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Cadet CEC163TW Energy Plus multiwatt 120/240V wall heater with electronic thermostat, white vs GMSS960804-CN

Keep your family warm in the rooms you use most. The Energy Plus heater uses up to 30 less energy than regular wall heaters, making it a perfect solution for any room with exact, consistent warmth and comfort. Say goodbye to recurrent temperature modifications thanks to intelligent controls and an auto-adjusting fan speed that maintains your room temperature inside one degree.

GMH80403AN , TwoStage Burner/MultiSpeed Blower, Upflow/Horizontal Flow 40, 000

The Goodman GMH80403AN is part of the brand's GMH8 line. These gas furnaces are intended for use with single stage room thermostats and offer a protecting baked enamel finish and insulated steel cabinet that let it to be placed in many places during the home. The 80 efficiency ranking of this model mentions the fact that, at peak conditions, 80 cents of every dollar spent running this unit will go into heating the home. With a cabinet width of 14", this Goodman gas furnace has 40, 000 BTU and a maximum CFM at 0. 5" ESP of 1, 200.

Toastmaster 9451HP12CDN HalfSize Insulated Holding/Proofing Cabinet

Heater/Proofer Cabinet, mobile, half-size, insulated, (11) 18" x 26" sheet pan capacity with 1-1/2" OC, mechanical controls, removable bottom mount heat console, Lexan lift-off door with full length door handle, magnetic door gaskets, welded aluminum construction, 5" swivel casters with brakes, 14 amps, 120v/60/1-ph.

Chromalox CHROMALOX 015747003 Urn Heater Immersion 208V/5000W 1Ph For Seco 0158000 341031 vs GMSS-960804CN

Immersion heater, 4"" conduit box, requires minimum 2-3/8" mounting hole. 208v 5000w 1ph 12-3/4" x 4"w x 1-11/16"d replaces the following maker's merchandise oem numbers were used for reference only, see policies for more details. Oem names oem # chromalox 015747003 chromalox 192583 chromalox 426001 chromalox ttuh50-208v seco 0158000 seco xp145.

Cadet EBHN12508W Baseboard Heater, 71 1250W 208V SoftHEAT Hydronic w/Left Hand Wire White

The Cadet EBHN12508W is for a GMSS960804CN 71" hydronic baseboard heater from the SoftHEAT collection. It's intended for use with 208V applications with a wattage of 1250W. This model of Cadet heater comes with a white finish and a left hand wire setup. This Cadet baseboard heater uses hydronic technology, which does not require a plumbing connection, to effectively warm the space. It is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and animals, as the Cadet SoftHEAT line offers some of the lowest surface temperatures on the market. These heaters are crafted of a dependable 22gauge steel. These Cadet SoftHEAT heaters may be mounted to the wall or placed directly on the floor. They are most efficient when installed under a window and at least a foot away from objects in the room. They should be placed a foot away from objects above and not installed underneath electrical outlets for safety reasons. A SoftHEAT thermostat is needed for these Cadet baseboard heaters.

Xtreme Heaters 300W Engine Compartment Heater

XTREME Heater 300Bilge heaters built with new technology makes Xtreme the smart choice for the serious boaterBTU: 1023 - 1790Cubic Ft: 180Wattage: 300-525+Exit Air Temp: 167The core of the XtremeHeater is a heating element that's self-regulated at a predetermined temperature and automatically differs its wattage to maintain that predetermined temperature. What that means is that the heater will increase power and heat as it get colder to preserve the same temperature. The adaptability to outside temperatures also means less power consumed over the heating period. The XtremeHeater is engineered to be fail safe and dependable with no sparks so that it's safe for marine use. All ponents were engineered exactly for the XtremeHeater to keep your ship safe and in best condition. Features:True Forced air heaters for more correct weather control (circulating warm air through engine partment proficiently and steadily)auto thermostat turns heater on at 40° F and off at 55° F +/- 3° Safe through temperature limiting characteristics (Heater won't overheat)Dynamic self regulating so energy economical and economical to useHigh power to size percentage (built to fit in the smallest package size possible to deliver the most efficient heat ever in a bilge heater)Pre-wired (for easy installation by buyer or professional) for 115v power sourceLong lifetime / dependable (built to last a lifetime with the best parts available)Built to meet or surpass ABYC ignition protection standards with UL SA CE and VDE recognized ponents (This is the safest possible way today)completely anodized inside and out for superior protection from the severe marine environmentFully 1 year warranty and lifetime support for serviceRemended operating temperature is from 15° F to 180° F20 foot power cord with a 3 prong plug easily reaches from heater mounting point to circuit protected outlet inside cabin Product : XTREME HEATERS 300 WATT ENGINE COMPARTMENT HEATER 180 CU.

