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IBK23150-v3 Small Interview Dual Color with 2xiLED312-V2 and 1xIB508-V2 () vs iLED6-2-PT-KIT

The IBK23150-v3-KIT Small Interview Bi-Color Kit with 2 x iLED312-v2 and 1 x IB508-v2 Lights is intended and built for imaging professionals who want quality at an cheap price. The 3-Point Light Kit features are bi-color potential and a 60-degree angle that delivers dependable, consistent performance. The IB508-v2 LED Studio Light is an super-lightweight, movable LED lighting solution that features bi-color LED bulbs from 3200K tungsten to 5600K daylight. The IB508-v2 is powered by the 2 included Sony "L" series batteries, and will include an on-board battery life display, diffusor, battery charger and a ball head mount. The iLED312-v2 Bi-Color LED Light features energy economical LED lights that let you to easily change and control the color temperature on the digital readout between 3200K Tungsten and 5600K Daylight using the rotating knobs. The compact design with integrated horizontal and vertical interlock makes the iLED312-v2 movable and easy to set up. A removable diffusion gel filter is included and the slide-on barn doors may be folded flat for transportation. Well-liked applications for the IBK23150-v3-KIT include documentary and ENG set-ups also as corporate gigs and film. The kit will include 1 IB508-v2s, 2 iLED312-v2, 3 CP light stands, 3 stand adapters, 3 dual battery chargers, 3 power supplies, 6 Sony "L" series type batteries, and 1 Light Bag.

StudioPRO (Set of 2) S-600BN Dimmable 600 Bright LED Photography Continuous Bi Color Panel & Stand with Carrying Case & Barndo

Technical specifications (2) StudioPRO Premium Bi Color LED 600 Light Panel Aluminum Casing Bi Color 5600K/3200K variable dial consisting of 300 Tungsten (3200K) LEDs and 300 Daylight (5600K) LEDs Dimmable, flicker free dial will include diffusion filter Weight: 8. 5 lbs LED Count: 600 CRI > 90 Wattage: 36W V-lock battery well-matched Power adapter included 100V-240V Panel Dimensions: 15. 5"x3"x16" (2) 7'6" Professional Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand Height: Adjustable from 2'3" - 7&'6" Weight: 2. 5 lbs Closed Length: 27" Stem: 5/8” Stem Screw: 1/4" Foot print: 2'4" Base Tube Diameter: 1. 5" Die Cast Aluminum Construction fast and Easily Fold Slip tolerant Rubber Tipped Legs Black Non-Glare Finish fast Release Levers for Smooth Height modifications (2) StudioPRO LED Barndoor Light Modifier for 600 LED intended for use with: (SP11-006-600) StudioPRO Premium Daylight LED 600 Light Panel with Aluminum Casing (SP11-007-600) StudioPRO Premium Bi Color LED 600 Light Panel with Aluminum Casing Daylight or Bi Color LED Panel Measures: 12. 25"x12. 25" LED and light stand sold individually (1) StudioPRO LED Carrying Case For Two Premium 600 LED Panels For use with 600 LED Panels StudioPRO S-600D, S-600B, S-600DN, S-600BN, CN-600SA, CN-600SD, and CN-600CSD Daylight or Bi Color 600 LED Panels Room for acrylic filters Padded on all sides Measures: 20” x16” x8” Product Description This is a perfect lasting investment and a great addition to change up your photography shots! The StudioPRO Premium Bi Color LED 600 Light Panel with Aluminum casing is a 3200K-5600 Kelvin full spectrum tungsten or daylight balanced LED panel light that's great for photography or video. It has 600 long-lasting individual LED bulbs that emit 6500 lumens of light at one meter and is dimmable with stepless dials located on the back of the light panel. Our StudioPRO Bi Color LEDs let the photographer or videographer control the light temperature in the light panel itself, making it easier to light scenes with lighting mixes, add with other present lights, or create a wanted light temperature. Bi Color LEDs supply a greater versatility and convenience without the annoyance of filters to change the temperature. This head generates virtually no heat, which makes it great for long photography, or video shoots.

IBK2115 Large Location Bi-color w/2 X IB1000 + 1 X IB500

The IBK2115 big place Bi-Color Kit with 2 x IB1000 and 1 x IB500 Lights is intended and built for imaging professionals who want quality at an cheap price. The Kit delivers field-tested dependability, hard construction, and all the features obliged for professional performance. The 3-Point Light Kit features are bi-color potential and a 60-degree angle that delivers dependable, consistent performance. He kit will include 2 IB1000s, 1 IB500, 3 HD light stands, 1 stand bag and 1 light bag. IB1000 and IB500 lights are available individually or in different kit mixes that supply added value that may include stands, bags and other accessories.

