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ATN Mars6x-4 Gen 4, 6x Night Vision Riflescope vs ET4305

ATN Mars6x-4 Gen 4 Night Vision Rifle Scope with 6x magnification. Newest in the ATN line featuring only the purest grades of heavy glass and computer-aided optical designs to create lenses that are beyond current military standards. All optical lenses on the MARS scopes are individually fitted and calibrated to accomplish optimum performance. The highest quality MX10160 type hand-selected image-intensifier tubes to optimize functionality in all lighting conditions, making sure superb performance, remaining clearness and combat dependability. Compact, lightweight and rugged one part construction in CNC milled from hard aerospace-quality aluminum billet and fitted with titanium inserts. Proprietary feature - Two Color Manual light of aiming reticle. This feature lets for a choice of color (red or amber) of the projected reticle based on operator preference and tactical situation. Powerful magnification; superior quality, multi-coated all glass optics; precision windage and elevation modifications; tactical digital remote control; waterproof and submersible to 66 ft for 1 hour; included mount for Picatinny or 7/8" Weaver-style rail; nitrogen-purged for resistance to interior fogging. Free Pelican Hard case. Unit accepts either (1) 3V CR123 or (1) AA battery, included. ATN manufactures and distributes the widest array of Night Vision weapon sights in the world. We're a sales and marketing leader in the US. Unsurpassed buyer service on both our web site and 800#, our technicians are the most knowledgeable in the world. We make for the US military, law enforcement, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Pinty 1X32mm Holographic Illumination Project Red & Green Dot Riflescope Sight with 20mm Mount

Attempt our brand new holographic tactical scope with red/green dot sight. Made of hard metal, it's lasting and easy to clean. Light weight construction, with water evidence, fog evidence and shock evidence characteristics improve the performance in all weather conditions. The red and green reticle each offers 4 different kinds of patterns which offer unlimited eye break and corrected parallax, and makes it perfect for fast-firing and moving targets. It also comes with free 20mm mount rails. Take it with you on your next hunting trip! plans: Objective diameter: 32mm Output: 1MW Battery: 4 x AG9 Batteries Weight: 0. 84lb/310g 5 level light control: red/green Wavelength: 650nm Power: < 5MW Material: Aircraft grade aluminum alloy Dimensions: 5. 98x2. 36x3. 38"/152x60x86mm Integrated mount for standard 20mm rails Color: black Compatibility: This part may be only used with screw-action Rifles Package will include: 1x Holographic scope with storage box 4x AG9 Batteries 1x Allen Wrench (3X) 1x Cleaning cloth 1x information.

Vortex Optics Viper HS 16x44 LR Riflescope with Dead-Hold BDC (Long Range, MOA) VHS-4305-LR

Viper HS 4-16x44 LR Riflescope An evolutionary upgrade, Vortex Viper HS riflescopes offer hunters and shooters an array of features sure to be well received. A new optical system highlighted with a 4x zoom range gives magnification versatility. The super-friendly eye box with increased eye break gets shooters on target quickly and easilybecause shooting opportunities may be calculated in fractions of seconds. Built on a super-strong 30mm one-part machined aluminum tube, the Viper HS delivers increased windage and elevation travel for best modification. The Viper HS 4-16x44 LR (Long Range) model features an exposed tall elevation turret with Vortexs CRS (Customizable Rotational Stop) zero stop. Add that with 75 MOA of elevation travel (24 MOA per revolution) and you get a riflescope perfect for dialing precision long-range shots. Will include: protecting lens caps 4-inch sunshade pic5 FEATURES: XD Lens Elements - Extra-low dispersion (XD) glass increases resolution and color fidelity, ensuing in crisp, sharp pictures. XR Lens Coatings - Vortex proprietary XR completely multi-coated lens coatings increase light transmission for maximum light. 30 mm Tube - gives greater strength and wider modification lattitude. One-part Tube - Maximizes alignment for improved accuracy and optimum visual performance also as strength and waterproofness. Aircraft-Grade Aluminum - Construction from a hard..

Leupold 113885 VX-1 Rifle Scope vs ET-4305

113885 Finish: Gloss Black, Reticles: Duplex Features: -Riflescope. -Available in Duplex, large Duplex and LR Duplex reticles. -Revolutionary quantum optical system. -Finger adjustable windage and elevation modification. -Features Leupold's classic lockable eyepiece for a secure reticle concentrate. -Rugged and totally waterproof in all conditions. -Leupold full lifetime ensure. -real magnification: 11. 8 (4. 3). -FOV @ 100: 97 yds (20. 4 ft). -Eye break: 3. 7 (4. 9 ). -Objective clear Aaperture: 1. 1 . -Elevation and Windage adjective range: 67 MOA. Will include: -Scope cover included protect your priceless VX-1 riflescope throughout transport or when not used. Alternatives: -Available in Gloss Black and Matte Black finishs. Dimensions: -Length: 12. 3 . -Tube dimensions: 1. 0 W x 5. 6 D. -Eyepiece dimensions: 1. 6 W x 3. 1 D. -Objective dimensions: 1. 8 W x 3. 5 D. -in general dimensions: 4 H x 18. 75 W x 6. 75 D.

Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22

The Burris Droptine is made of high quality, precision-ground glass is multi-coated to offer superb low-light capability with glare resistance. A simple, rugged reticle has holdovers for snap shots at expanded ranges. The low-profile turrets are finger-adjustable and a separate eye part and power ring let for flip-up lens caps. Precision interior assemblies are double-spring tensioned for shockproofing, allowing Droptine to survive a lifetime of severe field use.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Rifle Scope AR-BDC (MOA) AND FREE vortex lens pen

STRIKE EAGLE 1-6X24 RIFLESCOPE: Speed and ET4305 versatility-that is what 1x variable optics offer AR shooters who have to engage targets from point-blank out to expanded ranges. And that is exactly what you are going to get with Vortex's new Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24. Take into consideration what it costs to get into this optic, and you may find you can not pay for not to purchase it. If you are burning through a 3-Gun Stage, logging some range time, or holding for hair on a coyote you have duped into thinking you are lunch, the Strike Eagle is up to the task. High-quality, completely multi-coated lenses deliver a clear, crisp sight picture and best low-light performance. A true one-power on the low end of its 6x zoom range gives fast target acquisition in close quarters scenarios. Have to engage targets at distance? Crank it up to 6x and let it rip. Will include free vortex lens pen.

Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32 Rifle Scope, V-Plex CF2-31001

The VORTEX Crossfire 2-7x32 Rifle Scope, V-Plex Reticle, MOA (CF2-31001) is ideal for big game, muzzleloader, slug shotgun, brush, turkey, and dangerous game applications. Built to surpass the performance standards of likewise priced riflescopes, the Crossfire is standing by, prepared and more than wanting to help you with filling that tag. With its completely multi-coated optics for optimum light transmission and a fast-concentrate eyepiece for fast target acquisition - the Crossfire makes fast work of dialing in for the shot that counts. Parallax is set at 100 yards. The Crossfire 2-7x32 riflescope has low profile turrets, that are less vulnerable to accidental affect damage and reset turrets, that let re-indexing of the turret housing to zero after sighting in the riflescope - usually requires use of a coin or wrench. The V-Plex reticle is a single best and most well-liked all-function hunting reticle meant for a large range of hunting applications. The hard one-part aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction of the Crossfire riflescope is remaining in strength, rugged and shockproof. Neutral pressure nitrogen purging guarantees waterproofing and fog proofing that withstands the elements at any elevation.

Nikon Prostaff 5 4.5-18X40SF FFP M BDC

Nikon pro-staff 5 riflescope with BDC distance lock function has an optical system located in the 1st Focal plane, which lets the riflescope to preserve its scale and distance amount on a target during the complete zoom range. The best benefit of these new BDC distance lock-equipped riflescopes will be for those who use Nikon spot on ballistic Program and BDC reticles to reimburse for bullet drop at expanded ranges.

G2 FFP 6-24x50mm

Precision engineering, optical excellence, and rock-hard dependability all converge in the finest family of tactical riflescopes in the world today. Produced with feedback from law enforcement and military experts nationwide, Elite Tactical Riflescopes from Bushnell supply optical precision and blacked-out cosmetics for the most calling for tactical shooting situations you may be able to face. The riflescopes in this line all feature super large Band covering to increase light at sunrise and dusk and Rainguard HD lens covering to preserve a clear view in any weather conditions. The 30-millimeter one-part tube construction is purged with argon for maximum dependability. The Elite Tactical ET6245FG is one of the world's finest for long-range delivery, offering superior visibility and accuracy across the complete magnification range. Featuring a G2 chosen Marksman Reticle (DMR) mil-hash marked 1st Focal Plane (FFP) reticle that's intended for ranging, holdover and windage correction.

Sig Sauer SOT61007 TANGO6 1-6x24mm Riflescope with MRAD Milling , .2 MRAD

The Tango6 super-zoom 6x riflescope line has you covered from close quarter fight functionings to long range shooting, from 3-Gun competitions to hunting dangerous game, from screw-actions to mar's. This premium scope is complete with our hex optical system for extreme clearness and low-light performance, hellfire fiber optic and glass-etched illuminated reticles, 1st or second Focal Plane designs, groundbreaking lock down zero system turrets with zero stop and reset and an intuitive rotation counter for extreme long range shooting.

Weaver Super Slam Matte Scope (3-15x50 Side Focus Etched Ballistic)

Weaver's Super Slam Rifle Scope is the most technologically advanced rifle scope ever made by Weaver. The Super Slam will stand up to the quality standards set by the last generations of Weaver rifle scopes, however adds new advances to make it more remarkable. The lenses are completely multi-coated and have another hard covering on outside lenses to decrease the chance of a scratch and the 1-part tube is purged with argon gas which removes interior fogging. Other features are pull-up turrets so there aren't caps to lose, powerful 5 times magnification, and a 3-point erector system with an improved spring design. All of these features make this scope ideal for everything from hunting to long range target shooting. The Weaver Super Slam is water, fog and shockproof and is covered by a restricted lifetime warranty.

