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MinnKota i-Pilot Accessory for Powerdrive V2 Motors vs 970100020-A

I-Pilot uses GPS technology to deliver total ship control. You may be able to store and retrieve places and paths on the water, control speed and steering, set cruise control and stay on a heading - all with unparalleled GPS accuracy. The 2012 i-Pilot remote features a 20% bigger screen and high-visibility buttons; and the system features up to 6 separate tracks and 6 separate spots for Spot-Lock.

Minn Kota Endura C2 Transom Mounted Motor (36 Shaft)

While others attempt to mimic it, 970100020-A we innovate it. Endura C2 is the legendary performer that is built to explore, built to last and backed up with our two-year warranty. It is the final coming together of form and function, in a package that puts you on the water day after day, year after year-like no other.

Minn Kota Riptide SM Saltwater Bow-Mount Motor with Latch, Door Bracket and Speed Coil (- )

Precision maneuverability. Correct bait presentation. Meticulous speed control. You count on your trolling motor for lots. And along the way, it has to fight corrosion, run silently and perform with flawless dependability. Riptide SM is the reliable powerhouse that meets those challenges head on, keeping you in position to make the catch of the day, every day. The Latch and Door bracket utilizes non-attaching nylon inserts and anti-sieze lubricant for a lifetime of trouble free use. The new RipTide hand control gives you the best of both worlds with its new Tilt/Extend Tiller handle. It can both tilt (up to 45 degrees) and extend (up to 6") to change to any situation and any style of fishing. This unit features five forward speed and three reverse, 55lbs of thrust and a 42" shaft.

MinnKota EM Engine Mounted Motor (s of )

Our engine mount motors can turn your recreational runabout into a bona fide fishing machine without adding a motor to your deck. You get great electric motor performance when it is time to stow the ski's and wakeboard and pull out the rods and reels. The speed is controlled by an 18' corded remote that may be handheld or mounted in your ship. It offers endlessly variable speed in forward and reverse. The motor may be steered using your ship's steering wheel or outboard tiller. This unit runs on 12 volts.

Minn Kota Fortrex 101 Bow-Mount Motor with Universal Sonar (101- )

This unit has all the features that are included in all the new Fortrex motors. Individually it uses a 36 volt system to offer 101lbs of thrust. All this power is at the end of a 45" shaft. This unit is finished with a common Sonar 2. The transducer and wiring are totally concealed, giving it a clean simplified look and protection from the elements. No unsightly wires or clamps. No exposed connections. No rigging obliged. Out of sight and out of mind so you may be able to count on it to be there when you need it most.

Minn Kota MK440PC 4 Bank x 10 Amp Precision Charger

New Precision On-board Digital Battery Chargers minn Kota 1834400 Model MK 440PC Banks 4 Amps per Bank 10 40A 9. 25" L x 10. 37" W x 3" H : 3 YEAR WARRANTY Minn Kota 's Precision On-Board Battery Chargers automatically clean and condition the battery to extend run time and battery life. 15-amp Precision Chargers are half the weight of conventional on-board chargers. One of the few chargers that lets the user to independently choose and charge a different kind of battery in each bank: flooded lead acid gel AGM Absorbed Glass Mat and HP High Performance AGM battery types. This lets you to carefully proficiently and quickly charge the ideal battery type for each application onboard if it is for starting trolling motors house windlass or any other function; no more settling for second best! An intuitive LED Display for each bank on the charger that gives an independent readout of connection position power position state of charge and selected battery type. The chargers are short circuit reverse polarity and ignition protected.

