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Gold Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl - AAAA Quality vs ERBWG-150-OBS

Simplicity and elegance have never made such a perfect mix. A beautiful pair of Lavender freshwater pearls on stylish 14K white or yellow gold stud backings. Pearls in this distinctive freshwater color are gorgeous and will make a perfect addition to your pearl jewelry collection. The pearl earrings have a "Superior" grade luster, our highest grade available, and are AAAA in quality. All pearl jewelry comes packaged in an stylish jewelry gift box to make for a beautiful presentation.

0.93-1.01 Cts of 6x4 mm AAA Emerald Lab Created Emerald Scroll in Yellow Gold

These surprising Lab produced Emerald Scroll Stud Earrings are emphasized with an AAA quality Emerald Emerald each prong set in 14K Yellow Gold. Estimated Gemstone Weight: 0. 93-1. 01 Carats. Wear these earrings to have the heads turn with awe.METAL:14K Gold, real METAL:14K Yellow Gold, BACKING:Push Backs, GEMSTONE:Lab produced Emerald, form:Emerald, AVERAGE COLOR:Medium-black Green, AVERAGE QUALITY:AAA, MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:0. 93-1. 01, GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:6x4 mm, SETTING STYLE:Prong Setting, NUMBER OF STONES:2, COLOR:Green, STYLE:Scroll, ORIGIN:not known, MINDIMENSION:4. 00 mm, MAXDIMENSION:6. 00 mm, PRODUCT TYPE:Lab produced Emerald Scroll Stud Earrings, GENDER:Womens, MATERIAL:Gemstone, STONE CREATION technique:Synthetic, TREATMENT technique:Treated.

Beautiful! White Gold Threaded Pair 5.0mm Each Forever Classic Moissanite (0.88CT TW Actual Weight, 1.0CT TW Equivalent Weight)

Beautiful! 14K White Gold Threaded Screw Back Pair 5. 0mm Each Forever Classic Moissanite (0. 88CT TW real Weight, 1. 0CT TW Diamond Equivalent Weight) Round 4 Prong Stud Earrings. Set in a high polished 14K white gold 4-prong basket setting that will really bring out the final shine in this Moissanite stone. These earrings/studs are a great gift for all instances. Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral found in restricted amounts or as small particles in the earth. Millions of years ago, a meteor hit the Arizona desert creating a big crater. This meteor left small particles, which are now recognized to be Moissanite. Charles & Colvard had produced these distinctive and near colorless jewels by producing big, gem-quality crystals. These crystals, aka Moissanite are a really distinctive and beautiful blend of art and science. Every Charles and Colvard produced Moissanite jewel is exactly hand-cut by a master gem cutter to create maximum brilliance and to spark the final fire. There's only one jewel that's recognized to be stronger than a Moissanite, which is the diamond. The diamond has a hardness ranking of 10, while Moissanite is a close second at 9. 5. The interior properties of these Moissanite jewels are so alike to a diamond that a regular diamond tester will test this stone as a true diamond. All Charles & Colvard produced Moissanite comes with a restricted lifetime warranty that your Moissanite jewel will maintain its brilliance and fire, without fading or changing color. Carat is the conventional measuring unit of a diamond's weight. Moissanite stones are somewhat lighter than diamonds. As an example: A 6. 5mm Round Diamond could weigh 1. 0 ct. A 6. 5mm Round Moissanite could weight 0. 88 ct. The two stones could be the same size 6. 5mm in diameter. All stones are listed with their real size in mm and the diamond equivilant in carats.

EVER FAITH 925 Sterling Silver 8MM AAA Freshwater Cultured Pearl CZ Elegant Sunflower

Freshwater Cultured PearlEvery Freshwater Cultured Pearl ERBWG-150-OBS is distinctive in the world. Each of them owns different luster, color, form and size. When you look at the surface of them carefully, maybe you may be able to find some defects on them. But, these defects are considered as the evidences to check if the pearls are real or not. 925 Sterling SilverReal 925 sterling silver jewelry usually has certain marks on it to point to its purity. These marks include "925", ". 925" or "S925", to represent the 92. 5 % pure silver that exists. If these marks aren't present, it does not essentially mean that it is not sterling silver. How to protect the 925 Sterling Silver1Put it in an air-tight bag if you not expect to wear for a long time. 2Usually silver-dip will do a little harm to your jewelry, you could use the silver polishing cloth to clean the smooth surface of silver jewelry. 3The sterling silver jewelry should be stored individually to prevent the pieces from rubbing against each other, and because tiny scratches. 4Silver Polishing cloths are an excellent choice for cleaning your sterling silver jewelry. They'll remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping your sterling gift like new. Lifetime GuaranteeWe ensure to fix this 925 Sterling Silver jewelry or any of its parts of broken caused by faulty craftsmanship or material, without any of extra charge. Ever FaithAs a company that concentrates on fashion jewelry, we already have about 10 years experience on fashion jewelry trend. We work magic on jewelry, keep on new designs and to a leader of beauty and style is our goal. We have over 5000 merchandise and are good at sustaining innovations. Ever Faith's pieces are those that are bought, worn, collected, cherished and treasured. You'll never be regretted if you take some times to look at our store and be surprised to find so many distinctive design.

