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Dampp Chaser Piano Humidifier Pad Treatment 16 Oz Bottle vs 5000-CJ

Dampp-Chaser Piano Humidifier Treatment - 16 oz. Bottle - Humidifier Treatment intended to decrease mineral build-up - Prolongs the life of your humidifier and pads - Helps to keep the watering tube clean and clear -Add one cap full to water for each filling - 16 oz. Bottle Pad Humidifier Treatment Description: PAD Treatment prolongs Humidifier pad life, keeps the watering tube clean and clear, and decreases mineral build-up in the humidifier tank. Use one (1) cap full every time you refill the humidifier with water. PAD Treatment is the only product suggested for use in the Piano Life Saver System Humidifier from Dampp Chaser company.

Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer w/clip

When the relative humidity drops below 40, musical instruments are at risk of cracking. The Oasis Digital Hygrometer precisely measures relative humidity and may help you choose when to use your Oasis Guitar Humidifier. Because relative humidity differs largely, inside your home, we suggest that you keep your hygrometer close to your guitar, or any other stringed musical instrument made of wood. With the convenient case clip, it's now possible to measure the relative humidity inside your guitar case so you see when it is needed to humidify the instrument. The clip attaches behind the OH-2 hygrometer and is mounted on the flap of the supply box inside your guitar case.

GemOro 1787 2.6-Quart Professional Heated Ultrasonic Mache with Digital Timer

GemOro 2. 6 Quart Heated Ultrasonic 5000CJ Machine in lasting Black ABS with Digital Timer. Our nice, European intended all black ultrasonic is constructed out of contoured lasting ABS. With its extra capacity of 2. 6 quarts, it is perfect for most retail jewelers and with its low cost, also makes a great back-up ultrasonic. Advanced Digital Control System (ADCS). Digital control heater. Digital control timer. Stainless steel 2. 6 quart size tank. Dura-last transducers. Removable full size stainless steel basket. Evaporation tolerant tight-close cover. 1 Year restricted warranty. Item Weight: 5. 25lbs. Item Dimensions: 11. 5 x 9 x 7 Inches.

Mi Ultrasonic Cleaner Mache Solution 600ml 110V 30W 50W for Cleang Eyeglasses Rgs vs 5000CJ

Parameter: Capacity: 600 ml Input voltage: 110V - 60Hz intake power: 30W / 50W Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz Bath inner size: 6. 3 x 3. 15 x 1. 5 inches Adjustable time scale: 30W: 1-60 minutes, 50W: 1-30 minutes Note: The US variant is 110V voltage Package weight: 1. 73 LB Product Size(L x W x H): 7. 28 x 5. 71 x 3. 94 inches Package Size(L x W x H): 8. 46 x 6. 69 x 5. 12 inches Package Contents: 1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Paiste Deluxe Cymbal Cleaner and Protector combo pack

Paiste Cymbal Cleaner is prepared to make your drum kit shine. Well, your cymbals anyway. This cleaning/polishing broker is easy to apply and is safe for pretty much any kind of cymbal. And while drummers may argue if clean cymbals sound any different than dirty ones, they sure look different. Get this Cymbal Cleaner and your kit will totally gleam under stage lights, ensuring you look at least 87 more awesome than you usually do. You may be able to only tell yourself for so long that the green algae on your cymbals makes them look "vintage". Guards the cymbal surface from oxidization, which causes cymbals to discolor and tarnish over time. Regular application of the Paiste product seals the surface of the cymbal with an super thin covering and prevents the chemical reaction between metal and oxygen. Cymbal Protector also repels other contaminants like fingerprints and sweat. The product was particularly formulated to preclude any adverse effect on the sound of a cymbal.

NEW Set of 3 Premium Cleang Cloths - Best Polishg Cloth Solution for Silver Gold & Platum

A simple solution to clean your good jewelry, watches, musical instrument, firmware, coins, antiques, and more. Forget the cheap alternatives and attempt Simple Shine Premium Jewelry Polishing Cloths today! Our bulk wholesale set of 3 Individually Sealed Jewelry Cloths is perfect for travel or using a new cleaner for each job. Our powerful 2 STEP CLEANING towels work to restore luster without scratching or removing finishes. Our premium cleaning fabric works on gold, silver, platinum and palladium metals. Use the inner cloth to rub the surface free of tarnish and finger prints or oils, then the outer cloth to buff the metal to the wanted shine. The perfect finishing touch after using our most well-liked light jewelry cleaning solution or our New Best Selling Silver solution. For heavily tarnished jewelry, 1st clean with our light Jewelry Cleaner or Silver Cleaner, then use our Premium Jewelry Cloth. The key difference between our product and cheaper towels, wipes, or cloths is that ours works while being SOCIALLY accountable and NON-TOXIC. Want to clean your jewelry and feel good about it? attempt the Best Seller Simple Shine today and see why everyone is discussing us! PREMIUM QUALITY, MADE IN THE USA.

Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control for Guitars, 49 RH, Bulk 20-pack

New! purchase Boveda (previously Humidipak) 49 relative humidity formula in 20 pack refills. Boveda's 2-way humidity control technology automatically protects your wooden instrument against warping, cracks and other damage caused by lack of humidification or too much humidification. Boveda maintains a constant 40-50 relative humidity level inside your instrument's (closed) case. Improper storage is the best constant danger to the condition of a wooden instrument. Till Boveda, humidified storage meant refilling uncomfortable and unreliable sponges, snakes or discs. Those merchandise only work 1-way, they add humidity if it is needed or not, while Boveda is the world's 1st 2-way humidity control. If not properly stored in a stable environment, your instrument will lose the particular geometry built into it while it was being crafted at the weather-controlled factory. This can because warping or shrinking, which will change the tune at the least and because damage at the most. In fact, most fix problems with wooden instruments may be evaded with properly humidified storage from Boveda. Each Boveda consists of a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water and natural salts. This saturated solution is contained inside a water-vapor permeable "reverse osmosis" membrane. Boveda gives the cleanest and most purified humidity of all other merchandise available on the market today.

Small Ultrasonic Task Cleang Basket 3 1/2

Small Ultrasonic Task Jewelry Cleaning Basket 3 1/2" This is a new small task basket It lets the user to restrict small parts in the ultrasonic and retrieve them easily The basket is mesh stainless steel to rsist corrosion and drain easily It measures roughly 3 1/2" high and 2 1/2" in diameter.

Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier

Keep your acoustic guitar safe and sound. The Oasis Guitar Humidifier will assist preserve your guitar and make it sound better. Many of the common problems with acoustic guitars occur from humidity issues. Ever seen a great looking acoustic with a split top? Humidity. How about a neck that all the sudden has action a mile high? Humidity. Too little humidity can because small or big issues with your guitar. Afraid still? The Oasis Guitar Humidifier is a fast and easy solution to your humidity needs. UNlike other humidifiers, the Oasis uses a special gel which holds up to 500 times its weight in water, in a gel form. The gel is less probably to leak inside your instrument, this is a good thing. The special fabric the Oasis Humidifier is made from lets water vapor, however not water, to pass through it, keeping your instrument happy and humidified. Bottom line: if you have an acoustic you care about and want to keep safe from humidity issues, you need the Oasis Guitar Humidifier.

3000IS 3/8-Gallon Professional Irong System,

The Relaible 3000IS Professional Ironing System is a revolutionary steam boiler system, that delivers for the 1st time "true professional quality" pressurized steam, in a compact and economical package. It is all about the quality of the steam. The 3000IS was intended from the ground up to deliver superior quality dry steam, and supply the best possible user experience. Built to last. Dependable understands that the quality of a boiler-iron is only as good (regardless how nice it seems) as what is inside it. This is why we use the best parts available as well as 12-gauge wiring during and an all stainless steel steam tank to eliminate the chance of rust. Made in Italy. Lifetime product warranty policy applies to all dependable company pressurized steam boiler tanks. See warranty document for details.

Crest 5 Gallon CP1800D Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner & Basket

Crest 5. 0 Gallon Powersonic Tabletop CP1800D Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ Basket &Warranty! This model is part of our newly redesigned product line. For over 47 years, Crest ultrasonic technology was used effectively in industrial and biomedical cleaning systems. That same high-performance technology was moved to the Crest Powersonic line of benchtop cleaners. Ceramically improved Industrial Transducers, supply greater cleaning power and dependability in comparison to regular wafer type transducers. The driving force is the power source. Crest has brought the superior performance of full-wave 45 kHz Ceramically improved Industrial Transducers to the Benchtop line. If you compare other benchtop cleaners, make sure to compare features.. Because there really is no comparison. We have sold thousands of these units all over the world and have years of years of experience with the Crest brand. A perfect cleaner for all tattoo, piercing, jewelry, car parts, hobby, watch fix and dental cleaning applications. We're an Authorized Crest Distributor and are licensed in the state of North Dakota.

7000CJ 2-3/8-Gallon Cleaner

"The dependable 7000CJ is the business's most reliable jewelry steam cleaner. The 7000CJ was intended from the ground up to deliver superior quality steam, and supply the best possible user experience. Using regular tap water, the 7000CJ offers a fast, economical way of cleaning polishing compounds, fingerprints, soap spots, and dirt, producing 70 PSI of steam pressure and reaching temperatures up to 221 degrees F at the tip. It gives up to 8 hours of uninterrupted steam, and it has a 30 to 40 minute heat-up time. Steam deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture and since the only ingredient obliged for the 7000CJ is water, cleaning never been safer or healthier. Features are: adjustable steam nouncezle with electronic foot pedal; stainless steel tank and outer casing; two incoloy heating elements (one spare); 12-gauge heavy-responsibility wiring; and carrying handle. The steam cleaner has four safety systems as well as a pressure switch, probe safety thermostat on the heating element, safety cap with safety valve, and a low water display. It also offers an easily viewable pressure gauge for a constant, visual display of the interior boiler pressure. ".

