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Open-Mesh 2.4/5GHz Access Point with 3x3 MIMO 802.11ac (A60) vs AIR-CT5508-50-K9

Open Mesh A Series access points supply robust WiFi coverage anywhere you have to share a connection. Each access point is a cloud-managed dual-band 2. 4 GHz and 5 GHz access point, mesh gateway and repeater all in one compact, dependable, high-performance package. Water and dust tolerant, the A Series may be set on a desktop, mounted to an ethernet wall plate (EU, UK, US), installed on a wall or T-rail roof or fastened to an outdoor wall or pole. A common installation kit is included for enterprise deployments nearly anywhere. The A60 is cloud managed and will include a free license for CloudTrax, Open Meshs cloud-established network controller. Deploy access points in minutes and build, manage and monitor your network from anywhere.

Cisco AIR-AP1231G-A-K9 Aironet 1200 Wireless Access Point

The Cisco Aironet 1200 Series IEEE 802. 11 a/b/g Access Point sets the enterprise standard for high-performance, secure, controllable, and adaptable wireless LANs (WLANs). Many configuration and upgrade alternatives, the Cisco Aironet 1200 Series supports a range of clients in mixed frequency and mixed throughput environments. If configured for single 802. 11a coverage, single 802. 11g coverage, 802. 11b/g coverage or for tri-mode 802. 11a/b/g coverage, the Cisco Aironet 1200 offers the best flexibility and investment protection, allowing network administrators to deploy a wireless network optimized for their specific application. The Cisco Aironet 1200 takes benefit of Cisco IOS Software for ease-of-use and familiarity and is a key part of the Cisco Structured Wireless-Aware Network (SWAN), a complete framework that delivers an integrated, end-to-end wired and wireless network. The Cisco Aironet 1200 Series gives customers with maximum freedom and flexibility, enabling constant connection to all network resources from virtually anywhere wireless access is deployed. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT can not BE SHIPPED TO MASSACHUSETTS OR DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (WASHINGTON, D. C. ) Warning: The solder used in this product holds lead, a chemical recognized to the State of California to produce birth defects and other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling interior parts and circuit boards and avoid inhalation of fumes if heating the solder.

Watchguard WGAP3003 AP300 Wireless Access Point 10MB/100MB LAN, Gige 802.11 B/A/G/n/AC

The WatchGuard AP family of wireless access points gives secure, dependable, wireless communications while delivering High performance and broad coverage - a perfect mix of services to meet the needs of enterprise-level customers, small businesses, branch offices, campuses, and hotels alike. Interior antennas, thin cases, minimalist labeling, and small LEDs make these devices ideal for low profile deployment scenarios. WatchGuard AP300 device features real time 3x3 MIMO (many input many output) capability and a dual radio that supports 2. 4GHz (802. 11B/G/n) and 5GHz (11a/n/AC) to offer wireless clients with improved dependability and performance.

Xclaim Xo-1 Dual-Band 802.11ac Outdoor Access Point 1.167Gbps vs AIR-CT-5508-50-K-9

Xclaim access points supply superior functionality, stylish simplicity, and competitive pricing for small businesses. The Xo-1 outdoor AP combines versatility with the new 802. 11ac Wi-Fi technology to deliver speeds up to 1. 167 Gigabits per second. Intended for easy installation with an super-lightweight and low profile enclosure, the Xo-1 is ideal for public venues wanting to quickly and inexpensively deploy Wi-Fi in high-capacity environments.

TP-LINK CPE210 2.4GHz 300Mbps 9dBi High Power Outdoor CPE/Access Point, 2.4GHz 300Mbps, 802.11b/g/n, dual-polarized 9dBi directional antenna, Passive

TP-LINK's 2. 4GHz 300Mbps 9dBi Outdoor AIR-CT5508-50-K9 CPE, the CPE210 is dedicated to cost efficient solutions for outdoor wireless networking applications. With its centralized management application, it's ideal for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage applications.   Professional performance, coupled with user-friendly design, makes CPE210 an ideal choice for both business and home users.   .

