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D'Addario Kaplan Amo String Set, Scale, Medium Tension vs DGB4

Scaled to fit 4/4 size violin with a playing length of 13 inches (328mm), these medium tension strings are optimized to the needs of a most of players. Packaging in uniquely-intended sealed pouches gives unparalleled protection from the elements that because corrosion. Kaplan violin strings offer professional-level players an unprecedented mix of beauty and power in two alternatives, Kaplan Vivo and Kaplan Amo. Kaplan Vivo delivers brilliance, clearness, and a robust feel for darker instruments, while Kaplan Amo gives warmth, richness, and flexibility for lighter instruments. Both sets settle quickly, exhibiting a rich tonal color palette and superb bow answer.

Vio Music Case Size w/ Hygrometer

Oxford-style cordura covered case. Oblong form available in assorted interior colors. Thick bubble in all the right places to protect your violin and a plush lining to avoid scratches. This lightweight case makes it simple for you to take your violin anywhere. Many compartments for accessories inside and full size outside pocket.

Bonmusica 1/8 Shoulder Rest

The Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rest is height, width, and curve adjustable so that the player may get a exact fit and be as comfy as possible. The curved padded base may be easily manipulated to fit the exact contour of the player's shoulder, holding the instrument in place while promoting hands-free stability for easy changing and vibrato. The bubble padding is greatly tolerant to wear and is very comfy. Unlike many other shoulder rests, the Bonmusica may be used by left-handed players. This well-liked shoulder rest aids players who suffer from last injuries or arthritis as it lets the shoulder to remain relaxed while keeping the instrument at the correct height and angle, rather than drooping forward. All Bonmusica shoulder rests are German-intended and German-made.

Everest Blue ES Series Adjustable Shoulder Rest vs DGB-4

These colorful Everest Spring Collection Series DGB4 Shoulder Rests are same to the very well-liked EZ Series, so you may be able to expect them to offer the same excellent comfort and durability. Everest has worked on a technique to carefully use premium quality baked paint to create an nearly car-like gloss finish available in a range of fun colors! This Everest Blue ES Series 4/4 Violin Adjustable Shoulder Rest is built to last.

Kun Voce Shoulder Rest -3/4 Size

New lightweight shoulder rest is made from authentic aerospace-grade carbon-fiber which is strong and features an aesthetically appealing design. Carbon-fiber was chosen for its acoustic and resonance properties which are as good, or better than, wood material. Ergonomically intended, giving the same comfort as do all Kun merchandise. Patented folding system and has groundbreaking finite adjusting system..

Thomastik-Infeld VIT02 Vision Titanium Solo Strings, Single A String, Size, Synthetic Core, Aluminum Wound

Thomastik-Infeld, the groundbreaking leader in orchestral string design and production for 85 years, are happy to continue their legacy with the introduction of the Vision(tm) strings for violin. These strings are exactly intended to fulfill the needs of advanced violinists, as well as those who excel in orchestral or chamber group settings. They settle in quickly and can accomplish a stable tuning inside a short time and are very easy to play. Their durability is unsurpassed in comparison to other synthetic core strings. Players will be happy with the compatibility between Vision(tm) strings and other Thomastik-Infeld synthetic core strings like Dominant(tm), Infeld(tm) Red and Blue. Vision(tm) violin strings - made with your vision in mind.

AcoustaGrip 'Soloist' Shoulder Rest-Fits 3/4 and Full Size s and Violas

The Soloist violin/viola shoulder rests offer 3 distinctive layers of acoustical material, each of a different density and responsiveness. One level is made from special acoustical material, delivering improved sound, final comfort and a secure hold while defending against bruising, sores and marks on your chin, neck and collarbone and relieving shoulder ache. Another level attaches behind your instrument using micro-air technology. The White level gives the Soloist violin shoulder rest added projection, increased resonance and lets the musician to create the maximum overtones for the Violin or Viola. The Soloists Ergonomic design sets the violin or violas position at the most favored angle for easy performance and the best sound projection. The Soloist uses no clamps or glues that could stop the woods vibrations or damage the violins finish. The 1697 Napoleon Stradivarius and the 1778 DeLay Guadagnini enjoyed AcoustaGrip for many years. Both instruments were highly praised for their condition and set world record sales prices.

