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EAM3500 Magnifica Digital Super /Coffee vs ECAM28465-M

DeLonghi is proud to offer you the Magnifica. This great machine will make coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes with its new, most advanced technology for brewing authentic Italian espresso or coffee. The Magnifica has digital programmable menu settings that let you to change start time, auto-shutoff, and the clock. You may be able to change the temperature of the coffee and water hardness. Plus, there are five settings for coffee strength: extra-light, light, regular, strong, and extra-strong. Three buttons let you to easily decide the size cup you want: ristretto (small), espresso (medium), and American coffee (big). The three settings may be customized to your favored taste. This great machine offers a new, patented removable auto latte/cappuccino system that will include a 25-oz milk container and two removable lids, one for frothed milk for cappuccinos and the other for steamed milk for lattes. It also will include a distinctive auto cleaning function that operates with the easy push of a button. Plus, the complete container is removable so it may be placed in the refrigerator. This super-auto machine will handle any coffee needs you may have, and with its sleek design it'll compliment any kitchen dé cor.

Espressione CA4865 Supremma Super- Coffee/Beverage Center

Supremma Super auto Coffee/Beverage Center is ECAM28465M unlike competitive models. It features a professional brewing system worked on by Bianchi-the renowned Italian maker of vending machines; which lets us to offer an unprecedented 10-Year-restricted Warranty on the brewing group(only). This well intended; full shown; super auto coffee center is prepared to serve your every coffee need with a simple touch of finger. If for one shot at home; business meeting or social event; this all in one coffee power-house requires minimal maintenance. Professional performance in a super auto coffee / beverage center with intelligent and elegantly refined design. Completely programmable incorporated professional ceramic grinding plates; coffee essence system (CES); use with whole bean or ground coffee + BONUS CAPPUCINADOR included free.

BUGATTI - Diva Italian coffee - Orange

Enjoy the real taste of espresso coffee, authentically prepared at home. If you use ground coffee or coffee pods, if you want cappuccino or latte macchiato, the groundbreaking technique lets you to take pleasure in your coffee just the way you like it. Technical info: volt 220-240 - 50 Hz - watt 950 - electric vibration pump: 15 atm - tank: 0, 8 l.

Jura ENA Micro 5 Coffee , vs ECAM-28465M

JURA presents the most intelligent coffee spout of all time. Simply turn the spout to the position for 'one' or 'two' cups, softly activate the touch panel and the groundbreaking ENA Micro 5 will perfectly prepare one or two expertise coffees. For the 1st time ever, the super-compact auto coffee machine lets the strength to be preselected for two cups, paving the way for a large range of delicious varieties - from simple espressi to trendy double shots. Intelligent coffee spout - There never been an auto machine better intended to prepare either one or two cups. When you turn the height-adjustable coffee spout, it recognizes if you have picked one or two cups and prepares the corresponding volume. The coffee goes through one or two spouts into the cup or cups, assuring a wonderfully subtle crema. Simple operation softly activate the touch panel with three freely programmable cup sizes, each with two preselectable strength levels, for the expertise of your choice.

N CitiZ C111 Chrome Single Serve Maker

Whip up a delicious cup of your beloved espresso with the CitiZ auto single serve espresso maker from Nespresso. Constructed from lasting stainless steel and ABS plastic, this espresso maker features a modern design that's a beautifully modern and a working accent part in any kitchen. Intended to work exactly with Nespresso capsules, this machine has a distinctive extraction system that offers perfect coffee every time. Boasting a powerful 19-bar pump to extract all the aromas and give body to your espresso, this machine heats to best brewing temperature in just 25 seconds. It's also 40 % more energy economical than last models, featuring an auto energy savings mode that automatically shuts off after nine minutes and is programmable for up to 30 minutes, eliminating the need for an on/off switch to add to the sleek look. It has a removable one L water tank, removable drip tray with pivoting cup support, and a used capsule container, which can hold up to 10 used capsules. With 1260 watts of power and two size settings, it also offers a semi-auto descaling procedure. Best of all, it stores neatly and easily with its one meter retractable cord storage. This single serve brewer is a must for any coffee lover, combining taste and convenience that's perfect for any lifestyle. 14-3/5" L x 5" W x 11" H, with a 34 oz water tank capacity.

Philips Saeco HD8930/47 Royal One Touch Cappuccino

The Philips Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino auto Espresso Machine allows you to customize your espresso settings using a simple interface, so you may be able to brew your perfect beverage with a single touch. The machine will include a cup-warming surface, Cappucinatore, and double boiler for concurrent brewing and milk steaming.