Mikrotik OmniTIK U-5HnD, RBOmniTikU-5HnD. Weatherproof outdoor wireless AP, router, client and bridge, POE, OSL4.

OmniTIK is a weatherproof outdoor AP with dual-polarized omni antennas - the perfect friend for our SXT, or for any other 802. 11 standard device. Weatherproof, lasting and prepared to use. It has five 10/100 Ethernet ports, PoE support and a fitted 1000mW 802. 11a/n wireless radio. It supports Nv2 TDMA technology with up to 200Mbit aggregate throughput. LED signal indicators on its back are completely customizable, show Ethernet activity or wireless signal - or any other info from RouterOS. The USB port gives the capability to connect a 3G modem or a storage drive. The OmniTIK runs RouterOS with all its features.

TRENDnet 300Mbps Wireless N PoE Access Point TEW-638PAP (Black)

The 300Mbps Wireless N PoE Access Point (model TEW-638PAP) is a scalable secure quick solution that gives up to 12x the speed and 4x the coverage of wireless g. No have to install this access point near a power source, power and data are received through a single Ethernet cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Connect wireless clients to your network at the touch of a button with WPS technology. Features Access Point Client mode, Wireless Distribution System (WDS) support, and removable antennas. Many Input many Output (MIMO) antenna technology increases wireless coverage, advanced encryption protects your wireless network, and Wireless Multimedia (WMM) Quality of Service technology prioritizes audio and video traffic.

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-Pro3 - Wireless Access Point - 802.11 B/A/G/N (UAPPRO3US)

Featuring a clean industrial design, the UniFi AP may be integrated seamlessly into any wall or roof surface. The LED display simplifies deployment and configuration. With its software-established potential, the UniFi virtual control plane lets for unlimited scalability under one centralized controller. Plug-and-play installation and intuitive management decrease the need for dedicated it staff resources.

AIR-CAP1702I-A-K9 Cisco Aironet 1702I IEEE 802.11ac Wireless Acce

Cisco Aironet Access Points (hereafter called access points, or abbreviated as APs) supply a secure, cheap, and easy-to-use wireless LAN solution that combines mobility and flexibility with the enterprise-class features obliged by networking professionals. With a management system depending on Cisco IOS software, Cisco Aironet access points are Wi-Fi certified, and based on the particular model are 802. 11a-compliant, 802. 11b-compliant, 802. 11g-compliant, 802. 11n-compliant, and 802. 11ac-com.

Cisco AIR-AP1242G-A-K9 Aironet 1242 802.11G Int Access Point

Cisco Aironet 1242 802. 11g Non-modular Access Point supply single-band 802. 11g wireless connectivity for challenging RF environments like factories, warehouses, and big retail establishments. Connectorized antennas, a rugged metal enclosure, and a broad operating temperature range offer expanded range and coverage versatility. The Cisco Aironet 1242 802. 11g Non-modular Access Point is a part of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, a complete solution that delivers an integrated, end-to-end wired and wireless network. Using the radio and network management features of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network for simplified deployment, the Cisco Aironet 1242 802. 11g Non-modular Access Point extends the security, scalability, dependability, easy deployment, and manageability available in wired networks to the wireless LAN (WLAN).

Hawking Technology High-Gain Wireless-300N Dual Radio Smart Repeater (HOW2R1)

Unleash your Wireless Network with the Hawking Hi-get 2. 4GHz Wireless-300N Dual Radio Smart Repeater, HOW2R1. The HOW2R1 smart repeater connects and repeats your present wireless network with up to 64x the power output and 8x the distance of a regular Wireless-G device. Alike to the Hawking's HW2R1 Smart Repeater with dual radio design, the HOW2R1 Smart Repeater is engineered with two powerful Wi-Fi radios, one radio is dedicated to receiving signals from a wireless source, access point or router, and the other radio can be used to rebroadcasting wireless signals during your surroundings. To more improve its wireless range and coverage, the Wi-Fi receiving radio is connected to an 11dBi directional antenna, integrated internally in the HOW2R1. Also, two external 5dBi antennas are connected to the rebroadcasting Wi-Fi radio to effectively eliminate wireless dead spots inside and outside of your home or office.