StudioFX Photo Video Studio Variable Color Temp 600 LED Bi Color Video Panel CN-600CSA vs iLED-6-2PT-KIT

Bi Color 600 LED Studio Light iLED6-2PT-KIT is a 3200K-5500 Kelvin full spectrum tungsten or daylight balanced LED panel light that's great for photography or video. It has 600 long-lasting individual LED bulbs. This lightweight unit is great for on place videography or photo shoots. The 600 LED light panel produces a longer illumination than average compact fluorescent lights, because each LED bulb produces a 30-degree angle beam, directing the light more forward. Bi Color LEDs supply a greater versatility and convenience without the annoyance of filters to change the temperature. Bi Color LEDs have two dials on the back of the panel to change the intensity of light emitted at either 3200K or 5600K. Our LEDs are split, half of the panel being 3200K LEDs and the other half being 5600K LEDs. Adjusting the dials will dim the respective LEDs to control the color of the light. Adding 3200K will warm your light output. Vice versa, adding 5600K will add blue to your light output. With both dials turned the result will be a mix of both. Features: 300 daylight LEDs (3200K) and 300 Tungsten LEDs (5600K) with separate dimming controls suited for outdoor shooting and studio lighting fitted Sony V-lock battery adapter Specification: Model No: CN600CSA Power Source: 14. 8V DC Power output: 36W suited Battery: Sony V-lock Battery Illumination( LM): 3334. 3 lm Color Temperature Control Illumination( LUX) 1m : 5900 lux 2m : 1700 lux 3m : 720 lux Package holds: 1 x 600 Led Video Lighting + Dimmer +Sony Bettery mount 1 x Power Adapter for AC 110-240V to DC 14. 4-15V 4 x diffusor (low density soft light filter, high-density soft light filter, magenta, and blue. ).

LimoStudio Photography Photo Studio 30 Inch Tent , 1 x 30 x 30 Table Top Tent, 2 x 45 Watt 6500K Day Fluorescent

(1) x 30" Photo Studio Photography Softbox Light Tent Cube Soft Box Made of Premium quality non reflective snow white fabric Eliminate glare and spots Softens and reflects lights for a perfect shot Works perfectly with daylight or any other fake light Opening Cover for Micro Photography included Premium 4 Colored Backgrounds - Blue, Black, White, Red Convenient Photo Box Carry Bag (2) x Table Top Studio Light Head with Reflector Works with Photo Tent, Photo Softbox Cube - Eliminate Glares - Produces shadowless pictures and natural objects' own color Code & Plug included Easy On/Off Switch included Ideal for Side, Accent, or Background lighting Works on 110 - 130V standard outlets (2) x 45W Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb Regular Screw Base Color Temperature: 6500K Watts: 45W - 200W Output (Total Output: 400W) (2) x 15" Tall Studio Quality High Output Accent Light Table Top Light Stand Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction hard Safety 3 Legs phases suited for Accent Light, Table Top Light Easy Flip Locking System Light Weight: Easy to Move Indutrial Standard Mounting Tip - Works with most of Flash/Strobe Light, Umbrella, Reflectors hard Locking System for Light Safety Height adjustable: Max 15".

CAME-TV High CRI 2 X 1024 5600K LED Video Panel Broadcast Panel ing +Bag

1024 LED Light Test Video http://youtu. Be/7DL4c21kAUk ( NOTE: Light stands don't included, stands need purchase individually 58USD for 2pcs stands ) All Original 1024 LED lights from "CAME-TV" company have " CAME" OR "CAME-TV" LOGO on lights body. This model colore temperature is adjustable stepless and dimmer light 10% - 100% LED lights off considerably more throw than a comparable fluorescent light. This is because each of the 1024 LED lights has a 60 degree beam angle lens that directs light forward. LED lights are ideal for place work because they're virtually shockproof and offer the brightest light in the smallest form factor. Also, this new variant operates on 10v -27v DC or with the included AC adapter. This lets the LED 1024 to run for hours. LEDs give off virtually no heat so they're ideal for use in small confined regions where hot lights could quickly heat up the room. Sony V-battery mount included Not only Digital display, however also dimmers at the back to control output. Stepless Adjustable output 10 % to 100 % U form bracket 5mm round LEDs in 5600K, 60 degree beam angle 1024 LEDs - 900 Watt Equivalent Output Runs on 10-27v DC or 100-240v AC Included AC Adapter Pro Quality 4 Pin XLR Power High CRI Shockproof Design Full uninterrupted dimmer fitted What you'll get: 2 pieces 1024 LED VIDEO LIGHT + Color Ajustable + Dimmer + Sony V Mount + Free Bag   .

