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Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler vs GLDGS

The Pocket Jib Traveler is Kessler's newest and most compact Pocket Jib intended for shooters that require an super-movable jib solution. The Pocket Jib Traveler is 27 inches in length when collapsed and has a round travel distance of 72 inches when completely expanded. It surpasses other super-movable jibs through is distinctive design and light footprint, shooters with the perfect travel friend as they trek through extreme environments to catch the perfect shot.

ACDelco 45G20747 Professional Front Passenger Side Suspension Bar Link Kit with Hardware

ACDelco Professional, premium aftermarket Suspension Stabilizer GLDGS Bar Links connect the stabilizer bar to the axle of many vehicles on the road today. The stabilizer bars connect the left and right wheels together for tighter car suspension. These premium aftermarket substitute suspension stabilizer bar links are made to meet or surpass your expectations for fit, form, and function.

Monroe SC2963 Magnum Steering Damper

The Monro-Magnum steering stabilizer stops vibration before it gets to the driver. It's ideally suited for trucks, vans, and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Monro-Magnum steering stabilizers increase control under all driving conditions by decreasing steering shimmy and driver exhaustion. Also, they can decrease tire wear and protect front-end parts from premature wear.

Rancho RS5411 RS5000 Steering

Rancho high-performance steering stabilizers are a simple and cheap way to improve a car's performance. Rancho steering stabilizers are ideal for off - road driving, towing/hauling and street performance applications. Rancho steering stabilizers are engineered for vehicles with oversized wheels and tires which decrease wheel shimmy, bump steer and vibration. They're available in single and dual configurations with bracket kits available for vehicles without OE mounts. Rancho steering stabilizers are made with a liquid metallic finish which gives a premium long lasting finish with a boot that guards the shock rod and oil seal. Rancho steering stabilizers are covered by our restricted lifetime warranty that guarantees your investment. Check our www. Gorancho. Com web site to find the Rancho steering stabilizers RS5000 part numbers for your car.

Feiyu Tech FY-WG 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal GoPro

Introducing the worlds most movable handheld/mountable Gimbal. The Feiyu WG 3-Axis wearable Gimbal is intended with extensibility in mind. A GoPro T-Clamp adapter is included in every package, which enables users to attach their WG to any accessory that supports Go Pros three-prong mount. The WG also holds two 1/4 "-20 mounts, allowing the gimbal to be mounted in various orientations to all common tripod screw mount accessories. Like helmets, bikes, self stick and many more. The WG is well-matched with many alike shaped action cameras like Xiaomi, AEE and more. A single button control scheme lets the WG to be as user friendly as possible. The one button changes the modes also as powers on and off the gimbal. Mount your camera to the left, right, upright or inverted and the WG will recognize the position and make the proper modifications to its configuration. The WG is intended to be wearable but may also be mounted with a big range of accessories. Set the gimbal position by holding it at the wanted angle for. 5 seconds also as control it using the Feiyu remote.

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme

B-Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme 10" Stabilizer This season, take your shooting to the Xtreme! The Sport Hunter Xtreme was engineered to help supply superior stabilization while conquering shot-induced vibration, ensuing in the final hunting stabilizer. The Sims interior Harmonic Dampener and De-Resonator add to effectively minimize vibration moved from the riser to the stabilizer upon release of the arrow. The individual 1 oz. End-weights let users to customize their stabilizer to meet the ideal balance prerequisites of their specific hunting bow. Together, it equals added confidence to make YOUR shot of a lifetime. 6" plans: Length: 6" with included weights 6. 5" Weight: 6. 85 oz. 8" plans: Length: 8" with included weights 8. 5" Weight: 7. 18oz. 10" plans: Length: 10" with included weights 10. 5" Weight: 7. 45 oz.

