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Bestop 14239-01 Black EZ Fold ( d 2015-2016 , ' ) vs HC-F5515

Bestop's EZ Fold Tri-Fold hard tonneau cover is totally assembled in the box with no assembly of loose parts needed. In fact, no tools or drilling are obliged so installation takes only some minutes. Constructed with light, however strong aluminum top panels over hard bubble cores for excellent durability and strength. Fitted clamps are recessed into the panels so they stay up and out of the way. Expanded hinge seal assures weather resistance in All climates. Tie-down buckles keep folded tonneau cover securely in place behind the Cab. Drive with the cover in open or closed position. Nice low-profile look can improve gas Mileage.

WaveToGo 6' inch 72FT ( TRI FOLD) 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Regular ( Standard ) / Access ( Extended ) / Double ( Crew ) Cab 6

Tonneau Cover: Hard Tri-Fold Style Heavy responsibility ABS Plastic Cover Hard Cover won't Accumulated Water On Top Scuff & Dent tolerant Panels Weight ranking Up To 300 LBs turn Clamp Design gives Tension & Security - On Design With Easy To Follow information - No Drilling! Lifetime Frame Warranty & 3 Year On The Cover Features: 100 Brand New In Stock, Item Exactly As The Picture Shown Heavy responsibility Frame Ensure Long Lasting Durability & Protection Easy To Fasten In Any Weather Conditions New Design gives fast & Easy Access To Your Bed Improves Your Fuel Economy Up To 10 Keeps Your Bed & Cargo Clean & Dry Professional Installation Is generally greatly suggested Cutting & Modification May obliged throughout Installation For Models With Bed Liners considerably Improve style & look.

GatorTrax MX Electric Truck G90372 d 2009-2014

This cover is smooth! you'll love HC-F5515 opening and closing the GatorTrax. The cover rolls on sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted on the rails which means it will not jam and you will not have to remember to lubricate the bearings. The cover rolls up in the canister without contacting itself so there will be no wear and tear over its lifetime from opening and closing the tonneau.

Extang 1180 Tonno Tonic vs HC-F-5515

Extang Tonno Tonic was exactly formulated exactly for vinyl truck bed covers. These tonics contain the most powerful super-Violet (UV) screening formula and are 100 % safe for all tonneau materials. They beautify, clean and protect the tonno all in one easy step. Tonno tonic is the only cleaner and conditioner accepted for use on Extang tonnos. Each bottle of this tonic holds 8 ounces of the liquid.

E3-F6599 Soft Vinyl d Super Duty (6.5 without utility track)

Rugged liner e-series vinyl folding Tonneau cover is an economical way to cover your pickup truck bed. Installation is simple, fast and easy. It comes totally assembled in the box with no loose parts and there's no drilling obliged. May be installed or uninstalled in less than three minutes using the patented fast clamp system. Drive with the cover in the open or closed position. Sleek look improves gas mileage. One of the features of our e-series folding cover is the cab dust seal which keeps rain, dust and dirt from to get in the front of the cover. If your truck comes with a locking tailgate, that can supply extra security. The e-series vinyl folding tonneau cover comes with a restricted lifetime warranty.

HS Power Tri-Fold Tool Bag 04-07 Silverado/Sierra Crew 5.8 Ft 68

An open pickup bed costs you money and detracts from the look of an otherwise great looking truck. Rain, snow, and sun can take their toll on an open bed and its contents, causing weathering, rust and corrosion that may be costly to fix. If you are only away from your truck for a moment, anything left in an open bed may be quickly stolen by opportunistic thieves, and analysis have proven that an open bed results in reduced fuel mileage.

Patriot Stealth XT Chevy GMC 1500 6.5' 1988-2013 2500/3500 2007-2014

The all new Patriot Stealth XT Retractable Cover is built to last the life of your truck and intended with lots of versatility! It boasts an all metal surface that's constructed of lasting powder coated aluminum extrusion. Strategically engineered for a fast and easy installation that also removes in minutes using only a Phillips screwdriver and 7/16" wrench. The removable canister lets for total truck bed access and maximum cargo space which is a great feature when needing all available space in your truck bed. The full width handle makes opening or closing the cover a breeze from either side of truck bed. The Patriot Stealth XT is spring loaded so the cover will retractsmoothlyandeasilyin seconds. The cover has fitted stops every 12". The clamp-in design with pre-shimmed rails line every time and remove speculation when installing. Included with the Patriot Stealth XT cover is a convenient pull strap so theres no climbing into your truck bed to open or close the cover. The low profile design sits flush with the bed rails and lets for full rear visibility with no panels obstructing rear window. Comes with a 1 year warranty and is proudly made in the USA.