Neewer 65W 110V 5500K Tri-phosphor Spiral CFL Day Balanced Bulb in E27 Socket for Photo and Video Studio ing(2 Pack) vs iLED-6-2-PT-KIT

Description: Note:don't use it on the place where water may drop in the lamp. Don't use in emergency exit fixture or dimming circuits. Generally grasp the bulb by plastic base when installing or removing. Best color temperature makes this bulb perfect for photography. It generates a close match to natural daylight and a crisper view of the things being illuminated The total cost of a compact fluorescent light bulb is usually less than a regular light bulb that produces the same amount of light. Depending on new technology and produce super soft light without severe shadows. Long life of up to 5 year at 4 hour handling per day. No flicker and no sound Specification: Power:65W Saves energy up to 80 Base Type:E27 form:Spiral CRI:90 Color Temperature:5500K Voltage:110V Package Contents: 2 x 65W CFL Bulb.

SOCIALITE 18 LED Dimmable Photo Video Ring - Incl Professional Social Media Photography Studio , 6ft Stand, Remote, Heavy Duty Mo

18" LED Dimmable Ring Light Smartphone Adapter Bracket (fits almost all smartphones incl Iphones, Android phones, Heavy responsibility Ball Pivot mount to attach your costly DSLR or Digital Cameras Removable Orange and Frost Filters for adjusting color temperature Bluetooth Shutter Remote for touchless selfies tough 6. 23 Foot Light Stand will include USA, UK and EU Plug adapters to work in most countries Simplified information for fast and easy setup Makes a Great distinctive Gift Idea! 18" Ring Light plans: Color Temperature: 5500K Lumen: 4800 LM Led Quantity: 240 pc DC Output: 15 Volts Inner Dimensions: 375mm Outer Dimensions: 480mm light modification: 10-100 Power: 55 Watt AC input: 100-240V (will include US, UK and EU Plug adapters Question: What is the difference between an LED and fluorescent ring light? Answer: The LED light bulbs are a superior lighting source, lasting over 50000 hours and is lasting, fluorescent bulbs break easy and can because "waves" in the photographs.

Aputure Storm LS 1c 1536 SMD Led CRI95 Bi-Color Dimmable Led Panel with A-Mount Battery Plate and 2.4G Wireless Remote Controller - Unique

Offers A Mount for on-place shooting, and an attached adapter is for indoor shooting. Two antennas can cover all the surroundings inside 360 degrees. You may also control the light by a DMX console, which is under the standard DMX512 protocol. Specification: Model: LS 1c Beam Angle: 45 Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K Operation Current: 8A Power Supply: DC 15V Power Input: 120W Average Lifespan: 100, 000 hours Cooling Mode: Natural convection heat move Remote Frequency: 2. 4GHz Channels: 1/2/3 Groups: A/B/C/D Remote Range: 100m Light Size: 377. 8320. 733. 2mm Controller Box Size(Anton Bauer Battery): 238. 0118. 748. 1mm (vertical antennas included) Packing Contents: 1 LS 1c light 1 Controller box 1 AC/DC adapter 1 Power cable 1 Connecter cable 1 Controller 1 Hook 5 Clamp 1 Warranty card 1 Product Manual 1 Pergear Clean Kit 10 Tracing papers.

Fiilex K302 ing

The Fiilex K302 3-Light P360EX LED Lighting Kit has all the same great qualities of K301 Kit, however with 20 more light per light and DMX Control with the optional DMX Connection Box (sold individually). The K302 gives you the capability to create interview or conventional 3 point lighting set ups. The P360EX is a powerful high quality specular light. It reveals color with great accuracy and gives you control over the light quality. With the color tunabilty you may be able to match present light resources and keep everything on color.