3/16 (4.5mm) Rhythm Traders Djembe Rope 1200 foot Spool - Black w/ Red, Gold, & Green Flecks

Our Djembe Rope is exactly engineered for rope-tuned drums and can be used by some of the finest drum builders in the world. We offer rope in 1200-foot spools also as 100-foot lengths. This 3/16-inch thickness is perfect for major verticals, loops, handles, and just about anything else you could want to do with it.

JP-890 Ultrasonic 600ml Ultrasonic Cleaner For , Sterilizer Pot, Diamond, Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Nail Cleang

Features: -Best for metal tools, like Metal Nail Care Tools, Tweezers, Salon Peelers, Eyebrow Clamp and Tattoo Needles, Hair Scissors, Dermabrasion info, etc -With Glass Beads in the inner pot to hold the metal tools being sterilized and to diffuse heat and keep hot -Convenient using, no pollution, energy saving -well-liked with both professional salons and personal homeusers -CE Approval Technical Parameter: -Volume:1559552mm -Voltage: 110V -Model Number: JP-890 -Power: 50W -Size:206152132mm -Weight-1. 2kg -Suit for:Gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, ornaments, brooch, glasses, watch chain, water pen, CD, shaving knife, comb, toothbrush, dentures, tea sets, and baby bottles, milk and fruit like grapes, cherry, strawberry, and Hands Ultrasonic cleaning benefits: 1. The cleaning effect, high hygiene and consistent hygiene of all workpieces 2. The cleaning speed, improve production efficiency 3. Shall not hand contact with cleaning liquid, safe and dependable for the hole, slit and also clean the workpiece shelter 4. No damage to the surface 5. Solvent savings, heat, work sites and labor and so on. NOTE: Only glass ball may be allowed to put into the inner pot of the machine, which sent to you with the machine Any liquid isn't allowed to pu into the machine.

Perfect Gift St. Christopher & Guardian Angel Sun-visor Clip

St. Christopher & Guardian Angel Sun-visor ClipPolished - Pewter Size: 0 Length: 3. 75 Weight: 0. 10 Jewelry item comes with a gift box. Re-sized or altered things aren't subject for a return. St. Christopher & Guardian Angel Sun-visor Clip Product Type:GiftsLength:3. 75 inWidth:3. 75 inHeight:3. 75 in"Our gemstones are treated to order to improve color:pearls are dyed or irradiated; ruby-heating; citrine-heatingaquamarine-heating; emerald-oiling/resin; topaz-irradiationquartz-heating; tanzanite-heating; peridot-not enhancedamethyst-heating; garnet-not improved; sapphire-heating.

GemOro 0377 UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic and er Cleaner with 1-Pt Tank Capacity and Gray Slate 50 PSI Pressure

GemOro UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic and Steamer in Slate. Final professional quality jewelry cleaning system. The world's only personal mix jewelry cleaning system using both an ultrasonic cleaner and steam cleaner in one specially intended appliance for the home or jewelry store. The ingenious UltraSpa is a professional quality machine that gives final cleaning results for sparkling diamonds, gold, silver, platinum jewelry, metal watch bands and more. Totally in a class by itself, the UltraSpa has both powerful ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure steam cleaning in a single appliance. With a two-stage cleaning procedure, clean dirt and grime with acute ultrasonic sound waves, then with the steamer blast away hidden dirt and the left over residue from all hard to reach regions with amazing results like no other jewelry cleaner - period! 1-pint tank capacity ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic generates a powerful 42, 000 scrubbing waves per second using regular tap water. Ultrasonic cleaner comes with a basket and evaporation tolerant transparent cover with bright blue fitted LED tank illumination. Control panel gives a 6-minute timed ultrasonic cleaning cycle that automatically shuts off when finished. Perfect size estimated 1-pint tank capacity steam cleaner. Powerful steam cleaner carefully generates a robust 50 PSI of pressurized steam using regular tap water. Easy to use steam control activation for on demand burst steam cleaning. Fitted water fill funnel. Easy lift handles for moving and storage compartments for accessories. Compact size conveniently fits on counter and stores underneath. Will include: Steam residue mat, measuring fill cup, jewelry holding tweezers and 2 sizes of handheld mesh baskets for holding diamond ear studs, charms, rings, bracelets that both store in a smart rear compartment. Intended in the USA for safety. ETL Listed. 1 Year restricted substitute warranty. Item Weight: 6. 55lbs. Item Dimensions: 12 x 10. 75 x 11 Inches. Buyer Service Number: 800-433-5544.

Protek 1406 Lube and Protectant, 4 oz Bottle

Protek CLP is a cleaner, lubricant and protectant made from space-age polymers. This product removes verdigris (the green crud) and protects against future build-up by covering the center pin and sealing the felt from moisture preventing oxidation. Unlike silicone, Protek won't run, dry out or become ineffective. Since Protek won't harm wood, plastic, metal or the piano finish, it's excellent for damper guide rail bushings, underlever lubrication, front and balance rail pins, capstan screws and squeaky knuckles. Widely used, efficient product. Particularly useful on inflexible and sluggish piano actions.

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