Ironwood Pacific Outdoors EasyTroller Plate - Standard w/Fins

EasyTroller Trolling Plate - w/Fins16. 2 Standard Model - Fits 50HP to 300HP motors - will include Hydrofoil Fin UnitSay goodbye to bent or damaged trolling plates. The EasyTroller trolling plate's patented spring hinge design flexes upward to prevent damage to the trolling plate under accidental acceleration. The optional hydrofoil trolling plate model combines two merchandise into one to enhance fuel economy and performance. FeaturesSlows boats to ideal trolling speed, as slow as 1 mph Patented hinged plate design flexes upward to prevent damage or shear pin breakageMounts straight to the cavitation plate of your outboard or outdrive, some inches behind the propellerOptional hydrofoil fins to enhance performance and decrease porpoisingMade from marine-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steelOne year warrantyMade in the USA.

Minn Kota Riptide 80 ST Saltwater Bow-Mount Motor with i-Pilot and No Foot Pedal (80- , 60 Shaft)

We put Riptide ST to the test, because we know you'll. You need a motor that runs with a mix of stealth silence and unrelenting toughness. One that will not spook fish, or back down from the most extreme conditions. We know saltwater anglers never turn down a challenge. This model features a pre-installed i-Pilot which frees you up to concentrate on fishing. It uses GPS technology to remember paths and fishing spots on the water, activate cruise control and give you command of speed, steering and Advanced AutoPilot.

VariMAX 24-Volt Hand/Transom Motor, 75-Pound , 42-Inch Shaft, 09 Mount

MotorGuide VariMAX Hand - Control Trolling Motors. For all - day fishing trips! Stay on the water longer! With best-in-class runtime and exact variable speed control, this MotorGuide monster delivers the products, again and again. Bottom line: the 3 1/12" VariMAX motor runs cooler and lasts longer than the other guys' alternatives. Built tough with an aluminum shaft that can take a knock without buckling. You will love the BluVis integrated display too.. Shows direction, exact speed settings and correct battery voltage so you are generally in the loop. The "cherry on top" is the business-leading VariMAX transom mount featuring aluminum alloy construction with a rugged powder-coat finish. Stainless hinge pins supply the final in strength, rigidity and durability. And the easy-to-use tilt / stow / deploy system and swing over knobs on the clamp screws give you the capability to lock the motor to the transom. More: Go shallower, faster and quieter with all-new tapered hub with 3-blade, weed-free Machete III prop; Has Digital Variable Speed Control to minimize amp draw and maximize your time on the water.. Over 3x longer than 5-speed motor; Compact, lightweight lower unit; Revolutionary push / pull, forward and reverse speed modifications; Taper-lock mount with 7-point modification removes slack; One-touch, fast slide-depth modification band for easy manipulation.; Order today! MotorGuide VariMAX V75 HT Digital Hand-Control Trolling Motors, Transom Mount 75-lbs. Peak Thrust / 42" Shaft Length / 24V.

12V 100Ah Battery for Minn Kota, Minnkota, Cobra, Sevylor other motor

UB121000 12V 100AH - Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated, spill evidence construction lets safe operation in any position. Common uses for the UB121000: buyer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Photography, Power sports, movable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security.

Minn Kota Terrova 80 Bow-Mount Motor with Universal Sonar 2 and i-Pilot Link (80- , 45-Inch Shaft)

Minn Kota Terrova big power, ingenious alternatives, or all of the above. We&'re still finding pieces of the mold we broke when we built Terrova. No motor packs more power or more alternatives. It&'s up to 101 pounds of thrust, powered by rocket science remote controls and a super simple stow/deploy lever. All brains. And more than enough brawn. The Terrova features an indestructible composite shaft and cool, calm power. A weed less wedge 2 prop and a digital maximizer that has up to fives times longer run time on a single charge.

Humminbird 1159ci HD DI Combo Fish Finder System, Black

If you are fishing for monsters, it assists to have one by your side. A big, super-bright display combines with Humminbird's full sonar arsenal to get you a richly in depth view of the lake. But powerful sonar is not the only thing this beast brings to your helm-thanks to a full amount of navigation and situational awareness power. With the 1100 Series as your wing man, weigh-in records beware.