R&L Racing Hidden Snap Soft Tonneau Cover. Protect your pickup bed and bed contents from the elements, decrease drag for increased fuel mileage, and improve your pickups look with the R&L Racing Snap Soft Tonneau Cover. The R&L Snap is 50 thicker than competitive covers and comes with heavy-responsibility powder coated bows and rails to prevent water or snow build-up. Pre-assembled design with rails and heavy-responsibility clamps enables the R&L Snap to be installed in less than an hour. Available in black vinyl. Cargo in an unprotected pickup truck bed can become moisture damaged and corrode from contact to rain and snow, and faded from the sun. Objects can blow out of the bed from high winds and the same winds can because debris to blow in and gather in the bed. An open pickup bed creates aerodynamic drag, making the engine work harder, which takes more fuel, and by anyones standards a bed covered with a smart looking tonneau just looks better than a cluttered open bed. The R&L Snap Soft Tonneau Cover will give you the protection, mileage and style you want, at an cheap price. The R&L covers are 50 thicker than competitive covers. The tonneau material is supported by heavy-responsibility powder coated bows and rails that prevent water or snow build-up. Each cover is custom intended for the application to ensure a perfect fit, and comes pre-assembled with rails and heavy-responsibility clamps, for installation that takes less than an hour, with no drilling obliged. The R&L Snap Soft Tonneau Cover is covered by a restricted 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty applies to the original buyer as long as he or she owns the car on which the product is installed.

Extang 14430 Tuff Tonno

The Tuff Tonneau from Extang gives fast vinyl cover installation using a snapless peel and seal design and great looking smooth edges. It's easy to install with included clamps and stainless fasteners. Rotating rear rear rail lets tarp to tighten snugly while retaining into the rear rail for quicker closing. You simply release the levers on both corners, tilt rear rail up, hook the tarp in the rail&'s groove and click it down. You may be able to feel the snap effect and see the tarp tighten snugly. Corners are restrained using high strength grade nylon reinforcements and attaching along the edges to lie smooth and look good in any weather. The monster bow ends are spring loaded for easy installation and elimination to offer a completely open bed. Simply push and hold on one end and let the other end slide on using the spring action. The high strength vinyl tarp easily rolls up to offer full use of the truck bed. Extang Engineered for simplicity, speed of install and everyday convenience and confidence. The Tuff Tonneau carries Extang&'s Maximum Strength Warranty offering lifetime coverage on the frame and parts and 10 years on the tarp assembly. Extang was manufacturing America&'s number one selling pickup truck bed Tonneau covers since 1982 which are made in the USA.

Under FX41009 Black Flex

Introducing the next generation of folding covers – the UnderCover Flex folding cover. Flex combines the best of both worlds, the security of a hard locking cover and convenience of a soft roll up cover. Constructed from the best materials available, Flex will withstand the abuse Mother Nature throws at it and keep coming back for more. Low Profile – super-low profile design rests inside the bed rails allowing for a sleek look. Full Access – fitted prop rods secure the cover allowing your truck to be driven with the cover completely open. Easy elimination – complete cover may be removed in seconds with no tools needed. Secure Design – Plastic buckles and straps are included to secure the panels in the partially open position. FRP Composite Panels – Lighter, stronger and higher dent resistance than aluminum. Weather tolerant – Rubber seals and drain tubes channel water away from and out of the bed. No Drill Install – Clamp-on no drill installation on most applications. No other folding cover can match the Flex for versatility, security and function. Covered or uncovered, generally and choice with UnderCover.

GatorTrax MX Electric Truck G90721 Nissan Frontier 2005-2015

This cover is smooth! you'll love opening and closing the GatorTrax. The cover rolls on sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted on the rails which means it will not jam and you will not have to remember to lubricate the bearings. The cover rolls up in the canister without contacting itself so there will be no wear and tear over its lifetime from opening and closing the tonneau.