Dayton 3ENA9 Electric Commercial, 1500W, 120V, 72In vs GMSS-960804-CN

Electric Convection Heater, Commercial Baseboard, Watts 1500, BtuH 5118, Height 6 3/4 In, Depth 2 7/8 In, Length 72 In, Voltage 120, 60 Hz, 12. 6 Amps AC, Baked On Enamel Finish, Color Navajo White, Mounting On Any Floor Surface as well as Carpeting, Phase 1, will include 18 Gauge Front Cover and Brackets, Knockouts on each end, Lead Wires, Ground Wire Pigtails, fitted Cable Clamps, and Mounting Guides, High Temperature Safety bound Switch.

SunStar Natural Heater Infrared Vacuum UTube Tough Guy, 125000 30L

SunStar Natural Gas Heater Infrared Vacuum U-Tube Tough man, SIU125-30-TG-N5, 125000 Btu 30L Features: BTU: 125000Construction: Cast Iron Burner / Aluminum ReflectorsHeight Inches: 6-1/4Length Inches: 213Type: Negative PressureWidth Inches: 31Duct Size Inches: 4Tube Construction: Heat Treated Aluminized SteelTube Length Feet: 30.

Portacool PACCYC06 Cyclone 1000 Portable Evaporative Cooler with 300 Square Foot Cooling Capacity

The Portacool PACCYC06 Cyclone 1000 movable Evaporative Cooling Unit lowers temperatures up to 30-degrees Fahrenheit. This unit is made of a lasting one-part, rust-free, leak-evidence molded polyethylene housing that cools up to 300-square feet of space. There's a convenient 3/4-inch water hose connection for longer running. Cool your space for a small percentage of the cost of air conditioning, without any chemicals or refrigerants. Use resources effectively with the cooling unit's efficiency. You may be able to rely on this cooling unit for the long-term as it has almost maintenance-free operation. This unit is shipped totally assembled and is prepared to operate out of the box. For over 20 years, Portacool, LLC was the business leader in the design and manufacturing of movable evaporative cooling units and evaporative cooling media. We concentrate in evaporative cooling: HVAC and agriculture merchandise, industrial and commercial merchandise with personal and residential merchandise. Visit www. Amazon. Com/port-a-cool for more info on Portacool and our broad line of merchandise.

Marley HUH724ST Berko QMark Horizontal/Downflow Unit Heater 270 cfm 1 Phase 240 Volt 7.5 KiloWatt Almond

7. 5Kw unit heater delivers 26000 btu of heat with a calm running fan that distributes the warmth over a big area. Complete with mounting bracket and fitted thermostat temp control adjustable from 45-135F. Heavy responsibility construction with totally enclosed fan motor and metal sheathed element for long life. Baked enamel finish.

9, 000 Klimaire PTAC Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner 3kW Backup Heater Outdoor Grille Sleeve Free drain Kit 220V

Klimaire Package Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and Heat Pump (PTHP) units with back-up electric heat are intended to offer year-round comfort in hotel, motel, office buildings, nursing homes, classrooms, apartments, dormitories, and hospitals. The broad selection of Klimaire PTAC units is ideal for new construction and substitute applications. The KTHN package terminal units are lasting, calm, dependable, and easy to preserve. Standard features like 208-230 Volt supply maximum flexibility to meet any application prerequisite and decrease installation and labor costs. Klimaires KTHN009E3C211-BC-C PTAC is built with the highest quality materials available so you may be able to count on lasting durability. The unit easily fits in an present 42 inch x 16 inch wall sleeve, its 9, 000 BTU cooling capacity cools up to 400 square feet. The Klimaire KTHN009E3C211-BC-C state of the art control panel has LED indicators and push buttons for easy temperature and mode control. Energy-saving and fail-safe features are a three minute restart delay with compressor memory function in cases of power failure, customizable temperature limitations, easy to use control evaporator freeze protection. The memory function of the Klimaire KTHN009E3C211-BC-C automatically restores all of the functions of the last setting in case of a power failure. This prevents discomfort caused by the temperature changes. A polypropylene mesh filter prevents air borne pollutants from entering living space and is easy to clean using light soap and water. Other Klimaire KTHN009E3C211-BC-C features are the capability to decide the temperature to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius also as restrict temperature ranges. Establishing minimum and maximum temperature settings is a great cost and energy saving measure for commercial buildings. An easily available washable air filter also means youll enjoy quality, clean air.