Minn Kota Terrova 80 / i - Pilot 24V Motor with US2 and Foot Pedal

Minn Kota Terrova i - Pilot Trolling Motors with US2 and Foot Pedal. Full GPS functionality meets Minn Kota's famous cool, calm power! Featuring the updated i-Pilot, now with more Spot-Lock places, more recordable tracks, and newer, better remote control! I-Pilot automatically controls and steers your ship using GPS technology. Lock onto a fishing spot - and stay there. Record a successful path, then retrace it afterward. Set cruise control for the perfect bait presentation. All wireless, all with GPS accuracy, all with the lone function of making you a better angler at the push of a button. But i-Pilot's only part of the package. You also get the hands-free convenience of the electric-steer foot pedal, plus battery-maximizing, power-conserving Digital Maximization. It all comes powered by a beefy Weedless Wedge 2 prop, and supported by Minn Kota's famous cool, calm power. Fitted Sonar works with your fishfinder, too! Read on for all the fun details: Check out all the ways the updated i-Pilot may help you: Record a Track - simply push the record button and fish along your wanted course, and i-Pilot stores the track.. Up to 6 tracks total. When you want to retrieve the course, the playback function automatically guides your ship along the track. Spot-Lock - decide up to 6 separate spots for i-Pilot to remember. When you want to return, simply press the button, and the i-Pilot will take you there from up to a quarter mile away. Cruise Control - gives you unparalleled bait presentation by maintaining the perfect speed you decide. Lets you to change your speed in 1/10 MPH increments. Advanced Autopilot - simply point the Terrova in the direction you want to go, and the i-Pilot keeps you on a GPS-perfect course while compensating for drift and wind. Copilot - the new and improved i-Pilot remote features a 20 bigger LCD screen and high-vis buttons. Compact, watertight and easy to use, the Copilot remote gives you instant feedback on active functions, speed, prop on /.

X5-80FW Foot Control Bow Mount Motor - 80-45 -24V

X5-80FW Foot Control Bow Mount Trolling Motor - 80lb-45"-24VIt's prepared for the Winner's CirclePRO ANGLERS LIKE KEVIN VANDAM rely on MotorGuide for novelty that puts them in the winner's circle. The X5 bow mount, cable steer motor - the new in our growing lineup of X series motors - is our most advanced, tournament-caliber motor. It is engineered to deliver best in class performance for calm operation, rugged durability, and exact anglers will be impressed with the X5's hard construction and patented Variable percentage Steering (VRS) technology. This novelty lets anglers to make subtle and exact steering modifications, and it virtually removes torque steering feedback that can agreement ship stability and X5 comes in four power ranges and three shaft lengths, so there is a model that is prepared to put you in the winner's calm on the WaterThe X5 uses premium, high-strength materials and inventive design solutions to ensure lasting, calm operation while fishing, or stowing and deploying. A composite locking pin maintains a tight, calm fit with the mount and makes it easier to stow and deploy. Composite bushings also decrease sound. Plus, precision bearing assemblies and a locking band eliminate shaft clicking. And our 2-blade weedless propeller spins smooth and Tournament ToughThe X5 is engineered for the rigors of tournament fishing. The stable large mount features a snapback breakaway system for extra protection. The mounting bracket is constructed with extruded aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and rigidity. And lasting, tight-fitting composite bushings in key wear points ensure long oversized stainless steel outer column is strong and corrosion-tolerant. And for affect protection, the inner column is made of a premium composite with a lifetime ensure against Steering and ship Control with VRSVariable percentage Steering (VRS) technology is intended to get you maximum control. The difference is a distinctive elliptical cam that delivers two dis.

