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Forney 302 115V 20A 325P ter vs F6-LLBG-D35-Z

Applications: Sheet metal to plate cutting Auto Body Farm & Ranch HVAC Plumbing freelancer Easy to use: 3 Diagnostic LED lights Drag torch technology Improved design: Integrated consumable and storage area Integrated air pressure regulator and dryer Torch wrap High responsibility cycle and cutting capacity bigger work envelope: 15' power cable, ground cable and torch lead Versatility: movable and generator friendly Uses household 120V power Input Power: 120V (with 20A to 15A adapter) Rated Output: 10A - 20A Plate Thickness Range: Cutting thickness suggested: 1/4" up to 3/8" Dimensions: 17"x8"x15. 5" Weight: 30 lbs. 5/3/1 Warranty.

Hypertherm 088016 Hypertherm 088016 Powermax45 Hand System With 20 Foot Lead

The Powermax45 is the most reliable 1/2" (12mm) system on the market with a broad set of application potential that make it a really multi-function tool. With 45 amps of cutting power and Hypertherm torch technology it enables easy cutting of 1/2" (12mm) thick metal and has a severance capacity of 1" (25mm). The system comes with a 20' hand torch and 20' work lead. Optional mechanized torch available for integration with automated cutting equipment.

Eastwood Metal ting Versa ter 110/220 Volt AC

Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter easily slices F6-LLBG-D35Z through materials up to 3/8" thick. Our Eastwood-intended plasma cutter is your smartest choice for making clean, fast cuts through steel, stainless or aluminum as thin as 24-gauge, or as thick as 3/8". In comparison to mechanical cutting, our Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter works considerably faster, and makes curved and intricate cuts more easily and exactly. Inverter technology offers superior arc stability and plasma cutting power using either 110 or 220 volts, making this a movable unit that's also light weight. A fitted pilot arc system lets for instant arc striking and easy use if cutting rusty material and extended metal. The interior moisture separator helps to ensure clean dry air gets to the torch to get you consistent results. Works with 110v or 220v AC input. 20' torch cable; 10' ground cable with clamp. Rated 40-amp output. Air flow rate: 5-7 CFM at 20-60 PSI. Supported by Eastwood's no-annoyance 3-year warranty.

Everlast PowerPro 256D Digital ACDC Tig Stick Pulse ter Multi Process Welder, Green vs F-6-LLBG-D-35Z

The new Digitally controlled PowerProd 256D is the new multi-procedure unit from Everlast intended to meet the needs of advanced users who want more precision and control of many functions for light commercial duties like movable fix and general maintenance. The unit is intended with AC/DC Pulse TIG, Stick and Plasma functions so that you will generally have what you have to make the weld. It's an ideal unit for movable stick welding repairs with the VRD function which lowers the OCV to help prevent shock and electrocution where obliged. For TIG, advanced pulse and wave form control help maintain excellent control while making important aluminum welds.

SG-55 AG-60 ter Consumable Nozzle 1.0mm 10pk

Package as well as following: 10pcs Nozzle 1. 0 50Amp (Nozzle 0. 9 40Amp and Nozzle 1. 2 60Amp optional) The consumables can work with torches SG-55, AG-60 and WSD-60 for CUT-60, LGK-60 plasma cutting machines. As well, those consumables work for machines of brands like Rilon, Riland, Jasic, Mitech, Chiry, UNT, Krypton, Longetivity Forcecut 40D, etc.

Forney 332 Portable Welding Cart

The Forney 332 movable Welding Cart fits all of Forney 300 series welders and plasma cutters. A 3 level movable welder cart makes this a great fit for convenience. Assembly obliged. Fits other welders of alike size. Forney Industries is one of America's longest operating family-owned metal working product businesses. Founded in 1932, Forney offers more than 5, 000 merchandise for the hardware, vehicle, farm and ranch and do-it-yourself markets. If you have got metal working questions, we have got answers. We are dedicated to your success despite of place size or needs. Movable welding cart is 11-1/2-Inch (29. 21 cm) large by 27-1/2-Inch (69. 85 cm) tall. 3 levels of 1. 0mm thick steel. Max suggested weight capacity: 90-Pound (40. 8 Kg) Fits Forney 300 series welders and plasma cutters. Claims for warranty must be made inside 90 days of the date of buy. Evidence of buy obliged. This warranty doesn't cover any product that was subject to abuse, neglect, neglect or accident, or that was used opposite to the function meant.

Hypertherm 088096 Powermax 30 AIR Hand System with 15' Lead vs F-6-LLBG-D-35-Z

The small size and light weight of the new Powermax30 AIR, with an interior compressor, make it a greatly movable system enabling metal cutting just about anywhere there's single phase power. Simply plug it in, attach the work clamp and you're prepared to cut. The interior compressor removes the need for an external air compressor and filter to operate the plasma system. The fast cutting speeds and superior cut quality of Powermax plasma enable you to finish jobs quicker.