GD-8 Frame Kit 1200mm Cinema Drone Frame Kit

Propeller Size: up to 16 inch, 15-16 inch suggested Center Plate: 240mm x 240mm suggested Cameras: RED Epic, Canon 5D / C100 Payload: 10+ lbs. Based on motor setup Flight Controller: MikroKopter FlightCTRL 2. 5 or DJI A2 ESC: MikroKopter ESC's or alike 40A+ ESC (Freefly or Castle Creations) Battery: 6s LiPO with 10000+mAh things Included: 4 X Inner Arms 8 X Outer Arms 1 X TOP Center Plate 1 X Bottom Center Plate 2 X Battery Tray 1 X GPS Plate 4 X Boom Clamp Set 16 X Cross Member 10 X Hub Connector 8 X Motor Mount Assembly 1 X Rail Mount Assembly for Gimbal 4 X Velcro Battery Strap Note: Landing Gear, Motors and Electronics aren't included in this frame kit. Contact us if you have any questions.

Hobpower Brushless 3-axis Hhg5d Eagleeye Dslr Camera Mount Handheld Stabilized Gimbal

Eagle Eye Camera Mount Item No: HHG5D Description: DSLR BL Handled Gimbal (without controller), as well as one BGM5208-200-12, two BGM5208-75 motor Material: Made of aluminum alloy and real carbon fiber. Total Weight of whole gimbal: 1790g Loading Weight: About 3kg for DSLR camera (like: CANON 5DMarkII/5D Mark III, 7D, SONY α 900, NIKON D900/D800E/D700/D800 etc) You may need the Gimbal controller, and battery to power on Video for DYS Eagle Eye Gimbal Build: http://v. Youku. Com/v_show/id_XNjM0NDUyOTA0. Html? Qq-pf-to=pcqq. Group http://v. Youku. Com/v_show/id_XNjM0MzkwOTEy. Html? Qq-pf-to=pcqq. Group DYS Eagle Eye Gimbal complementary: http://v. Youku. Com/v_show/id_XNjM2MTM1Mzc2. Html? Qq-pf-to=pcqq. Group Testing video for handheld variant: http://www. Tudou. Com/programs/view/wJkwQv42e74/.

Laing P-04S(P-4S) Carbon Fibre Handheld DSLR and Video Camera + Quick Release + Follow Focus Gear Ring Belt

Highlights: it's made of aluminum alloy and carbon fibre pole, MORE lasting AND big LOAD BEARING UP TO 33. 07LB, excellent structure, two part design, Min. Length 15. 75inch/40cm, Max. Length 26. 3inch/66. 8cm. Release plate can change front and back, left and right. Soft rubber on the hand grip, make you feel comfy when handle it. Fits for DSLR camera, compact cameras and DVs. Fitted bubble level for keeping horizontal level balance. Ideal for making video. Specification: Material: Carbon Fibre pole, Aluminum alloy Load-bearing: 33. 07LB fast release plate size:7. 27 x 2. 6 x 0. 39inch Platform size: 4. 7 x 3. 5 x 0. 98inch Plate size: 9. 80 x 2. 8 x 0. 24inch Gift you get: Aluminum alloy common fast Release L Plate 1/4 Screw (110mmx75mmx38mm) for Benro RRS Markins Arca-Swiss Ballhead and other well-matched accessories. Adjustable adaptable Follow concentrate Gear Ring Belt (36cm length) fits any lens with diameter from 65mm to 105mm. Package holds: 1 Laing Handheld Stabilizer P-4S 1 fast release L plate ( gift ) 1 Adjustable Gear Ring Belt ( gift ) 1 3in1 Cleaning Kit.

Tiffen Steadicam Pilot-AB Camera Stabilization System (Sled, Vest, Arm, Back Pack Transport, 5.8” LCD, Anton Bauer Battery Mount)

The Steadicam Pilot-AB is a state of the art, lightweight video camera stabilizer system intended particularly for the modern breed of lightweight cameras from 2 to 10 pounds. It features a 5. 8" monitor, patented Iso-elastic Arm and super low profile vest, lightweight sled with CarbonLite expandable post. Powered by Anton Bauer battery packs. Will include precision balance plates.

