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ARKSEN Brand 30 Gallon Gas Storage Tank Drum Barrel Fluid Diesel Carrier Pump vs GC-30-R

Description: Two way rotating pump : siphon or dispense. Fuels using the same pump. Easy to read fill level gauge, know exactly how much room is there. Available in your tank. Safe and convenient. Ground wire and clamp. Fire screened vent and filler neck combo. Oshawa compliant. 6-1/2 x1-3/4 hard tires. Dolly handle. Holds: gasoline, , liquid, diesel.


Field Controls 46266302 CAS-4 Fan In A Can Combustion Air System For 24V Gas Systems Only what is Included 1- Motorized Blower 1- 4" galvanized intake air Vent Hood 2- Mounting brackets to secure the CAS to a wall 2- Wire/conduit connectors 1- 4" x 6" Pipe Increaser Fitting 1- 6" Orifice Ring 1- Instruction Sheet 1- High/Low Motor Speed Switch CAS-4 (Gas) This product is intended for use with any natural gas or LP burning furnace, water heater, or boiler with a 24 VAC control system. It can be used with a millivolt powered system with extra hardware. It can also be used with more than one appliance. The CAS unit mechanically draws air into a structure and disperses it near the combustion air intake of an appliance. If an optional Vacuum break Valve (VRV) can be used, the incoming air is tempered before entering the structure's airspace. Refer to Diagrams A and B for guidance in setting up the CAS system depending on the size and length of the connecting ductwork and the input ranking of the appliance. How the CAS-3 and CAS-4 work When the thermostat calls for heat, the Fan-in-a-Can engages and begins drawing air into the structure. When air flow is established, the pressure switch closes. The CAS sends a signal to the appliance, allowing the burner to fire. The Fan-in-a-Can diffuses the outside air into the room near the burner to ensure adequate air for economical combustion.

LiquiDynamics Bulk System 275 Gallon, 50 Ft., 97002050

This 275-gallon single-wall steel storage tank is UL 142 listed, powder-coated for durability and comes totally assembled and prepared to be placed in position. The system is intended to be used with lubricants like oil, ATF, hydraulic liquid and 100% antifreeze. U. S. A. Inlet Size (in. ): 3, Tank Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 60 x 30 x 68, Tank Type: Storage, Finish Type: Powder-coat, UL: UL listed, Tank Size (gal. ): 275, Material Type: Steel.

RDS Auxiliary Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo 91 Gallon, 72647 vs GC-30R

Secondary fuel tank with toolbox fitted! secondary tank has fittings so it can connect to your factory lines. Diesel install kits (Item#s 3490901, 3490902 and 43748), are available (sold individually). U. S. A. It's the user's responsibility to comply with local, state and federal prerequisites pertaining to safe transportation, loading and discharging of tank contents Finish Type: Diamond plate, Material Type: Aluminum, form: Rectangle, Tank Size (gal. ): 91, Box Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 51 x 30 x 6 1/4, Tank Type: secondary, well-matched With: Diesel, in general Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 59 x 31 x 19, DOT accepted: Yes, Lock Included: Yes, will include: Manual sight gauge, baffles, return, drain fittings, Lock Type: Stainless steel key locks, Tank Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 57 x 30 x 12 3/4.

RDS Rectangular Auxiliary Transfer Fuel Tank 55 Gallon, Smooth, 71109

RDS secondary move Fuel Tank is intended for transferring diesel fuel and other nonflammable liquids from the bed of a pickup truck to remote or heavy equipment. It's the user's responsibility to comply with local, state and federal prerequisites pertaining to safe transportation, loading and discharging of tank contents. Not for use with gasoline. Can not be used to move gasoline to another car. U. S. A. This item is a SINGLE tank. Image shows TWO separate tanks. In general Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 38 1/2 x 22 x 19, well-matched With: Diesel, Material Type: Aluminum, DOT accepted: Yes, will include: Rollover valve, Inlet Diameter (in. ): 2, Outlet Diameter (in. ): 2, Tank Size (gal. ): 55, Finish Type: Smooth, Tank Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 36 1/2 x 22 x 16 1/2, Mounting Hardware Included: Yes, Tank Type: move/secondary, Mounting Type: Truck bed, form: Rectangle.

46 gal aux tank w/ install kitRECTANGLE

This distinctive system connects the secondary GC-30R tank to the factory tank via the factory filler. The secondary tank keeps the factory tank full. When the secondary tank is empty, your factory fuel gauge will move off the full mark. The system installs quickly and easily. No wires or switched to install. The system has rollover protection on the tank and on the factory fill neck adapter. It isn't legal to gravity feed straight to the carburetor or the injectors.