Table - Water table for hand held ters

The Plasma Table will sit over a Behrens 17 gal. Tub or 55 gal. Drum that's filled with water, this creates a economical and efficient Plasma Table. All of the sparks/slag and most of the smoke is captured with 4"-5" of an air gap above the water. The cutting slats just drop into place, which makes them easy to replace. The table requires welding to assemble, it'll take about 30 minutes to layout, tack and weld. We exactly intended the table to clamp a guide, straight edge or our Plasma Stencils, this is the cherry on top! We include a changed drill press clamp that has an expanded arm to firmly hold the Plasma Stencils or a straight edge in place while you make your cuts. Because the clamp may be located 360 around the table, you may be able to typically cut an complete part out, without moving the material. The usable cutting area is 21" large. The Plasma Table is great for movable, temporary and/or permanent use. -movable use - Bolts are included to attach the table to the tub, this makes the Plasma Table one part and easily movable. -Temporary use - The Plasma Table just rests over the tub, so it is easy to take separately and throw in the corner when your not using it. -Permanent use - A couple extension tubes from your fab table, that the Plasma Table sits on, is great for expanded use while being removable. Or you may be able to make a dedicated Plasma Table roll around with the plasma cutter underneath. The Behrens 17 gallon galvanized steel tub is a great choice for those that want a fast and easy Plasma Table. Most farm or hardware stores have them in stock and they're sold through many online stores, just be sure you get the Behrens brand. It takes about 10 gallons of water to get a 5" air gap. Or a regular 55 gal. Drum may be cut down to 8" high and use 5 gallons of water. YouTube video link - https://youtu. Be/THdbVbB2rHA.

2015 Everlast PowerPro 256S 250a Tig Stick Pulse 60a ter Multi Process Welder

The Everlast PowerPro 256Si brings maximum power and performance to the table with its newly redesigned IGBT inverter design by featuring digital control. This increases dependability and accuracy. It is ideally suited for repairs and maintenance chores when space and portability on the job site or fix truck are real concerns. The welder features up to 250 amps of AC/DC TIG welding power, and a full 200 amps of stick welding power to manage nearly any welding project or task. The plasma cutter also supplies up to 60 amps of power to cut or trim up any metal to finish the task and features the longer life PT/iPT 60 torch. The PowerPro series of welders from Everlast are intended for utility use and offer a good value for both hobbyists and professionals who need movable, all-in-one welding and cutting capability.

50pk ESAB PT-31 LG-40 ter Consumables TIPS 18866 Fit -40 - 50

Package Quantity: 50pcs Ref No:18866 Rated welding current: 40A Max Cutting thickness: 12MM The consumables can work with ESAB/L-TEC PT-31, JG-40 and WSD-LG40 Cutting Torch, these torches for Plasma cutting machines like CUT-40, CUT-40D, LGK-40, CT312, CT312D, CT416, CT416D, CT518, CT518D, Super160, Super160P etc. The Brand of Machine could be Rilon, Riland, Jasic, Mitech, Chiry, Krypton, Longetivity, Berlan and so on.

Victor Thermal Dynamics 1-1330-1 master 102 SL100, 20-Feet

Victor Thermal Dynamics 1-1330-1 Cutmaster 102 20 foot SL100 was intended with the idea that suggested cut capacity should also be the TRUE cut capacity. The TRUE Cut Series removes the idea of having to "purchase up", buying a machine bigger than you really need. With the introduction of the CUTMASTER TRUE Series, a one-half inch suggested capacity machine will cut one-half inch material. TRUE GUARD roll bar gives easy transportation and guards the front and rear of the power supply for unmatched durability. Color Coded LED's point to pressure position and setup errors. All user controls are conveniently located on the front panel. Lightweight design improves portability (Reduced almost 50). Trigger latch feature prevents hand exhaustion throughout long cuts. Auto Pilot Restart feature instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting extended metals. Many Torch capability (Hand, Mechanized, Automation). The business's only 60 Amp drag tip. Convenient storage compartment for spare and consumable parts. Common selectable input power from 208 to 460 VAC plus 10, single or three phase, 50 or 60 Hertz. 20 foot (6. 1m) lead and 1Torch SL100, 75 degree head. 10 foot (3. 0 meter) input power cable, work cable without 20 amp plug (460 volts) and clamp.

GENSSI 46 Consumables For ter 40D 40 50D 50 Electrodes Tips Nozzle

GENSSI (TM) 46 Consumables For Plasma Cutter common - May or May not fit your Plasma Cutter. Unfortunately we can not test every model on the market. 8 - High-grade Shield Cups 8 - High-grade Swirl Rings 16 - Premium Electrodes 14 - Premium info / Nozzles May NOT be well-matched with: Forcecut 40D Longevity 40D Lotos LT5000D (unless changed) .

