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ATEC R2 Defensive Training vs B-JHABA

The R2, previously called the Rookie, is built for collegiate level Defensive training. It's intended to be a more compact and movable variant of the professional level R3 training machine. Both r-series machines have the distinctive capability to rotate and pivot freely while the machine is on and in use, allowing you to challenge many fielders, playing different positions, one after another. Just like the R3, the R2 also lets you to accomplish the maximum number of repetitions for any Defensive drill; giving your players more quality repetitions than could possibly be achieved with only a fungo bat.

Heater Trend and Xtender 24 Batting Cage

Take hit after hit without the B-JHABA annoyance of chasing down every ball with the Trend Sports(r) Heater baseball pitching machine and Xtender 24-ft batting cage! The Heater features a 12-ball auto ball feeder so when you turn on the feeder, a ball is dropped into the pitching machine every 9 seconds. The Xtender batting cage boasts a fitted connection harness so that baseballs do not fly out of the cage.

Firstpitch Original Softball Combo up to 80mph

If you need a high quality machine that can throw a large range of ball types up tp 80 mph the FirstPitch Original is your choice. The Original will include two loading tubes so you may be able to switch from baseball to softball in seconds! Throws baseball & softballs. Two loading tubes are included. You may be able to switch tubes in seconds without tools. NOTE: This product comes with the baseball legs only Throws pitching machine balls or real baseballs and softballs. Angle and speed are adjustable 20 to 80 MPH for correct, consistent pitches. Quality construction combines the strength of steel with weight-saving aluminum. Compact and easy to carry to games. This machine will look good and operate reliably after years of service. So when your kids have outgrown it, your resale value will be there. FULL FIVE YEAR WARRANTY for residential use or a FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY for commercial use and buyer Service ensure your satisfaction. Combines the quality and features of far costly machines easy operation, shaped ball track, strong motor, and top-quality materials at a competitive price. Now with USA made Leeson Motor and Minarik dc Drive Motors. Modification knobs are nickel-plated aluminum; major bracket is black zinc-coated steel; other parts are red powder-coated aluminum. 1/3 HP motor operates on house current and draws 5 amps; grounded cord is included.

Franklin MLB

Warm up and improve your batting average with the Franklin MLB Pitching Machine. It pitches a ball every seven seconds, allowing you time to marvel at your last home run and gear up for the next one. The pitch angle is adjustable so batters of all heights can hit the ball. Pay attention to the flashing red light, which indicates that a pitch is about to be released. About Franklin Sports In 1946, brothers Irving and Sydney Franklin founded Franklin Sports in Brockton, MA. As the company grew, Franklin's headquarters moved to a bigger building in Stoughton, MA. What began as a business specializing in manufacturing leather sporting good things for the youth market has extended effectively with the addition of distribution partners in Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. As evidence of Franklin's top-quality merchandise, the Franklin batting glove is the official batting glove of big League Baseball. From professional athletes to the youngest novices, Franklin meets the needs of all, with groundbreaking merchandise and exceptional value. MLB pitching machine. Ball pitches every 7 seconds. Adjustable pitch angle. Flashing red light indicates pitch release. Will include 6 Aero-Strike plastic baseballs. Requires 4 “ D” size Alkaline batteries, not included.

ATEC M1 Single Wheel Training

THE GAME CHANGER. The all NEW M1 is the most complete and able single-wheel training machine. It is built using the same technology, processes and materials as our business leading Casey Pro 3G. The new hard concave wheel design maximizes pitch speed and accuracy. It's the only one-wheeled-machine to use concave wheel technology. The M1 is both movable and powerful, intended to be the workhorse on the field and in the batting cage. Able of throwing very correct fastballs, right-handed and left-handed curveballs, with any of our machine specification. Ball types. The M1 makes it easier than ever to build hitters' confidence and eliminate weaknesses at the plate.

