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Bose Touch 300 Virtually Invisible 300 Surround Speakers - Pair (Black) vs HTCT780

This Bundle will include:1 - SoundTouch 300 Soundbar1 - Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers& SoundTouch 300 SoundbarYou wanted the best sound so Bose decided to make the best soundbar. The SoundTouch 300 Soundbar offers the best performance spaciousness and bass of any one-part soundbar its size. Ever cubic inch of it's filled with technologies that bring out the best in everything you listen to or watch. Custom drivers proprietary QuietPort and PhaseGuide technology and the feeling of hearing sounds where there aren't speakers - it all adds up to a premium audio experience for all your entertainment.. And it seems as Good as it SoundsThe thin wireless soundbar features a premium glass top and perforated wrap-around metal grill that really draws the eye. And do not give that tempered glass top a second thought. It is as strong as aluminum of the same thickness only much better looking. Less Effort; More MusicWith the SoundTouch 300 Soundbar Bose put lots of thought into taking the thinking out. And that extends well beyond the home theater experience. When it comes to enjoying your music you may be able to listen whichever way you want without worrying about which technology is best. This soundbar lets you to play music directly from a phone or tablet using Bluetooth or connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network for instant in-home listening. SoundTouch AppSoundTouch Speakers are made to grow with you. Once you have one you may be able to add more at any time. They all work together. So as you go room to room your music comes with you. The free SoundTouch app gives you greater control of your SoundTouch 300 Soundbar from a smartphone or tablet. Use it to browse music and control that music during your home. Start streaming instantly or use the app to personalize the presets to your beloved music and stations. & & & Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround SpeakersWhen it comes to rear surround speakers the only thing you want to stand out is the sound.

HTNT3 450W Hi-Res

As awesome at drama as music, HTCT780 the NT3 is a smart and versatile performer. Make your music and movies come to life with the enveloping fidelity 450W output power delivers! Enjoy solo or stream during your home with multi-room functionality. Google Cast prepared, you may be able to enjoy your beloved music apps, online radio stations, and podcasts.

HTCT60 channel 60 watt Home Theater System

By channeling virtual surround sound technology, this system bends sound around the room with just the two front speakers, giving you a 3D audio experience that is alike to sitting in a real theatre. The 30W subwoofer delivers pure, dynamic bass that will inject new life into your favourite movies and music. The thin speakerbar not only fits in front of your TV, however also on the wall or counter.

Bose CineMate 130 home theater system Bundle Touch Adapter vs HTCT-780

A roomful of sound, not speakers. Easily enjoy roomfilling sound from the Bose CineMate 130 home theater system, and you will not miss the room full of speakers. The CineMate 130 system consists of a single super thin sound bar that delivers in depth spacious audio everywhere in the room from PhaseGuide radiators and smart TrueSpace signal processing. You will duck your head as sound effects are replicated as intensely as their real world counterparts, for a sound completely encompassing your entertainment. At the same time, the stylish design blends with your flat-panel TV and visually melds into your dcor. Add streaming music to your home entertainment If you are listening more and more to Internet radio, music services or your music library, does not it seem right to take pleasure in it all on your best-sounding system-without lots of annoyance? Now you may be able to. Just add the SoundTouchTM wireless adapter to your Lifestyle Series II, VideoWave II system and CineMate 520, 130 or 120 home theater systems. As long as you have a home Wi-Fi network, you will be able to stream Internet radio, your music library and music services like Deezer, Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio with ease, and enjoy it with rich Bose sound. Part #'s 716266-0100 and 25907-1300Compatible with: CineMate 520 home theater system CineMate 130 home theater system CineMate 120 home theater system Lifestyle 535 Series II home entertainment system Lifestyle 525 Series II home entertainment system Lifestyle 135 Series II home entertainment system.

Samsung HW-K360/ZA w/ w/ Samsung Rear Speaker Kit, Black

TV Sound ConnectEnjoy a clutter-free home entertainment system. TV SoundConnect allows you to instantly enjoy movies, music, and TV shows with clearer, more impactful sound. Surround Sound ExpansionSurround Sound Expansion delivers more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like it is coming right out of your TV. Samsung Audio Remote AppControl your home entertainment system from your phone or mobile device with the Samsung Audio Remote App. Bluetooth Power OnConnect wirelessly for one-touch control of your Soundbar from Bluetooth-well-matched devices. Simply choose the Soundbar for pairing and power it on automatically for a seamless home entertainment experience. Wireless Surround Sound ReadyExpand your surround system by adding the SWA-8000S Wireless Surround Kit. Enjoy the immersive, clutter-free audio experience by easily connecting the extra speakers wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Product plans: General Color: Black Number of Channels: 2. 1 Ch Total Power (W): 130 W Features Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Yes Audio Processing Dolby Digital: Dolby 2ch DTS: DTS 2ch Audio Features Number of Sound Modes (DSP): 5 (Music, Movie, Clear Voice, Sports, Night Mode) Speakers Subwoofer: Wireless Surround: Surround Sound prepared (Rear wireless able with optional SWA-8000S Speakers. ) Connectivity Optical Inputs: 1 USB: Yes Bluetooth: Yes TV SoundConnect: Yes Auto Power Link: Yes Bluetooth Power On: Yes Dimensions and Weight Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 35. 7 x 2. 1 x 2. 8 P..

