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AquaBot Rapids 4WD Swimming vs 99996333-DX3

TRUE 4WD Rapids 4WD runs on a true 4 wheel drive system. The drive system powers all 4 wheels also as a rotating brush underneath the cleaner itself. ROTATING SCRUBBING BRUSHES loosen up stubborn dirt and debris. Thisbrush is removable for easy maintenance. Big DEBRIS BASKETS catch an extrodinary amount of debris and make for easy emptying and cleaning.

PRIMALX3 Primal X3 Compare to DX3 Nautilus Neptune s

Dolphin primal x3 is the brand 99996333-DX3 new model from maytronics dolphin. Coming to play with energy economical smart cleaning technology, the primal x3 is everything your looking for in a robotic cleaner. Compare to dolphin dx3, dolphin supreme m3, dolphin nautilus. Features: full pool scanning - to ensure thorough cleaning, your dolphin cleaner comes with fitted software that systematically cleans your complete pool despite of your pools form or surface. Swivel cable - patented swivel cables eliminate tangled cables forever. No more mess taking the cleaner in and out of the pool to unwind the cable. Cartridge filters - cleaner comes with both good and super-good cartridges to gather both good particles and big debris. Weekly timer - timer function can run the cleaner 2. 5 hrs everyday, every other day, or every 3 days, keeping your pool clean for a week without a have to continuously turn it on. Energy economical - dolphin primal x3 costs less than 0. 16 to clean the pool, saving you energy costs while cleaning, brushing, and filtering your pool. Long lasting durability - made in israel, dolphin gives the pool business with high quality, long lasting durability in their robotic cleaners and comes with a 24 month warranty. Equipment, auto pool cleaners, robotic cleaners.

Blue Pearl Swimming , Automatic Vac for In Ground s, Water Tech Vacuum System

The Blue Pearl is Water Techs highest quality & most cheap robotic cleaner, offering state of the art technology from a name that may be reliable, Water Tech, the pool invention people! Not only is the Blue Pearl priced to own, however it'll save you money with each use. The Blue Pearls Aqua Smart guidance will clean the biggest of pools five times more proficiently than regular robotic cleaners. Aiming at debris and problem regions to maximize efficiency, the Blue Pearl will save you time, maintenance, and electricity. Made of the highest quality parts as well as the industrys best chemical and algae tolerant Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) brushes, the Blue Pearl can clean any pool surface quickly and effectively. The Blue Pearl will clean the bottom and cling to the sides of your pool with ease, cleaning every surface of most pools in two to three hours. Best of all, the Blue Pearl requires no supervision while it works. Its state of the art obstacle sensor will prevent the machine from to get stuck on ladders or another obstructions in the pool. Coupled with its revolutionary beach entry detector, the unit can stop itself from exiting the water.

Dragonfly Floating vs 99996333-DX-3

The Dragonfly Floating Cleaner is an groundbreaking and economical technique for keeping the surface of the water clean. It removes leaves and other floating debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool. Constructed from UV tolerant Luran/S plastic and polypropylene, it can withstand the rigors of sunlight, chlorine, salt acids, alkalies and other pool chemicals. The distinctive and award winning Dragonfly Pool Cleaner has only one moving part, a side flapper valve. It's suited for all in-ground pools and perfect for above-ground pools. It may be used with standard or big inline leaf canisters. Since the Dragonfly floats, it'll continue to work with best efficiency, regardless how high the waters level. It's easy to install, requires zero maintenance, has a 4 year warranty and won't restrict the water supply to the pump. It creates no damaging vibrations, common of many auto pool cleaners. The Dragonfly may be tethered to any place in a pool, where the most floating debris accumulates. Besides pools, the Dragonfly may also be used in ornamental ponds, balance tanks, where water levels differ largely and recreational water parks.

Grand Entrance Step for In Ground s

The great Entrance is the nice tough step your in-ground pool deserves. Exclusive snap-together interlock design will have you in and out of your pool in no time. Lasting, high density polyethylene construction meets all current ANSI/APSP standards. Distinctive, two-handrail design gives a safe and stable entry and exit from pool. 3-step design features large, flat steps with non-slip surfaces. Flow through sides let for water circulation to prevent algae growth. Independent adjustable feet ensure safe level installation.

Oasis Z5 with Caddy and Remote

A groundbreaking design and a level of efficiency never seen in a pool cleaner. Intended from the ground up for agility, maneuverability and climbing performance. The Dolphin Oasis Z5 pool cleaner delivers greatly optimized scanning and coverage for a faster clean and improved efficiency. It is distinctive groundbreaking features take all the hard work out of pool cleaning, while giving dependable cleaning results every time. A technologically superior robotic cleaner with best in class features, the longest warranty available, and legendary Dolphin performance. A top-of-the-line robotic cleaner should have a no-nonsense warranty that protects your investment. The Dolphin Oasis Z5 delivers. And unlike many Dolphin pool cleaners the Oasis Z5 warranty is valid for online purchases. Its hands down the best warranty in the business. The warranty is related only to the country in which the pool cleaner was.

