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Matala High Flow Pump - 13000 GPH GHF-13000 vs EC50-C93-S

Matala GeyserHi-Flow High Flow Pump - 13000 GPH GHF-13000. Matala Submersible GeyserHi-Flow GHF-13000 Water Pump Features: totally Submersible 2 Year WarrantyThe Matala 13000 High-Flow water pump is intended for big waterfalls fountains and/or garden spraying irrigation discharging water from farmland ponds rainwater sump pits and washed water handling. 10mm hole size in strainer 2 year warranty Applications for the Matala GeyserHi-Flow GHF-13000 Pump: big waterfall fountain and garden spraying Irrigate or discharge water from farmland or ponds For use to discharge rainwater Sump pit and washed water handling MatalaGHF-13000GeyserHi-Flow High Flow Pump Flow Curve Matala GHF-13000 GeyserHi-Flow High Flow Pump plans Matala GeyserHi-Flow High Flow Pumps.

ABS Robusta 300TS - 1/2 hp Sump Pump

The ROBUSTA series was intended for EC50C93S pumping clear and wastewater from house, garden or yard, and is supplied with fitted level control and check valve. The pump and motor part form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit, completely flood-evidence, with motor housing constructed from corrosion tolerant material, and the outer jacket and impeller of lasting plastics. The distinctive hand/auto switch makes the pump suited for manual or auto operation. The ABS ROBUSTA was intended for pumping clear and wastewater from house, garden or yard, and is supplied with fitted level control and check valve. The pump and motor part form a pressure-tight encapsulated unit, with motor housing constructed from corrosion tolerant material. The outer jacket and impeller are made of lasting plastics. The distinctive hand/auto switch makes the pump suited for manual or auto operation. Outer jacket and other housing parts made of corrosion tolerant synthetic material. Motor housing is made of coated aluminum. Motor is dynamically balanced with temperature monitor in the stator, which switches off the pump in the case of overheating and switches on automatically after cooling down. Shaft is made of stainless steel. The sealing on the motor side is by means of special lip seals supported by lubricated ball bearings. The medium being pumped goes around the motor housing for optimum heat dissipation. The TS variant has a fitted auto level control, with easily removable float cover for cleaning reasons. Separate switch for uninterrupted operation in transportable applications. The special bayonet clamping lets the screen to be removed by hand in the event an impeller inspection is needed. Rust evidence polypropylene construction Fits into 8" diameter opening Check valve included Air filled capacitor start motor Clog evidence impeller design 1/2" solids handling capability UL and CSA listed.

Dayton 6PY42 Pump, Diaphragm, 1/2 In

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump, Metallic Double Diaphragm, Air Inlet 1/4 In, Flow 8 GPM, Max Flow 9 CFM, Max Flow 12 GPM, Max Operating PSI 100, Inlet 1/2 In FNPT, Outlet 1/2 In FNPT, Port Type Single, Max Dia Solids 1/32 In, Max Temp 180 F, Buna N Ball Material, Aluminum Body Material, Aluminum Check Seat Material, Buna N Diaphragm Material, Self Priming Dry 5 Ft, Self Priming Wet 28 Ft.

Zoeller 44-0007 LM44 0.25 HP Floor Sucker Automatic watering Submersible Utility Pump with 20-foot Cord vs EC-50C-93S

When you have residential or commercial wastewater issues, you may be able to count on Zoeller Pumps to deliver the best solutions-our commitment to top quality offers you years of service and durability-with our responsive and knowledgeable product support team just a phone call away. This series of utility pumps is intended for use in dewatering applications and may be used to move groundwater. They're very useful for transferring unwanted water away from building foundations, basements and work regions.

Little Giant SPBS Emergency Back-up with 1600 GPH Sump Pump and Battery Charger with Alarm

This Little Giant sump pump emergency backup system will remove 1, 600 gallons per hour. It has emergency protection from water damage caused by main sump pump failure or power outage. It comes with a professional-grade 12V DC/10 amp battery charger with alarm. System also will include a 1-1/2 inch PVC tee, check valve, pump mounting bracket/clamps, battery box and vertical float switch. Six foot cord on the pump is included.

WAYNE SPF33 Thermoplastic Submersible Sump Pump With Vertical Float Switch

1/3 hp, thermoplastic, submersible sump pump, with vertical switch, intended for 11-inch diameter or bigger sump basin, pumps up to 3600 gph at 0', strengthened thermoplastic submersible sump pump, vertical float switch for auto operation, oil filled, thermally protected motor prevents overheating, dependable, strengthened poly carbonate impeller, top suction design filters debris & minimizes clogging, intended for easy installation without any plumbing changes, float guard protects switch from hang ups, epoxy coated steel, high performance 1/3 hp, motor, 1-1/2-inch npt discharge & strengthened thermoplastic base.

