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BISSELL SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep , Blue Illusion, 1200A vs 95349

BISSELL SpotBot Pet Handsfree Compact Deep Cleaner-1200A. Revolutionary spot cleaner give you the freedom to WalkAway¿ while it does the work for you. Handsfree Cleaning, set SpotBot® Pet on the spot or stain, hit start and WalkWay¿ -SpotBot Pet does the work for you. Manual Spot cleaning and distinctive spiral brushing removes pet stains and odors for good.

Powermate Electric Extractor Wand

STOP DOING BACK BREAKING WORK! LET ELECTRICITY MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER! Why use a regular wand when you may be able to get a mix of electrically driven brush agitation, high pressure jets and suction in a easy to use and cheap Powermate. No more backaches and exhaustion from slow, tedious cleaning with a wand. The Powermate attaches to any 1. 5" movable unit up to 300PSI and to your household 110 volt AC to take off imbedded soil and grit at record speed! A high-speed (2500 RPM) cylindrical brush gets down to the base of the carpet fibers for more efficient cleaning. A looking at window in the head of the wand lets you to monitor your progress and to be sure you have vacuumed out the maximum water.

Corby Of Windsor 3300 Pants Press In Beech

The Corby 3300 removes wrinkles from your pants and refreshes a smart crease, through a light pressing and heating action. This press has a beautiful and hard-wearing beech finish. The Corby Pants Press is made in England and was refined over 80 years of development and you may be rest guaranteed with a 3-year maker's warranty.

EDIC Galaxy Extractor 500 PSI

EDIC Galaxy-The 12 gallon Galaxy is the professionals choice when picking a movable carpet extractor. It has an excellent dependability record and a humble price tag. These USA made extractors use the finest interior parts. The 500 PSI CX model has adjustable solution pressure from 50 PSI to 500 PSI. It also has one of the most powerful set of vacuum motors in the business. The dual 3-stage motors supply a staggering 190 of water lift (suction). You wont find a stronger carpet extractor running on one power cord. A 2000 watt external heater is optional and may be added at any time. Using a firmly mounted external heater significantly increases lifespan on the interior parts by not exposing them to 210 degree heat. A mesh drawstring bag is included to keep the hose assembly organized. EDIC's remaining warranty is 2 years for parts and labor. The polyethylene body on the Galaxy has a lifetime warranty. EDIC was innovating and manufacturing lasting floor and carpet care equipment since 1975.

Hoover CH83015 Ground Command 6-Gallon Extractor with Heater

The Hoover CH83015 ground command commercial 95349 carpet extractor is a fast, economical extractor perfect for light industrial carpet cleaning tasks. This carpet extractor affords many amenities that are guaranteed to meet your cleaning needs. The Hoover CH83015 ground command commercial carpet extractor offers a 6-gallon tank that decreases the need for recurrent draining and refilling. This time economical choice is great for commercial cleaning projects. If you are looking for a carpet extractor with a strong motor, then the Hoover CH83015 ground command commercial carpet extractor is the ideal choice. This carpet cleaner boasts a 3-stage motor with 100 PSI that delivers 117 in. Of water lift that considerably cuts down on drying time. The Hoover CH83015 ground command commercial carpet extractor offers another-long power cord and hose that makes cleaning hard to reach regions easy. Together these features enable you to reach a 40' cleaning distance. The Hoover CH83015 ground command commercial carpet extractor will include waist high power controls that are easy to use. There is no bending obliged your controls are inside easy reach.

Bissell 15651 ProHeat 2X Lift Off Pet

Bissell proheat 2x lift-off pet refreshes your carpets with a deeper clean. Its distinctive and groundbreaking design offers upright cleaning and a removable, movable deep cleaner to tackle pet messes on stairs, on upholstery, in the car and wherever stains hide. The revolutionary antibacterial formula attacks odor-causing bacteria at the source, while specific features like heatwave technology and two rows of power brushes get at the dirt and pet stains that hide deep inside carpet fibers.