Scribner Plastics (20006PK) White Utility Jug 5 Gallon Capacity, (Pack of 6)

Features the 2000 Series super Heavy responsibility square design that holds 5 gallons of fluids and removes unusable spaces around the jug. They mate naturally and fit flush against walls and other flat surfaces. All jugs are made from tough LLDPE polyethylene using Scribner's rotational molding procedure making them the toughest around. The extra heavy responsibility top features distinctive, polyethylene gasket, with a bigger and wider gasket seat and, unlike O-rings, there's no puffiness and falling out after a month of use. Great for use for storage and/or transport for recycling and correct disposal of common fluids used in professional motor sports. The jug is roughly 9. 5" x 9. 5" x 21" and is supplied complete with heavy responsibility cover, gasket and vent. Help keep our environment clean and pollution free by generally disposing of hazardous materials properly. Not to be sold as a "movable fuel container".

Universal JERRY CAN HOLDER with WEDCO Diesel Can (CARB compliant all 50 states) with SelfPriming Fuel Siphon

Go Prepared! do not run out of fuel on the trail. Our common jerrycan holder will withstand the rigors of off-road expedition travel. With its distinctive lockable feature it's exactly intended and sized to fit our Wedco "original" Steel Jerry Cans (Gas, Diesel). It holds the fuel can firmly in place. Ecologically-friendly EPA compliant steel Jerry Can, 100 accepted by the California Air Resources Board (C. A. R. B. ). Passes all emission and spill control rules. Features a spill-evidence spout with auto shut-off that's self-venting. Accepted for use in all states. Made from galvanized steel with a specially treated interior lining the original Jerry Can design works perfectly with our common lockable Jerry Can Holder. Our Self-priming Siphon is a safe alternative for transferring fuels. This hose with the self-priming pump removes any risk of spilling hazardous fluids. Forget that old siphon technique, just shake pump to begin the procedure.

LiquiDynamics Horizontal Fuel Storage Tank 275Gallon, 901060V1

This LiquiDynamics 275-gallon tank is an ideal choice for compact storage of engine oil, hydraulic liquid, diesel fuel (as well as biodiesel) and other alike fluids. Tank features rugged 12-gauge carbon steel construction with powder-coat finish. Features three 2in. NPT openings, a 3in. Emergency vent and a 1in. Drain. UL listed. UL: UL listed, Mounting Type: Skid, Tank Size (gal. ): 275, will include: Locking vented fill cap and float gauge, Material Type: Carbon steel, Tank Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 60 x 27 x 50, DOT accepted: No, Inlet Size (in. ): 2 NPT, Lockable: Yes, Drain Size (in. ): 1, Tank Type: Storage, Finish Type: Powder-coat, Outlet Port (in. ): 2 NPT.

Justrite AccuFlow 7250120 Type II Galvanized Steel Safety Can with 5/8 Flexible Spout, 5 Gallons Capacity, Red

The Justrite AccuFlow type II galvanized steel safety can has a 9" long metal hose with a squeeze-trigger spout, a 3. 5" stainless steel flame arrester, and an automatically venting leak-tight cover for storing and transporting gasoline, oil, kerosene, diesel, and other well-matched flammable liquids. The 24-gauge galvanized steel can resists rust and corrosion. The adaptable metal hose with squeeze-trigger spout helps supply controlled pouring. The stainless steel flame arrester is chemical and corrosion tolerant, and helps to prevent the can&'s contents from igniting. The gasketed cover is leak-tight, self-closing, and vents automatically, helping to decrease air blockages that can disrupt the flow of liquids also as pressure build-up inside the can. Four can colors let fast designation of contents: red for gasoline and other flammable liquids, green for fuel and oil, yellow for diesel fuel, and blue for kerosene. The warning label on the can has an area to add info. The fill port has an ergonomic handle that lets the port to be opened quickly. The can comes with another cap. This Justrite AccuFlow type II galvanized steel safety can meets standards set by FM world (FM); Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Technical Inspection affiliation (TÜ V), Occupational Safety and Health governance (OSHA); Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC); and is intended in accordance with National Fire Protection affiliation (NFPA) code 30. When used as indicated by maker&'s suggestions, this product is covered by a 10-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

RDS Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo with Fuel Filler Shroud 60Gal. Capacity, Black Diamond Plate, 72743PC

This tough 60-Gal. RDS Aluminum secondary Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo gives extra fuel storage that lets for increased driving range. The secondary tank may be used as extra capacity for a factory tank with the use of an RDS diesel install kit (sold individually). The 55in. L x 20in. W x 19in. H tank will include a gas cap, suction tube, drain fittings, manual sight gauge, fuel filler shroud, and baffles to decrease sloshing. The toolbox has a linked stainless steel lock that also secures fuel fill to prevent tampering. Two cylinders hold the crowned cover open. Aluminum diamond plate material in a textured black powder-coat diamond plate finish. Meets DOT standards. Not meant for use with gasoline. Tank Size (gal. ): 60, Tank Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 55 + 2-in. (tabs) x 20 + 1-in. (tabs) x 12 3/4, Material Type: Aluminum, Tank Type: secondary, Box Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 48 x 20 x 6 1/4, DOT accepted: Yes, form: Rectangle, in general Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 55 + 2-in. (tabs) x 20 + 1-in. (tabs) x 19, Fits Models: Most truck beds (measure to confirm), Finish Type: Black powder-coat diamond plate, Lock Type: Paddle handle, well-matched With: Diesel fuel, oil, bio fuel, combustible fuel, Lock Included: Yes.

