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SSC Controls C910-0725 Welding Foot Pedal, AHP Welders, 7-Pin Plug, 25-ft Cable, Alpha 200X, Fits Newer AHP Welders (2015+) vs 907135016

C910-0725 TIG welding foot control pedal will upgrade your foot control for AHP TIG welders with 7-pin plug. Comes with 25-foot cable. Fits AHP welders requiring these specifications - simple plug and play as long as it is the correct fitting plug. Note: won't work with any brand except AHP (see our Everlast 50k and 25k variants if you need one for Everlast). Features US-made 16-ga drawn steel case, million cycle ranking, precision arc control, large top traction area, and low profile. Dimensions, L x W x H, in. (cm. ): 8. 8 x 5. 5 x 4. 1 (22. 4 x 14. 0 x 10. 2). Weight, pounds (kg. ): 5. 8 (2. 6). One-year warranty. Made in the USA by SSC Controls Company.

200 Amp Torch/Arc/Stick DC Inverter Welder Dual Voltage IGBT Welding

The AMICO Power TIG-200DC is a 907135016 rectifier adopting the most advanced inverter technology. Welding power source offers stronger, more concentrated and more stable arc. When stick and work part get short, its answer will be quicker. It means that it is simpler to design into welding machine with different dynamic characteristics, and it may be adjusted for expertise to make arc softer or harder. The machine may be for multi-use, and can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and other color metal, and also can use for conventional electric welding. Specification: Processes: TIG (GTAW), STICK, ARC, MMA Input Power: 110/230V/1phase/60Hz Output Range: DC 20-200 Amps Input Current: 37A(110V) & 34. 3A(230V) Rated Output: 25V & 28V responsibility Cycle: AC 230V/200A@60 & AC 110V/150A@60 Dimensions: 16. 6 x 7. 5 x 11. 8 inch Product Weight: 15. 5 Pounds. What is Included: TIG-200DC TIG/Stick/ARC Machine Professional TIG Torch Gun and Assembly 13 feet Electrode Holder and cable10 feet Work Clamp and cable10 feet 110V and 230V move Plug 2 pieces of Electrode 1/8 in. 2 pieces of Electrode 3/32 in. 2 pieces of Tungsten 5/64 in. Instruction Manual.

Weldcraft Tungsten Electrodes Red 2 Thoriated 3/32 X 7

Weldcraft Tungsten Electrodes & Package of 10 Tungsten Electrodes & MFG # WT332X7 & Type:& & 2 Thoriated Tungsten (EWTh-2) Offers good arc starting and is ideal for high current prerequisites. & Also good for low-amperage AC applications using a changed point. Size: 3/32" X 7" (2. 4 mm X 175 mm) & Applications:& DC & Alloying Element: Thorium & structure:& 97. 3 tungsten& & 1. 70-2. 20 Thorium& 0. 5 Other & Materials welded:& Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Titanium, Cooper & & .

200 Amp /Arc/Stick DC Welder 115/230V Weld Stainless steel Alloy steel Mild steel Copper Cast Iron Chrome by Dr Dry

Dual Voltage Inputs (115/230V) means you may be able to plug into any common power supply; Powerful welder able of welding up to 3/8 light steel, Weld Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron; The full-size TIG & Stick platform, outperforming the competition on arc quality, voltage control, responsibility cycle and value; This is optimized to deliver a flawless weld, making spatter and post-weld cleanup nearly non-existent; The rectifier adopting the most advanced inverter technology. Welding power source offers stronger, more concentrated and more stable arc. When stick and work part get short, its answer will be quicker. It means that it is simpler to design into welding machine with different dynamic characteristics, and it may be adjusted for expertise to make arc softer or harder. The machine may be for multi-use, and can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and other color metal.

Harris 0535650 5356 Aluminum Welding Rod, 3/32 x 36 x 10 lb. Box

Alloy 5356 is an all position non-heat treatable TIG wire used to weld the 5XXX series alloys when 40, 000 psi tensile strength isn't a prerequisite. 5356 is a good all function wire so it's the most widely used of all aluminum filler metals. Common applications are welding of boats/ships, bicycles, tanks, pressure vessels and vehicle parts.

