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Tenq 12v Car Charger for Baofeng Uv-5r 5r Plus, 5re Plus vs GP-PSK-120

Features: 100 brand new, high qualtiy Brand: TENQ C004 Car Charger cable 100 new, factory filled and never been used. Plans: Color: Black well-matched With: PoFeng BF-UV5R, UV5RA, UV5RB, UV5RE, TYT TH-F8 Package will include: 1 x TENQ C004 Car Charger cable If you may be able to't be sure this Car Charger cable can work on your two way Radio, contact TENQ and tell us Brand and model of your two way Radio. TENQ -- concentrate on Two Way Radio Accessories. TENQ is a Registered brand. Welcome wholesale Walkie talkie Accessories - Earpiece/Headset/Speaker/Battery/case/Programming cable/Antenna From TENQ.

Bosch BC660 18-volt Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

The Bosch BC660 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Charger is intended to swiftly, carefully and proficiently charge all Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion batteries and tools. With Bosch exclusive engineering, this charger can charge or discharge without damaging the batteries or shortening their storage capacity or decreasing its service life. Disrupting the charging procedure doesn't damage the battery. Get it today as another charger or as a substitute and generally have the battery charged and the power you need on hand.

CAT CBC40E 40 Battery Charger 1 Engine Start

The cat  40 amp high frequency battery charger gives up to 40 amps of auto, multi-stage charging for 12 volt battery systems. The unit comes with patented features like 792 watt engine start and alternator check. Other features are battery reconditioning and float mode charging. The unit includes an easy to read digital LCD display for charging position, and has a visual and audible reverse polarity alarm with reverse polarity protection (no spark clamps).   on Board cord, cable and easy clamp storage.

48 Volt 18 Dual Pro Eagle Charger

This 48 Volt, 18 Amp Dual GP-PSK-120 Pro charger is part of the Eagle Performance series of chargers. The Dual Pro i4818 Eagle charger is specially intended for use in the industrial and electric car markets. With over 18 years of experience in manufacturing the legendary Dual ProTM charging systems, Pro Charging Systems chargers became called the name in charging technologies. We pride ourselves on the performance and versatility of our merchandise and our remaining buyer service. We're proud that these safe, dependable, and economical battery chargers are made in the USA. Battery Charging System intended for the Demands of Recreational and Industrial Use The Green Charger: Totally Repairable Not a Throw-Away Unmatched Performance, dependability, Safety and Quality TROUBLE FREE - Just Plug It In and Forget It! Join Over 750, 000 of Our pleased Customers! completely auto Product Features For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) batteries Easily reconfigured for Gelled Electrolyte batteries Battery type LED display intended for tough responsibility applications reliable, rugged construction Exclusive temperature reimbursement completely auto with float maintenance Reverse polarity spark free operation Return to charge maintenance mode Exclusive on board diagnostics High visibility, easy to read charge indicators Fan cooled Optional common A/C input AC power cord is 6 feet long The charger cord to batteries is 8 feet long See Complete Listing of Plugs and Connectors for Eagle chargers.

iCharger 306B

Compact, versatile and powerful, the iCharger line of battery chargers are among the most well-liked in the RC hobby. The 306B charger is intended for charging 1S-6S packs at up to a 30 amp charge rate, while also giving you useful tools like measuring the interior resistance of your batteries, or carefully and easily discharging packs for storage.

Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-59-1806 M18 Six Pack Sequential Charger

The M18(TM) Six Pack sequential Charger offers a compact design, integrated hang holes for vertical mounting, and a pass through plug to conserve outlet space. The new unit will charge M18(TM) compact batteries in 30 minutes and expanded capacity (XC) batteries in 60 minutes. With this new six pack charger, users can decrease the amount of time spent changing out batteries, rising productivity on the jobsite.


C-CHARGER 5000 Series Marine Electronic Battery Chargers are the best choice for high-performance Marine UL listed merchandise. Using high-quality parts and corrosion-tolerant, anodized aluminum housing, C-CHARGER are constructed to last, performing in the toughest of marine environments. Marine UL listing assures durability and safetyOnly complete line of battery chargers accepted by Marine UL's stringent plans, testing and evaluation Tested for durability against static, affect, vibration and shockDC ammeter indicates the charge rateIgnition protected (USCG-33 CFR 183. 410)AC and DC fuse protectionMulti-step charging with temperature compensationRestores up to 3 individual battery banks simultaneouslyInternal temperature reimbursement automatically changes output to exactly charge batteries as indicated by ambient conditions Corrosion tolerant housing and componentsConstructed of tough, anodized aluminum housing that stands up to the elements-as well as extreme heat, humidity and salt airCircuit boards with UL suggested coatings supply the final in environmental protection and hydrolyte stability-meets prerequisites of MIL-1-46058CRun cool and quietCooling fan only operates throughout peak current demandsVirtually no RFI or EMI interference exceeds FCC/Class B requirementsEasy to install and serviceExterior slots for easy mountingEasy access to terminal connections and fuses.