ATEC Casey Pro 3G

The ATEC Casey revolutionized high-performance training, and its 3rd generation is the best still. The Casey Pro 3G features the Pinpoint Control System with micro modifications, and can throw fastballs up to 100 mph, with right- and left-handed breaking balls. Fly balls, pop ups, grounders, and blocking drills are made easy, too. About ATEC ATEC is the official training equipment source for big League Baseball, and is fast becoming one of the top names in fastpitch softball. ATEC has worked on and made training machines and equipment for more than 35 years, priding itself on performance, accuracy, and durability. Their equipment can be used every day by every team in the big leagues, also as by college, high school, and youth teams everywhere. ATEC merchandise supply a solution for persons striving to get better, and for teams wanting to take the next step. Extra restricted-time savings reflected in current price. Throws fastballs, change-ups, and breaking balls. Ideal for most defensive drills. Can hit up to 100 mph. Delivers right- and left-handed sliders. Pinpoint Control System can paint strike zone. Easy-modification pitch selection and speed map. Cast aluminum modification handles. Dual concave wheel design offers maximum control. Precision turn-balanced aluminum hub. Can rotate 360 degrees. Fitted wheels, fast-release legs for easy storage. 8-second recuperation time. Lifetime restricted warranty. Patent pending. 110-volt AC, . 25 hp motor. 110 lbs. Uses& ATEC Yellow Dimpled Balls or Leather Covered Baseballs.

Mound Yeti Two Wheel

The Mound Yeti 2 is one of the most versatile pitching machines on the market. With pitch speeds ranging from 30 - 100+ mph, this works great for all skill levels. With a fast modification, this machine can throw left handed breaking balls, right handed breaking ball, fastballs, sliders, and knuckleballs. Speed settings may be set at low, medium, high, or crank it up to bring the heat! The Mound Yeti 2 may be used for more than just BP! Angle the head of the machine up for pop-flies or down for grounders. The wheels are made from urethane to eliminate air pressure problems, however dimpled balls are suggested for use. Other merchants sell machines like this around 1700 and charge you for a softball conversion kit. The Mound Yeti 2 will include the softball kit in the price.

Softball by

Unlike any other machine, the Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine has a distinctive three-wheel design that lets you to see the ball obviously all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration and release, just like a live pitcher. The hitter sees when to stride and the angle of release, giving him an real live-arm sense of timing and place. The three-wheel design changes the breaking pitch plane by just adjusting wheel speed dials. (All two-wheel units require time consuming uncomfortable throwing head modifications to change from risers to drops or entitlement to left handed breaking pitches. ) With a fast turn of the dials you may be able to effortlessly throw 80+ MPH fastballs, risers, drops, right- and left-handed screwballs up and into the hitters. The elevation modification handle will increase or reduce the pitch. With a simple turn, you may be able to move the pitch up or down inside the strike zone between pitches. (On other two-wheel pitching machines it can be needed to release a locking system, reposition the complete throwing head by tilting it manually, then re-locking the locking system. They are uncomfortable time-consuming modifications. ) Throwing head pivots instantly in any direction for all fungo work as well as deep 250 ft. Fly balls that can drive fielders to the fence, slicing line drives, catcher's pop-ups with reverse turn, towering infield pop-ups, and grounders. The Hack Attack quickly moves on and off the field, just tilt it, unsocket legs and easily roll on two transporting wheels. The front wheel guards insure the throwing wheels never come in contact with the ground. (Some machines are moved using throwing wheels, picking up dangerous dirt and gravel which causes inaccuracy and wear. ) The Hack Attack is intended for use with guideline leather softballs, dimpled practice balls, Wiffle balls and all softer practice balls.

