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Polk Audio LSiM 703 MM Bookshelf Loudspeaker (Midnight Mahogany)(1 speaker) vs DS10-EQ1-BK

There is no doubt that bookshelf loudspeakers offer greater placement flexibility than floor standing loudspeakers but typically with a trade-off in performance. Not so with the LSiM703 bookshelf loudspeakers. You will be delightfully surprised to hear the kind of performance that befits our flagship loudspeaker line. With a 6 1/2-inch mid-woofer, 3 1/4-inch midrange, both of lightweight super cell aerated polypropylene, joint with the improved deep musical bass answer of Polk's patented PowerPort bass venting system, the LSiM703 delivers a large, deep, dynamic soundstage. The addition of the proprietary 1-inch ring radiator tweeter adds pinpoint detail for realistic imaging. With the performance of the groundbreaking thin Series in a smaller, adaptable bookshelf speaker format, the LSiM703 gives you the best of all worlds.

Polk Audio DSW MicroPRO 3000 (Single, Black)

Packing a 1200 watt amplifier, the Polk DSW MicroPRO 3000 subwoofer uses a 10-inch woofer and a 10 x 10-inch bass radiator. Who should listen to the Polk DSW MicroPRO series? anybody looking for a big quantity AND quality of bass, from a compact enclosure. The DSW MicroPRO 3000 is suited for any genre of music, and any style of movie. It works great for video games, too. But do not let its compact size fool you; it'll play deafening and deep, powerful, musical bass. With a host of groundbreaking features, as well as a quadrilateral liquid-coupled bass radiator that creates big bass from a small cabinet. A distinctive inverted dustcap design gives the woofer an stylish look while eliminating the need for a grill. All these features add up to thrilling subwoofer performance.

AIWUJIN SD Wire DIY Heating Coil Wire, Twisted

Style: Mix twisted AIWUJIN Resistance Wire DS10EQ1-BK Heat tolerant for use at temperatures up to 1400° C (2550° F). The alloy has high resistivity and great oxidation resistance 100 Brand New Best Quality Fast Heating Easy DIY made coil wire. This premium, long lasting, great wicking, pre-built wire only offer by AIWUJIN No ramp up time - makes rebuilding easy Prebuilt premium coil high quality design Coming on a nice little spool makes the wire super easy to work 15Feet / Roll with Extra medical absorbent cotton, Wrapped tight and flawless.

MartinLogan Depth i High-Performance Triple 8-Inch Servo-Control (Single, Maple) vs DS-10EQ-1-BK

Depth i deploys the full array of MartinLogan's advanced subwoofer technologies to accomplish deep, rich, satisfying bass while preserving electrostatic-like accuracy and detail. Its TriLinear BalancedForce alignment, advanced low-distortion switching amplifier, and sophisticated triple-servo control systems extract the best possible performance from Depth i's high-resolution 8-inch aluminum-cone drivers. TriLinear BalancedForce places the subwoofer's three drivers exactly 120 degrees separately from each other in the cabinet. Their reaction force vectors meet at the center and exactly cancel, virtually eliminating cabinet resonance and vibration. Gone with them are the cabinet-radiation coloration and bass blur that afflict the best regular subwoofers. The triple-servo system, In the meantime, assures that the output from the drivers themselves – the output we want – is generally an totally faithful copy of the audio input signal. Depth i blends easily into any high-performance stereo music or multi-channel home theater system. In fact, with its easily available top-mounted controls and individually configurable LFE and two-channel inputs, Depth i's performance may be independently optimized for home-theater and stereo operation in the same system.

SVS PC13 Ultra 13-inch 1000 Cylinder

PC13Ultra The final SVS Powered Cylinder The original SVS subwoofer was a cylinder design, and this distinctive and stylish form factor has since become an iconic symbol of SVS performance inheritance. The PC13Ultra is the final expression of the powered cylinder, representing the pinnacle of SVS technology and our passion for building the most uncompromising highperformance subwoofers on the planet. The PC13Ultra will surpass the expectations of the most discriminating audiophile and hardcore home theater fan. Exclusive Ultra13 Driver economical Performance and Versatile Tuning Immersive and Legendary Performance.