BÖ HM B2 Premium 60-Watt 40 inch for Flat Screen TVs Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Optical & Coaxial Connectivity

Boom! Your home theater was upgraded. BHMs new B2 is our 2nd-generation TV sound bar, and is sleeker, slimmer, prettier and more able than our last model. From specing out your final man cave to completing the familys spectacular home theater experience, every great home theater needs a hard foundation of quality sound. And our new 60-watt TV sound bar brings together the best audio and connectivity technologies in one thin, stylish and beautifully compact package. Most remarkable is the Hollywood sound quality. Just listen. 60 Watts Delivered Over 360 there's nothing to configure, and no user manual to lose your hair over: Simply plug our B2 into your TVs audio output, and enjoy really enveloping, immersive, expansive, virtual surround sound. Movie night just became a whole lot louder. 3 Modes of Awesome Audio The B2 uses spatial time delay to create room-filling virtual surround sound. And with Music, Movie, and TV predetermined listening modes fitted, you may be able to throw a party, transform your room into a theater, and wind down all at the touch of a button. Improved Frequency answer In each mode, youll experience the thrill that goes along with 60 watts of pure, rich sound with an improved frequency answer range of 20Hz 20kHz. In spite of the technological enhancements, weve slimmed the B2 down to 3. 94 x 39. 4 x 2. 55. Intuitive Remote Included To make this the final sound bar for TVs and computers alike, the lightweight, intuitive remote puts an expanded host of controls into the palm of your hand. Switch between the 3 listening modes, and control every other feature of the B2.

HTXT1 -Channel TV Base Speaker Built-in

Improve your TV experience with this stylish, easy to use 170 watt1 2. 1 channel integrated surround sound system. Simply connect your TV and HD devices with HDMI3 or stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth and NFC. 4 The elevated chassis design features dual down-firing subwoofers that deliver hard bass answer while behind up to 66 lbs and 55” TV's.

AudioSource S3D60 Sonic Emotion 3D (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The AudioSource S3D60 gives an immersive 3D sound experience from a single compact speaker solution. The S3d60 features a simple plug-and-play setup with no complex calibration routines or costly cabling needed. Enjoy movies, music and games in unbelievable depth and dimension with 3 3D sound presets. Advanced Sonic feeling sound field synthesis removes the dead zones found in conventional surround technology. Six high-efficiency drivers and dual fitted subwoofers deliver an amazing audio experience. The S3d60 is well-matched with your TV, DVD, game console and home theater PC.

Bose Solo 15 TV System, Black

Your beloved TV shows are filled with “ can not miss” times. But you're missing some of them if you are relying on your HDTV for sound. Whispered dialogue, subtle sound effects, mood music. The Bose Solo 15 TV sound system solves this problem, easily and unobtrusively. It sits directly under your TV and delivers better sound with a single connection. It features acoustic enhancements over the original Bose Solo TV sound system, and is well-matched with bigger TVs for a much more enjoyable experience. So what is inside this stylish, pedestal-style speaker? Plenty. Speaker arrays located at each end of the cabinet work with proprietary True Space technology for full, spacious sound. A dedicated center speaker-and digital signal processing-enable clear dialogue at any volume. It all adds up to deliver more detail and better sound from your beloved TV shows than you have heard before. And it is more than you could ever dream of from your HDTV alone. You want your TV shows to shine. But you do not want a ton of equipment to make it happen. That is the beauty of this system-one speaker, one connection to the TV. Input the speaker into the wall, and enjoy the show. It is that easy. Dramatic programs. Live concerts. Suspenseful series. There are times you just know you will want a bit more bass when watching TV. Go ahead-you may be able to change the bass control to your liking with the control handle on the back of the speaker. Thinking about your Blu-ray player or gaming system? No worries, a common remote is included to easily control the system also as most video resources connected to your TV. Included: Bose Solo 15 TV sound system, common remote control, Power cord, Optical audio cable and Analog cable.

AudioSource S3D650 Sonic Emotion 3D , 200 Watt

Using the established rules of Wave Field Synthesis to create a 360-degree field of sonic waves, AudioSource S3D650 Soundbars deliver the magic of sound originating from all around. Everyone in the room is enclosed in immersive, balanced audio despite of their position, device place or room dimensions.

PYLE PSBV320BT Bluetooth Digital Speaker System FM Radio & Remote Control

This Pyle sound bar envelops any room in rich sound. Wirelessly stream music from any of your beloved mobile devices. The unit is well-matched with virtually all Bluetooth devices (iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, PC, etc. ). FM radio and Bluetooth joint with stereo, optical and coaxial inputs for lots of ways to fill your house with music. It is all packaged in a sleek black design with digital LCD display. The sound is generated by two 3. 5 inch full range speakers and classic dome tweeter for clear highs and excellent lows. Line output for active subwoofer to add that bass you want. Change the volume and choose the input using the fitted controls, or use the included wireless remote control.

