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STADEA Diamond Hand Polishing Pads Electroplated/Resin Set for Granite Concrete Terazzo Polishing vs BRTRH3-BSET

Diamond hand polishing pads were used for polishing, grinding, restoring/cleaning regions hard to reach by polishing tools like wet grinder polisher, angle grinder etc. A useful and useful diamond tool to polish corners, contoured surface like sink, join of two bullnose surface for Granite polishing, Concrete polishing, Marble polishing, Terrazzo polishing, Travertine polishing, glass polishing and their restoration etc. These diamond tools can be used for floor polishing, counter top polishing, stone sculpture polishing etc. It may be useful and cost saver for small polishing project. Hand polishing may be time consuming over polishing using tools like grinders etc. STADEA SUPER A (SPR A) Diamond hand polishing pads set will include 7 polishing pads from starting grit 50 to grit 3000.

Atoplee 3pcs Sponge Sanding Blocks Hand Sanding Tool 100#/180#/320#

Plans: 001 Material:sponge+emery cloth Dimension (LWT):70mm100mm26mm Granularity: 100# 002 Material:sponge+emery cloth Dimension (LWT):70mm100mm26mm Granularity: 180# 003 Material:sponge+emery cloth Dimension (LWT):70mm100mm26mm Granularity: 320# Package Included: 3pcs sponge sandpaper polishing tool.

Diamond Polishing Pads 4 inch /Dry Set of 11+1 Backer Pad Best Value Granite Concrete

4" Diamond Polishing Pad for concrete BRTRH3BSET stone 11 Pcs and 1 Rubber backer. 11 Pads are: 2 X Grit 50 100 200 1 X Grit 400 800 1500 3000 6000. 1 Pc Rubber Velcro Backer (5/8" Thread arbor). Backer has water feed hole, can do wet polishing. The set works well for wet or dry polishing of stones, wet polishing may give better shine of particular stones. Remind: Velcro Backer's max capacity is 4500 RPM. Do not use it with quick grinder.

Alpha Diamond Hand Polishing Pad - (1) 300 Grit Pad vs BRTRH-3BSET

Diamond Hand Pads Hand Polishing Pads Alpha Diamond Hand Pads were used to do convenient, on-site polishing, on materials like glass, ceramics, marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo and quartz surfaces. This system is available in two bond types to offer the best possible finish. Electroplated Grits: This kind of pad uses nickel plating technology to hold each individual diamond in place and is available in 60, 150, 300 and 500 grits. Resin Grits: This type has a better diamond grit than electroplated pads. The resin bond is coated on a special backing material and is available in 1000, 2000 and 3000 grits best suited for honing to polishing.

FLEX PE8-4 80 3 Lightweight Portable Rotary

The Flex PE8-4 80 Lightweight 3" rotating Polisher is the newest polisher in the Flex line. The lightweight compact design is ideal for use in those hard-to-reach regions when detailing. Small, however mighty, the PE8-4 80 packs apowerful 7. 6 amp motor that produces 1, 300 - 3, 900 RPM variable speed. Perfect for precision buffing. Plus the compact body doesn't block the line of sight while buffing in those hard-to-reach regions.

Makita 9237CX3 7-Inch -Sander Polishing Kit

Vehicle detailers, marine fans and stone polishers rely on Makita polishers for high-quality detailing and polishing. The 7" Polisher (model 9237C) combines consistent power and speed control with new durability and performance features. The result is a fast and powerful polisher for clear coat finishes, stone polishing, and more. Detailers will appreciate the variable speed dial and trigger so they can match the speed to the application, and the constant speed control is engineered to preserve consistent speed under load. The 9237C has a rubberized loop handle that gives added comfort for users and added protection for fragile work surfaces. For increased durability, the Polisher has a wire mesh intake cover to prevent wool bonnet fibers and other debris from entering the motor.