Combo: T439 charger for 3.7V Lithium RC battery + (34080) 5pc 3.7V 700mAh Lipo Battery Pack (Compatible Syma X5, X5C, X5SC, X5SW and Cheerson CX-

Tenergy T439 5-in-1 Intelligent Charger for 3. 7V (1S) Lithium RC Batteries Advance individual charging technique - charges each cell individually Overcharge protection Short-circuit protection Light weight and super easy to use plans: Input: DC 5V, 0. 52. 5A Output: DC 3. 7V 500mAh Battery Type: Lithium Size: 40 x 35 x 13mm Weight: 20g (not as well as wires and package) will include: 1 x T439 Charger, 1 x USB Cable, 5 x Converting Cables, 1 x User Manual Charger will charge most Micro RC Helicopter & Airplane 3. 7V 1S Batteries (Hubsan, Syma, UDI, WLToys quadcopter and helicopter batteries) LED position: Red Lights on: now charging Red Lights off: charging complete 5pcs of 3. 7V 700mAh Lipo Battery Pack (well-matched with Syma X5, X5C, X5SC, X5SW and Cheerson CX-30W) This 3. 7V 700mAh 20C LiPO battery is a substitute battery. It'll give more PUNCH and ROBUST performance caused by its higher current output and power. Direct substitute battery for Syma X5, X5C, X5SC, X5SW and Cheerson CX-30W, no modification is required. Features and Benefits Capacity: 700mAh Voltage: 3. 7V Max. Discharge Current: 20C Watt-Hour: 2. 6Wh Single Battery Weight: 0. 8 oz Single Battery Size (Max. ): 43 x 25 x 7mm Retail package will include: 5 x Tenergy 3. 7V 700mAh 20C LiPO rechargeable battery Direct substitute, no modification needed.

Hobbypower B3 Ac 2s-3s 7.4v 11.1v Lipo Battery Balancer Charger 1v-240v

Interior 110-240V AC switch power. Compact and light balance charger for 2 to 3 cells of Li-Po battery. High precision balance circuit can supply balanced current up to 800mA per cell. The balance function assures charging safety. Safe and convenient. High quality and stable performance. 3 LED display lights. Suited for Li-Po battery only. Specification Color: black Gray Display: 3 LED lights Input voltage: 110-240V AC 50/60Hz Output current: 3 700mA, Max: 3 800mA Item size: 9 6 3. 5cm Item weight: 90g Package size: 10 6 7cm Package will include: 1 B3 AC Charger 1 Power Cable.

3-Pack of Adapters - Deans-type Female to Traxxas-type Male

Do not want to cut the present connector off of your ESC or battery? Want to save yourself a bunch of soldering time? This 3-pack of Deans-type female to Traxxas-type male adapters is the fast, easy and cheap solution for your mismatched connectors. These adapters are perfect for connecting batteries with Traxxas-type connectors to ESCs with Deans-type connectors. They are also great for adapting your Traxxas-type batteries for use with chargers that do not supply a Traxxas-type adapter. Simply connect the adapter to the adapter you usually use to charge your Deans-type batteries.

Nitecore D4 Smart Charger LCD Display and 2 EdisonBright AA to D Type Battery Spacer/Converters

The D4 automatically detects Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, and through manual selection is able of charging LiFePO4 batteries. Intelligent charging circuitry selects the best charging mode (CC, CV and dV/dt) for a given battery and each of the D4's four microcomputer-controlled charging slots then monitors and charges the battery independently. Also, an integrated digital LCD screen obviously displays charging progress, voltage, current and time while an intelligent auto power-off function terminates current when charging is complete. The Nitecore D4: The world's most advanced completely-auto digital charger. It is as simple as put, detect and charge. Features Each of the four battery slots monitors and charges independently well-matched with and identifies Li-ion (26650, 22650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 18350, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440), Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (AA, AAA, AAAA, C) rechargeable batteries Two conveniently located side buttons let easy selection of particular battery types and charging parameters Intelligent circuitry detects the battery type and position before entering auto charge mode (CC, CV, dV/dt) Automatically detects battery power position and selects the proper voltage and charge mode (with the exemption of LiFePO4 batteries which require manual selection) well-matched with LiFePO4 batteries well-matched with small capacity batteries Automatically stops charging when complete Features over-charge prevention to protect batteries Features temperature monitoring to prevent overheating Made from lasting ABS (fire retardant / flame tolerant) Features reverse polarity protection Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC 2X EdisonBright AA to D battery converter spacers included. These let use of rechargeable AA batteries in D battery equipment.

Schumacher PSC-2030T DSR ProSeries /30/200 6/12 Volt Manual Bench Top Battery Charger/Starter

Schumacher's PSC-2030T Manual Bench Top Battery Charger with Engine Start charges 6 and 12 Volt batteries, with 3 different amperages. The big face, clear-view ampere meter has an easy-to-read graduated scale. This Battery Charger comes with 600 ampere heavy responsibility, chrome plated Steel super-grip Clamp with plastic coated handles and heavy gauge spring for conductivity and long life. The 6-foot heavy responsibility, commercial gauge TPE welding grade cables let for minimal current loss and flexibility in cold temperatures. The 9-foot AC line cord is great for accessibility and reach. This Battery Charger/Starter has a lasting steel cabinet.