RotopaX RX4G Pack 4 Gallon Capacity

RotopaX 4 Gallon Gas Pack The original RotopaX! This listing is for ONE (1) FOUR Gallon Gas Pack REMEMBER TO VENT THE FUEL PACK ONCE PER DAY IF THE ELEVATION OR TEMPERATURE CHANGES considerably. Capacity- each single pack holds 4 gallons. Dimensions 34 1/2 X 13 1/2 X 3 Spout included, made in the USA. Photos showing mounting alternatives and extra packs are for illustrative reasons only.

RDS Diesel Install Kit for Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank Fits 1999Current Ford, 2011Current Chevrolet and GMC, and Dodge 19992012, 011025

This RDS kit is intended to connect your secondary diesel fuel tank to your truck's fuel fill hose to offer consistent gravity feed of fuel. Automatically controls the fuel level going into your OEM tank so that it doesn't overfill. Easy, simple installation. Kit will include hose, clamps and fittings. Meant for diesel fuel only. U. S. A. Fuel Type: Diesel, well-matched With: 1999-Current Ford, 2011-Current Chevrolet and GMC, Dodge 1999-2012, Product Type: Installation kit.

Worthington 297297 33Pound Aluminum Forklift Propane Cylinder With Gauge And Fill Valve

If you have to heat, power or grill, Worthington Cylinders specializes in making propane tanks and cylinders used daily across the globe. You� ll find the quality of our buyer service equals that of the propane tanks we deliver. Like all of our merchandise, each propane tank and cylinder meets or exceeds business rules for quality and is made in buildings that have won awards for proactive safety practices and rules. Made of either aluminum or steel, Worthington Cylinders offers a complete line of movable propane cylinders. Worthington Cylinders combines the highest standards of manufacturing quality with the light weight durability of aluminum to give you reliable forklift cylinders. Our forklift cylinders supply a return on your investment through savings in handling, repairs, maintenance and buyer preference. These cylinders are made to the Department of Transportation (DOT) 4E-240 plans in ISO 9002 certified buildings.

Diesel 30Gallon, Green, GC30G

The HMC Diesel Caddy lets you to dispense fuel or remove fuel from tanks without lifting heavy fuel cans and without spilling a drop. The economical bi-directional pump dispenses or siphons fuel by changing the rotation of the crank handle, allowing you to eliminate overfilling tanks by pulling extra gas or diesel back into the caddy. Hose Length (ft. ): 8, Wheel Type: Semi-pneumatic, Tank Size (gal. ): 30, well-matched With: Diesel, kerosene, Material Type: Steel, Pump Type: Bi-directional rotating, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 21 x 22 x 45, Wheels (qty. ): 2, Complies with OSHA and ANSI: Pending.

Portable Fuel Tank Diesel (14.5 gallons)

Tanks made in roto-molded linear polyethylene, ideal for the refueling of small and light operating vehicles or crafts. Featuring a distinctive design with ergonomic grip for excellent handling and lifting, are equipped with puncture evidence wheels suited for transport on any surface. The structure, devoid of sharp corners, and the reinforcement ribs give great strength and resistance. Available with capacities of 14. 5 and 29 gallons, are equipped with filling plug with integrated air vent device and lower safety ball valve. Emilcaddy line, thanks to versatility and easy use, lets nearly unlimited refueling functionings both in professional fields and in sport or leisure actions. Volume: 14. 5 gal Width: 18 Depth: 17" Height: 36 Empty weight Diesel variant: 28 lb.

Mr. Funnel AF8CB Fuel Filter

The unbelievable Mr. Funnel. This is a MUST HAVE for anybody who stores fuels. Just pour the fuel through Mr. Funnel and it instantly removes water and debris. There's nothing else like it on the market. Just pour the contaminated fuel into the filter and the water-free fuel goes through. Any water that was in the fuel will stay in the funnel - just dump it out when you have filled your appliance. To clean, just turn it upside down and whack it onto a hard surface. Nothing to replace, ever. Model F1c filters up to 2. 5gpm, F3c up to 3. 9gpm, F8C up to 5gpm and F15c up to 15gpm.

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