Flex PLW923S 4-Inch Air Stone Sander/ vs BRTRH-3-BSET

The Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher accepts 3-inch, 4-inch, or 5-inch discs, so you may be able to complete everything from detail work to big-scale projects. Variable speeds of up to 3, 600 rpm let you to decide the right speed for the job and ensure you won't leave swirls in your workpiece. With a central feed that evenly distributes water, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher will produce a smooth and uniform finish. Fast-action, brass couplings work with 1/2-inch connectors for water hoses. Heavy-responsibility power in a lightweight package, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher weighs only 2. 8 pounds, however it is tough enough to manage uninterrupted polishing of stone, concrete, marble, and granite. The compact design lets for access to tight spaces and for easy maneuverability without exhaustion. For more convenience, the sander's stable handle and lasting plastic housing are insulated with powder covering to protect against cold temperatures. The air supply and exhaust are conveniently joint in one slender wrap hose that blows exhaust to the back, away from you and your workspace. For more safety, overload protection and temperature sensors prevent overheating, when the Flex Air Stone/Polisher is tackling a big workload. Shipping is to the continental USA only.

Black & Decker W007B 7 Random Orbit Waxer/

The Black and Decker W006B 6 in. Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher easily handles trim work and curved body panels with its high-quality polishing head. And the random orbit motion gives a swirl-free, streak-free finish and professional results. The ergonomic palm and body grip design makes polishing fast and easy for everyone.

4 Semi-Rigid Flexible + Super-Flex Back Holders/Backer Pads for Diamond Polishing Pads

Back holders are intended to fit diamond polishing pads of same or bigger sizes. The polishing pads with velcro backing may be attached to any back holders easily and lets for a fast switching between different grit size. Connect a back holder to the polisher, and attach a polishing pad to the back holder. When attached to a semi-rigid or super flex back holder, the pad may be used to polish curves and Bullnose edges. When attached to a rigid back holder or aluminum back holder, the pad may be used to polish flat regions and straight edges. For tight regions like corners, we suggest using an undersized back holder to give the pads more flexibility.

HWV316POLSET 3/16-Inch Radius Stone and Concrete 3/16-Round Bullnose Shaping and Polishing Kit

The stone workers need for quality tools has led to the evolution of the Hardin product line. The structure and characteristics of marble, granite, tile, and engineered stone differ considerably from concrete. Accomplish professional results when profiling and polishing stone counter tops and surfaces with the Hardin Variable Speed wet polisher. Ergonomically intended with a water delivery system that sits under the polisher. Simply hook the end of the 5-Feet 1/4-Inch water line to a regular 5/8-Inch garden hose as a water source. Lightweight enough at about 6. 5 pounds with enough power to get the job done. This unit comes with a 950-Watt, 8. 29-Amp, variable speed motor. Adjustable via a variable speed wheel switch located at the back of the polisher. You may be able to operate from 2, 000-4, 000-RPM. When polishing, you get optimum results around 2, 500-RPM. This kit is ideal, at higher-RPM, to form the edge of a slab of granite, marble, tile, or masonry with the included vacuum brazed profile wheel. The profile wheel is easy to use. Works much like a router bit works. Has a flat surface that rides over the material being worked on. On the bottom of the vacuum brazed profile wheel, you have a guide bearing that rides up against the side of the material. Keeps the bit 100 true. Put the 1/2 round metal splash guard around the band of the polisher. Then with nothing else on the arbor simply thread the vacuum brazed profile wheel onto the 5/8-InchX11 UNC thread arbor. Set polisher to the higher-RPM setting, turn water on low, power up the grinder, apply some force parallel with the working surface, and you are on your way to profiling your custom edge. This Hardin Variable Speed Polishing kit comes with a set of 7 premium diamond polishing pads. Start polishing with the 50-Grit pad and continue polishing with each successive-Grit till you accomplish that factory shine.

