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Pro-Ject Audio - Head Box DS - D/A and Headphone Amp - Silver vs IRDAC-II

It seems a little bigger than most of the other Pro-Ject 'Box Design' merchandise, and the performance is properly big. The Head Box DS headset amp with fitted DAC from Pro-Ject is a totally new design that delivers uncompromising sound quality. It is tailor made for computers and other digital resources, however it excels with analog resources, too.

Musou Optical Coax RCA Audio Adapter Fiber Cable

This Digital to Analog Audio Converter IRDAC-II is intended for either home or professional audio switching. It changes Coaxial or Toslink audio signals to analog L/R audio and available for connection to an external device like an amplifier via standard RCA-style jacks. This Converter is small in size and quite easy to install. Plans - Input Audio:Coaxial or Toslink audio - Output Audio:L/R audio - Input audio connector:Toslink+1XRCA(Coaxial) - Output audio connector:2xRCA R/L) - Sampling rate:32, 44. 1, 48 and 96 KHz NOTE:When connected to the Toslink and Coaxial cables at the same, the product will give priority to Toslink input This converter does not support Dolby Digital Package will include - major unit (Digital to Analog Audio Converter) - 5V/DC POWER SUPPLY - USER'S Manual - 1xOptical Cable Warranty:1 year restricted.

Musical Fidelity M1DAC -

Musical Fidelity was one of the 1st audiophile businesses to offer a DAC. Since then, the company has established a hard tradition of creating best, top value digital merchandise. A perfect case in the point is the brand new M1 DAC, which is the culmination of over 23 years of experience design superb sounding DACs. The M1 gives you lots of input format choices with four digital inputs: coax, optical, balanced, and USB. Versatility goes along with the connectivity. The M1 DAC will lock on to any S/PDIF signal at 32 kHz, 44. 1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88 kHz, 96 kHz, or 192 kHz. The input sampling frequency is displayed on the front panel. "The M1 DAC's explicit sound should surely breathe new life into maturing CD players, " notes John Bamford in his October 2010 review for England's Hi-Fi News magazine. "It delivers distinguished audio with superb detail retrieval and a broad, deep soundstage. " The M1 DAC consists of a top quality over sampling 24-bit digital-to-analog converter circuit which upsamples all incoming data rates to 192 kHz. This is real true upsampling and moves the digital artifacts to well outside the audio band, allowing their easy elimination without detriment to the top end of the audio band. The well-tuned filtering circuit results in immeasurably small jitter, sound, and distortion, allowing F imaging, detail, and transparency, to deliver all music types exactly as the artist first meant. The M1 DAC was carefully intended to be partnered with M1 series, and also matches well with M3 and M6 series merchandise. These mixes will yield one of the best high-fidelity systems available at any price. As indicated by Musical Fidelity's Founder and Managing Director Antony Michaelson, "The M1's technical performance is, pretty well, as good as any at any price. We know this sounds like an unbelievable assert but it is true. " And the company has the track record to back him up.

Philco TB100HH9 TV Box

The Philco TB100HH9 Digital to Analog TV converter plays an important role in the completion of the digital TV transition. Intended to easily get over-the-air ATSC standard-meaning and high-meaning terrestrial transmits, the DTA800 comes equipped with a remote control unit and the capability to offer on-screen program info sent by local TV broadcasters to easily recognize details about TV programming. The DTA800 is intended Exclusively to get digital TV signals with an over-the-air antenna and changes those signals into analog for display through a TV set's analog connections.

Blackmagic Design Multibridge Eclipse PCI Express HD/SD Bi-Directional 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI and Connections

Multibridge Eclipse is the most sophisticated editing system available. With a big number of video and audio connections, stylish design and the worlds 1st 3 Gb/s SDI, Multibridge Eclipse is an industrial strength solution for post production and broadcast in SD, HD video and 2K film. Connect to Anything Multibridge Eclipse connects to SDI, HDMI, part analog, NTSC/friend and S-Video equipment for catch and playback, while instantly switching between SD, HD and 2K. Multibridge Eclipse also has 12 channels of XLR AES/EBU audio in and out and 4 channels of XLR professional analog audio in and out. Now you may be able to work with the widest range of equipment, like HDCAM, HD-D5, HDCAM SR, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, HD receivers, HDV cameras, televisions, mixers and many more. Multibridge Eclipse is the 1st solution to include 3 Gb/s SDI allowing native 2K editing, while retaining full compatibility with HD-SDI and SD-SDI equipment. Multibridge Eclipse features unbelievable quality Dual Link 4:4:4 SDI and Single Link 4:2:2/4:4:4 SDI in 8 and 10 bit. Elegantly styled front panel position indicators and 32 independent audio level meters supply feedback for mission important broadcast environments. Improved Audio Connectivity Multibridge Eclipse features a big 12 individual channels of AES/EBU audio in and out using business standard XLR connections with sample rate conversion on each input. Multibridge Eclipse also will include 4 channels of XLR professional analog audio in and out and 2 channels out for HiFi monitoring.