Zhiyun Z1-Evolution 3-Axis Gimbal GoPros with 4 Way Joystick (Black)

The Z1-Evolution 3-Axis Gimbal for Go Pros with 4 Way Joystick is really something special! Our Pioneering use of an integrated annular motor with an Aluminum body lets for Strong torque and very smooth rotations, in a light and movable package. Practical and beautiful. The Power switch is on the side of handle. Fitted reverse polarity protection, over charging protection, and short circuit protection makes it remarkably power economical. The 1/4inch screw port on the bottom lets for easy attachment to most extension rods now on the market. Intelligently intended with an Integrated camera holder which lets for mounting the camera and back-Pac without changing screws. Our risk is completely well-matched with the Xiaomi Yi camera with full support for the Xiaomi yes camera's AV output. You may also output AV signal to a connected monitor screen which makes it simple to view the footage. Two kind of batteries are available: 18650 Lip and 18350 Lip. The rotation angle of each axis is up to 330 Degree / Steeples rotational speed control / Four-way joystick; makes adjusting the angle very easy / auto drifting suppression / Calibration frequency largely reduced.

FeiYu FY-G4 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Brushless Handle Steadycam Steady Camera Mount Gopro Hero 3 3+ 4 Compatible With Gopro3 LCD Backpack

Plans: 1. Material: Aluminum 2. Weight: 9. 35oz / 265g 3. Color: Golden 4. Dimensions: (9. 4 x 2. 95 x 2. 56)" / (23. 9 x 7. 5 x 6. 5)cm Function Instruction: 1. Heading Following Mode - Pitch and roll locking, heading smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld. 2. Heading And Pitch Following Mode - Roll locking, heading and pitch smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld. 3. Locking Mode - Heading, pitch and roll locking. 4. Special Working Condition (Inversion Mode) - When in any working mode, press the function button for three times in succession, the Gimbal enter into the inversion mode and switch to the Heading following mode automatically. Invert the Gimbal to catch more excited scenes easily by switching mode mix. When in inversion working condition press the function button for three times in succession to reset the Gimbal back to the original state. FY-G4 needs to be initialized whenever the following situations appear after power on: 1. After power on, the angle of pitch isn't level with the horizon line. 2. After power on, the angle of roll isn't parallel with the horizon line. 3. When the gimbal is in heading lock, the angle of heading moves usually (heading isn't stationary) Package as well as: 1x Camera Gimbal(Golden/Blue) 1x Charger 1x US PLUG 1x EU PLUG 1x USB Converters 1x USB Cable 2x Screw 4x Batteries 1x English Manual (Camera isn't included. ).

Neewer 24 /60cm DSLR Camera Track Dolly Slider Video Stabilization Rail System with 176oz/5kg Load Capacity, Perfect Photography and Vid

Features: Full shown professional camera slider for heavy responsibility camera systems that gives shake-free stability and support to cameras while shooting Use on a tripod, or on a flat surface with included removable and adjustable legs with non-skid rubber feet. Many 1/4" & 3/8" screw holes on both ends and center for many mounting alternatives The super-compact dolly slider adds dynamic horizontal, vertical and diagonal motion to your videos. Use the dolly slider for dramatic video cinematography or slow motion moving photo captures. The dolly slider has a double interior rail system that uses four precision bearings to add smooth motion to any project. You may be able to change the bearing tension to customize the dolly slider to your exact needs. Two removable and legs are included and can increase the slider up to 2 inches off of the ground. You may be able to angle the slider to get straight horizontal shots, or you may be able to slope it on a tripod, position it vertically on a tripod, use it as a crane on a tripod, or attach it flipped over on two tripods. Bubble level to point to how straight or angled the slider is located.

