, your customs may charge you some responsibility fee, this is generally happen and normal. Hope you are aware of.

Magnetic Farm Ranch COMBO Model No Salt Magnet ment

New water technology. This super combo set (treats both hot and cold water systems) was worked on for our customers with big homes. Thousands have been sold to customers with bad water in Australia, center East, Europe, South America and all US States particularly Western and Florida. A heavy 6 extra-big magnet set of quality magnetic water softener/conditioner and smaller Duplex 2 heavy magnet unit which simply straps to your cold/hot water pipes in a house. Anybody can install it. Hard steel with superior potency magnets. Not all neodymium magnets are the same potency although they can be the same size. And since they create a magnetic field inside the inlet pipe which performs the conditioning function, this difference is important. Water holds iron & minerals, and the worst the water, the more minerals translating to hard water. Hard water mentions water with high mineral content inside. This system uses basic physics to change the molecular structure position of your water, as calcium and other minerals remain suspended in the water while it goes, causing them not to stick to dishes, skin, fixtures and pipe walls. Those minerals still suspended, totally go through your plumbing system and out the drain instead of being deposited into your fixtures, pipes, dishes, and on your skin. USA made. There are other units with ceramic magnets, which have a 10th or less of the power or they're selling for considerably more money units that don't have the total magnetic power of this unit, which is generated by 6, not 2, high-grade neodymium magnets. The ranking of the magnetic force is important and there are none close to this for price. Installation is simple-use the included nylon/velcro strap included to fasten it. Will fit any size household water inlet pipe made of copper, iron, or pvc/abs. There is a difference, and nothing comes close for the price. Never needs servicing, changing or maintenance. 10 year warranty.

Systems IV H201N (ClearCube) Replacement Cartridge

Substitute Cartridge Set for: gives uninterrupted ice production decreases ice machine maintenance Controls ice maker break downs requiring extra ice purchases Only one substitute cartridge per year (12 month filter life) Chlorine Reduction Extend life of ice maker fitted multi stage filtration to prevent premature clogging Protect Ice Bin and other metal parts in Ica Maker.

Roebic K87Q4 SGP Soap, Grease And Paper Digester, 32Ounce

K-87 is a distinctive product that degrades soaps, grease and paper that can clog plumbing systems. Soaps and grease tend to gather and "crust" in pipes causing slow drainage and killing the useful bacteria in wastewater systems. This mix bacteria lives on soaps and grease and enzymatically breaks them down. Adding this product to your system, will fortify your system's bacteria and help ensure problem free septic system functionings.

5600 SXT (56M24SN1354H) Meter 80, 000 Grain 13 x 54 ; 2.5 CF

Water Softeners were used to take off hard minerals called calcium, magnesium, and iron. These three minerals aren't problematic but may be a nuisance. They because scale build up along pipes, and faucets; hard water stains on glass, pots and pans; lowers the life expectancy of appliances; and more. By softening your water, you will be able to save money on your water heating bill; remove hard water stains; save money on soap or cleansers; have smoother and softer skin; and be increase the life of appliances. The Fleck 5600 SXT series water softeners are most recognized for their dependability. They are the MOST dependable and MOST lasting ones on the market. Supported by a 5 year warranty on the Fleck control valve and a 10 year warranty on the Structural tank, the Fleck 5600 SXT water softeners will work for nearly any water situation. Fleck 5600 SXT Metered "On Demand" control valves uses a gallon counter to compute when your system needs to regenerate the resin. These systems saves you time and money because it monitors the amount of water used over a period of timeSpecifications estimated Grain Capacity: 80, 000 Mineral Tank Size: 13 X 54 Brine Tank Size: 18 x 30 Maximum GPM: 12.

5600 12 Day Timer 10 X 54 1.5 Cu. ft. pH Neutralizer

10" X 54" NSF Certified polyglass tank with base, lifetime warranty. Pentair/Fleck 5600 Control Valve, 5 Year control valve warranty. Calcite media used to balance pH levels to 7 1/8" X 1/16" Coarse gravel. Calcite media can be used to neutralize pH levels that are acidic (pH levels less than 7). Calcite is calcium carbonate which automatically self-limitations the dissolve and stops at a pH level of 7. 10" X 54" pH Neutralizer has a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute (GPM).