GIGA 5 Perfection, Precision, Professionalism GIGA 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics and perfection for the coffee machine part. Professional technology has found its way into the homes of people who demand the highest standards. With the power of two grinders, two heating systems and two pumps the machine produces two coffee specialities now, an unprecedented range of specialities and fulfilling the coffee lover's every dream. Fast and calm as a whisper thanks to two ceramic disc grinders Milk and coffee simultaneously thanks to two flowmeters, two pumps and two separate heating systems 19 individually programmable speciality coffees Create your speciality coffee in no time thanks to a TFT display with rotating Selection Pure, clean lines for a distinctive, sovereign character.

SAECO HD8775/48 Philips Minuto Focus

Experience a true bean-to-cup coffee experience with this groundbreaking espresso machine from Saeco. Packing one-touch convenience into a compact, user-friendly package, the Saeco concentrate brews delicious coffee and espresso sure to coffee connoisseurs. Thanks to the adjustable spout, coffee is provided directly into the cup for splash-free brewing without extreme cooling. An integrated milk frother lets you to unleash your inner barista to make perfect cappuccino, macchiato and more, while the adjustable ceramic grinder gives consistent, grounds for impeccable flavor extraction. Memo function lets you to change brewing time, water temperature and grind consistency so its easy to accomplish a perfect cup every time. Maker: Saeco. Model# HD8775-48. Material: ABS Plastic, stainless steel. Care: Follow all cleaning information. Brewing group removes for easy cleaning. Pump Pressure: 15 bar. Grinder Type: Ceramic Disc. Dimensions: 11. 4" x 19. 7" x 18. 31". Capacity: 1. 8 L (water tank); 250 g. (coffee beans); 15 servings (dump box). Weight: 19. 4 lbs. Power - 1400 W, Voltage 120V. Warranty: 1-year warranty. Made in Romania. FEATURESBoiler heats quickly for coffee when you want it. Dual-pressure lever. One-touch beverage selection. Calm ceramic grinder supply a consistent, grind without overheating for rich, impeccable espresso without irregularities or burnt notes. 5 grind settings change from extra good to coarse to bring out the best of your brew. Groundbreaking memo function lets you to change the brewing length, strength and temperature for a cup that is perfectly tailored to your preferences. Adjustable spout fits nearly any cup and helps prevent splashing or extreme cooling throughout brewing. Brewing group removes with one click for easy cleaning. Conventional milk frother lets you to create delicious cappuccinos, lattes, macchiato and more. Auto-clean and descale functions help keep machine clean and operating at peak efficiency.

Jura Impressa Xs90 One Touch /cappuccino

IMPRESSA Xs90 One Touch talk about the word 'coffee' today and people not think of just espresso or milk coffee but also well-liked favourites like latte macchiato or cappuccino. A trend that now extends itself to boutiques, offices and the catering sector. So the fact the IMPRESSA Xs90 One Touch produces no fewer than 12 different coffee types - as well as latte - at the touch of a button is welcome news. And thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight (13. 8 kg), the machine delivers the mobility we relate with JURA. Design From the start it was clear that the design of the machine could have to reflect the quality and characteristics of our freshly prepared coffee specialities. Controls like the selector with backlit pictograms, the rotating Switch or the graphics display are not only eye-catching optical highlights but also an great aid to navigation from the word 'go', not talk about to the illuminating light for your coffee preparation. Ecological intelligence The IMPRESSA Xs90 One Touch helps relieve the strain on the environment and your budget. Thanks to Energy Save Mode (E. S. M. ) the machine uses up to 40% less energy and, if you so wish, switches automatically to standby mode after some time. And if you're planning not to use the machine for an expanded time period - throughout holiday periods, for example - you can use the power switch to disconnect it from the power supply. Time management For most of us, enjoying a well-made cup of coffee is one of life's daily pleasures. The IMPRESSA Xs90 One Touch is completely aware of this and comes with an integrated time management system that assures you never miss one of those special times in the day. At any given time, the machine switches on - or off - automatically and assures you have the kind of coffee you want, when you want it. And, needless to say, only on those days of the week you have preprogrammed it.