Dayton 3ENC9 Electric Heater, 277V, 1Phase, 2000W, White

Electric Heater, Commercial, Fan Forced, Wall Mount, Voltage 277, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 2000 Watts, Wall Opening Height 11 1/4 In, Wall Opening Width 9 1/2 In, Wall Opening Depth 4 In, Housing Height 11 In, Housing Width 9 1/4 In, Housing Depth 3 3/4 In, 16 Ga. Steel grill Material, Finish Baked Enamel, Color Bronze, Mount Type Recessed or Surface, fitted Features Thermostat 40 to 85 Range, Overheat Switch, Fan Delay Switch, Agency Compliance cULus.

Bathroom ceiling heater solutions the Stelpro SK1501W puts out a quiet & powerful 1, 500 watts & runs on 120 volts. It can heat up to 150 sq. f

This model may be recessed or surface-mounted. Say goodbye to fogged up windows and mirrors! also, the well-intended grill has rounded corners and no screws just spring clips. It blends in harmoniously with the room, allowing you to decorate your walls to your liking. If it's installed near your entrance, shower or bay window, it's a sensational backup warming unit when joint to a central system. By adding a wall timer, you may be able to quickly increase the heat level on demand. No more undesired cold air streams! This unit is good choice in commercial spaces as it's easy to clean and not exposed to vandalism. Also, it can not be damaged by wet mops or water splashes since it's out of reach. CONTROL fitted thermostat (not included) wall thermostat (not included).

EZ Supreme Tankless Water Heater 6.4 GPM Propane LPG Indoor Whole Home Direct Vent Exhaust Included

After two years of broad real-life buyer-testing in USA homes, we now offer our most powerful model, the EZ Supreme. This unit was intended from the outset to match the needs of most bigger American homes, and is a rugged and well made heater, with parts intended to offer many years of dependable service for our customers. This heater is able of supplying a constant supply of hot water to a home with up to 4 bathrooms. It really delivers 6. 4 gallons per minute of uninterrupted hot water, and though impossible to do a direct comparison, makes an ideal substitute for up to a 100 gallon storage tank water heater. Savings in energy use will be now obvious and you'll never run out of hot water. EZ Supreme will deliver all the hot water you need, as you need it, and has no standby losses! The appliance white outside and thin modern design, featuring an easy to use digital control panel, this model doesn't look out of place mounted anyplace in your home while opening up space anda tank type. The compact size and high output are only possible thanks to an advanced induction procedure, which is called direct vent. This feature utilizes a sealed dual-chamber forced air intake and exhaust pipe (flue). This specially intended exhaust, comes included free of charge, is a sealed system that runs the hot exhaust horizontally at a 94 angle through a side wall, leaving the outer pipe chamber as a cold air intake, the flue serves two distinct reasons. Also, the intake air coming into the heater from the flue is 1st drawn into a big chamber built into the heater body where it travels down through the back side of the heater before being drawn into the combustion chamber. This design captures ambient heat that radiates from the combustion procedure, pre-heating the incoming combustion air which increases the efficiency more.

TPI Element Replacement Kit For FHK Series Infrared Heaters 4300W 240V

TPI Element substitute Kit 64337-050 For FHK Series Infrared Heaters 4300W 240V Features: Amps: 17. 91Approval: cETLusColor: Dull Orange GlowConstruction: Nickel-Chrome Alloy Element / ceramic End CapsHeight Inches: 4-1/2KiloWatts: 4. 3Length Inches: 20Phase: 1 or 3Voltage: 240Watts: 4300Width Inches: 12.

Warmly Yours Environ Cut and Fit 120 V Heating Equipment, 3' x 10'

Installing electric floor heating never been easier. The WarmlyYours 120V3. 0 feet x 10. 0 feet Environ Easy Mat requires no sticky or cutting, enabling you to swiftly and easy add radiant comfort to small spaces or target particular regions in bigger rooms. The super-thin foil mat is C-UL-US Listed for safety and gives 12 watts per square foot, to evenly heat your carpet (U. S. Only), laminate, engineered wood, and floating wood floor.

QMark CZ1512T Residential Fan Force Zonal Heater, Small, Northern White

Modern look and compact size idea for new residential or commercial installation, quite operation, clip-n-fit feature patented feature for dual wattage and voltage, dual protection: self-hold bound and one time thermal fuse, 1Year workmanship warranty, 5 year element warranty, 120V, 1500 watt, residential fan-force zonal heater.

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