Little Giant 508058 8-CIM 25FT vs EC-50-C-93-S

Little Giant's 8-CIM manual sump pump gives economical and dependable service for residential and light commercial use. For expanded or uninterrupted use in moving big volumes of water, these pumps feature a 1-1/2" discharge with a maximum head of 22. 9', a polycarbonate cover and a polypropylene volute/base.

Taco 0014-VDTF1 Variable Speed lta T Circulator - 1/8HP - Cast Iron

The Variable Speed Delta T 0014-VDTF1 Cartridge Circulator (00-VDT) is a microprocessor-established pump which automatically changes its performance to deliver the best heat move depending on the real operation of the system. The 00-VDT regulates the temperature to offer a fixed temperature difference of between 5 - 50 Degrees between two field installed sensors. Variable speed pumping to preserve a set differential temperature (delta T) between two sensors lets for auto modification of the pump's performance to go with the load of the system or zone, eliminate velocity sound in zone valve systems and conserve energy. Since delta T is directly related to flow rate, the pump's speed continually changes to the obliged BTU per hour. In nearly all applications the design of the system was depending on being able to preserve some delta T and figured by using the common hydronics equation of BTU/hr = GPM x 500 x Delta T. Given that, any time there's a change to the heat load (i. E. Warmer day or greater heat loss from a structure) then the GPM should change to go with the obliged BTU/hr. This is achieved when the variable speed 00-VDT Circulators automatically and continually change their GPM output (by varying speed) to go with the obliged BTU/hr output of the system, regardless the changes in heat load, while generally maintaining the intended delta T between a supply and return sensor. Find more e-Smart merchandise.

Dayton 3BB77 Pump, Sump, 1/2 HP

Submersible Cast Iron Sump Pump, Rated Commercial/Industrial, HP ranking 1/2, Voltage @ 60 Hz 120 Current @ 120 VAC 9. 8 Amps, auto large Angle Mechanical Float Switch, Off Point 4. 25 Inches, On Point 13. 25 Inches, Water Flow @ 5 Feet of Head 80 GPM, Shut Off @ 32 Feet, Discharge NPT 1 1/2 Inches, Maximum hard Handling 1/2 inch, Maximum Temperature 104 Degrees F, Cord 14/3 x 15 Feet, Fits Sumps 18 Inches in Diameter x 24 Inches Deep or Greater, Pump Diameter 8. 52 Inches, Height 12. 25 Inches.

EBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER Automatic Sump Pump, 3/4 HP, 1 x 115

EBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER auto Sump Pump, 3/4 HP, 1 x 115The Ebara Stainless Steel Series Drainage Sump Pumps offer you a complete complete range of submersible drainage pumps for pumping slurry, dirty and semi-dirty water. Never before have benefits this big been offered in a drainage pump. The versatility and rugged construction of these pumps let for confident use in fixed or mobile service. Features are: 304 stainless-fitted overload width auto reset-air-filled uninterrupted responsibility motor-oil-lubricated, double-faced mechanical seal. EBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER auto Sump Pump Features: High quality stainless steel 2" solids handling Single and three phase models available Motor is 2 pole, dry submerged, rated uninterrupted responsibility Class F motor insulation 104F max. Liquid temperature uninterrupted operation, completely submerged; 140 F intermittent operation auto operation Auto float switch is mechanical/non-mercury NPT thread discharge 1-1/2" Double mechanical seal with viton elastomers Shielded ball bearings 50, 000 hour Vortex impeller Thermal overloads (single phase models) goes to 185 GPM, heads to 65 feet 3/4 Horse Power 1 Phase 115 VoltsEBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER auto Sump Pump Applications: elimination of waste from sumps, washing machines, wet bars, water softeners, dehumidifiers and cisterns Quickly removes water from swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other water storage structures Removes water from excavation ditches or pits, underground passages, mines, grain elevators, farm tanks, cooling towers, parking lot drainage pits Create decorative waterfalls and fountains or another water projects during the garden Wherever you have to move water from one place to another Image reflects different configurations of pump and doesn't represent quantity shipped.