ZVOX Base 350 24 Built-In , Bluetooth, AccuVoice

The 350 has a high-performance aptX Bluetooth receiver fitted. You may be able to stream audio wirelessly from your phone or tablet. This one-part system houses three full-range speakers, a high-output woofer, and fitted amplification. Plus, the 350 is intended to serve as a convenient base for flat-panel TVs with screen sizes up to 42" and up to 50 lbs. You may be able to connect iPod or movable player to available extra inputs for great sound. Our Accu-Voice Dialog stress feature uses hearing aid technology to make voices unbelievably clear. Tired of commercials that blast you out of your bench? Our Output Leveling feature reacts instantly and turns them down to a lower level. The 350 uses ZVOX's proprietary Phase Cue virtual surround processing to get you rich, three-dimensional sound with movies or music. While no virtual surround system - as well as ours - will give you the surround effects of many speaker systems, the ZVOX 350 does a extraordinary job. The 350 features a four-digit display located behind the speaker grill that shows the current setting for volume, bass, treble and Phase Cue (virtual surround) - and also shows when you have engaged the Mute, Output Leveling (OL) or Dialog stress (DE) features. Some seconds after you stop using your remote (or front panel) controls, the display disappears totally. Many Inputs.. As well as Bluetooth streaming. The 350 has two analog audio inputs, plus one audio input (supports both optical or coaxial digital cables). Any particular input may be selected using either the Sound Base's remote control or the thin-line button panel on the Sound Base cabinet. The Sound Base system may be easily programmed to react to your remote control. Your TV remote.. Or cable box remote.. Or satellite receiver remote.. Can control volume, mute and power functions of the ZVOX system.

VIZIO S2920w-C0 29-inch 2.0 High Definition Bluetooth (2014 Model)

VIZIO's 29" 2. 0 Sound Bar delivers powerful audio that's perfect for any small to medium sized HDTV. It features DTS TruVolume for a TV looking at experience with fewer volume fluctuations and DTS TruSurround HD for immersive surround sound without the need for cumbersome rear speakers. Fitted Bluetooth lets you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or another Bluetooth enabled device. Setup is simple - just plug it in, connect the included audio cable to your TV and you have got powerful audio with minimal effort.

VIZIO S2920W-C0B 29-inch 2.0 High Definition Bluetooth (Refurbished)

VIZIO's 29” 2. 0 Sound Bar delivers powerful audio to any room and is perfect for small to medium sized HDTVs. It features DTS TruVolume for a TV looking at experience with fewer volume fluctuations and DTS TruSurround HD for immersive surround sound without the need for cumbersome rear speakers. Fitted Bluetooth lets you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or another Bluetooth enabled device. Setup is simple - just plug it in, connect the included audio cable to your TV and you have got powerful audio with minimal effort.

VIZIO SB4451-C0 SmartCast 44-Inch 5.1 Channel System (2016 Model)

Introducing the all-new VIZIO SmartCast 44” 5. 1 Sound Bar System. The included wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers deliver completely immersive 5. 1 true surround sound at levels up to 103 dB1. Download the VIZIO SmartCast app2 to turn your mobile device into the final remote and discover music across many apps now. With Google Cast fitted, you may be able to cast your beloved tunes from 100+ audio apps you already know and like to your sound bar. Connect many VIZIO SmartCast sound bars or speakers together to cast the same or different music to any or every room.

5ive Bluetooth Speaker, Set of 1, Black (G807)

Different from other Bluetooth speakers, this Wireless 2. 0 Channel Stereo sound bar is intended with two full frequency loudspeakers(6W2), gives very clear & Powerful sound effect Support Bluetooth connection, Aux-in, USB, Micro SD card, FM radio(Frequency Range 88-108MHz ) With 2000mAh battery, supports 6-8 hours playback time after being completely charged. With fitted microphone, support Hand-free calls, voice prompts function Low power remind, the display light flash quickly if it's in low capacity, charge the speaker With remote control as a gift, you may be able to control the speaker by the controller, however be sure you use it in the right way( refer to the user manual) Detail about the speaker : Bluetooth variant: ATS2805A 4. 0 Rated voltage: DC 9V/2A Rated Power:12W(6W2) Frequency answer:40Hz-20KHz Total Harmonic Distortion: 10 S/N percentage:80dB Drive Unit: 2""2 Power supply: fitted Li-ion rechargeable battery 2000mAh & DC 5V Dimension: 182. 52. 4inch Material: ABS+Metal Remote control distance: 6m Package will include: 1 Bluetooth Sound bar 1 Remote control 1 USB to Micro USB charging cable 1 3. 5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable 1 User's Manual.

Yamaha YSP-3300 Digital Projector

Sound Bar Produces High Quality, Expansive Surround Experience The sound bar uses 16 array speakers controlled by Yamaha's YSP technology plus two powerful 2 1/2 (6. 5 cm) woofer units in a big cabinet to deliver excellent sound quality with obviously located dialogue and superb surround effects. An aluminum body dampens unwanted vibrations. The result is an expansive sound field that will thrill you with its three-dimensional properties and remaining imaging.

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