Simdevanma ATSC TV Box HDMI YPbPr RCA Coaxial Outputs - Watch HD TV on Television - Media Player & Reco

Product Description 1. The TV Converter Box is an ATSC-compliant converter receiver for use in US, Canada and Mexico. Simply connect it to your antenna, then use the HDMI, YPbPr or RCA port to connect the box to your TV set. Search your local ATSC signal, then you may be able to begin watching digital programs on your analog TV, and you will enjoy a clearer picture and better sound than you ever thought possible. 2. Not only does the ATSC Digital TV Converter Box make it possible for you to keep using your old TV set to watch digital program, however it also allows you to enjoy some new features! you may be able to take full benefit of these improved features by connecting a hard drive or a USB drive to the USB port on the box. Once you have the drive connected, you may be able to record TV shows and watch them afterward, or pause a live TV show, record the rest and play it back at your leisure! The USB port also makes it possible for you to look at photographs, watch video files and listen to audio files using your TV. NOTE IMPORTANT: a. Old TV's with analog tuners won't let you to watch one channel and record another with this device. B. To delete channels go to choose Menu, Program, enter password 000000 or 888888 c. New HDTVs WILL let you to watch one channel using TV's digital tuner and record another, however you have to enable "Loop Through" Under MENU/ Channel Search/ Modulation. (Credit to Andy) IMPORTANT: European DVB-T RF signal isn't supported and won't work! REMOVE Clear Plastic Covering from the top of Simdevanma Box before use! It because's box to overheat! Package will include 1 Simdevanma converter box 1 Remote control (need 2pcs AAA batteries, NOT included) 1 RCA cable 1 User manual.


What majority of people call a Digital to Analog Converter, we call a Decoding Computer. Why? Because we know beauty is in the details.. And properly attending to the details requires a device that does more than simply converting digital info to an analog signal. At Wadia we think there's musical magic encoded in the numbers on your discs and hard drives. We strive to unravel every bit of info, communicating the messages of your beloved artists more obviously and vividly. We have spent years collecting an array of ideas and methods to make our merchandise extract, decode, and reconstruct the subtle details of music. After all, we think a computer is the ideal machine to execute these complex precision tasks. The Wadia 121Decoding Computer is a high performance DAC/digital preamplifier with a complete set of digital inputs, balanced analog outputs, digital volume control, and a headset output part. Just connect your iTransport, Computer, Streaming Audio source, or any other digital source and experience exceptional audiophile quality sound. Audio signals are processed using Wadia's DigiMaster patented up sampling and filtering technology. The Wadia 121decoding computer includes a clock linked asynchronous USB input for jitter free playback of music from your computer. All inputs as well as USB accept up to 24-bit/192kHz input data rates. The Wadia 121decoding computer gives true balanced and single ended analog outputs. An exceptional headset amplifier part delivers an unsurpassed personal listening experience. Features32-bit/1. 4MHz up sampling using Wadia's proprietary DigiMaster algorithm and filtering technologyAll inputs accept up to 24-bit/192kHz input data ratesAsynchronous USB inputWadia DirectConnect analog output with 32-bit Digital Volume ControlDigital Inputs: AES/EBU (XLR), Coaxial (RCA & BNC), Toslink Optical, USB B.