Pergear 576 LED Photo Video Studio Led Panel with Built-in Temperature Protection Circuit, Automatic Cooling Systemwith and Customized Portable

Movable carry bag -Perfect for these 3 lights and accessories. -2 sponge layers as protecting layers are removable and may be assembled as you like. -Thick pads on the four sides of the bag ensure that the bag will not out of form. -Can carry on the shoulder or carry by the hand. A cushion protects your shoulder from being hurt. 576 Led Light Panel Input power: AC: 85-265V 50Hz-60Hz, DC: 24V/2A Output power: 40W Lumen: 4500lm CRI: 90+ Temperature Protection: Yes well-matched Battery: Sony NP-F series batteries, F550, F750, F970, etc. LED lifetime: 50, 000h Szie(LED Video light): 23cm23cm2. 6cm/ 9. 05in9. 051. 02in Size:(Carry Bag): 32cm30cm35cm/ 12. 6in11. 81in13. 78in Package Content 3 Pergear LED Video light 3 Power Cable 3 Adapter 6 Filter 3 User Manual 1 Carry bag.

Aputure LS-1C Storm 1536 Lamp Beads Bi-Color LED Panel with V-mount Plate Plus F-V Converter Adapter

Note: do not include battery. Features: 1. Color temperature adjustable. 2. CRI 95+, which is a ensure of the LEDs. 3. Super calm heat dissipation. 4. Tough and professional aero-aluminum. 5. Exceptional light efficiency experience. 6. Distinctive light-control separation design. 7. Dual power solutions. 8. Tri-way control makes changing lighting setups easier. 9. User-friendly accessories (U-frame, barn door, hook, diffusing paper, clamp). Plans: Operation Current:8A. Power:120W. Beam Angle:45° . Color Temperature:3200-5500K. Power Supply:DV 15V. Average Life Span:100, 000 hours. Cooling Mode: Natural convection heat move. Remote Freqency:2. 4GHz. Channels:3. Groups:(A/B/C/D). Remote Range:100m. Light: Distance 0. 5M, Footcandles 2323, LUX 25000. Distance 1M, Footcandles 697, LUX 7500. Holds: LS 1c light1. Controller box1. AC/DC adapter1. Power cable1. Connecter cable1. Controller1. Hook1. Tracing papers10. Clamp5. Warranty card. Product manual1.

StudioPRO (Set of 3) 1200 Bi Color LED Photography ing Panel - S-1200BN LED Includes Barndoor and Stand , Photography & Video

StudioPRO Premium Bi Color LED 1200 Light Panel Aluminum Casing (S-1200BN)Model Number: S-1200BN Bi Color 5600K/3200K variable dial consisting of 600 Tungsten (3200K) LEDs and 600 Daylight (5600K) LEDs Dimmable, flicker free dial will include diffusion filter Weight: 7 lbs. LED Count: 1200 CRI > 90 Illumination: 12050 LM at 1 meter 12050 Lux at 1 meter distance 3700 Lux at 2 meter distance 1020 Lux at 3 meter distance Wattage: 72W V-lock battery well-matched Power adapter included 100V-240V Panel Dimensions: 15. 5"x3"x15. 5"(3) StudioPRO Photography Lighting Studio Professional Heavy responsibility All Metal Light Stand - 8'6 Material: Iron, Aluminum Maximum Height: 8'6" Closed Length: 30 Inches Closed Depth: 3. 5 Inches Center Shaft: 1. 25 Inches Footprint: 30 Inches Product Weight: 4. 4 Pounds Box: 31 x 3. 5 x 3. 5 Inches Able to hold up to 35 lbs. Rubber Feet.

Fotodiox Pro FlapJack LED C-208AS Bicolor Edge -5x8 Ultra-thin LED, with Case, Battery & Charger

Fotodiox presents the newest idea in LED lighting; the Flapjack LED Edge light. Instead of forward-facing LEDs like in a regular panel, the Flapjack's LEDs are mounted around the outer edge, aimed inward at layers of diffusion material. Instead of the common direct beam, the Flapjack's bounced light approach produces a soft, glow with no hotspots. Every Flapjack light runs on either AC power or a NP-F style rechargeable battery, both of which are included in the kit. The light is completely dimmable from 10-100, and has both Tungsten and Daylight balanced LEDs which let you to change from 3200k to 5600k with a turn of the dial. A back-lit LCD display shows light level, color temperature and battery life position. The internally bounced light is simpler on the eyes - your subject can look directly toward the light with no discomfort. Hide a Flapjack in a lamp to imitate an on-set practical light, or take benefit of the compact size to light up cramped spaces; like a car interior or an office cubicle. The Flapjack is perfect for tabletop food or product photography. Enjoy the look of a big soft light without melting your subject! The fitted 1/4-20" mounting points let you attach the Flapjack straight to a tabletop tripod, or lighting clamp. These lights are so lightweight; you may be able to mount them with Velcro, cord, tape!, you may be able to get more creative with light placement than ever before. The Flapjack lights produce little heat and have a low current draw, some number of Flapjacks can be run on a regular household circuit. Leave them running all day without fear of cooking your subject, or breaking the bank on your electrical bill. Flapjack kits include a rechargeable Sony NP-F style lithium-ion battery, charging station, and an AC adapter - all in a fitted hard-shell case with a handle. Each Flapjack is made of lasting lightweight metal, and is backed Fotodiox' s standard 2 year warranty.