Pyle PLTB8 8-Inch - Carpeted Tube

This Pyle Blue Wave subwoofer pushes 400 watts of booming bass! The 8” subwoofer tube has a high quality carpeted construction for that classic look. It&'s equipped with a blue polypropylene cone and specially treated black rubber edge suspension for a distortion-free sound that rocks. The 2” aluminum voice coil gives the punch, while the bass reflex vent adds more sub-bass, finally attaining a frequency answer of 30 Hz to 700 Hz.

Velodyne 80-EQM12BV EQ-MAX 12-Inch (Black Vinyl) vs DS-10-EQ-1-BK

The EQ-Max 12 features technological novelty at an unbelievable value. The 450 watt dynamic amplifier and down-firing port go as low as 25 Hz while output up to 135 Hz at 3 dB down more rounding out your satellite speakers' low end. Press the remote's EQ button to do Auto-EQ, which matches the subwoofer's bass output to your room's acoustical characteristics using digital technology and a down-firing port to decrease distortion. Choose the movies, jazz/classical, games, or R&B/rock listening predetermined with one button press. This subwoofer's black cabinet meshes with most room styles, however just in case it was intended to be built into custom cupboards too.

M& K Sound X10 THX Ultra2 Certified Dual 10 Active (Black)

As dedicated audiophiles with a passion for the art and science of high quality audio reproduction, the M& K Sound team strives towards the elusive objective of effortless realism. One of the many secrets behind our success in this endeavor is the fact that M& K were the 1st in the world to acknowledge the true importance of expanded, correct, forceful bass as embodied in the all-new X Series subwoofers. Nearly anybody can throw bass in your face, however only the M& K Sound X Series delivers bass in its place, optimally integrated in the in general sonic texture for an engaging, seamless, natural listening experience.

SVS SB13-Ultra – 13.5-inch, 1000 DSP Controlled, Sealed Box Variable Tuning (Piano Gloss)

SB13 super Unmatched Sound Quality and Extreme Performance stylish Footprint The SB13Ultra delivers an remaining mix of hightech parts and features, good looking aesthetics, extreme performance, and easy room integration. The SB13Ultra is the finest subwoofer in its class, with unparalleled performance value. Mission accomplished SVS style. 13. 5" highperformance super driver STA1000D Sledge 1000 watt Amplifier Customtooled diecast aluminum basket.

Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive 12-Inch High Power Dual Voice

Custom Tooled Die-Cast Aluminum Basket Black Laminated Pulp Cone Oversized 2-Inch bubble Surround Dual 3" High Temperature BAEISV Voice Coil 125 Oz x 3 High Density Barium Ferrite Magnet Power Handling: 3000 Watts RMS /6000 Watts Peak Frequency answer: 50-300 Hz blockage:Dual 1. 2 Ohms DVC Efficiency: 87dB(1W/1M).

JBL SRX828SP Dual Self-, System, 18

A full suite of User Controllable DSP driven by the SRX800 Series powerful onboard 400MHz Sharc DSP will include 20 PEQ&'s, 2 seconds of delay, signal generators, Input mixing, amplifier monitoring, and 50 User Presets. Also, the system can integrate V5 JBL Tunings compatibility with our flagship Vertec and VTX touring systems. An integrated LCD screen supports fast setup and configuration.

Martin Logan Dynamo 1500X 15 Satin Black

Dynamo 1500X features advanced Martin Logan engineering as well as a 650 watt (1300 watt peak) amplifier and a 15-inch low distortion woofer with a powerful magnet structure to deliver big excursion and output while preserving subtle bass detail. XLR, RCA, and 12-volt trigger inputs ensure connection flexibility while simplifying system integration. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily) changes into a front-firing setup for those who favor a "hidden" installation. With optional PBK room correction (sold individually) the Dynamo 1500X is guaranteed to sound exceptional in any room.