ATEC Rookie on CaddyPod System Softball

Design depending on feedback from ATEC's elite Advisory Staff, the New Rookie& REG; CaddyPod& #153; makes to get prepared for practice fast and easy with a fitted transport system. Just wheel it out, put the fitted legs and go. It is as simple as that, because ATEC knows how priceless your practice time is to winning championships! CaddyPod& #153; transport system360& #176; pitching head rotation120& #176; of vertical pivot and easy crank elevation adjustmentPatented Concave Disc SystemPitches real leather balls (not included)fast and easy transport and tripod systemRecovery Time: 8 sec. Generator Use: 600W CDUse Weight: 65 lbs. Speed Range: 20 - 60 mphFastballs, Fly Balls, Pop Ups, Line Drives and Grounders, Catcher's Pop Ups.

Cimarron Multi Pitch II

Want a pitching machine for training young players? This is it! The Cimarron Multi Pitch II lets coaches to pitch curve balls, fast balls, sliders, drop balls, and more. Also, coaches can make horizontal and vertical modifications for each pitch so that the batter doesn't know where the ball will cross the plate. It's suggested that you only use dimpled pitching machine balls. Use of any other balls may void your warranty.

Louisville Slugger Black Flame Ultimate

Introducing the Louisville Slugger Black Flame Pitching Machine. The Black Flame is the final multi-sport training aid for coaches and players. It throws any kind of ball and is ideal for use in baseball, softball, tennis, cricket, volleyball and soccer. Very correct, the Black Flame simplifies your training by throwing different kinds of pitches as well as ground balls, fly-balls and straight pitches between 18 and 60 miles per hour. This machine is totally movable, mechanical, and easy to use. Take it anywhere, indoors or out, and throw perfect pitches without the need of battery packs or cumbersome electric cords. This is the Official pitching machine of Babe Ruth League and Pony Baseball and Softball. It's also the pitching machine of choice for teams in the most of big and minor youth leagues in North America.

Zooka: ZS740 with Tall Tripod

Light Weight: Less Than 30 Lbs (tripod Included) Battery And Charger: interior 12 Volt Sealed Rechargeable 800 Pitches/charge At 40 MPH 700 Pitches At 50 MPH 500 Pitches At 70 MPH Battery Charger Included (110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz) Full Charge in 10 Hours. Common Battery Life 4 To 6 Years Of Normal Use Connector For extra External Battery Rugged Construction: 1/8 Inch Thick Steel Chassis High affect Polycarbonate Outer Housing High-strength Aluminum Alloy Barrel And Tripod Easy Setup: One Minute Setup, No Tools Needed Elevation Adjustable From 2 To 80 Degrees In Less Than 10 Seconds suited For Use On Grass, Dirt, Or Asphalt Surfaces Speed: Adjustable From 10 To 70 MPH Repeatable inside +/- 1 MPH Digital Speed Readout Pitch Types: Fastballs with topspin rotation Computer-controlled Changeups Pitch Distance 20 To 65 Feet Tall Tripod: Pitch Release Height 43 Short Tripod: Pitch Release Height 24 Throws: Real Baseballs Dimple Balls Safety Balls Tennis Balls Compact Size: Machine Length 36 Inches.

Spinball Wizard 2 Wheel Softball

Intended by former Boeing engineers, the Spinball Wizard two wheel pitching machine is the lightest and most movable two wheel machine on the market. The single modification clamp makes setup fast and easy- all three angles (horizontal, vertical, and turn) are set now, and will not shake loose under vibration. The machine may be rotated to throw pitches from any angle to imitate right or left handed pitchers also as throwing grounders and fly balls. Flexibility - The only differences between the baseball, softball, and ARP (Adjustable Release Point) / cricket machines are the interchangeable legs and ball feeder tubes. Single use machines can be upgraded to mix machines afterward by buying the proper upgrade kit. Motors are mounted on slots to let for big modifications between baseball and softball use, also as for minor corrections for wheel tread wear and ball hardness. Top Quality Wheels - Spinball wheel tread is thicker and more lasting than other brands. Competitors' profiled wheel tread is only 3/8" thick at the center, while Spinball wheels are a full 1" thick top grade urethane for better pitch accuracy and longer wheel life. The thicker tread gives a wheel speed recuperation time of under 2 seconds, compared with 8 seconds for ATEC. Jugs uses imported pneumatic wheels that are nearly impossible to keep balanced because they change form at quick from centrifugal force. They may also leak air and gloss over after use. Any Pitch, Any Angle - A thrown ball curves in the direction of its turn. The faster the turn, the more it curves. By adjusting the wheel speeds and the angle of the machine, the Spinball Wizard may be set to turn the ball in any direction to imitate virtually any pitch.