The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera is a superior handheld video perfect GoPro, Cannon, Nikon or any DSLR camera up to 2.1

Get the Original AUTHENTIC Roxant Pro stabilizer and Shoot like a PRO with smooth steady action. Shake-Free video with Our Superior Handheld Camera Stabilizer The Original Roxant Pro stabilizer will assist you create professional looking, smooth scenes if you are walking, running, skating, driving etc.

Freefly MoVI M5 + Controller + Travel Case

Bring big-budget camera moves to your productions. The Mō VI M5 draws on the advanced stabilization technology worked on for the Mō VI M10 allowing for surprisingly smooth footage in the most calling for situations. The compact form factor and lightweight nature of the Mō VI M5 lets camera motion that could be impossible in the past. With the release of the Mō VI M5, Freefly aims to bring big budget caliber camera moves to a wider range of productions. Features Enclosed camera cage for maximum rigidity and shot stability Improved adjustable camera plate completely protected wiring Simplified completely tool-less complementary Inverted mode for more comfy eye level camera angle fast release top handle to let for fast modification plans Weight: 4. 75lb / 2. 15kg Camera cage dimensions: 130mm(L) x 180mm(W) x 120mm(H) Maximum payload: 5lb / 2. 27kg with well-matched camera / lens mixes Mō VI M5 with Radio Transmitter Package will include: Mō VI M5 Transmitter for Dual Operator Use 2 Batteries Battery Charger Mō VI Stand Weight: 4. 75lb / 2. 15kg Camera cage dimensions: 130mm(L) x 180mm(W) x 120mm(H) Maximum payload: 5lb / 2. 27kg with well-matched camera / lens mixes Mō VI M5 with Radio Transmitter Package will include: Mō VI M5 Transmitter for Dual Operator Use (DX7s or DX8) 2 Batteries Battery Charger Mō VI Stand.

Zhiyun Crane 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal with Wireless Remote Control, Mini Tripod and Other Useful Accessories Sony A7 /Pan

About Upgrading \(o)/ use original zhiyun batteries to avoid defect. We suggest you upgrading the gimbal by connecting to computer instead of cellphone. While upgrading the gimbal, ensure that the battery power is adequate. 1. Go to Zhiyun Official web site. Go to "Support", then click "Download". 2. Download these three files: Zhiyun USB Driver, Tools and the new firmware. 3. Download and Read the "Firmware upgrade Description", which will assist you upgrade the stablizer step by step smoothly.

Wieldy Exoskeleton Camera Shoulder Load Vest with Double Handle Dual-Damping Arm DSLR DV Camera

If I were a photographer? Here comes this powerful exoskeleton steadycam stabilizer to relieve your exhaustion and stress while shooting with those heavy devices. Made of high-strength and lightweight carbon fiber, loading weight up to 20kg. Intended as backpack style to get body's balance, and the high elastic mechanic arm are attached to two arms to change the pulling force that your arms are suffering make you feel comfy when holding the big and heavy devices at any height, floating and moving as you'll. The module of two-arm's height may be adjusted flexibly to cover the people of varied sizes. Wearing this exoskeleton steadycam stabilizer to make shooting for a whole day, regardless walking, running, going up and down stairs and moving on the uneven terrains you'll get the most stable and smooth performance and won't feel a little tiring at all. Specification: Max. Load: 20kg Material: Stabilizer: Aluminum magnesium alloy --Carbon fiber: high-class fabric and shock-absorbing sponge --Wristband: real leather and shock-absorbing sponge Total length when assembled: 196cm Arm Length: 80cm Holder Length: 36cm Arm Holder: 16 x 13. 5cm (W x H) Waist: 120cm Width of Waist Pad: 15cm Width of Strap: 11cm Package contents: 1 x Vest 2 x Dual-Arm 1 x Lumbar Support Airbag 1 x Back Connector 1 x Back Steadicam Angle-Adapter 1 x Thicken Carry Bag 1 x Warranty Card 1 x Pergear Clean kit.

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