Dayton 4HU74 Pump, Effluent, 1/2 HP

Submersible Effluent Pump, HP 1/2, Volts 240, Amps 5. 8, Single Phase, Cord Length 20 Ft, Operation auto/Piggyback Float, Max Solids 3/4 In, Max Temp 104 F, Discharge NPT 1 1/2 In, Motor Type PSC, Motor Design Oil Filled, RPM 3450, Switch Type Tether, GPM of Water @5 Ft of Head 90, @25 Ft of Head 35, Shut Off 31 Ft, Base Cast Iron, Housing Cast Iron, Impeller Cast Iron, Mechanical Seal Material Silicon Carbide, Bearing Type Ball, Height 12 3/4 In, Dia 8 1/2 In.

Superior Pump BP21X 1-Inch Bronze Transfer Pump

The BP21X, first Loren Simer&'s Bronze Paddle Pump, chemical move pump from Superior Pump will move up to 28 gallons of material per minute. The pump is made of hard bronze to resist corrosion and can handle some of the toughest materials (list available). This pump has a 5/8” stainless steel drive shaft and a 1” suction and discharge and may be driven by a ½ HP electric motor (not included).

Tsurumi HSA2.4S 1/2 H.P. 1/115V, submersible sump pump with a electronic sensing float switch.

Intended to pump sands, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging. This variant come standard with a fitted electronic sensing float switch. Model - HSA2. 4S-61Discharge Bore (in) - 2"HP - 1/2Weight (lbs) - 25Cable Length (ft) - 32Height (in) - 12 15/16Diameter (in) - 10 1/16Float activates at 6 3/4" Features & Benefits- fitted shaft mounted agitator suspends solids- fitted electronic float sensor - Urethane Semi Vortex Impeller for maximum durability and maintaining pump performance. - Double Inside Mechanical Seal with SIC faces gives the longest operational life. - Oil Lifter gives lubrication of the seal faces. (Patent Pending)- V-Ring Seal Protector protects mechanical seal from abrasive particles. - Vertical Discharge Coupling available as optional Accessory All Tsurumi Pumps come standard with a 2 year warantee from date of buy Pump is available as 1/110V.

Glentronics, Inc. PS-C11 PHCC 2770 Gallons Per Hour Pro Series 1/3 HP Combination Sump Pump

PHCC Pro Series PS-C11 mix Sump Pump SystemSKU: PS-C11Pre-Assembled for fast and easy installationEnergy economical permanent split capacitor (PSC) motorContinuous responsibility ratedDual float switches on main and backup pumpsAutomatically switches to battery power when AC failsBackup pump will help main pump if extreme amounts of water are entering the sumpDetects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on control panelMaintains and recharges battery automaticallyAlarm may be silenced throughout a power outageDesigned for use with maintenance or maintenance free batteries3-year warrantyWater cooled (no oil to leak).

Taco 007-ZF5-9 Cast Iron Priority Zoning Circulator with Rotated Flange

Flange Type R - common Thermostat Compatibility, Thermostat prepared - may be used in conjunction with other circulators or zone valves - Available in a full range of sizes from 003-0014 - 00 dependability - Snap-In PC Board - Low and High Voltage Strips - Removable low-voltage terminal strip simplifies wiring installation - LED Power Light - UL and CSA Listed - 100 Factory Tested - Made in USA.

Dayton 4KU63 Pump, Sump, 0.50 HP

Residential Upright Sump Pump, HP ranking 1/2, 60 Hz, Voltage 115, Amps 5. 0, PSC, NEMA 48K Frame, auto Thermal Overload Protection, Cord 18/3 x 10 Feet, Maximum Flow 65 GPM, Shut Off 24 Feet, Discharge 1 1/2 and 1 1/4 Inch FNPT, Volute and Column Material Brass, Impeller and Shaft Material Stainless Steel, and Float Material Copper, Off Point 5 Inches, On Point 13 To 15 Inches, Column Height 25 Inches, Pump Height 34 3/4 Inches, Diameter 12 Inches, Intermittent responsibility Cycle.

Ridgid 47318 500RSS 1/2 HP Sump Pump with Battery Backup, Advanced Notification and 12-volt Backup Pump

The Ridged 47318 500RSS 1/2 HP Sump Pump System with Battery Backup with Advanced notice and 12-Volt Backup Pump will include the RS50 sump pump and the RSM33 battery backup It has an energy economical, oil filled 1/2 HP motor and a top suction intake that filters debris which prevent airlocks for increased dependability It has a 1/2-inch hard-handling capacity and is thermally protected.

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