4 diamond convex polishing pads kit - Hook And Loop Backing Pads Granite Stone Glass Marble Set By STADEA

4 inch diamond convex polishing pads kit & hook and loop backing pads for granite marble concrete stone glass by Stadea Series Standard A for sanding polishing of stones surfaces. The set comes with one part 4 inch convex hook and loop backing pad and seven (7) diamond convex polishing pads one part each for grit 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000. The polishing pads are good quality velcro in the back for strong grip on convex velcro hook and loop backing pad. How to Polish Granite/Concrete/Marble/Stone: These information are for polishing stones using STADEA polishing pads only. 1) generally wear protection for eyes, nose, hands, safety glass, water evidence gloves and apron. Never surpass particular rpm, never use quick grinders. 2) Secure/fasten the stone, it shouldn't slide while polishing. 3) Attach velcro backer pad and polishing pads to polisher evenly else it may wobble. Start polishing with grit 50 at low rpm, change rpm as needed. Verify the complete polished stone surface has same level of smoothness before moving to next grit. If not, continue polishing with same grit. Usually above grit 400 grit surface is be scratch free. 4) Repeat step 3, for each higher grit one by one starting grit 50 till 3000. Do not skip any grit in between. Most of the stone will show shine starting grit 800. If one still sees scratches beyond grit 800 and 1500, it's a sign that step 3 isn't followed properly in lower grits. About STADEA STADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools, and large range of tools accessories. STADEA wet dry polishing pads, diamond hand polishing pads, diamond hole saw core drill bits, cup wheels, diamond profile wheels, router bits, tuck point blades, diamond saw blades etc are lasting, violent and used in many natural stone fabrication shops, fake stone manufacturing shops global. STADEA trademark is owned by ePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA.

ZFE 3mm Shank 9mm Dia Spherical Head Grinding Polishing Head For Dremel Rotary Tools Pack of 20Pcs

20Pcs 9mm Dia Spherical Head Grinding Polishing Head For rotating Tools-3mm Shank Grinding Head Diameter 9mm, 3mm Shank suited for your dremel / Foredom machine tools. This product is suit for stainless steel, copper and iron for aluminum and other metal plastic wood and non-metallicmaterials, special interior bore grinding and polishing the concave and irregular form of the polished products are uniqueeffect.

Detail King Cyclo Master Kit Value Package

Here at Detail King we like to give auto detailers and car fan all the tools needed in a single place. This Detail King Cyclo Orbital Polisher Package comes standard with the Cyclo Model 5 Pro. This Cyclo "Master" package is perfect for the individual just starting to offer detailing, to aid in the performance of completing an outside and interior detail. Remove 800 to 1, 200 grit sand marks and scratches with our Diamond Cut super. Also, remove 1, 000 to 1, 500 grit sand marks with our Diamond Cut micro diminishing compound. Follow up with our Blue Diamond Polish to take off light imperfections & swirls plus this product will add paint protection while restoring a wet look shine. Finish all your hard work off with Detail King's STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant. Unlike other sealants, this merchandise will last 12 months and keep your detail jobs looking superb. also, this package comes with Cyclo White & Gray Soft Bristle Brushes. Using these will let you to completely clean everything from leather, carpets & floor mats to convertible roofs & tonneau covers. Detail vehicles from the inside out and get overwhelmingly perfect results with Detail King's Cyclo "Master" package! Polisher (single): Cyclo Dual Head Polisher Model 5 Pro Pads & Bonnets: Cyclo Yellow Compounding Pads (2 pair); Cyclo Orange Heavy Glazing Pads (2 pair); Cyclo White Finishing Pads(2 pair); Cyclo Green Glazing Pads(2 pair); Cyclo White Soft Bristle Brushes(1 pair); Cyclo Gray super Soft Bristle Brushes(1 pair); Cyclo Terry Cloth Bonnets(2 pair). Compounds, Polishes & Chemicals (16 oz): Diamond Cut super; Diamond Cut; Blue Diamond; STS 3000; last Touch super Express Wax; Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo; Pad Renewing Solution. Towels, Brushes & Applicators: Microfiber Super Towels 16 x 16 (2); Pad Cleaning Brush (1).