Saeco Hd8869/47 Moltio Super

Saeco Moltio HD8869/47 espresso machine, a distinctive masterpiece crafted to offer a tailored taste experience. Coffee prepared in the authentic Italian technique at the push of a button. Thanks to our exclusive bean switcher, preparing the right coffee that generally matches your mood and the occasion will be as easy as a click. Saeco uses 100 ceramic grinders for a consistent grind without overheating the coffee bean for an impeccable espresso. Ceramic also assures long-lasting performance and a totally silent operation.

Marcello Coffee (White)

Our MARCELLO machines are intended to improve the full flavor and fragrant aroma of our finest blends. These machines have been uniquely intended in Italy. They add novelty, efficiency and easy use: every detail was carefully intended to enable you to take pleasure in small times of pleasure right in your home, any time you want. Get a perfect cup of espresso every time, with this easy-to-use coffee machine. Decide the size of your coffee simply by pressing a button. Our auto coffee machine offers two auto functions: - Single espresso (to get you the acute flavor of real Italian coffee) - Double espresso (to slowly awaken your senses) Marcello has a compact and versatile design and it's available in two colors. Espresso coffee machine for Momento Italiano capsules entirely Single, double and stand-by coffee button - Machine-prepared display light auto ejection of used capsules - Programmable amounts - Choice of temperature Energy saving function - Water tank capacity: 1, 5 l - 50. 72 FL. OZ. - Pump: 20 bar Power cord length: 1, 5 m - 59. 05 in Appliance size: (h x d x w) 30 x 37. 5 x 18 cm - 11. 81" x 14. 56" x 7. 0" in Weight: 5 Kg - 11. 02 lb Capsule receptacle: 15 pieces Power: 120V 60Hz 3 DGT display to show: total amounts dispensed brewing percentage temperature water shortage alarm coffee grounds full drawer alarm.

Jura - Impressa F50 Classic Coffee Center

Jura meets the demand for a back-to-basics auto coffee center with the Jura Impressa F50 Classic. From crema coffee and classic espresso to cappuccino and latte macchiato, the Impressa F50 Classic produces a true bean-to-cup experience while giving the final ease-of-use. Featuring an intuitive rotating selector and plain text display, the Impressa F50 Classic lets users brew perfect coffee beverages just the way they like them. Two programmable aroma levels, each with three coffee strengths, supply a range of alternatives to brew coffee to personal tastes. This auto coffee Center grinds, tamps, brews, and self-cleans in less than one minute. Decide one or two cups by pressing one of two preparation buttons and the conical steel burr grinds kicks into action, freshly grinding whole coffee beans to the wanted consistency. 15 bars of pressure push water through the professional-grade thermoblock system, creating the ideal environment for extracting a perfect coffee beverage. Integrated Clearyl Blue filter cartridge removes impurities from water and removes the need for decalcifying. Impressa F50 Classic features a removable 64-oz water container, 8-oz bean hopper and height adjustable coffee spout to accommodate bigger cups. It's equipped with a milk frother for frothing or steaming milk and it also produces hot water for tea and more.

220-240 Volt/ 50-60 Hz, ESAM4200 Coffee Maker, OVERSEAS USE ONLY, WILL NOT WORK IN THE US

220-240 Volt/ 50-60 Hz, completely auto Espresso Coffee Maker, 14/ 72h Coffee-grounds container capacity (n), Cappuccino System combinations steam, air and milk, producing a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos, Capacity display, 1. 8 L Removable water reservoir, 200g Beans container capacity, 1450 Watts Input Power, auto shut-off, Electronic steam and coffee thermostat, Electronic temperature control, Pre-brewing, may be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee, Rinse and decalcification auto-programmer, Empty water and bean container display, New silent integrated coffee grinder with 13 grinding settings, Two cups of coffee with a single brewing, Removable brewing unit with variable capacity, Adjustable Water & coffee quantity, Adjustable coffee dispenser for varying cups size, Programmable water hardness, Cup holder, Removable drip tray, New patented thermoblock: to grant the espresso at the ideal and constant temperature, Adjustable steam emission. This product is made to use abroad. This won't work in the US.