Knilling Bucharest Model Outfit (Perfection Pegs, Thermoplastic Case, Glasser glass )

Exceptional value and superior performance. Our most well-liked European student model, the Knilling Bucharest is crafted to reflect the essential qualities - easy tuning, practical playability, tone quality and structural honesty - that offer the chance for the student or player to earn and own the pleasure and satisfaction of making music. Properly seasoned, grain European spruce top, and lightly flamed maple back are completely carved and graduated for superior tone, with agreeing maple ribs, neck and scroll. Real inlaid purfling around the top and back guards the plates, and the hard ebony nut, fingerboard, tailpiece, saddle, and endpin, ensure durability. Shop adjusted in the U. S. A, with quality parts, as well as the revolutionary Perfection planetary pegs with interior micro-gears, for effortless and dependable tuning without fear of slipping or sticking pegs; custom hand-fitted German maple bridge for superior sound transmission; comfy Dresden model chinrest, and quality D'Addario Prelude steelcore strings. Meets or exceeds plans established by the Music Educators National Conference. Outfit will include deluxe shaped thermoplastic case with aluminum valance, with strengthened shell and valance mounted hardware for durability; completely-lined interior with two bow holders, covered accessory compartment, rosin and pitchpipe. Available in 4/4, 3/4 and 1/2 size. Established in 1922, Knilling String Instruments has had the opportunity of working with some of the finest craftsmen during the world; if for a beginner or seasoned player, our instruments reflect Knilling's commitment to unparalleled quality and exceptional value.

Softalk Black Phone Shoulder Rest with Microban (00101M)

Keep your hands free when talking on the phone, decrease exhaustion and supply comfy padded break to your shoulder, neck and ear. Intended to fit most black contour back phones the shoulder rest attaches with self-sticky back and the non-slip black plastic rest will include Microban antimicrobial product protection.


Regarded as the most groundbreaking of all the CodaBows, the Joule Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow evokes a performance unachievable with conventional materials. First worked on entirely for expanded range and electric instruments, this breakthrough design is able of commanding power from the lower range while finessing color and nuance from the upper range. Compelling on both expanded range and conventional instruments, the CodaBow Joule Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow possesses an empowering energy that must be experienced to really appreciate. The CodaBow family of good graphite-fiber performance bows represent years of cautious study and evaluation of history's greatest bows - bows from masters like F. Tourte, D. Peccate, and J. Tubbs. Dedicated to the art of bowmaking, CodaBow has united time-honored traditions with the science of today's advanced materials. The result are bows that not only feel and perform at levels that will any player, they, also produces a sound found only in the finest pernambuco bows - a sound you have to hear to appreciate.

FREE GUIDE BONUS BUNDLE - LEARN HOW TO PLAY - Get a FREE Fretless Finger Guide when you buy a Learning Manual and Note Finder Po

Learn to play violin or fiddle with the Fretless Finger Guides 17 page learning manual, song library, 24"x18" full color poster and FREE full size fingerboard guide. The 4/4 fingerboard Guide is made from sticky free static cling vinyl. It clings to itself, not to your violin. The poster maps out where the 1st position notes are located on your fingerboard also as where they may be found on the music staff. It also gives an explanation of how to find the sharps and flats. Poster will include Fretless Finger Guides distinctive violin tablature. Shows how to effortlessly find the notes for 1st position violin scales. The manual holds color coded violin sheet music for 14 songs, 16 scales, and a violin note finder map with complete information for how to find any note in a music score or scale composed for 1st position violin. An introduction to bowing, basic music hypothesis and music terminology gives you easy to understand info that assists you get started. An explanation of scale hypothesis and how scales are played on the fingerboard. The scale part gives the basic foundation you have to play violin or fiddle music. Will include an introduction to beat, rate and timing, the big three when it comes to the soul of a song. This learning technique and song library will include the patented Fretless Finger Guide which shows 1st position notes on a full size (4/4) violin or fiddle fingerboard. The learning technique, song library and our Fretless Finger Guide are the tools you have to easily learn where the notes are on the music staff and your fingerboard. Learning scales and songs never been easier. Our color coded diagrams supply a no-miss road map that shows you exactly how to find the 1st position notes on the music staff and your violin or fiddle fingerboard. A better way for beginners to learn violin. Far superior to gummy violin finger tapes, violin position marker strips and decals.