diamond profile wheel 3/8 inch radius - Demi Half Bullnose B10 Router Bit For Marble Stone Granite Edges By STADEA

STADEA Series Super A diamond profile wheel hand profiler router bits radius demi half bullnose B10 3/8" 10 mm is a versatile tool to create professional contour on stone concrete marble slab granite tile countertop profile edges. It aids both dry also as wet grinding contouring, and offers 5/8" 11 threaded arbor to attach seamlessly with 5/8" 11 spindle of low speed hand grinder or hand wet stone polisher. The profile wheel interior water holes are intended for uninterrupted water flow to keep slab stone counter edges continuously cool wet and lubricated while grinding. Wheels top round guide is intended to regulate longitudinal and lateral motion of wheel and gives greater flexibility and control on profile depth and width. The profile is built with vacuum brazed technology recognized for stronger bonds, wear resistance and durability. It offers a long lasting life and violent economical clean sharp faster cuts on stones like granite marble concrete travertine terrazzo quartz etc. About Demi Radius Half Bullnose Demi bullnose profile is a common edge design for kitchen counter tops edges. It's aka Radius, Half bullnose etc. Demi Half bullnose profile can be used on marble concrete stone tiles granite profile edges greatly caused by its stylish look, easy use and safety features. It's one of the classic profile choices. It has rounded edge alike to one 4th part of a smaller circle, and has no exposing sharp corners. It's easy to clean as complete profile is single contour without any crevices that inhibits deposit of good dust. Spill trickles down as lowest point of edge ends into a line. About STADEA STADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools, and large range of tools accessories. STADEA lasting, violent diamond tools were used by natural stone fabrication shops, fake stone manufacturing shops, DIY global. STADEA is registered trademark of ePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA.

Dremel The Regent Model 795 Electric Double Buffer Shoe Shine Applicator

Dremel Shoe ShinerThis is a shoe polisher by Dremel. The polisher is called The Regent. The model is 795. This polisher and buffer is perfect for a large range of applications. It's made in USA with top quality parts and is intended to last a lifetime. It operates with a calm and low vibration motor on a single speed. This polisher features removable pads, so different pads may be used or replaced. The shiner has a black and red polisher. It has a metal pole that sticks up. Measurements: 14 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 32"The polisher is in good condition. It was tested. The buffers have some wear. The base and pole has some wear, look at the photos provided. Look at all shipping alternatives. Thanks for your interest.

Zeta Marathon III Champion Micromotor and SH37SN Handpiece Complete Set

Plans Motor Speed of motor: 0 to 35, 000 rpm Dimension of motor: 15. 5128cm Torque: 2. 4 Ncm Weight: 1. 8KG Marathon H37SN with 3/32" chuck size for HP shank bur. Handpiece Model: SDE-H37L1 Speed: 0 to 35, 000 rpm Output power: 40W Input power: 110V/220V 50/60Hz Length: 15. 2CM Diameter: 2. 89cm Torque: 2. 4Ncm Weight: 230g Packing List 1 x Marathon Champion Micromotor 1 x Marathon H37L1 Handpiece (35, 000rpm) 1 x ON/OFF style foot pedal 1 x Handpiece Cradles / Holders.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 3024 12 Volt Cordless Random Orbit Palm

The Astro Pneumatic 3024 12 Volt Cordless Palm Wax Polisher makes car polishing fast and easy, leaving an excellent finish. The cordless design lets for convenience and mobility, and it's ergonomically shaped to offer the user with comfort. The Velcro design helps users change the polishing pad easily, and the oval palm grip gives better control. The set will include 1 sponge pad, 2 2. 0AH batteries, and 1 1HR fast charger.

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