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Coconut Palm Tree

Cute coconut palm tree stud earrings with post backing. Palm tree measures 9/16 inch (0. 56 inch) tall and 7/16 inch (0. 44 inch) large. Rhodium plated sterling silver for superior quality and shine also as anti-tarnish properties. Note, the picture shown isn't a true depiction of how big/small the things is. Refer to the measurements for correct size. Mahalo.

White Gold Dancing Starfish

These beautiful earrings are sure to be the perfect addition to your collection or as a gift to someone special. They come with Allure Jewelers 5 Star Satisfaction ensure. Allure Jewelers has an broad variety of jewelry, feel free to browse through our other collections. Metal : White Gold Metal Purity : 14k (hard, Unplated) real Length : 13. 5 mm real Width : 11. 75 mm real Length : 0. 53 in real Width : 0. 46 in Weight : 0. 82 gm Finish : Polished Features1 : Post Backs Features2 : 14k White Gold.

LALI Classics t Rose Gold Amethyst Cushion

This nice LALI Classics 14kt Rose Gold Amethyst Cushion Earrings, crafted in 14 kt Rose Gold. This amazing design is mounted with 2 stones 1. 810 carats total weight, prong set purple Cushion Amethyst eye clean clearness. This product measures 6. 00 mm large, 6. 00 mm long. Warranty: - This item is covered by our exclusive Silver Shield Lifetime Warranty. This exclusive lifetime coverage is offered ONLY by Finejewelers so shop with confidence, our quality is guaranteed for life.

2.95-3.81 Cts of 7 mm AAA Round Russian Lab Created Alexrite Scroll in Yellow Gold

These tantalizing Alexandrite Scroll Stud Earrings exhibit an AAA quality Round Alexandrite each four prongs set in 14K Yellow Gold. Estimated Gemstone Weight: 2. 95-3. 81 Carats. Sweep her off her feet with the stylish earrings.METAL:14K Gold, real METAL:14K Yellow Gold, BACKING:Push Backs, GEMSTONE:Russian Lab produced Alexandrite, form:Round, AVERAGE COLOR:black Green Change to Purple, AVERAGE QUALITY:AAA, MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:2. 95-3. 81, GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:7 mm, SETTING STYLE:Prong Setting, NUMBER OF STONES:2, COLOR:Green Change to Purple, STYLE:Scroll, ORIGIN:not known, MINDIMENSION:7. 00 mm, MAXDIMENSION:7. 00 mm, PRODUCT TYPE:Russian Alexandrite Scroll Stud Earrings, GENDER:Womens, MATERIAL:Gemstone, STONE CREATION technique:Synthetic, TREATMENT technique:Treated.

Yellow Gold Genuine Red Rhodolite Garnet Women's (0.74 cttw, Round 4mm)

Modern and distinctive our Rhodolite Garnet gem stone earrings are sure to be great addition to any jewelry collection. Rhodolite Garnet is a beautiful stone making it perfect for any occasion and holiday. Show her you care with a gift that will compliment her style flawlessly. As generally with all of our merchandise this item comes in packaging making it prepared for gifting as early as it's received. This beautiful item is brand new and comes with free gift packaging properly selected to go with the item you bought. The packaging varies from dainty bubble put packaging to lavish leather put cherry wood boxes. Every order is completely insured despite of value. This insurance protects you against damage or the loss of your item while in transit. The Shipping and Handling fees include the insurance so there's no have to pay individually for insurance.

Japanese Akoya Pearl - 8mm AAAA White Akoya Cultured Pearls Gold Settings

Exquisite and Classy! This distinctive set of gorgeous white Japanese Cultured Akoya pearls earrings represent only the best quality. Since they're harvested in the cold seas just off the northern coast of Japan, they form a shine only offered by a longer growing season. They have good luster, nacre, clean surface and well paired. Each pearl is mounted on a 14K yellow or white hard gold post to showcase the best of each individual pearl. Included are agreeing butterfly backs to secure the Akoya pearl stud earrings. All of my AAAA White Akoya pearls are certified by GIA Pearls Graduate to ensure the strictest of standards. This set of stud earrings is sold with Upscale Jewelry gift earring box.