 & White Die-Cast - Model - ECO310W - Set of 2 Gift Bundle

DeLonghiWhite Die-Cast completely auto Espresso Machine - DeLonghi Model - ECO310W - Set of 2 Gift BundlePump Pressure (Bars): 15 Milk Frother: auto Integrated Milk Frother: Yes Bean Container Size (Grams): 0 fitted Grinder: None Heating Element: Boiler Removable Brewing Group: Yes Water Filter: Yes Water Level display: Yes Maximum Cup Height (Inches): 4 Removable Water Tank: Yes Water Reservoir Size (oz. ): 48 maker Color/Finish: White Cup Warming Feature: Yes Self-Cleaning Feature: No Energy-Saving Feature: No Drip Tray: Yes Accommodates Soft Pods: Yes Height (Inches): 11. 81 Width (Inches): 9. 06 Depth (Inches): 10. 24 Weight (lbs. ): 8. 04 UL Listed: No CSA Listed: No ETL Listed: No Housing Material: Die-cast Display Type: LCD Control Type: Manual Auto Shut-Off: No Clock: No Programmable: No Color/Finish Family: White Other Details:lasting, high-quality stainless steel boiler2 separate thermostats supply the perfect temperature for both espresso and cappuccino48oz (1. 4 L) removable water tankUPC: 044387403108New Store Stock. Ships Same Day. 100 Satisfaction ensure. Great: Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, Hostess Gift, House Warming Gift.

Siemens EQ.9 TI905201RW Super , Coffee Capuccino Maker, OneTouch DoubleCup

Ideal temperature for maximum flavor: Senso flow system. Coffee should be prepared in such a way that the fragrance is released totally at the right temperature. The ideal brewing temperature for an ideal espresso is 90 C to 95 C. The brewing temperature is too low, only a part of the free aroma in coffee, with the cooking temperature too high, the coffee gets a burning taste. The completely auto EQ coffee machine with a system flow sensor is the only one of its type in the world - hot water is generally at the right temperature and maintains the temperature during the cooking procedure. Professional technology that gives professional espresso. For another strong coffee aroma Double Shot. Extra strong coffee with full flavor preservation - thanks to the groundbreaking tastes of Double Shot. The function of the flavors of Double Shot concerns two processes, grinding and brewing, consistent for a better flavor. This automated procedure preserves the bitter aftertaste of the road: less water means less bitter. Only the best of the beans reach your cup of coffee. Individually determined quantity: individualCup volume. Want to create an exceptional coffee, not just for standard sizes, however for all sizes between them, you'll need the perfect technology. The Volume individualCup function lets the default settings for "small, " "medium, " and "big" to five different amounts, based on the amount you want.

ECAM23450SL Super ,

De'Longhi MAGNIFICA Digital auto Cappuccino Feature Be your barista with the Magnifica S by De'Longhi. This compact auto espresso machine will include all of the features of our full-size machines, however in a smaller, more convenient size. You and your guests can enjoy delicious cappuccinos and lattes anytime. It is never been easier to create authentic Italian drinks with our patented milk container. Simply slide it onto the front of the machine, place a cup under the nozzle and press any of the one-touch buttons. The Magnifica S does all the work for you! It not only makes unbelievable espresso drinks, however also saves you money while doing it, with the energy-saving switch. For the freshest results, the patented direct-to-brew system grinds beans instantly before brewing. Other highlights include convenient water filtration and a cup warmer. Product Measures: Features: made in: ImportedDimensions: 20. 3″ x 16″ x 13. 3″ .

N E350 Romeo Single-Serve , Polished Aluminum

Nespresso has worked on a distinctive extraction system specially adapted to capsules. It controls every important setting when preparing a perfect espresso. Nespresso machines have been intended with renowned partners and designers, and bring out the taste and aromas of coffee by combining quality of design with easy use. The Nespresso Romeo machine is part of our Top Line. Top Line machines are the benchmark when it comes to easy use. They're fitted with a digital display and many auto functions. Like all Nespresso machines, their design blends beauty with function. The Nespresso Romeo machine deploys technology essential for preparing an remaining Espresso and espresso-established beverages like Cappuccino or café latte, and is very easy to use. Programmable auto control of the amount of coffee in the cup. A high pressure pump (19 bars) extracts all the aromas and develops a smooth crema in the cup. A thermobloc which heats water to 187° and 196° throughout extraction and empties the left over water after each use so that the water is new for each preparation. Totally auto capsule insertion and ejection (cd system). Removable steam nozzle for hot water and steam Special steam nozzle for Cappuccino-Caffelatte. Auto ejection of used capsule into a tray. Tray for used capsules. Digital multilingual function display. Programmable machine turn on and off. Auto rinsing and cleaning programs. Modification for water hardness. ABS and polished aluminum trim. Cup heater plate. Removable water container (47 oz). Back-lit control buttons. Electronic control of level of tray for used capsules. Integrated descaling program.

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