452104B 4500 Matte Rifle Scope

Engineered for the most rugged field conditions, the Bushnell Elite Rifle Scope features Bushnell's exclusive Rainguard HD lens covering that prevents external fogging and moisture from ruining your shot. The completely multi-coated lenses now feature Bushnell's new super large Band covering which boosts light at sunrise and dusk. Other features are 95 light transmission, argon gas purging and resettable windage and elevation modifications. Bushnell Elite Rifle Scopes are covered by a restricted lifetime factory warranty.

Elcan Specterdr 1/4x 5.56 NATO Flat Dark Earth

The SpecterDR 4x/1x Dual Role Optical Sight represents a revolution in optical sight design. The worlds 1st really dual field of view combat optical sight, the SpecterDR switches instantly from a 4x magnified sight to a 1x CQB sight with the throw of a lever. Unlike zoom sights, the SpecterDR offers an optimized optical path and same eye break in both 4x and 1x modes. Depending upon the situation, the user may change the sight to illuminate the crosshair or just a smart red dot in the center. In 1x mode, the SpecterDR has by far the biggest field of view in the business. In 4x mode the SpecterDR offers a generous field of view, long eye break, and ELCANS legendary very clear image. The SpecterDR 4x/1x offers the best single solution for both Medium Range and CQB engagements and is intended to withstand the rigors of modern professional use.

Schmidt & Bender Precision Hunter Rifle Scope 4-16x50 P3-

An remaining long-range scope, equipped with a 3rd turret parallax modification. At 4x, the Mil-Dot reticle with good crosshairs and four posts lets fast target acquisition. At 16x, the Mil-Dots become observable and may be used for exact rangefinding, trajectory and windage calculations. The top-mounted BDC has 5mm (1/5" clicks) for fast modifications to 500 yards. The windage modification also has 5mm clicks for exact sighting in. Weight: 20 oz. (42mm Obj) or 22oz. (50mm Obj) Twilight: factor 8. 5/22. 5(42mm Obj) or 8. 5/24. 5(50mm Obj) Eye break: 3. 70" Click value: 360" Field of view: 31. 5/11. 4 ft @ 100 yards(42mm Obj) or 33. 3/11. 4 ft @ 100yards(50mm Obj).

Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun Scope with Mount

Our kit will include 4x30 Scope and Rail Mount For Remington 870 Weaver Style 4X30 Combat Scope P4 Sniper Reticle. Most cheap high quality 4x30 tactical compact shotgun scope. Black Matte covering for superior light absorption and low outside visibility Aluminum body construction for increased durability. Coated glass for best possible sight picture and lens durability. Low profile design assures small shotgun silhouette and increased maneuverability. Magnification: 4X Objective Diameter. MM: 30MM Finish: BLACK Lens covering: BLUE Tube Diameter. INCHES: 1" Length: 7. 68" Weight: 1lbs Eye break: 3. 15"-2. 75" Reticle:P4 SNIPER Tactical 1" Ring Included The aluminum saddle rail mount features: Easy to install in present pin ports on the receiver - no gunsmithing or special tools obliged hard one part design of saddle style that straddles both sides of receiver Top Picatinny rail is 6inch long and has 14 ring slots for correct scope or red dot sight placement Machined aluminum alloy body in anodized non glare matte finish Saddle scope mount for Remington 12GA 870 1187. Works with full size scopes and red dot sights with standard Weaver or Picatinny rings.

Chinoook 4x32 Rifle Scope Hunting Optics Crosshair Riflescope Gun Scope

Plans: Magnification: x4. Objective lens diameter: 32mm. Dimension: approx. 280mm. Suited for: Sports, Performing, Hiking, Hunting or another outdoor actions. Package will include: 1 x 4x32 Riflescope 2 x Mounts 2 x Lens Cover 1 x Allen wrench 1 x User Manual(in English) 1 x Original Packing Now some competitor give us unverified hostile review. We promised that your buy are in warranty and you may be able to ask substitute and refund. If you have any problem with your buy, send us message and you'll get an answer in 24 hours and Hope you may be able to enjoy your buy.

Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine

Nikon P-223 3x32cvAR RiflescopesThe new P-223 Series broadens Nikon's line-up of precision optics for AR rifles. Intended for extreme sighting speed and superior long-range accuracy for AR platform rifles and. 223 cartridges, the P-223's complete optical system is completely multicoated for extreme light and gives light transmission up to 98%. The P-223 3x32 Carbine is an very compact optic intended exactly for fast-handling, shorter barrel ARs. The all-new, fast-sighting BDC Carbine reticle was worked on exactly for the 3x32 and. 223 Remington cartridge to make engaging targets quickly and precisely both in-close and out to 600 yards. With tactical-style turrets with Zero-Reset feature to change field modifications, the 3x32, like all Nikon AR riflescopes, is optimized for use with Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. Spot On lets you to discover all of the exact aiming points on the BDC carbine reticle for your exact ammunition and load.

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