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CPS ducts LS2 -SEEKER II Refrigerant vs 95-0003-A

Leak-Seeker II featuring E_MOS technology. Filled with distinctive design features the new Leak-Seeker II from CPS is the best leak detector you may be able to find, anyplace in the world at any price, really an novelty in DesignTM. Microprocessor controlled sensor electronics using a multi channel signal detection technique, improves sensitivity while decreasing false alarm New E_MOS sensor technology incorporates a proprietary pulse modulation design to increase both battery and sensor liferm Software managed sensor rejuvenation mode, automatically initiated at each start up assures the highest level of sensitivity every use, for up to 500 hours of detecting leaks of less than. 1 oz per year.

Fieldpiece SMAN460 Wireless 4-Port Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge

Fieldpiece SMAN460 - Wireless 4 Port 95-0003A Manifold with Micron Gauge   The SMAN460 wireless four-port digital manifold is the top-of-the-line Fieldpiece manifold. It has more features and benefits than any other manifold on the market. With target superheat automatically calculated, concurrent superheat and subcooling, all 9 measurements displayed on the big, easy-to-read screen, extra big 3/8' full bore and fourth VAC port, and wireless measurements for real-time system diagnosis and charging, the SMAN460 is the manifold HVACR pros trust to do more. Plus it has a fitted micron vacuum gauge with gives technicians the capability to set high and low alarms, and a stopwatch, also as view the micron rate of change. Wireless 4-Port Digital Manifold × Coupled with the JL2 Job Link Transmitter and the SDP2 Dual In-channel Psychrometer, you get all your readings in the Job Link App also as pre- and post-work check lists, in-depth system diagnostics, report emailing, and cloud storage for all work finished. Measures: 2 Pressures 2 Temperatures Calculates: Superheat Subcooling Target Superheat Vapor Saturation Liquid Saturation On Target with Live Measurements Wireless Advantage get indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb measurements for live target superheat (extra instruments obliged). Send measurements to Fieldpiece wireless system analyzers for diagnostics, data storage, and reporting. Micron Alarms and Stopwatch Set high and low alarms (microns of mercury). Activate low alarm when you start pulling down. The stopwatch will start. When your low alarm sounds, the stopwatch will restart.

Air Conditioner Venturi Type AC Vacuum Pump R12 R134a

Brand New in Box Air Conditioner R12 R134a AC Vacuum Pump Venturi Type With all AC Type Connectors. Venturi-type vacuum pump removes moisture from air conditioning systems so you may be able to carefully add refrigerant. Easy to operate, just connect an air line and it pulls full vacuum inside 2 minutes. Ideal for vehicle air conditioners, home air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and more! will include 1/2" ACME (R134a) and R12 connectors, Vacuum level: 28. 3" of mercury at sea level, 4. 2 CFM @ 90 PSI Air intake, 1/4'' NPT air inlet, Dimensions are: 8-3/8" L X 5" W X 6-1/2" H.

HECAT SAFE-FLUSH A/C (200010A) - Premium Air Conditioning Flush Solvent (Case of 4) vs 95-0003A

Compressor manufacturers require flushing or their warranty is void. HECAT worked on SAFE-FLUSH A/C, a synthetic hydrocarbon blend, to be most efficient on all petroleum and synthetic resulting air conditioning and refrigeration oils. Best results may be found when used with HECAT PULSATOR Flushing Equipment, which can carefully and effectively remove the oil sludge and particulates from the A/C part being cleaned.

Robinair 44150 Dual R12 and R134a Brass Manifold Set with 72 Hoses

Brass manifold with easy-to-grip handles and R12/R134a gauges display pounds per square inch and Fahrenheit temperatures. Complete with 72 inch R134a hose set (1/2 inch ACME x 14 millimeter) and 72 inch R12 hose set (1/2 inch ACME x 1/4 inch MFL), rear R134a and 1/2 inch ACME fittings for holding hoses, 90 Degree manual couplers, 1/2 inch ACME bottom ports, and blow molded carrying case.

Robinair (15800) VacuMaster Economy Vacuum Pump - 2-Stage, 8 CFM

The Robinair 15800 was performance tested to meet Robinair&'s high standards. It features power and capacity for a large range of service applications, a high CFM ranking for fast, thorough evacuation and a two-stage rotating vane design. Features: Two-stage Design – Cleans the system more completely than a single-stage pump, the second stage starts pumping at a lower pressure so you may be able to pull a deeper, final vacuum; Oil Drain Valve – located at the bottom of the oil reservoir and angled for faster, more complete draining; Oil Fill Port – Makes adding oil simple since the port is available from the front or either side. The sight glass on the front of the pump shows you when enough oil was added; Heavy-responsibility Motor – High torque design for easy startup and economical operation; and a Die-Cast Aluminum Housing – Cast aluminum housings make the pumps lightweight but lasting.