Everlast Power 60S Everlast Power 60S ter 60a 60amp ting System, , green

Make a list of everything you want in a plasma cutter. Chances are that you will create a list that matches up pretty closely to the list of features of the Everlast PowerPlasma 60S. It has has the convenience, portability and performance that will meet the needs of everyone from the weekend fan to the welding and fabrication shop. The PowerPlasma 60S is built on an inverter platform, using IGBT modules from Infineon (Siemens) to decrease weight, and improve dependability and performance over the individual IGBT design. The unit has lots of cut capacity with a suggested 3/4" daily cut, a 7/8" clean cut and a 1 1/4" severance cut capability. The real Trafimet S-75 torch is part of the standard package and features blow back start, and a pilot arc. The PowerPlasma 60S features a 3 second tip saver to decrease premature consumable wear by limiting pilot arc punctually, if no cutting is taking place.

Hobart 770201 ting Attachment, Victor Style

The Hobart Victor-well-matched Medium-responsibility Cutting Attachment is the ideal welding friend. Features a brass head, spiral mixer, stainless steel lever and a brass coupling nut. Perfect for use with acetylene, propane, natural gas, LIQUIDAIR fuel gas, propylene and MAPP. Works With: Oxyacetylene, propane, natural gas, LIQUIDAIR fuel gas, propylene, MAPP, Product Type: Attachments, Single, Pair, or System: Single, Regulator Included: No, common Application: Cutting.

Hypertherm 128647 Eliminizer Air Filtration Kit with 1-Micron Filter and Auto-Drain Moisture Separator

Hypertherm 128647 Eliminizer Air Filtration Kit With, 1-micron filter and Auto-drain Moisture Separator. Real Hypertherm Accessories are intended to improve the ownership experience with Hypertherm merchandise. System accessories and cutting guides expand applications and improve performance. Personal protecting equipment help keep operators comfy and safe. At Hypertherm, our lone concentrate is cutting. Every relate-from our engineers to our manufacturing and service teams-is totally focused on our customers with the best cutting solutions in the business. It is a mission stretching back almost 50 years to our 1st industrial cutting patent. Today, our patent wall continues to develop as we innovate tirelessly to introduce new plasma, laser and waterjet technologies and services that will assist you accomplish best cutting outcomes that support your business goals. So, if you are cutting precision parts in North America, constructing a pipeline in Norway, fabricating farming machinery in Brazil, gouging out welds in the mines of South Africa, or building a skyscraper in China, you may be able to count on Hypertherm. Regardless what you cut, where you cut, or how you cut, we're here to guide you toward the cutting solution that's right for you.

LTP8000 80Amp Air 1

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA, Lotos Technology supplies quality welding and cutting tools to small businesses and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) purchasers. Since 2007, our merchandise have gained recognition as a reputable source for cheap industrial and buyer established movable plasma cutters and welders. We're proud of our product, quality and after-sale service. One of our major objectives is to set up a agent / distributor network. If you need a machine cutting/welding demo, or if you're interested in becoming a agent / distributor for us, contact us.

SIMADRE 50DP 50 Amps 110V/220V ter

This machine comes with pilot arc cutting torch and ground clamp and cable, air filter, regulator and wsd-60 pilot arc torch consumables. The newer semiconductor circuits with real Toshiba MOSFET part in this machine is intended quite well. Cooling system is using advanced Germany equipment. With reasonable care it should supply many years of trouble-free service. Auto sensing of incoming power source voltage and frequency 120V/240V-50/60HZ (functions between 90 & 260 volts. ) Works in both 50 and 60 Hz with operating air pressure of 70 psi @ 4 cfm. Machine comes with a big cooling fan and is thermostatically protected for a longer life span. Advanced inverter technology means high cutting performance. The newer semiconductor circuits in these machines are very well-intended. With reasonable care, your cutter will give you many years of trouble-free service Plasma Cutter is 3/4" rated with 1" severance cuts CE, CCC, CSA and ISO-9001 certification Specification Parameters: Model Pilot Arc CT-50DP Voltage 110/220V Available responsibility Cycle Cycle 60 at 50 Amps and 100 at 30 Amps Cutting Thickness 5/8 inch clean cut with 7. 5 inches per minutes; 0. 8 inch clean cut with 5 inches per minutes and 1 inches severance cut with 2. 5 inches per minute Rated Ouput Current 50 Amps under both AC 110V and 220V Frequency 50 and 60 Hz with operating air pressure as 75 psi @ 5 cfm Package will include Plasma Cutter - Inverter Unit, Ground Cable & Ground Clamp, Pilot Arc Cutting Torch, Electrode, Nozzle, Ceramic Shield Cup, Air Filter/Regulator, Hose, Clamps, Mounting Bracket and Owner Manual customer needs to prepare air compressor and install either 110V or 220V power plug.

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