ATEC R3 Defensive Training

The R3 can be used by big League teams to develop and strengthen their player's Defensive expertise. Previously called the power hummer, the R3 throws 10 balls per minute, giving you the capability to execute hundreds of ground balls, line drives, fly balls and pop-ups in a single practice. Equipped with the business's lowest recuperation time of 6 seconds, the R3 is very economical. Incorporating either of ATEC r-series machines into your practice increases the practice's efficiency by eliminating the possibility of errant fungo hits. The R3 is built to do all big League level Defensive drills; as well as vertical pop-ups to catchers and sending balls from home plate to the fence to help outfielders improve playing balls at the Warning track and off the wall.

Heater Trend / Softball Combo and Xtender 30' Home Batting Cage

Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine with Auto Ball Feeder & 30 x 12 x 12 Home Batting Cage mix from Trend Sports The most cheap mix baseball and slow or fast pitch softball machine available. The Heater Combo is perfect for slow pitch softball and easily changes from pitching baseballs to pitching softballs in minutes. The bonus auto-ball feeder will deliver baseballs or softballs every 10 seconds and supports both ball types. With the variable speed control you may be able to set the pitch speeds up to 60 MPH for baseballs, and up to 58 MPH for softballs. The Heater Combo will pitch both 11 and 12 softballs with variables speeds for fast or slow pitch. And with a simple tilt modification you may also catch grounders and fly-balls. Input the Heater Combo into any standard wall outlet or use it with the optional RollingPower battery pack for convenience. Xtender 24 Home Batting Cage measures 30 X 12 x 12 and makes it possible to hit live pitches at home. Heater Pro and Xtender 30 connect with the fitted connection harness. This lets baseballs into the cage, however they wont fly out. This revolutionary connection harness lets you to hit real baseballs at home without fear of damage to anybody or anything. Money Back ensure we're so sure youll see results that youll also get a 30-Day Money Back ensure and 1-Year Parts And Labor Warranty so you have totally nothing to lose and everything to win. Heres What You Get Heater Combo Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine 1 Poly Pitching Machine Baseball for perfect baseball accuracy 12 Ball Auto-Ball Feeder delivers 1 ball every 10 seconds Variable speed control & dual bearing electric motor pitches baseballs up to 60 mph. 10 Wheel cushions the balls and pitches consistent strikes every time Rugged composite pitching machine housing to protect you from spinning wheel.

First Pitch Original Softball

The 1st Pitch Original Baseball/Softball machine is the ideal machine for batting cages and machine pitch leagues. A heavy responsibility machine, the Original features our 1/3 HP motor and throws up to 80 MPH. It throws baseballs and 11" or 12" softballs, and is well-matched with real baseballs and softballs, or pitching machine balls. The Original Features Up to 80 MPH 1/3 HP Motor No Tools obliged Real Balls, or Pitching Machine Balls Light Weight Aluminum (60 Lbs) Five Year Warranty.

Trend Heater Pro Curve

The Heater Pro Breaking Ball pitching machine pitches fast balls and breaking balls with a 1/4 horse power DC motor. It pitches strike after strike, when a variable speed control changes ball speed from 15 to 50 MPH. It has a ball feeder that holds 1 dozen balls and automatically pitches every 12 seconds giving you time to hit each pitch perfectly.

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