Doheny's Saturn Powered by

Dohenys Saturn robotic pool cleaner powered by Dolphin gives exceptional cleaning power at an cheap price. The Saturn from Dohenys employs advanced robotic scanning technology that assures complete coverage of your swimming pool. The Saturn pool cleaner cleans all pool surfaces, right up to the waterline, with an all-surface climbing brush. Dohenys Saturn cleaner filters pool water while it cleans. Easy-to-clean cartridge system and digital power supply with LED diagnostics help change the pool cleaning procedure for the average DIYer. The patented swivel helps prevent the 60 cable from tangling. The Saturn robotic pool cleaner is suggested for all swimming pool types up to 45-50 in length. The Saturn joint with Dohenys pool chemicals is sure to make your clean pool water sparkle.

Deluxe 4

The Dolphin Deluxe 4 is an remaining Robotic Pool Cleaner. Able of cleaning the floor, walls, and all the way up to the waterline; this Robotic cleaner will leave your pool clean and free of debris. Free Caddy Cart included to help with the transportation and storage of your new Dolphin Robot. A suction rate of 4, 233 gallons per hour assures a fast pool cleaning, leaving you lots of time for cannonballs.

9999336-ADV Advantage Plus Pro Rc with Swivel Cable

Dolphin Exclusive Features: Dolphin's patented swivel that prevents cable tangling An all-surface wall climbing brush to ensure your complete pool is clean. Dual drive motors and split brush technology for unbelievable maneuverability – in the tightest corners Powerful Pro remote control for touch guided navigation, many cycle alternatives and a delayed start feature that lets debris to settle before the cycle begins Full bag display feature that tells you when it is time to clean the filter Caddy for portability and storage2 year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Hexbug AquaBot Jellyfish, Pink

Gather the NEW HEXBUG AquaBot Jellyfish to develop your aquarium. With a powerful impeller motor to turn and swim gracefully the Jellyfish can dive deeper by easily adjusting the HEXBUG AquaBot's buoyancy (using adjustable weights in battery door). Waking up your Jellyfish is simpler than ever! Thanks to its hi-tech sensors users can wake up their underwater friend in 3 different ways: simply run your fingers through the water, touch the Jellyfish, or tap on the side of the tank. After some number of minutes of swimming, the HEXBUG AquaBot will go into sleep mode to save battery life. This product is compliant with CPSIA standards.

Hayward 2025ADV Vac , Ultra XL

Exclusive AquaPilot technology makes Pool Vac XL faster and more economical than any random style pool cleaner. Pool Vac XL moves in a preset series of right and left turns to systematically supply more thorough coverage of your pool's surfaces. It scoops up all types of debris and deposits it directly into your present filtration system. No need for extra equipment or expense. For the final in easy, trouble-free operation, leave your pool cleaning to the most sophisticated suction pool cleaner available, Hayward's Pool Vac XL. Pool Vac XL gives you easy, trouble-free operation. And because it is powered by your present filtration system, you do not have the expense of an energy-consuming booster pump. You will not waste time emptying or replacing debris bags. To get that sparkling clean pool is easy and effortless with the Pool Vac XL. When you install your new Pool Vac XL as part of the Totally Hayward System, you get the assurance of knowing you have a complete system, intended to work together for the best auto operation and the cleanest pool possible.

HD Commercial Classic Swimming

The Dolphin HD is a hard working commercial grade cleaner intended to deliver performance and dependability at an cheap price. Ideal for small commercial pools up to 60 feet in length. The HD is lasting, dependable, and fast. Its design is resulting from the original robotic pool cleaner with over 24 years of pool cleaning excellence. The HD will clean and vacuum an complete pool floor, walls and waterline, operates independently of your pool pump and filter and can save you up to 50 on electricity costs. Powerful drive and pump motors supply improved maneuverability and suction is aided by robotic scanning to ensure the complete pool is clean in the shortest amount of time. Oversized PVC brushes work away stubborn dirt and keep the waterline sparkling clean all while filtering and polishing 4, 233 gallons per hour. This machine comes with a digital power supply with 4-hour cycle time and self-monitoring diagnostic software. It will include a tangle free 78 foot cable, high capacity bag, and has an air sensor for beach-entry pools. Take benefit of this machine that costs just 5 cents per hour to run and filters down to 4 microns in size. You will cut your pump and filter system run time and slash your chemicals costs and energy bills. The HD also comes with a convenient carry caddy for easy transporting and storage of the cleaner, cable and power supply. The HD is covered by an 18 month bumper to bumper warranty.