Shark Steam Pocket Multi-Purpose Portable Steamer, SC630

Shark movable Steam Pocket is the final idea in cleaning. Combining super heated steam and an anti-microbial solution for peace of mind and deep cleaning. For those who want "total clean" in their homes, this is the solution. The final steam pockets may be used during your home for cleaning and sanitizing in one step.. Dries in seconds. The steam spray may be used directly on hard and soft surfaces with SharkBoost, an EPA registered disinfectant that allows you to clean and sanitize you complete home. Our distinctive, instant steam on demand system is prepared in seconds. Use it to clean grease, grime and baked in dirt from kitchen surfaces and appliances, sanitize bathroom surfaces, clean windows and glass.. Steam garments. The movable steam pocket may be filled at any time.. Tank holds only cold water. Comes with many cleaning accessories.

Sienna Visio SSC-1001 Window and Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaning System

The Sienna Visio Window and Multi-function Steam Cleaning System is a lightweight, easy to use handheld (electric) steam cleaner intended to steam clean almost every window, glass and other surface around the home. The unit features 1200 watts of professional level steam cleaning power, a 23 ft cord for excellent range and mobility, it heats up in less than 30 seconds. It has a 280ml/9. 5 oz clear view water tank where you may be able to see your water level and enjoy many minutes of window cleaning between refills. There's no have to cool down the unit before you refill the tank endless cleaning time. A locking trigger controls the steam flow so you may be able to clean effortlessly using only the steam wanted. Accessories are changed with the touch of a fast release button. The unit will include the following accessories: 11 inch and 8 inch squeegee attachments perfect to clean most window sizes, 4 small nylon brushes that attach to the jet nozzle and the angle concentrator fitting to clean in the corners, the track, and around the window frame, a measuring cup and funnel for filling unit. It powers through dirt and grime on all your household glass, windows and other surfaces making them sparkling clean in no time using no surface cleaning chemicals.

Kicking it up a notch from the Mighty Pro, the Rug Doctor large Track puts 35 years of tough cleaning experience to work! With improved coverage capacity and a wider 11. 25" cleaning path, your most precious commodity - time - will be saved! Your large Track steam cleaning machine will come completely assembled and prepared to use. The bigger solution tank at 3. 7 gallons and bigger 4. 8 gallon recuperation tank means fewer delays for emptying and refilling and more time saved with a bigger area of coverage at just under 160 sq. Ft. A powerful 1. 9 hp vacuum motor will ensure maximum water lift and result in quicker drying carpets. Boasting an remarkable 11. 25 inch vibrating brush, the large Track carpet steamer will lift and fluff carpet fibers left soft, clean and renewed. The large Track carpet and upholstery cleaner will come with a complete Upholstery Kit featuring the common Hand Tool and a 12 foot hose for easy use in cleaning stairs, furniture, cars and boats. Purchase with confidence! The Rug Doctor is the only extractor accepted for the buyer market by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Protect your carpet investment with the CRI seal of approval.

, 93146 with Dual Cross Action Brushes (Complete Set) w/ Bonus: Premium Microfiber Bundle

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner 75 more suction The Cleaner features 75 More Suction in comparison to leading comparable upright deep carpet cleaners. Plus, your Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner uses Dual Cross Action Brushes! Two brushes under the machine deep clean all sides of the carpet fibers. This groundbreaking technology deep cleans each carpet fiber, then grooms and polishes the carpet all in one cleaning pass. Not every carpet needs the same level of deep clean, some need a Super increase. Use the 'Super increase Spray' setting on the machine for another 'increase' in cleaning heavily soiled and high-traffic regions. Your Cleaner is prepared to start cleaning right out of the box. No assembly obliged! Features: CRI Rated Gold - Best in Class Cleaning Performance Our Deep Carpet Cleaner is the only machine with Dual Cross Action Brushes- a powerful oscillating scrubbing brush with two rows of bristles that clean fibers from every angle, from the bottom of the carpet and rotating brush with ten rows of bristles that groom and polish the carpet, leaving plush and smooth results Easy to Use Maneuverability & Convenience Easy to Use is all about making the experience easier on you. We worked to make Deep Cleaning carpet as painless as possible. We set our sights on improving the parts with the biggest annoyance: Filling and Emptying the water tanks. We made our tanks clear so its easy to see when you need emptying and refilling. 75 More Suction in comparison to Leading Deep Carpet Cleaners Strong Suction quickly removes dirt and water for improved carpet drying time and best in class deep down cleaning. The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner has a 12 inch large suction nozzle, leaving a beautifully clean path for you to see now. With bonus: 1x premium microfiber cleaner bundle.