CandyQ 3.5mm Coaxial slink Optical L/R RCA Audio Adapter

Description: The Digital to Analog Audio Converter is intended for either home or professional audio switching. E. G. You may be able to connect this converter to TV with a Toslink cable ( also called digital S/PDIF or Optical cable ) or Coaxial cable, and connect this converter to amplifier ( Speaker ) with a RCA Audio cable or to headset with a 3. 5mm Stereo Jack cable simultaneously. It also may be used for PS3, XBox, Blu-ray player, HD DVD, etc, which dont have RCA ( L/R) output or 3. 5mm Jack output. The converter is compact in size and requires minimal setup. Supports Amplifier, Home theater system, HD Plasma & LCD TVs, AV Amplifiers, SKY+, SKY HD & Virgin Media digi-boxes, Freesat & Freeview receivers, DVD players, PS3 & Xbox/Xbox 360, DVD recorders and soundcards, supports all formats up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz like PCM Stereo, etc. Features: changes coaxial or toslink audio signals to analog L/R audio and connects to an external device like an amplifier via standard RCA jacks Supports uncompressed 2-channel LPCM audio signal output Supports sampling rate at 32, 44. 1, 48, and 96 KHz 24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels gives electromagnetic-sound-free transmission Easy to install and easy to operate Compact design, easy to carry Specififcation: Input Audio: Coaxial or Toslink audio signals to analog L/R audio Output Audio: L/R audio, 3. 5mm Jack Stereo audio Input audio connector: 1 x Toslink, 1 x RCA (Coaxial) Output audio connector: 2 x RCA(R/L) 1x 3. 5mm audio jack output port Powered by 5. 5mm USB power cable Power input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Product size: 51x40x26mm (L-W-H) Package Included: 1 x Digital to Analog Audio Converter 1 x USB Power Cable 1 x English User Manual.

Black Box LPS500A-SM-10K-LC network media

Connect Gigabit-speed fiber optic to a 10-/100-/1000-Mbps copper UTP part while also powering 802. 3af devices at the end of the CAT5 run. This PoE PSE Gigabit Media Converter from Black Box enables you to transparently connect copper cabling to single-mode fiber as an economical way to extend Ethernet communications well beyond the 100-meter (327-foot) CATx bound. In fact, it supports a maximum distance of 10 kilometers (6. 2 miles). With agreeing copper to interference-free fiber at Gigabit speeds, the converter doubles as power sourcing equipment (PSE) for Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices plugged in on the copper side.

Pass-through DTV Box

Receiving Terrestrial ATSC, the Digital Stream DTX9900 Digital-to-Analog Converter Box uses MPEG Video Decoding and AC-3 Audio Decoding to easily display digital transmits to your TV. The Digital Stream DTX9900 Digital-to-Analog Converter Box includes Channel 3/4 output, Energy Star compliance, Parental control, Closed captioning, and auto time-zone setting, so you may be able to watch HDTV with ease.

Musou RCA Optical slink Coaxial Audio Adapter Optical Cable

The Musou Analog to audio Converter is intended for either home or professional audio application. It changes analog Left/Right RCA-style audio connections to digital S/PDIF coax or TOSLink outputs. The unit is compact, easy to install, and operates in a large range of operating conditions. Plans - Input Audio:Stereo R/L - Output Audio:LPCM - Input audio connector:2XRCAR/L - Output audio connector:1XToslink 1XRCA(Coaxial) - Sampling rate:48 KHz Package will include - major unit (Digital to Analog Audio Converter) - 5V/DC POWER SUPPLY - USER'S Manual Warranty:1 year restricted.

airDAC DAC AirPlay (Black)

The airDAC benefits from Arcam's more than twenty years of audio specialty and use the finest quality parts in a layout that's optimized for low sound and distortion. A dejittering design that Arcam have used in many of the reference class FMJ merchandise is applied to all inputs. The four-level PCB lets our designers to maximize the quality of the ground plane to more decrease interference between parts. The use of many low sound individually regulated power supplies assures that we get the cleanest signal to the audiophile quality output stage. The airDAC's WiFi is well-matched with 802. 11 b/g/n but it also hosts a wired Ethernet (RJ45) connector for the most dependable results from your network. UPnP (common Plug and Play) is dependable and easy for non-experts to install and use, so we have added it to our range of streaming alternatives. Our new iPhone/iPad app - Songbook - is a UPnP music player that may be downloaded FREE from the Apple App Store and used with your airDAC. Android users can use some UPnP music players like PlugPlayer and Bubble. UPnP offers the possibility of playing lossless files up to 24bit / 96kHz in resolution (now AirPlay is constrained to playing Apple Lossless files up to 16bit /48kHz). These may be streamed via UPnP to the airDAC from your computer, NAS drive or Music Server. Also you may be able to use AirPlay with iDevices running iOS7, to send music to your Hi-Fi system from Internet radio services like vTuner and TuneIn Radio, also as music streaming services like Spotify and Qobuz. The airDAC is one of the simplest ways to take pleasure in your beloved music from your UPnP device, iPhone/iPad or computer running iTunes and brings Arcam quality sound to a whole new generation of music lovers.