180 Amp 3-IN-1MIG//Stick DC Welder Dual Voltage Welding Soldering Machine - Weld 1/2'' Aluminum

Details: MTM-180M is the ideal choice for projects and repairs around the home and auto body shop. This welder can work well with hard wire and flux wire also as aluminum wire. It also has the TIG and STICK function, can weld steel and stainless steel perfectly. The welder runs off of a 230v volt outlet and produces an output range 20-180 amps. It uses standard flux-core wire (E71-gs) or steel wire 0. 6-1. 0mm and aluminum wire. It has settings to easily change the output as indicated by the thickness and changing the polarity as indicated by the kind of wires. This machine can weld steel from 24 gauge to 3/16. It also will include 2 extra contact info, a 1lb spool of flux wire, a 1lb spool of hard wire, a 1lb spool of aluminum and a hose. Features: 3-IN-1 Multifunction MIG / TIG / Stick ARC Professional Welder. Synergic Controlled, easy and simple operation. Advanced IGBT technology. Shown Wave-form control system: perfect waveform ofvolts/amps throughout. ShortCircuits and Arc Burning cycles. The prevention of equipment failures helps decrease the maintenance cost. Clear wire melting droplet move, few spatters. Fast, exact, clean arc ignition and arc ending. 10-15 lbs wire feeder. ETL certification: All machine tested in the USA. Plans: MIG Current Range: 115V 40A-140A 230V 40A-180A TIG Current Range: 115V 20A-140A 230V 20A-180A ARC/Stick Current Range: 115V 20A-140A 230V 20A-180A Nominal DC Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): 56V Welding Output, 104F (40C), 10 min (230V): MIG 180A/23V TIG 180A/17. 2V STICK 180A/27. 2V Rated Input Current: 230V MIG Welding: 22. 8A TIG Welding: 17. 0A STICK Welding: 26. 9A Rated Input Current: 115V MIG Welding: 29. 3A TIG welding: 21. 7A STICK Welding: 36. 0A responsibility Cycle: MIG 60@180A / 100 @139A TIG 60@180A / 100@139A STICK 60@180A / 100 @139A Package Size: 26 x 15 x 18 Inch Weight: 60 lbs.

2 Ceriated WC20 Grey Welding Tungsten Electrode 1/16 x7 Pack of 10

Package will include following: WC20 2 Ceriated Grey TIG Welding Tungsten Electrode 10pcs 1/16"x7" (1. 6mm x 175mm ) Cerium-Tungsten Electrode have good starting arc performance under the condition of low current. The arc current is low, so the electrodes may be used for welding of pipe, stainless and good parts. Cerium-Tungsten is the 1st choice for replacing thoriated tungsten electrode under the condition of low DC; Cerium-Tungsten Electrode has the following merit in comparison to the thorium tungsten electrode: (1) Non- radiativity; (2) Low melting rate; (3)Long welding life; (4) Good gets up the arc. Trade mark: WC20 Added impurity: CeO2 Impurity quantity : 1. 82. 2 Electric discharged power: 2. 72. 8 Color sign:grey.

DEWALT DCW100K Portable Stick and Welder Kit

The DEWALT DCW100K movable Stick and Tig Welder Kit offers the capability to operate in cordless mode for maximum convenience, or may be easily plugged into a 20 amp circuit or generator. This unit holds an interior lithium ion battery that recharges while it is plugged in, with a 45-minute charger that lets you to charge the battery anywhere you go. This unit has a digital display which indicates the amperage and control values which may be regulated by an adjustable dial. It has a Hot Start/Soft Start setting which lets the welder to start easily and maintain a stable arc at low amperage, with a battery position bar that shows the left over charge. The DCW100K offers pro-grade performance for a most of applications with Stick Welding (up to 140 Amps max) and TIG Welding (up to 150 amps). Specifications: Current Range - Stick 10-140, Current Range - TIG 3-150, Hybrid responsibility Cycle at 140 Amps - Stick 18, Hybrid responsibility Cycle at 100 Amps - Stick 25, Hybrid responsibility Cycle at 40 Amps - Stick 100, Hybrid responsibility Cycle at 150 Amps - TIG 25, Hybrid responsibility Cycle at 65 Amps - TIG 100, Open Circuit Voltage 91V Max, Protection Degree IP23. Kit will include: Welder, Charger, Electrode Holder and 13' lead, Grounding Clamp and 10' lead.