Minn Kota Terrova™ Autopilot™ 12V Motor

"Look, Mom.. No hands!" Minn Kota Terrova AutoPilot Trolling Motor with foot pedal control allows you to concentrate on the fish! Some say idle hands are the devil's workshop.. But in this case idle hands mean more time to fish! The Terrova Motor comes with a new waterproof, low-profile foot pedal with 18' cord which offers exact control with less than one degree of steering resolution. Offers two steering alternatives: heel / toe pedal or left / right steering buttons. Will include rotating speed dial, AutoPilot on / off and momentary / constant toggle. Works in conjunction with CoPilot accessory (sold individually). All Terrovas feature an easy to use motor that deploys with the simple press of a handle and a special master cut-off switch that automatically turns the power off when the motor is stowed. AutoPilot Navigation: Team up the freedom of the foot pedal control with the AutoPilot system for the final in annoyance-free navigation! Just point your motor in the direction you want to go and AutoPilot will automaticall take care of the steering for you! when the wind is blowing and the water is less than calm, AutoPilot will automatically change to keep you on course. And because you must keep adjusting the steering, you catch more fish! The essential specifications: Super strong composite shaft is 3 times stronger than steel; Digital Maximizer technology lets motor to run 5 times longer on a single charge than regular speed coil technology; Runs cool and calm to cut down fish-spooking sound; Weedless Wedge 2 Propeller gets through the thick stuff at any speed; Order today! Minn Kota Terrova 55 AutoPilot 12V Trolling Motor.

Minn Kota Edge - Latch & Door - Foot Control - 12V-45 - REMANUFACTURED

Edge 55 - REMANUFACTUREDFreshwater Bow-MountEdge allows you to step right up to treacherous stump fields, tangled weedbeds, or punishing wind and waves. Big challenges like those typically mean bigger fish. And when you have got the unrelenting, rugged construction of Edge - available in foot or hand control models - you have got the power to rise to the occasion. The updated motor mounts on the Edge motors feature an extruded upper arm made from marine-grade anodized aluminum that's built for many years of trouble-free use. The Edge cable-steer motors feature a redesigned motor head that's constructed of greatly affect-tolerant, hybrid composite material for unmatched durability. The head also integrates a high-visibility directional display. And the super-responsive foot pedal is ergonomically intended for exact speed and steering control. Edge motors also use a Latch & Door mounting system for easy elimination of the motor for security and storage. Adding to its ruggedness, The Edge has a composite shaft that's guaranteed for lifeLatch & Door DesignEdge's groundbreaking Latch & Door Design makes it simple to take off the motor from the mount. It is perfect for safe and secure storage, and features a soft grip handle. Directional display - EdgeThe easy-to-read directional display leaves no doubt about where you are headed. Available on foot control models only. Foot Pedal Get wired to the water with our super-responsive foot pedal. Its new design is simpler to operate, with more room for your foot and more exact speed control. Included on choose models. 5 Speed5-Speed motors put you in command with forward, reverse and many speed settings. Indestructible Composite Shaft - Guaranteed For Life! Pound for pound, our composite shaft is stronger than steel. It flexes on affect and w.

ALEKO TRM-L-86 86 S 24V Electrical Motor 5-Speed Forward 3-Speed Reverse

Product Description: big gasoline motor may on occasion on occasion scare fish away before the ship gets inside fishing distance. For these situations, we make special types of electric outboard motors called trolling motors. Small and calm, trolling motors let boats to gradually and silently move through the water without scaring away the prey. After all our ship trolling motors are great with high performance ship motor, they can explore more great things on the planet! regardless you are touring on waters or fishing, you may change your site easily, silently, environmentally and cool. Product info: ALEKO TRM-L-86 86 LBS Thrust 24V trolling motor. Power: 24V 5-Speed forward and 3-speed reverse, with six inch telescopic handle and turn tiller control type. Fiber glass strengthened nylon mounting bracket, much lighter than the old steel parts, with fast release building. All copper rotor in the head of the motor, instead of copper-aluminum for the longest life-time. Blades intended by Hydrodynamic Weedless Wedge Propeller with high performance blade geometry, weeds away effectively. adaptable and high-strength seamless steel shaft. Energy saving when boating on waters. Battery energy saving due to minimum frication of the parts. Longer travelling distance with the same battery.

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