Reliable 5000CD Stainless-Steel 2/3-Gallon Dental Steam

The dependable 5000CD Dental Steam Cleaner was intended from the ground up to deliver superior quality dry steam, and supply the best possible user experience. The 5000CD offers a fast, economical way of cleaning away wax, plaster waste and other debris, and for polishing the last product. Features: i37 steam gun, auto shut-off - with low water light display, regular tap water, pressure gauge manometer, 50 p. S. I. Operating pressureequals dry steam, 12-gauge heavy-responsibility wiring, ceramic terminal block, stainless steel tank and outer casing, fast disconnect fittings for steam hose (5000CD model only), 4-pin (fast disconnect) plug for electrical connection, up to 4-hours of uninterrupted steam. Measures 9-1/4 by 16 by 10-1/2 inches. Lifetime product warranty policy applies to all dependable company pressurized steam boiler tanks. See warranty document for details.

BISSELL SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep , 1200B

The Bissell SpotBot hands-free compact deep cleaner is a revolutionary spot cleaner that gives you the freedom to walk away while it does the work for you. Simply set the SpotBot on the spot or stain, hit start, and walk away-SpotBot does the work for you, allowing you to do other things. The SpotBot has a preprogrammed cycle for surface or set-in stains but also switches to manual cleaning. This machine works great for removing stains like red wine, cola, fruit juice, and coffee and also works great on pet stains. The distinctive spiral brushing action cleans in a round motion; in one cycle it completes over 400 cleaning revolutions for thorough and efficient elimination of tough stains. The SpotBot also comes with a trial size of the Little Green Formula and a trial size of OxyGen II.

US Steam - Eurosteam ES1900 (Premium Package)

This powerful all-function cleaner cleans dirt, bacteria, grime, grease, mildew, mold, dust mites, and more from small and big surfaces. Will include a superheated water jet for more cleaning power. Perfect for any business where hygiene is key like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and car-detailing. Premium Package will include 16 extra accessories plus 2 bottles of& Vapormate& Green Cleaner.

8 Bissell Steam Mop Washable & Reusable Microfiber Pads Fit Bissell Steam Mop model 1867, Compare to Bissell Steam Mop Part # 203-2158, 2032158, 3

This is a High Quality substitute 8-Pack Microfiber Steam Mop Pad that fits Bissell Steam Mop model 1867. Compare to Bissell Steam Mop Part # 203-2158, 2032158, 3255, 32525. Perfect for cleaning hard floor surfaces effortlessly without leaving any marks or scratches. Fast and easy changing and also reusable and wasable. Totally Essential For Allergy patients! intended & Engineered By Crucial Vacuum. This is a generic product intended and engineered in the United States by Crucial Vacuum. This isn't a Bissell OEM product and isn't covered under any Bissell maker's warranty. The Bissell brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective holders. Any use of the Bissell brand name or model designation for this product is made Exclusively for reasons of demonstrating compatibility.

Bissell 36Z9 Deepclean Deluxe Pet Deep Upright Full Sized, (Complete Set) with Bonus: Premium Microfiber Bundle