Klipsch RP-250S Reference Premiere Surround Speakers (Ebony Pair)

Klipsch Reference Premier RP240S Surround speakers meld premium parts with legendary engineering making sure roomfilling sound that's dynamic while retaining clearness. The redesigned Dual 90 x 90 Hybrid Tractrix& trade Horns maintains excellent high frequency answer while bolstering speaker imaging and dynamics. Dual 4 Spun Cerametallic Woofers cones deliver hardhitting bass free of distortion and conebreakup. Classic looks never go out of style, just like this ebony RP240S tower speaker from Klipsch.

JBL ES250PBK High-Performance 12-Inch

The ES250P powered subwoofer is just the ticket for bringing your home theater system to life. The ES250P performs like a pro, with technology worked on by the JBL Professional division. Equipped with a tried-and-true JBL PolyPlas woofer, the ES250P delivers unsurpassed low-frequency performance. Special effects in your beloved movies are deafening and clear, without unwanted distortion or boominess. A powerful amplifier delivers up to 700 watts of peak power. LFE- and line-level inputs supply maximum connection flexibility. And convenient level and crossover-frequency controls, and a phase switch let you tailor the ES250P's performance to your room's acoustics. Available in a black or cherry finish with a black grill.

2) Pyle PLG64 6.5 600 Car Mid Bass/Midrange s Subs Power Speakers

Package will include: 2 x Pyle PLG64 6. 5" 300W Car Subwoofers --- The Pyle PLG64 speakers are intended to offer the best quality sound for the budget-minded fan. This 6. 5' woofer has 300 watts of pure power supported by a 1' high temperature voice coil to increase the low end. Hear the rumbling lows of your beloved music thanks to the 30 oz. Magnet structure. The non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround and yellow-color poly-injected cone supply a tough foundation for keeping your sound very clear and distortion-free. To increase performance, these speakers have been equipped with a strong capacitor, meaning your speakers will never struggle for power. These speakers look cool, too, thanks to the yellow coated steel basket. You will hear everything you were meant to hear with Pyle Gear. 1 purchase = 2 subwoofers we're an authorized Pyle dealer.

Polk Audio PSW110 10-Inch (Single, Cherry)

This new Powered Subwoofer delivers powerful, correct and musical bass at shockingly low prices. Built for power and value, the new models represent a continuing refinement of the greatly regarded PSW Series and a great introduction to visceral home theater bass performance. Deafening & Low specifications(CEA2010): Low 114. 6 db / super 86. 7 db.

SVS PC-2000 – 12” , 500 DSP Controlled, Ported Cylinder (Black Ash)

Meet the PC2000 cylinder subwoofer from SVS. A whole new take on the conventional subwoofer, the PC2000s cylinder form houses a powerful 500 watt amplifier and a 12" high output driver intended with SVS unmatched bass performance and unbelievable sound technology. Enjoy the rush of your beloved movies and shows while the PC2000 effortlessly delivers the dynamic flexibility and raw punch of clean, exact bass. And with only a 16. 5" footprint, the PC2000 will fit almost anyplace in your home theater space. Upgraded with Sledge STA500D amplifier technology and downfiring 12" driver of the highly praised 2000 Series, its deep bass extension and midbass slam are remaining. Music and Bluray concerts are rendered with subtlety and nuance, and a tight, fast and musical bass line. Action and scifi movies will take on new levels of slam/affect, and the subterranean 16 Hz extension delivers spinetingling lows and whiteknuckle tension on dramas, thrillers and horror flicks. And thanks to with integrated SoundPath separation System, elastomer feet that decouple and separate the subwoofer from the floor, that bass sound is cleaner, tighter sounding and less probably to disturb neighbors and housemates. Topping off this performance refresh, the PC2000 gets a premium blackknit speaker grill cloth cylinder covering, and an interchangeable top cap available in black ash and black piano gloss finishes which help this good looking subwoofer fit into a large range of dcors.

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