Emart 600W Photography Photo Video Studio Umbrella ing

Creating great pictures requires good quality lighting. So you need the right equipment. This professional shooting set is calm suited for photographers of all levels of experience. This new Photo studio continous lighting kit include two 33"translucent umbrellas and two 33" Black/Silver umbrellas. Supply total 3x45Watt (equals to about 540Watt) 5500K color temperature daylight. It is a good solution for photographers choice for different function of camera or vedio. Package include: 3 x 45W Energy saving lamps with carry bag 2 x Light stands (83"/210cm height) 1 x Light stand (30"/75cm height) 3 x Lamp Holders 2 x 33" Translucent umbrella 2 x 33" Reflex umbrella black/silver 1 x Kit carry bag Features 345W Energy saving lamps Power: 45W Color temperature: 5500K Link mode: E26 Voltage: 110V Lifetime: >8000h With one carry bag 283" Light stands Aluminum alloy construction Sections: 3 Max height: 83"(210cm) Min height: 33" (84cm) Folded height: 28 "(72cm) Diameter of legs: Φ 0. 63" (Φ 16mm) Net weight: 2. 20 lbs (1kg) 130" Light stand Aluminum alloy construction Sections: 3 Max height: 30"(75cm) Min height: 33" (84cm) Folded height: 28 "(72cm) Diameter of legs: Φ 0. 63" (Φ 16mm) Net weight: 2. 20 lbs (1kg) 3 Lamp holders Link mode: E26 2 Translucent umbrellas Size: 33 " (84cm) 2 Black/Silver reflector umrellas Size: 33 " (84cm).

Aputure Amaran AL-528W LED Video Panel LED ing with Stand and Battery Pack Battery Charger-Pack of 2

AL-528W is intended with 75 degree led bulbs, large angle give you more range light. AL-528S is intended with 25 degree led bulbs, spot bean angle give you more lumens value and more concentrated light. AL-528C is intended for color temperature adjustable, also with 75 degree led bulbs, large angle led design. What are the same? Average Life Span: ≥ 100, 000h Power Supply: DC 18V Cooling Mode: Natural Ventilation Size: 23819032mm Input: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 1. 5A; Output: DC18V, 2. 8A; well-matched Lithium Batteries: 1. Sony NP-F series: NP-F550/F570/F770/F960/F970 2. NP-FM series: FM50/FM51/FM55H/FM500H 3. NP-QM series: QM50/QM51/QM71D/QM91D What are the major differences? -Power: AL-528W(30W); AL-528S(30W): AL-528C(15W) -Net Weight: AL-528W(638g); AL-528S(638g); AL-528C(625g) -Beam Angle: AL-528W(75); AL-528S(25); AL-528C(75) -Operation Current: AL-528W≤ 2. 8A; AL-528S≤ 2. 8A; AL-528C≤ 2A -Color Temperature: AL-528W and AL-528S 5500K/3200K (with orange filter); AL-528C 3200-5500K -AL-528W light: 1200lux/1m; 350lux/2m; 180lux/3m; -AL-528S light: 5000lux/1m; 1400lux/2m; 620lux/3m; -AL-528C light: 630lux/1m; 175lux/2m; 90lux/3m; Package Contents: 2x Amaran AL-528W LED Video Light 4x Filter (White & Orange) 2x Power Adapter 2x Power Cord 2x Plastic Bracket 2x 1/4 to 3/8 Adapter 2x Protection Bag & Shoulder Strap 2x User Manual 2x Battery Charger for Sony F970 F570 2x Car Charger Adapter 4x Battery Pack for Sony NP-F960 2x 2M(6. 5ft) Light Stand.

Impact 4 Socket Fluorescent Adapter

The 4 Socket Fluorescent Adapter from affect was intended to turn the single socket FF-S1 Fluorescent Fixture into a 4-lamp fixture that accepts Edison-base compact fluorescent lamps up to 150W for a 4 socket total of 600W. Input Voltage: 120VACLamps: 4 CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) bought separatelyBallast: In lampsMounting: 5/8" (16 mm)Dimensions: Not particular by manufacturerWeight: Not particular by maker.

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