UVIEW 570000 Vacuum Antifreeze Drain and Fill

The Most Economical Unit to evacuate, test and refill engine cooling systems. Tests for leaks-confirms system honesty, decreases chance of refilling a leaky system. Removes possible airlock problems-refill cooling system using "Patented" vacuum technology. Refills in seconds-quickly refill from new or used coolant reservoir. Precisely pre-combinations water and anti-freeze in convenient 3 gallon (11. 3L) holding reservoir. Connects easily to most engine cooling systems.

ARKSEN© 5CFM 1/2HP Rotary Vacuum Pump 1/3HP w/ AC Manifold Gauge Set R410 R22 R134 R407C

Manifold Gauge Features: Easy to read 2-7/8" gauges feature 4 MPA Reading (R143a, R404a, R410a, R22) Heavy responsibility aluminum manifold body is greatly lasting and lightweight The fitted sight glass lets you to see if the system is functioning properly and when to change the charging tank Diaphragm valves with swivel seals supply a better seal and resists wear Vibration tolerant gauges feature a flutter-free design with gives correct readings Our manifold gauge set is intended to meet 1/4" Standard SAE prerequisites for refrigerant permutation Color coded hoses help recognize the hoses for extra convenience may be used for vehicle or household air conditioning units 45 Degree angled connectors supply easier access Technical plans: Operating Pressure: Burst Pressure: Hose Connectors: 1/4" SAE R410A Connectors: 5/16" SAE Hose Length: 5 Feet Compatibility: R404a, R410a, R22 R134A rotating Vane Deep Vacuum Pump Features: Quickly and effectively removes moisture and air arom air conditioning systems Direct drive motor allowing easy starting and is maintenance free Lightweight cast aluminum construction for maximum durability Oil looking at windows lets you to monitor oil quality and levels Oil drain plug located at bottom of oil reservoir Easy start & maintenance free fitted high volume cooling fan for expanded use On/off switch Non slip contoured carrying handle Exhaust port with cap Technical plans: Free Air Displacement: 5 CFM Microns ranking: 75 microns (10pa) Power: 1/2 HP Pump Speed: 1720 RPM Voltage: 110V @ 60hz Oil Capacity: 200mL Inlet Port: 1/4" & 3/8" Flare final Vacuum: 0. 3Pa (10-6 BAR).

Robinair 75700 Cool Coolant Exchanger

The 10 minute exchange procedure means no more waiting for the engine to warm up. Our engine off inch feature removes pulleys, belts, and fan blades from the safety equation. The vacuum mode creates a push/pull inch exchange procedure allowing the technician to carefully remove high pressure in a hot system. Leak check feature lets the technician to test for leaks previous to refilling and the two obviously marked valves and an easy-to-read gauge make this machine easy to use. No electricity is needed and 90 pounds per square inch of shop air drives the exchange procedure, also as the 2 GPM pump on the waste tank. Two external new coolant supply tanks let on-board storage of two different coolant types.

Lisle 75000 Zinc Die Cast Vacuum Pump

Heavy responsibility Field Repairable Vacuum PumpHeavy responsibility vacuum pump is field repairable. The pump is made of one part zinc die cast material for durability & improved performance. Checks all vacuum operated parts on car. Pump comes w/ a in depth, illustrated manual covering vacuum testing. Worn o-rings, seals & valves may be replaced w/ the Lisle #75400 fix kit. Shipping weight 1 lb 4 oz.

Flexzion Car AC R134a Quick Connectors System Port Adapters Couplers Low High Set Conversion for HVAC Auto Freon Air conditioning with Manifold Ho

This set of couplers offer you the best convenience to attach the manifold hoses onto the Auto/Car AC R134a system throughout the diagnosis, charging or evacuation working. Specail design is the benefit of this coupler connector, easy to install and use, beautiful and concise style is worked on to get incisively and vividly. Manifold hoses can't direct attach to the car AC system (R134a, 14 mm and 16 mm ports). This pair is required between the car AC service ports and the Manifold set or any service tools to do diagnosis/charging etc! Package Content:1x blue low side fast coupler1x red high side fast coupler.

Mastercool (69789) Black/Gray Fully Automatic Recover/Recycle/Recharge Machine

SAE J 2788 Certified completely auto, programmable RRR machine with 6 CFM deep vacuum pump, Printer and big graphic display. Automatically Recovers, recycles and recharges R134A systems. Will include refrigerant database of over 1000 vehicles, auto Oil injection and two filter system to protect from contagion. Will include 96" hoses and heavy responsibility manual couplers.