Pro-Ject DAC Box S USB (black) , Black

The DAC Box S USB from Pro-Eject is a high-quality, super-compact digital to analog converter that bypasses your computer's inferior audio encoder, giving more meaning and richness to any audio file or stream it processes. Most computers use their own interior kernel mixer to resample audio resources. This deteriorates the audio performance by changing the incoming digital signal so your computer's OS can procedure the audio data more proficiently. Pro-Ject's Direct Streaming algorithm lets for bit-by-bit processing that avoids the unwanted signal alteration that inevitably occurs when passing audio through the operating system's kernel. The result is a audio signal that has not been resampled and is by meaning more correct to the source. And accuracy is the name of the game when it comes to audio encoding. If that explanation made your head turn, the takeaway is that this little device will make your complete digital music collection sound better if it is stored on your computer, on your phone, or in the cloud. Equipped with three digital inputs (USB, TOSINK optical, and S/PDIF coaxial RCA), the DAC Box S USB is prepared to offer the perfect upgrade in sound to your complete audio world.

Plug-In AC Adapters 100-240VAC, 18W 15.0VDC, 1.2A POS

Price for: Each 1. Approvals / Standards:-. Input Voltage AC Max:240V. Input Voltage AC Min:100V. Input Voltage VAC:100V to 240V. No. Of Outputs:1. Output Connector:5. 5mm Barrel Plug. Output Current Max:1. 2A. Output Current Max:1. 2A. Output Power Max:18W. Output Voltage Nom. :15V. Output Voltage Nom. :15V. Power Supply Output Type:Fixed. SVHC:No SVHC (20-Jun-2013).

Craig Electronics CVD508 Broadcast Remote Control

The Craig Electronics Digital To Analog Broadcast Converter With Remote Control easily connects to your TB and changes received digital TV signals (ATSC) to analog (NTSC). Multi-language on screen display (OSD) and supports close captioned (CCD), loop through, electronic program guide (EPG) and parental lock. Accessories include Remote Control (Use 2 x “ AAA” Batteries - Included), AC/DC Adapter, RF Coaxial Cable and RCA Cable.

Proster DAC Optical Coaxial slink Stereo RCA Audio Converte Adapter AV L R Audio 3.5mm Output for Blu-

This Digital to Analog Audio Converter is intended for either home or professional audio switching. It changes Coaxial or Toslink audio signals to analog L/R audio and available for connection to an external device like an amplifier viastandard RCA-style jacks. This Converter is small in size and quite easy to install. Features: changes Coaxial or Toslink audio signals to analog L/R audio Supports sampling rate at 32, 44. 1, 48 and 96 KHz. 24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels gives electromagnetic-sound-free transmission. Easy to install and easy to operate. Plans: Signal Inputs/Output Input Audio: Coaxial or Toslink audio Output Audio: L/R +3. 5mm audio Connector Input audio connector: Toslink, 1XRCA(Coaxial) Output audio connector: 2XRCA(R/L) Sampling rate: 32, 44. 1, 48 and 96 KHz Mechanical Size(LxWxH): 51x 41x 26mm Weight (Net): 78g Environmental Operating Temperature: 0 to +70 Operating Humidity: 10 to 85 RH (no condensation) Storage Temperature: -10 to +80 Storage Humidity: 5 to 90 RH (no condensation) Power prerequisite External Power Supply: DC 5V 1A Power intake: 0. 5 watts (max) Regulatory Approvals Converter Unit: FCC, CE, UL Power Supply: UL, CE, FCC Accessories Adapter AC Power Adapter: US standard, UK standard and so on Note: plans are subject to change without notice. Packing list: 1 major unit (Digital to Analog Audio Converter). 1 USB cable 1 User's Manual.

- Tv

February 17 2009 marks a monumental date in the history of United States TV. At midnight, all TV transmits will upgrade from analog NTSC transmission to ATSC digital. If you're receiving free, over-the-air TV reception on an older analog TV set, you won't be able to get the transmits and analog transmits will cease to exist. To continue using your TV after 2/18, you'll need a converter box that changes digital transmissions to the analog signals your TV will be able to read. < BR> < BR> A joint venture between Sling Media and Echostar, the TR-40 over-the-air, digital-to-analog converter lets analog TVs to get digital over-the-air transmits and comes with an onscreen setup wizard for easy installation. Other features are up to a seven-day electronic programming guide (EPG), program search, parental locks and VCR auto-tune timers. < B> This converter box is only for those people who have analog TV receivers that use free over-the-air antenna reception. If you get TV from Cable, Satellite, or Phone carrier resources, this box isn't related. < /B> .

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