SSC Controls C810-0625 Welding Foot Pedal, 6-Pin Plug, 25-ft Cable, Miller Welders ( STH & Multimatic 200), Replaces RFCS-6M,

C810-0625 TIG welding foot control for Miller's welders using a 6-pin connector. For Maxstar 150 STL and STH, STi160, Multimatic 200, and Maxstar 140 STR with Lift-Arc TIG choice (current control only). Doesn't work with Maxstar 140, which has no receptacle. Comes with a 25-foot cable. Replaces Miller's RFCS-6M (195183 and 195504) weld foot pedal. Features US-made 16-ga drawn steel case, million-cycle ranking, large top traction area and low profile. Dimensions, L x W x H, in. (cm. ): 8. 8 x 5. 5 x 4. 1 (22. 4 x 14. 0 x 10. 2). Weight, pounds (kg. ): 5. 8 (2. 6). One-year warranty. Made in the USA by SSC Controls Company.

2017 AHP Alpha 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC /Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v 3 YEARS WARRANTY

Powerful 200 amp AC/DC tig welder with stick function lets both the professional and hobby welder a large range of welding opportunity s with this tig welder. We offer professional quality at cheap pricing allowing the part time user the chance to own a quality welder inside a reasonable budget. PWM, (Power width modulation ) with IGBT technology design gives the most dependable and long lasting power source in this class With high performance on both 110v (150 amp output ) and on 220v with a full range of pulse features and cleaning control for AC. With the alternatives it lets the best versatility in a welder in this price range that's available on the market today. Standard tig torch consumables were used in the WP17 flex hose torch and a seperate tig control switch is supplied for those who wish to add the trigger switch to the torch. High quality metal foot pedal control is supplied for easy use. Specifications: Start AMP 10-200 Pulse AMP 10-200 End AMP 10-200 Pulse Freq. 5-5 Pulse Time On 10-90 Post Flow 1-10 Ac Balance 30-70 2T/4T.

2015 EVERLAST PowerARC 200ST 200amp Stick IGBT Welder 110/220 Dual Voltage

Stable, Smooth DC ARC for best Stick/TIG welds fitted Lift TIG feature (gas valve torch optional) Dedicated E6010 connection port for best E6010 and cellulose rod performance Digital display for exact current setting Standard 35 Series DINSE style connectors Auto regulated Arc force control for better arc performance shortly arc situations Auto Adaptive Hot Start for reduced rod sticking Simple, easy to use features and controls.

Miller Dynasty 210 DX Welder 907686

Miller Dynasty(R) 210 DX TIG Welder 907686 Miller Dynasty(R) 210 DX is an advanced 210 amp AC/DC TIG welder that's able of AC and DC pulsed TIG welding. It features expanded AC TIG frequency controls and lets the operator to decide between four different advanced TIG arc waveforms. The Dynasty 210 DX can weld up to 1/4 inch thick aluminum and 1/4 inch thick steel. The 210's inverter design makes this welder compact and lightweight (only 47 pounds). It comes complete with a memory card expansion slot for maximum flexibility and expand-capability. Miller's Autoline(TM) auto input voltage sensing lets the Dynasty 210 DX to be hooked up to 120 volt to 480 volt, single phase or three phase, input power without manual linking. The 210 DX TIG welder offers full AC features, as well as advanced waveforms and large ranges of balance and frequency controls. Processes TIG.

Welding Tungsten Electrodes 2 Lanthanated 3/32 x 7 (Blue, WL20) 10-Pack

A welder's best friend, this ten pack of blue 2 lanthanated 3/32" x 7" TIG welding tungsten electrodes will assist you get the job done. Engineered to exact plans, you may be able to count on these long-lasting electrodes to do throughout your most hard welding application, time and time again. With dependable arc-striking and a low burn-off rate, these electrodes maintain the highest quality of arc while adhering to ANSI and AWS standards. Lanthanated electrodes are well-liked caused by the relative easy striking an arc and lower amperage obliged. They perform very well in both AC & DC applications. Over fifty years of experience have culminated into these premium quality TIG welding tungsten electrodes, and you may be able to gain from that experience.