Ubiquiti 150Mbps UniFi Access Point (UAP-US) US Version - 4 PACK

Save money. Save time. Unlike conventional enterprise WiFi systems using a hardware WiFi Switch, Unifi uses a virtual client/server application that requires zero cost and no extra hardware. Intuitive Software: UniFi Access Points feature the new in WiFi 802. 11n MIMO technology - able of 300Mbps speeds with ranges up to 500 feet. Expandable: Unlimited Scalability. Build your wireless networks as small or big as you need. Start with one, expand to thousands.

Bundle of 6 Ubiquiti Nanostation LOCO M5 Outdoor MIMO 11n 5GHz. locoM5 (6 pack)

BUNDLE OF 6 Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M5 - NanoStation Loco M5 Compact and cost-efficient AirMax 5GHz CPE. The original NanoStation set the bar for the world's 1st low-cost and proficiently intended outdoor broadband CPE. The new NanoStation M and NanoStation Loco M take the same idea to the future with new redesigned sleek and stylish form-factors. 150+ Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 15km+ range. Featuring 2x2 MIMO technology, the new NanoStation links considerably faster and farther than ever before.

TP-LINK AP500 AC1900 Wireless Gigabit Access Point Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Concurrent 600Mbps on 2. 4GHz and 1300Mbps on 5GHz totals 1900Mbps Wi-Fi speeds, ideal for 4K streaming and online gaming 3 dual band removable antennas supply superior Wi-Fi coverage to eliminate “ dead zones” beamforming technology delivers greatly targeted and economical wireless connections gigabit Ethernet port gives gigabit-class Internet access or an super-fast connection for wired device dual Core 1GHz processor assures great performance, with more devices connected simultaneously different operation modes, as well as AP, repeater/Bridge, client, and multi-ssid, supply adaptable solutions to meet the wireless needs in any situation.

Apple Airport Express MB321LL/A

Now with blazing 802. 11n, the cheap AirPort Express is powerful enough to run a home Wi-Fi network, still small enough to take on the road. Share your wireless network with up to 10 users, print papers, photos, and more from any room in the house to one central printer, play iTunes music through your stereo or powered speakers using AirTunes, and more.

D-Link Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender & Access Point (DAP-1650)

The DAP-1650 Wireless AC1200 Gigabit Range Extender is the ideal solution for improving the coverage and signal strength of any wireless network. Delivering the next generation 802. 11ac wireless connectivity and four gigabit Ethernet ports the DAP-1650 gives high-speed connectivity to stream HD video and connect many devices to your home network. Easy to setup with the push of the WPS button or use the QRS Mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile device. The DAP-1650 is intended to operate as a Range Extender, Access Point or Media Bridge adaptable operation modes for any network environment.

Amped Wireless Pro High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender / Bridge (REB175P)

The ProSeries High Power AC1750 Range Extender / Bridge is a multifaceted, long range, business-class Wi-Fi Range Extender / Bridge with a distinctive set of 4 different modes. Range Extender mode lets it to extend the range of any present Wi-Fi network. Firewall Range Extender mode extends the range of any Wi-Fi network and creates a secure firewall between the expanded network and the present network for extra security. Network Bridge mode expands an present network by connecting wirelessly to the network and two wired ports to develop the network. WDS-Bridge mode lets the REB175P to connect to an access point in WDS-AP mode to bridge the present Wi-Fi network and supply extra wired ports to develop the network. The ProSeries AC1750 Range Extender / Bridge comes with 12 high power amplifiers and three high get external antennas for up to 500mW of Wi-Fi output power. This mix of Amped Wireless High Power technology, paired with blazing-fast AC1750 Wi-Fi technology delivers unmatched range and speed performance. It features the highest quality parts and is tested under the strictest standard to ensure dependability and performance under calling for business environments.

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