Charles 93-12505SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 50A/3 Bank

5000 SP Series Marine Electronic Battery Chargers5000 SP Series Marine Electronic Battery Chargers are the best choice for high-performance Marine UL listed merchandise. Using high-quality parts and corrosian-tolerant, anodized aluminum housing, the units are constructed to last, performing in the toughest of marine environments. Charles 5000 SP battery chargers feature a battery type selector swtich. This feature lets the boater to charge either lead acid, gel or AGM batteries. Marine UL listing assures durability and safety Only complete line of battery chargers accepted by Marine UL's stringent plans, testing and evaluation Tested for durability against static, affect, vibration and shock DC ammeter indicates the charge rate Ignition protected (USCG-33 CFR 183. 410) AC and DC fuse protectionMulti-step chargnig with temperature reimbursement Restores up to 3 individual battery banks at the same time interior temperature reimbursement (12V 30-100 amp models and 24V 20-60 amp models) automatically changes output to exactly charge batteries as indicated by ambient conditionsCorrosion tolerant housing and parts Constructed of tough, anodized aluminum housing that stands up to the elements, as well as extreme heat, humidity, and salt air Circuit boards with UL suggested coatings supply the final in environmental protection and hydrolyte stability-meets prerequisites of MIL-1-46058CRun cool and calm Cooling fan only operates throughout peak current demands Virtually no RFI or EMI interference exceeds FCC/Class B requirementsEasy to install and service Battery selector switch lets charger to be used with lead acid, g.

Perfect Solutions Battery Organizer Tester, Black, One Size

Tired of having your batteries scattered in drawers and not being able to find them? Our Battery Organizer will crack this problem for you and it hangs easily from your wall or inside of your cupboards. Keep all your batteries organized in reach for when you need them! The Battery Center holds up to 70 batteries in all the well-liked sizes: AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt and Button Cells.

Mini Battery Charger for Sony NP-F550, NP-F750, NP-F960, NP-F570, NP-F770, NP-F970, NP-FM50, NP-QM71D, NP-QM91D Batteries - fold-in wall plug

The DPM-105 mini battery charger is specially intended to charge the Sony NPF550 & NPF550, NPF750, NPF960, NPF570, NPF770, & NPF970 batteries. Its small size will make it simple to travel with. Just plug it right into the wall, no wires to carry or trip over. Included is an adapter for European outlets, also as an AC/DC adapter to enable using the battery charger while in the car. Battery charger is 100 OEM well-matched Guaranteed to meet or surpass OEM plans.

Six Unit Rapid Gang Charger for Motorola Radio XPR60 XPR6300 XPR6350 XPR6380 XPR6500 XPR6550 XPR6580 MOTOTRBO, Compatible Li-ion Li-Polymer Ni-

Features and Benefits: 1) Six interchangeable charger pods: each charger pod holds one individual charge module compactible with Li-polymer, Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery. 2) fast charge: each unit output charge current maximum to 1. 5Amps. 3) Temperature management: detect battery temperature before and throughout charging and perform different charge mode therefore. 4) Compact footprint with interior power supply: measures only 18. 9x6. 3x3. 5 inch, priceless to rental service and fleet management. 5) Single position LED indicates charging position by different colors of light, alike to original Motorola two way radio charger. 6) agreeing charge current: our charger output different charge current as indicated by different battery type and different capacity 7) Full charge detection: depending on the excellent electronic circuit and algorithm, our charger detect and control battery voltage, charging current, battery temperature, charger timer to guarantee full charge without over-charge and over-heat. 8) Safety protection: to protect battery and avoid safety trouble, our charger gives: short circuit protection, highest voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, over-time protection. 9) Battery reactivating: our charger reactivates some over-discharge battery and long-term storage battery. 10) Bad battery and un-chargeable battery detection 11) High quality material and workmanship 100 our electronic parts are made by USA factory or Taiwan factory. The key area of PCB is gold-plated. The housing are made from high quality flame-tolerant PC/ABS High correct and lasting hardware (contact spring) with gold-plating High quality SMA technology and mold tooling technology 12) certification by TUV SUD The CE and FCC certificates are issued by the most authoritative technical service company TUV SUD.

Ridgid 18-Volt Lithium Ion 4-/Hour Pack R840087 # 130218009

Will include (1) - 18-Volt Lithium Ion 4-AH # 130218009 Over 2 X longer life in comparison to standard lithium-ion batteries. Best-in-class extreme weather performance in temperatures as low as -4 and up to 120F. Backwards well-matched with all RIDGID 18-volt tools and lithium-ion chargers. Refer to list below for compatibility. RIDGID introduces its new 4. 0 Ah Hyper Lithium-Ion Battery. With their new and improved chemistry these 4. 0 Ah batteries get up to 4 times the run time of standard lithium-ion batteries. All Hyper Lithium-Ion batteries are constructed for high performance. They are protected from overheating, overloading and overcharging through their triple protection electronics design. Their chemistry lets for maximum performance in temperatures as low as -4 and up to 120F.

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