U-View Hydro Carbon Radiator Cooling System Tester

Dual Chamber filters out alkaline particles that may because a false positive. Higher accuracy test vs. Single chamber units. Common test solution for gas and diesel stock just one chemical. Most competing kits use two chemicals. Custom bubble lined storage case to protect glass. C/W 16 oz test liquid good for 16 applications. Checks head gasket leaks for cooling system.

Robinair 34788NI-HP Premier R-134A Refrigerant Machine for Hybrid & Non-Hybrid Vehicles with FREE R-134A PAG & POE Oil Injectors

Completely-auto Function: Program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without operating panel valves. Auto Oil Drain: A display reminds you to empty the graduated container to replace oil. A/C System Flush: Flushes car's A/C system with refrigerant. Visual & Audible Alarm: advises when service is complete or a problem occurs. Vacuum Leak Test: Monitors level after evacuation, informs of possible leak. Auto Air Purge: removes system-damaging air without monitoring gauges or opening valves. Auto Refrigerant Refill: Maintains user-selectable amount of refrigerant in interior vessel & signals when to change supply tank. Refrigerant Charging: choose charge mode from high or low side, or use both sides. Refrigerant Management System: Displays refrigerant use & monitors left over filter life. Electric car: able of servicing high voltage electric compressor A/C systems. Save & print before and after service data (optional add-on feature). FREE R134A Oil Injector- PAG Labeled. FREE R134A Oil Injector- POE Labeled.

Robinair (AC1234-6) 1234YF Standard and Hybrid A/C Service Machine

The AC1234-6 is the only product available today that completely meets SAE's prerequisite for recovering, recycling and recharging car A/C systems that use the new R1234YF refrigerant. This is a completely auto ACS machine that comes with an integrated refrigerant identifier that samples the refrigerant in the car's A/C system previous to recuperation, is a greatly correct and dependable machine, and can service both standard and hybrid car A/C systems. Features: Services both standard and hybrid car A/C systems. Completely auto operation; program for service, walk away and return when complete. 95 recuperation efficiency and programmable vacuum operation helps get to the needed vacuum level in any condition quickly. System leak test to recognize gross leaks in a system and charge accuracy inside +/- ½ oz. Auto oil drain shows how much oil was removed from the system throughout service and an auto air purge removes the possible of air accumulating in the interior tank. Integrated refrigerant identifier (meets SAE J2927) and liquid refrigerant flushing function can flush A/C systems or individual parts using liquid refrigerant instead of severe chemicals. Auto interior tank refill; no stopping to fill the interior tank throughout service, or before service. 1/4 Color VGA display, big easy to read graphical display. On-board printer able of printing car service report slips to present to customers. Plans: Operating voltage - 103-127V, 60Hz AC. 100mm, EN837-1 pressure gauges. Alpha-numeric keypad with service function keys and 1. 5 cfm dual stage vacuum pump 1/3 hp airtight compressor. 22 lb. ASME interior storage tank. USB, SD, and RJ45 I/O ports. 8 ft. SAE J2888 service hoses with 1234YF high and low side system couplers and meets all prerequisites of SAE J2843.

FJC 4 Air Conditioning Starter Tool

Air vacuum pump features 1. 3 flow rate with 90 PSI air pressure obliged. Easy to use with a convenient carrying handle. Fin comb straightens bent fins on A/C condensers and radiators to increase air flow. Manifold gauge features aluminum block design with sight glass, anti-flutter design and extra access port. O-ring variety will include green HNBR O-rings.

HECAT FAC-200 PULSATOR (118507B) - Portable A/C System Component Flusher with Adapter & Flush

Air Conditioning Systems and the heat exchangers (Condensers and Evaporators) became more compact and complex with interior parallel paths and micro channels. Today, much smaller amounts of debris are causing much larger problems with maintaining clean lubrication, correct thermal move, and the cycle of repeat system failures. Low flow and low energy flush guns, aerosols, solvent circulating, and the RRR flush features are obviously just not working. The good news is that the more complex the interior circuitry, the better the HECAT Patented PULSATOR cleaning procedure works. Air pressure energy can be used to produce accelerated liquid velocity (true kinetic energy) with "machine gun" like scrubbing pulses (5-6 per sec). This scrubbing energy increases the solvency of the cleaner, hammers debris from the traps and corners, penetrates complex parallel-micro circuits, and keeps all this debris in suspension for efficient elimination in the outflow. The HECAT FAC-400 and FAC-200 Flushers include features which were used to examine for debris elimination, validate debris elimination, and validate the circuit is properly dried of solvent; producing the OE and Aftermarket obliged "Like New" hygiene.

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