Hayward RC9740 SharkVac Automatic

SharkVac is the newest novelty to the TigerShark family of Robotic pool cleaners. SharkVac by Hayward incorporates two good porosity filtration elements in a sleek floor-particular design. With its distinctive top access debris chamber and filtration cartridges, there's no have to turn the cleaner upside down (like all other Robotic cleaners) or annoyance with cumbersome and messy bags. Hayward SharkVac is a robust Robotic pool cleaner that's light and well-matched with all types of pool surfaces. Its scrubbing brush will work away the most stubborn dirt. Intended with improved technologies, SharkVac by Hayward is one of the most economical pool cleaners to operate - equivalent to the energy used by a regular light bulb.

Aquabot ABREEZ4WD Breeze 4WD for In Ground s up to 60-Feet

The Breeze 4WD runs on a true 4 wheel drive system. The drive system powers all 4 wheels also as a rotating brush underneath the cleaner itself. This cleaner has the power to clean, vacuum and filter the most calling for pool environments and is built rugged for many years of dependable service. The Breeze 4WD features a lower center rotating brush that assists loosen up stubborn dirt and debris and big EZ Clean top access filter baskets for care free maintenance - 60 ft. Cable with no tangle swivel. The Aquabot Advantage: Not all pool cleaners are produced equal. Advances in Aquabot robotic technology have enabled us to offer many benefits to antiquated cleaning traditions that can really make a difference in the quality of your pool experience. At Aquabot we think in very clear water with fewer chemicals and a healthier clean.

Aquafirst In-Ground & Above-Ground

This advanced new "Super Rover" is the finest economical robotic cleaner for in-ground and above-ground pools. Our completely auto dynamo features an advanced "Linear Jet" motor that delivers superior suction and faster cleaning times. Super Rover is programmed to make your pool clean in one to two hours. It works on flat bottom pools and will climb the walls on pools with a radius between the floor & wall. Super Rover has own filtration system and will remove dirt, algae, bacteria, debris and sand with ease. A totally safe 48 volt DC motor is powerful but costs pennies a day to operate. Super Rover cleans vinyl, gunite and fiberglass pools also as in-ground and above-ground shapes. Large improved tread wheels won't slip or slide on vinyl surfaces and easily clean every inch of your pool. Super Rover's more powerful motor picks up big debris that others could leave behind. The unit's enclosed filtration system disperses heat & chemicals during your pool and also decreases the amount of time your present filter has to run. Super Rover is easy to use and comes complete with an updated power supply, dual easy cleaning filter bags, 50' of floating, kink free cord with EZ swivel. Invest in the finest, most economical robotic cleaner for above-ground and in-ground pools! Features: Easily installs in minutes Comes with 50' of hose 1-year warranty Shipped insured Brand new.

Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro Automatic Suction for Gunite s

Navigator sets the standard in high-performance cleaning for in-ground pools of all types and sizes. Easy to install, Navigator features the exclusive SmartDrive programmed steering which assures that the average pool will be cleaned in less than 3 to 4-hour. Calm and nice, Navigator is the intelligent choice in auto cleaners for smart pool professionals everywhere. Why is SmartDrive programmed steering better? Hayward's exclusive technology harnesses the flow of water through the filtration system to drive the Navigator in an alternating series of right and left-hand turns to systematically clean pool surfaces and ensure the best coverage and most economical cleaning path. It cleans faster and better than random-style cleaners and decreases the possibility of missed or over-visited zones in the pool.

Aquabot Fury

The Aqua Smart System is an intelligent program for robotic pool cleaners that aids the cleaner to completely cover and proficiently clean any standard residential swimming pool in roughly 3 HOURS! previous to the Aqua Smart System, allrobotic cleaners functioned randomly, missing a systematic cleaning pattern, and finally requiring an extreme six hours to completely clean an complete swimming pool. These robots use up lots of needless time on the walls to change direction and to reach different regions of the pool. Our robots equipped with Aqua Smart System may change direction on the pool's bottom without any extra mechanical devices (pistons, motors, etc. ). Also, a smart mathematical algorithm installed in the brain of the machine enables the robot to cover the pool bottom and walls in a systemized fashion and without wasting time. Broad research, testing, and buyer feedback supports our assert: we canclean any standard residential swimming pool, despite of form, in approxiamtely 3 HOURS! This technology yields many benefits: 1. Fast Cleaning 2. Saved Energy 3. Expanded life of the mechanical parts and consequently expanded warranty from the maker. The Aquatic Fury is the premier robotic pool cleaners in the world. Environmentally friendly, both units function on safe and economical 12 volt motors. Their super-modern quick motors add speed and efficiency like no other pool cleaners. The Aquatic Fury is intended to clean any residential pool up to 80 square meters in size. Thanks to the patented Aqua Smart System, the Aquatic Fury will automatically brush, vacuum and microfilter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool's floor and walls, while scrubbing the waterline.. All in roughly 3 HOURS.

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