Kolstein Ultra Formulation Supreme Rosin Dark

Kolstein Rosins are exactly formulated for each instrument, offering strong, adherence, long lasting power, and very low powdering. It has an indefinite counter life made possible by a continual wetting broker in the formula which prevents crystallization, permits easier application, and promotes reduced powdering while playing, also as preventing the rosin from drying out over time. A History of Kolstein RosinsUpon examining the rosin situation of the modern day violinist, violist, cellist and bassist, it became obvious that the need for a consistent rosin exactly formulated for each instrument was largely needed. Previous to the development of Kolstein's Formulation Supreme Rosins, rosin was generically made for all instruments with players being forced to use rosins which weren't formulated with the individual instrument's prerequisites, the violin, viola, and cello players were using same cakes of rosin. Kolstein's Formulation Supreme Rosin has corrected this problem so that each string player has the choice of having not only their own exactly formulated rosin. In producing our Kolstein Rosin line, the most stringent product control exists, entailing: exact measurement of the finest ingredients in rigorous accordance with the worked on Kolstein formulas. Pouring into silicon molds to ensure uniform hardening and avoid thermal cracking. Adhering to a obliged minimum curing period for pre-determined time. Packaging consists of a lint-evidence chamois-like material attached to the rosin cake, with a protecting removable cap over the rosin which is put in into an nice gold foil container, however practically sized to easily fit in any way or cover. Kolstein's Formulation Supreme Rosin has really answered the need of the discriminating player who is striving for a particular formulation of rosin to complement their bow and instrument, offering strong, adherence.

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold String Set - Silver Wound G - Loop E - Medium Gauge

This is an Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin brand medium gauge full string set made by Pirastro. It features a stainless steel loop-end E string, an aluminum wound synthetic core A string, a silver wound synthetic core D string, and a silver wound synthetic core G string. This full 4/4 violin string set is medium gauge. The sound of Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin strings is full-bodied from the bottom to the top of the register. The design of the individual strings was carefully paired to one another allowing for effortlessly smooth transitions from string to string giving the strings both a marked presence and clearness and remaining pedal-like resonance. Two variants of the G string are available, one wound with gold and one with silver. This flexibility lets the performer to gauge which string will match his or her personal preference also as that of the instrument. The gold wound G string gives a round and full tone, while that of the silver wound G string emphasizes light. The groundbreaking material used in the E string offers excellent answer and a big, noble, and smooth sound to the top of the register. The E string is available with a ball or loop end.


We have tested hundreds of cheap violin bows and chosen this as our favorite. The Fiddlerman bow is the best deal on any violin bow in this price, satisfaction guaranteed. In our opinion, much better than any inexpensive pernambuco violin bow! Weight is roughly 60 grams. This Black Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow is made to replicate the perfect weight and curve of an costly Pernambuco wood bow. If you are spending less than four times the amount on a bow, we suggest you go with a Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow. Anything short of a quality wood bow will most probably not give you the right weight distribution or curve. We favor this bow over the Presto Violin Bows. Many times better than the lasalle violin bows, . Perfect violin bow upgrade if you have bought a Kremona, Stentor, Mendini, or Cecilio outfit. High quality hand made Fiddlerman carbon fiber composite violin bow. Nicely decorated copper mounted ebony frog. Quality Siberian horse hair. Great balance. Nice arch with good bounce and action. Rosin never touched this bow. Use your favorite violin rosin. Full size violin bow 4/4 Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow Black Violin Bow.

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi String Set - Medium Gauge - With Ball-End Gold-Plated E

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings are made with the newest manufacturing methods and offer a focused sound, large dynamic range, fast answer and are greatly sensitive to pianissimo passages, the most intensive smart sounding synthetic core strings. This full 4/4 violin string set will include a Ball-End Gold-Plated Steel E String, Ball-End Aluminum Wound Synthetic Core A String, Silver Wound Synthetic Core D String, and a Silver Wound Synthetic Core G String.

JSI Special String Set: Gold Label Ball-End E & Dominant A, D, and G Strings - Medium Gauge

Using our 30-plus years of string instrument experience we have put together a great sounding 4/4 Violin string set at a nice price. This is a best selling 4/4 Violin string set in our stores. Pirastro Gold Label E strings are one of the most well-liked E strings on the market, working well with many other strings. These strings are liked by orchestral players for their high volume and full sound. Dominant series violin strings are one of the most widely-used synthetic strings. A greatly adaptable, multi-strand perlon core makes these comparable in sound and feel to natural gut.

Larsen Tzigane String Set - Medium Gauge with Loop-end E

Larsen Tzigane violin strings, without exaggerated tension, are constructed on a newly worked on composite fibre bundle core. Tension creates volume rather than carrying power. The distinctive mix of overtones makes for a quality sound not unlike that of a great singer - a sound that carries while, simultaneously, is nice to the ear of the player. Tzigane strings offer a sound and answer alike to gut strings, allowing a broad range of tonal colors. A complex, rich tone with good concentrate and projection.

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