Product Benefits 12 rows of dual rotating PowerBrushes, a pet hair collection basket, Cleanshot, DuraStrength nozzle, and Stain Trapper tool supply everything you have to get the job done. BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Cleaning Formulas odor control technology works with your cleaner to take off odors and help prevent pets from soiling the same area again. With a carpet cleaner intended to clean better than all other leading brands, feel confident that each room in your home is prepared for lifeand your furry friends. Cleaning results established upon measurements of color reflectance and light of carpet fibers using BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning Formula. Why am I supposed to invest in a deep cleaner? Deep cleaning is a procedure that loosens and removes tough pet stains and odors and ground-in dirt that could harm carpet fibers. It assists to protect flooring and keep it looking its best for many years to come. Although vacuuming is great for picking up everyday dirt toward the surface of fibers, only deep cleaning washes fibers, leaving carpets touchably clean. Are upright or movable deep cleaners better? When it comes to upright deep cleaners versus movable deep cleaners, its not about which is better, its about which is best suited for the job at hand. Uprights are best suited for big regions and whole rooms, while movable spot cleaners concentrate in stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more. Advanced cleaning system targets pet stains and odors and delivers professional-style results for a carpet cleaner that cleans better than all other brands. 12 rows of dual rotating Powerbrushes EdgeSweep cleans against baseboards and Surround Suction helps dry surfaces fast Heatwave Technology helps maintain constant water temperature during the cleaning proces With bonus: 1x premium microfiber cleaner bundle.

Sirena 2016 New 2-Speed Water Filtration Vacuum Deluxe Total Home Care System With Bonus Rainbow Fragrance and Extras Exclusive Fresh Air Revi

This Sirena Vacuum comes with all attachments and many bonus things. Great Value! we're an AUTHORIZED SIRENA DISTRIBUTOR and you'll get the 10 year manufacturers warranty on your Sirena. This is the newest 2016 model, Deluxe Sirena Total Home Care System. Great Value and lots of extras! This comes with: Sirena 2016 2-Speed Water Filter Vacuum in real color maker boxes. Premium 85w Power Nozzle with 3 level height modifications. Dolly with 360 degree wheels and attachment caddy. Electrified hose with ergonomic pistol grip handle. Wet / Dry attachment hose for use with attachments Two Stainless Steel Adjustable Wands 12" Camel Hair Bristle Floor Brush Camel Hair Bristle Upholstery Brush Camel Hair Bristle Dusting Brush Crevice Tool Inflator Tool Bonus things: One 16oz bottle Sirena Ocean Breeze Deodorizer One 4 pack Sirena Premium Fragrance Oils: Eucalyptus and Menthol, Pine, Apple Blossom and Tropical Breeze One bottle Rainbow Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil One new Air Revitalizer Aromatherapy and Water Air Purifying Machine Sirena plans: Vacuum Model #: S10NA Motor: 1200 w / 10 Amps / Italian Motor / 1, 500 + Test hours Voltage: 110V (for use in North America) R. P. M: 19, 527 RPM R. P. M. Free turn: 24, 350 RPM Shipping Weight (41lbs) Power cord length: 21 feet Water Lift: 86. 31in / 21. 5 KPA sound Level: 69-71 DB (decibels) Water Resevoir: 3. 5 L / 3. 7qts Filtration: Water and HEPA Warranty: 10 yrs. Major unit motor / 3yrs. Parts / 1 yr. Labor Sirena is guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of buy. This ensure is for maker defects and doesn't include regular wear things (belts, brushes etc. ).

Thermax DV-12 Therminator

Thermax Therminator DV-12 unit with 15 hide-a-hose and stainless steel upholstery wand for vehicle detailing. Stainless steel floor wand available for commercial carpet cleaning. The DV-12 will include two dual stage vacuum motors, a powerful 100 psi solution pump and an in-tank 1800 watt heater that heats water in the hygienic stainless steel solution tank to 165 degrees, which is safe for all colorfast carpet and upholstery. Machine will include a 1 year warranty and is shipped directly from the maker. Ships to continental USA only, (NO AK or HI), and must be a commercial address. SHIPMENT DETAILS: Your Thermax machine will ship direct fro the maker, typically inside 1 week. The estimated delivery time for Extractors Direct of 8-27 days isn't correct. The accessories included with the machine order will ship in a separate box from the machine, and will typically arrive a day or two earlier than the machine. In that box will be your contact info for any warranty and service issues you may have with the machine, with any general questions about your order. We're one of the biggest distributors of Thermax machines, and have been working with Thermax for over 15 years-we just starting selling on Amazon recently. We've serviced thousands of Thermax machines in our shop or through technical support over the phone.

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