Pace Edwards (SWC3250) Switchblade

Turning your truck bed into a secure storage area while maintaining full use of your truck bed is a breeze with the rate Edwards Switchblade tonneau cover. The Switchblade may be mounted in minutes and may be removed just as easily to let full bed access. The rate Edwards Switchblade is intended with a uninterrupted Tension Spring that lets the cover to roll in or out of the canister smoothly. This spring action is what lets you to operate this cover from either side with one hand. The tonneau cover is made of aluminum panels bonded with rate's patented ArmorTek. ArmorTek is a padded weather tolerant polymer. This level is bonded entitlement to the aluminum panels and gives the truck bed cover a "soft Top" look and feel without compromising on security. A full width handle and pull strap are included for your convenience. Installation of the Switchblade is like no other cover in its class. The only tools you need are a 7/16" wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver. Rate Edwards intended this cover to install with clamps and no need for any drilling. The best part about the Switchblade is that it may be uninstalled and bundled up with an included storage strap for storage when you need your full truck bed.

Extang 56465 Solid Fold Toyota Tundra

The hard Fold is the ideal way to upgrade the truck. The hard Fold may be installed or removed in seconds. Featuring fast and easy installation with no assembly or tools obliged, while giving simple security by locking your tailgate. Extang's exclusive SpeedKlamps supply instant access to the truck bed or to swiftly change hard Fold to its folded open position to haul cargo. SpeedKlamps are made from fiberglass filled nylon for the final in strength and operate with spring-action technology for easy fastening and release. The clamps conveniently stow away inside the frame when not used. The cab part secures by just hand tightening the threaded clamp with fitted heavy-responsibility "T" handle. Hard Fold is super strong, still lightweight. Complete tonneau weighs roughly 50 pounds for a 6. 5' bed. Aircraft grade aluminum panels and 1" thick, alloy frame construction for unbelievable strength. Aluminum front hinge and hyper-extending rear hinge design gives final strength, water resistance and superior performance. Sporty black textured poly-tex paint finish protects against harmful rays and fading. The frame is sealed with OEM style bubble seals like that found in the door jamb of the truck making sure that every opening/closing of your cover gives a perfect seal on the truck bed. Great for all climates. The hard Fold carries Extang's Maximum Strength Warranty offering 3 years coverage. Extang was manufacturing pickup truck bed tonneau covers since 1982 which are made in the USA.

Velocity Concepts Tri-Fold Tool Bag 04-12 Colorado/Canyon Reg/Ext 6 Ft 72

An open pickup bed costs you money and detracts from the look of an otherwise great looking truck. Rain, snow, and sun can take their toll on an open bed and its contents, causing weathering, rust and corrosion that may be costly to fix. If you are only away from your truck for a moment, anything left in an open bed may be quickly stolen by opportunistic thieves, and analysis have proven that an open bed results in reduced fuel mileage.

TruXedo 258101 TruXport Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch Tonneau Cover is intended to ensure high quality protection to bed contents and comes with dual latching system. It's constructed from industrial grade fabric for high durability and quickly rolls open to store at the front of the bed. This tonneau cover features security straps and is supported by a five year warranty.

Toyota Tundra 5' 1/2 Crew Max Soft Vinyl Trunk Roll-Up

Roll-up tonneau covers are a versatile, cheap way to protect your payload. Fast and easy, roll-up tonneau covers supply all the protecting benefits of a tonneau at a wallet-friendly price. Intended for ease, roll-up tonneau covers offer tool-free installation. Better still, when you have a big load to lug around, the weather-tolerant vinyl cover rolls all the way up and secures at the front of your bed - so there is next-to-nothing your truck can not handle.

Bak Industries 162409T BAKFlip VP Folding Truck

The all new BAKFlip VP are custom built to fit your pick-up bed like a glove! Best of all this model is built to fit inside your truck bed giving you unmatched style. This hard folding tonneau cover easily clamps on with no drilling and gives remaining security against rain snow theft dirt and sun. Built with vinyl covered aircraft grade aluminum sandwich panels the BAKFlip VP is comparatively light still offers heavy responsibility durability. It operates easily from either side of the truck gives you full access to your bed and gives unparalleled style. If you are looking for a tonneau cover that works well and looks great on your pick-up truck this bed cover is it! A hard folding tonneau cover for your truck bed. The BAKFlip VP has no observable hinges and is covered with a ding and scuff tolerant vinyl top surface. It's custom intended to fit your pick-up truck bed and performs very well in severe weather climates. It offers full locking security and full access to your truck bed. The BAKFlip VP is value priced for each budget. Made in the USA.

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