Tungsten Electrodes, 2 Thoriated, red tip, 3/32” X 6” (10 pkg) - SÜ A

High Quality Tungsten Electrodes 2 Thoriated, Red Tip Ground Finish Comply with ANSI/AWS A5. 12M-98 ISO 6848. Mainly fot DC welding of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys and Titanium. Excellent Performance when over loaded with extra amperage. Is the most usually used tungsten electrode in TIG Welding. Thoriated tungsten holds thorium oxide (THO2 or thoria), and it's the most usually used tungste in America. It became the standard for comparison. 2 Thoriated tungsten is a good general use tungsten. It has one of the lowest work functions, and it performs well when overloaded with extra amperage. These electrodes were used primarily for expertise AC welding (like thin-gauge aluminum and material less than 0. 060 inch) and DC welding, either electrode negative or straight polarity, on carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.

21PCS WP 17 18 26 Series Torch Consumables Kit 54N Ceramic Nozzle Gas Lens-Collet-Body Back Caps 54N01 Insulator Gasket

You're bidding 54N Gas Lens Full Torch Accessory Kit, fit different WP17/18/26 Torch 21PCS in Total. Details: Item ID: BWPR1511240004 5PCS 54N Gas Lens Alumina Nozzles 1pc of each 54N18(#4)/54N17(#5)/54N16(#6)/54N15(#7)/54N14(#8) 8PCS 10N TIG Collet 2pcs 10N22 0. 04"(1. 0mm) 2pcs 10N23 1/16" (1. 6mm) 2pcs 10N24 3/32"(2. 4mm) 2pcs 10N25 1/8"(3. 2mm) 4PCS 45V TIG Gas Lens Collet Body 1pc 45V24 0. 04"(1. 0mm) 1pc 45V25 1/16" (1. 6mm) 1pc 45V26 3/32"(2. 4mm) 1pc 45V27 1/8"(3. 2mm) 3PCS TIG Back Caps 1pc 57Y02 Long back cap 1pc 57Y03 Medium back cap 1pc 57Y04 Short back cap 1PC TIG Gasket Insulators 1pc 54N01 Gasket.

LOTOS 200-DC 200AMP DC /Stick Welder with Pedal-fit for Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Copper and other Color metal

This compact, dual-voltage, versatile TIG200DC offers user a simple array of controls to precisely set the welder to do under a large range of situations. It lets user to easily switch from 220v to 110v with the included adapter plug, and produces DC 200 amps for TIG and STICK welding. It's perfect for a professional or a weekend fan who is wanting to get industrial quality features in a hardworking, cheap welder. MULTI-USE: can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, other color metal and conventional electric welding. Its move efficiency is above 85%.

Diamond Ground Stinger Disposable Welding Tungsten Electrodes 2 Thoriated Red 3/32 x1.5 (3 Pack)

Stinger tungsten electrodes from Diamond Ground merchandise are high-quality disposable tungsten electrodes for mechanical or manual welding applications. They're CNC ground to a "one size fits all" specification so they're in-stock and prepared-to-ship still still supply best weld quality and productivity. They keep you welding and not wasting time grinding inferior quality electrodes by hand! Size - Diameter: 3/32" Length: 1. 5" Included Angle: 20 Tip Flat:. 010" Diamond Ground merchandise specializes in one of the most important and usually overlooked welding procedure variables: the electrode. Welders can use up thousands of dollars on welding equipment, however if they don't choose and prepare their electrodes properly, then their welding results may be poor, discrepant, or problematic. Diamond Ground merchandise offers merchandise and services to ensure that the smallest part of your weld procedure is a big part of improving your weld quality & productivity. Diamond Ground merchandise is dedicated to the improvement of weld quality & welder productivity, and maintains a repute as the business leader in tungsten and tungsten preparation. Their continuing management philosophy is to offer quality product and receptive service that exceeds the most stringent expectations.

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