White Gold 8mm 6ct Princess Cut Square CZ Cubic Zirconia Large

These earrings are made of hard 14k gold, featuring the highest quality cubic zirconia stones. Our cubic zirconia is bright and clear with an unmatched sparkle, so it'll easily convince others it is the real thing. Picking Earring SizeUnsure what size earrings to purchase? 5mm (1. 4 ctw) is the ideal size that will look great on majority of people. If you're buying earrings for secondary ear piercings, we could recommend the 3mm (0. 4 ctw) size. Sizes bigger than 5mm are great for making a declaration, and sizes smaller than 3mm are perfect for when you want just a hint of sparkle. About GoldPure gold (24 karat) is a soft metal. To make it into lasting jewelry you may be able to wear everyday, it's mixed with other metals to add strength. The most well-liked alloy of gold is 14K gold, which is 58. 5 pure gold and 41. 5 other metals like silver and copper. Adding other metals to gold also lets us to make beautiful gold variations like white and rose gold. Gold Jewelry CareTo clean your gold jewelry, soak it in a bowl of light liquid detergent and lukewarm water. Then rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Be cautious not to bend any prongs while cleaning, as this could loosen stones from their settings. We suggest storing your gold jewelry individually wrapped in soft cloth to protect it from being scratched.

1.08 Ct Oval Pink Tourmaline White Topaz White Gold

This beautiful item is brand new and comes with free gift packaging properly selected to go with the item you bought. The packaging varies from dainty bubble put packaging to lavish leather put cherry wood boxes. Every order is completely insured despite of value. This insurance protects you against damage or the loss of your item while in transit. The Shipping and Handling fees include the insurance so there's no have to pay individually for insurance.

Pibupibu 5 Pack Crystal Assorted Set, Hypoallergenic (Bow, Pearls, Flower, Round, Snowflake)

Pibupibu: Pibupibu is a big jewelry maker in Japan since 1990. PIBU means: Pretty Innocent, Beautiful final Quality: All handmade jewelry, high-polished alloy and one by one quality controlled. Material: All Eco-friendly and Lead Nickel Free (All product testing report with reference to international standard Service: Get prepared to react to you inside 6 hours.

Gold 6.0-6.5mm White Akoya Cultured Pearl - AAA Quality

Some refer to the Akoya pearl as the "icon" of cultured pearls. These beautiful and classic white Akoya pearl earrings is a staple of exquisite pearl earrings and is sure to be a favorite of yours for many years to come. These pearl earrings are AAA in quality with a high luster. These beautiful pearls are attached with a 14K Gold posts available in both yellow and white gold. To make for the most stylish presentation possible, all pearl jewelry is packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box.

0.75 Carat (ctw) Yellow Gold Round Three Stone Black, Champagne White Fine

This is a squarish with soft cut corner earrings in yellow gold. Diamonds are tri-color in black rodium, clear eye clean white and champagne diamonds with a Screw backs. The earrings are in prong settings. The colored diamonds used in this item are improved for color. The Black Diamonds may have one or two small chips and or white spots. The black diamonds in this item are semi-faceted and natural. These black diamonds meet the criteria as rose-cut or diamond accents. The black diamonds in this jewelry item are of not of gem quality, and contain varying number of facets from 0 to 16. Natural black diamonds are rare. Dazzlingrock sells only heat treated black diamonds, treated with the High Pressure Heat Treatment (HPHT) technique. In HPHT treatment, diamonds are heated to roughly 1260 degrees, and the diamonds become black. HPHT treatment is totally safe and permanent. SKU # K1506.

White Gold IGI Certified Princess-cut Solitaire (1/5 cttw, G-H, VS2-SI1)

Accessorize any ensemble with the glamorous diamond accent stud earrings. A lavish 14K white gold setting holds 1/10 cttw Princess-cut diamonds in this 1/5 cttw dazzling pair. Also, we ensure our diamonds are clash-free and in accordance with the Kimberley procedure Certification System, a UN-backed practice that certifies that origin of our diamonds are from resources free of clash and assumed through friendly mining. This item is certified by IGI.

1/4 Carat TW IGI Certified Round Solitaire in White Gold

A pair of diamond stud earrings weighing in at. 25 carat total weight. The earrings are set in 14K white gold settings with friction push back posts. The earrings are hand set and paired and come with an official IGI Laboratories certification (International Gemological info) assuring the quality, weight, and authenticity of all materials used. The earrings feature an in general white color with no big observable inclusions. A great value on an essential pair of diamond stud earrings.

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