On The Go OTG4StdSoftPortable 8, 000 Grain RV

On The Go Standard Softener-Features easy to carry handle, big mouth opening for easy salt addition, fast and easy regeneration, easy and fast hook-up and its compact space-saver design results in much lighter weight. The softener gives soft water that prevents hard water & rust stains, avoids scale build-up, improves taste and odor, increases lifespan of appliances and will also improve rough dry skin while rising lathering of soaps. Built for the owner of any RV/Marine model, this 8, 000 grain unit is a perfect fit. It simply regenerates with 1 box of common table salt in less than 15 minutes and gives the owner with soft water up to 20 days. It is compact size lets it to be installed in the tightest places. It utilizes a regular hose connection between park faucet and your RV, requires NO tools or electricity and its compact design 22" h X 6. 75" dia. May be easily stored in your storage bay or dock side locker. It'll let high flow rates with low pressure drop. The inlet high-flow shut-off control valve will let a slow rinse ensuing in improved water quality and greater capacity and is intended with a 360 degree swivel for easy connection of inlet hose and travel friendly choice of cap & plug to prevent leakage. Back-flush adapter is included for fast reverse connection when obliged. Distinctive, patent-pending design will include hardness test strips, storage inlet/outlet caps, handle, inlet hi-flow shut off valve, inlet and outlet hose adapters, back-flush adapter, high pressure 4' white drinking hose and a full cradle base for a secure & stable setting.

AkwaMag Premium

The AkwaMag is an groundbreaking, magnetic water conditioning system that solves hard water problems without the need of chemicals or salt. The AkwaMag was worked on through a deep understanding of magnetohydrodynamics, which is the interaction between magnets and moving water. Our proprietary High Intensity Multipass magnetic technology changes dissolved lime-scale into a structure (aragonite) that's easily and carefully removed, improving comfort for end users and decreasing cost of functionings. Conventional. Water softeners require salt, waste lots of clean water and discharge chlorides into the environment. Other available softeners like reverse osmosis, activated carbon, nanocrystal-seeding, and strapped-on magnets are either costly or ineffective. AkwaMags low maintenance, unlimited processing capacity and in general usefulness are game changers for residential and commercial applications. The AkwaMag team works with NASA-Ames and San Jose State University to test AkwaMag technology for applications in manufacturing, heat dissipation, oil production, oil and gas-fracking, and space exploration. Benefits of the AkwaMag include: No change in salt content of the drinking water; Softens without removing the useful minerals from the water; Cleaner glassware and dishware; Softer laundry and longer lasting linens; Equipment like water heaters, fixtures, and irrigation systems last longer; Reduced equipment and plumbing maintenance, repairs and cleaning chemicals; Zero maintenance water softener; Zero water consumed by the unit, saving well over 10, 000 gallons per year; Zero water required to rinse, flush or clean; Zero salt obliged, saving money and over 800 pounds of salt consumed by regular softeners that finally end up in our environment; Seamlessly integrates with tank and tankless water heaters.

Morn Salt 27000 Grain Max Hardness : 95 /Gal

Get the same high quality performance you expect from Morton Salt merchandise with Morton System Saver Water Softeners. These economical whole-house systems come with an installation kit and offer a compact, space-saving design, power interruption protection and free technical support. See the difference a System Saver Water Softener can make in your household. 27, 000 grain demand regeneration unit Protects your homes plumbing, appliances and fixtures Helps soaps and shampoos lather better for more cleaning power gives cleaner, spot-free dishes and whiter, lighter clothes Saves money on water, energy and detergents. Morton's "Look Ahead" technology learns your familys water handling patterns and predicts your future soft water needs. Morton softeners only regenerate when needed, saving you salt and water. Bring the convenience of soft water to your family with a System Saver Water Softener.

Rhino Well Aquasana EQW

The Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV Rhino Whole House Filter System treats and considerably decreases the bacterial contaminants and local pollutants particular to well water. Enjoy clean water, rich in minerals and missing contagion, from every faucet in your home for just pennies a day. We suggest that you get your water tested to find out its particular contaminant and bacterial make-up, , then we can customize your system to meet your particular needs. The Well Water Whole House Filter comes standard with a UV filter to deal with harmful bacteria like e. Coli, coliform bacteria and viruses. The filter decreases >97 of chlorine, bad taste and odor, elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide, and extra iron that causes rust stains, among other contaminants. The big 20pre-filter removes dirt and microscopic particles down to five microns, and a. 35-micron post-filter is available if you have especially cloudy water. Enjoy great-tasting and odor-free filtered water from every tap or shower in your home. Unlike water softeners, the EQ-WELL-UV doesn't require salt or back-flushing to operate. The filtration tanks last for five years or 500, 000 gallons. The Aquasana Rhino EQ-WELL-UV Whole House Filter system comes with a 90-day satisfaction ensure and a five-year warranty. If you are not happy with your whole house filter, send it back in the 1st 90 days and get a full refund on the buy price, no questions asked. Compare to Culligan and other water softeners, and you will see why the reviews agree that Aquasana has great filtration technology at a great value. For a powerful water filter at a great price, think Aquasana. It means healthy water. Not Aquasauna, Aqua Sana or Aguasana. Made in the USA by Aquasana, Inc. a Texas company.

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