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Pyle Home PTCDS2UI AM/FM Radio/CD/Cassette/USB Classic with iPod Dock vs MMF5.1

Now you may be able to keep the look of a classic phonograph but have the technology of the 21st century. This vintage, authentically wood-crafted turntable comes with an AM/FM radio, CD player, cassette deck, aux-in jack for your MP3 player, and an iPod dock for a money of playback alternatives. Use the included remote to control your device. The fitted speakers sound great, and you&'ll be enjoying the old classics and the new hits on this conversation part in no time.

Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB R-MIX Software Bundle with Roland R-MIX

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB Turntable gives easy MMF5.1 to use Audacity Software for converting your warm analog LP's to usable digital formats! The future is, time to grab your old Velvet Underground and Elton John LPs and change them with the AT-LP60 turntable into usable files for you audio collection! This Audio-Technical LP-to-digital recording system comes with a USB output that lets direct connection to your computer. Recapture your old memories through music from your vintage vinyl's in a new digital form with the Audio-Technical AT-LP60 turntable! This premium bundle comes with Roland's R MIX audio processing software. R MIX audio processing software allows you to see the parts of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and harmonic matter as the song plays! Powered by Roland's newly worked on V-Remastering technology in conjunction with VariPhrase, you may be able to independently change the pitch and speed of the playback, realized with VariPhrase. Plus you may change panning positions and levels to individual instruments inside a stereo mix, as an example, and add effects to each element as wanted. Certainly a powerful tool when converting your LP's. The R MIX software is for MAC/PC.

Sears / Kenmore Microwave Glass Tray / Plate 12 3/4

This microwave plate fits the following Sears / Kenmore model Kenmore: 2263672, 2263673, 2263674, 2263679, 2263692, 2263693, 2263694, 2263699, 2263703, 62752, 62759, 62772, 62774, 62779, 67902, 67903, 67909, 721. 26244200, 721. 62622, 721. 62622200, 721. 62624, 721. 62629, 721. 62642, 721. 62643, 721. 62644, 721. 62649, 721. 6760079, 721. 67600790, 721. 67601790, 721. 67602790, 721. 67680, 721. 67681, 721. 67682, 721. 67902, 721. 67903, 721. 67909, 721. 80022700, 721. 80029700, 721. 80032700, 721. 80033700, 721. 80039700, 721. 80042700, 721. 80043700, 721. 80044700, 721. 80049700, 721. 80412500, 721. 80413500, 721. 80414500, 721. 80419500, 721. 80492, 721. 80494, 721. 80499, 721. 80593401, 721. 8059402, 721. 80594401, 721. 80599401, 721. 81043700, 767. 8505500, 767. 8510000, 767. 8519000, 767. 8541000, 767. 8541300, 767. 8541900, 767. 8577000, 767. 8591900, 767. 8597000, 767. 8597400, 79602, 80022, 80029, 80412, 80413, 80414, 80419, 80492, 80494, 80499, 80592, 80592-402, 80593, 80594, 80599, 85022, 85029, 85032, 85033, 85039, 85055, 85100, 85970, 85974, MX-1485VCL.

Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon Manual (White) vs MMF-5.1

RPM-1 Carbon utilizes lots of innovations and improvements: A low resonance chassis holds a newly intended inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for more reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an super-precision AC generator with DC power supply for more improved speed stability. A totally new intended S-shaped tonearm tube is made from carbon fiber, aluminum and resin. Using a complex 3-step procedure with heat treatment and 100 bar pressure, arm tube rigidity is strengthened, interior damping is maximized and resonances are reduced to a minimum. This makes the tonearm also suited for MC cartridges. Extra features are a new magnetic antiskating system and a TPE-damped counterweight. All ingredients add up to a miracle in sound for the price an super-stylish look.

Crosley CR2413A-BK Memory Master II 3-Speed with CD Player/er ()

, a way to record vinyl and cassette to CD without tangled wires, confusing hookups or broad computer specialty. With Crosley's Memory Master II - the sleek, redesigned variant of the well-liked Memory Master CD recorder - simply put on your LP or pop in a cassette, load a blank CD and press "record. " With its good looking cabinet, this system harkens back to the golden days while nodding to technology of the 21st century. Users will appreciate its three speeds (33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm) so they can play and record their complete collection. The Memory Master II is USB enabled for connection to PC and Mac and will include a software suite for ripping and editing audio content. This Crosley also lets you to simply turn records, play cassettes and CDs, or tune in to your beloved station on the analog AM/FM tuner for hours of nostalgic enjoyment.

TechPlay ODCR2110WD, Retro , Double CD & Cassette er/Player, Bluetooth, AM/FM, SD, USB, AUX

This unit is filled with all features you'll ever want or need. 3 speed turntable to play all your vinyl with lift lever, auto stop/manual selector. Double CD and cassette Recorder/player, to take pleasure in your CD or cassette collection, or record on your CD or cassette from turntable, radio, AUX, CD, USB, cassette or CD. Bluetooth with NFC function lets you to connect wirelessly to your smart phone. SD, USB to play back or record in MP3 format. AUX input and headset jack all in front of the unit for easy access. Digital AM/FM radio with auto-scan and presets. Remote control, 30W RMS power LCD display. Will include dust cover and 45RPM adapter. Provided AC adapter is 100-240V for global use.

Pioneer PL-30 Audiophile Stereo with Dual-Layered Chassis and Built-in Phono Equalizer

The PL-30 is intended from the ground up with one single goal in mind: to extract all info that lies in the grooves of analogue records, to ensure the most acceptable musical experience. This new turntable is completely auto, which means that the tone arm will be located exactly above the 1st grooves of the record and will softly be lowered to begin the music. All by pushing a single button. When the record is finished, the tone arm will automatically return to its base.

9.3 with Goldring Eroica lx low-output MC Cartridge and Dust Cover

TWO SPEED, BELT DRIVEN AUDIOPHILE TURNTABLE EMPLOYING THE distinctive TRIPLE PLINTH CONSTRUCTION ORIGINATED BY MUSIC HALL. The distinctive design isolates the important sound reproducing parts: platter, major bearing, tonearm, and cartridge, on the top platform, from the adjustable tip-toe feet and wiring, which are mounted on the bottom platform. The motor and speed controls are lonely on their own vibration damping base and totally decoupled from the turntable.

Yosoo 1000W ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board Module Tesla coil 12V-48V Flyback Driver Heater DIY

Note: 1. The kit holds a full set of driving circuit elements and brass 2. Purchasers have to bring their own power and cooling unit. 3. The circuit board using double-sided fiberglass board, primarily copper traces were used to widen use the complete back surface of the resonant circuit common, uninterrupted work, add a fan to blow down from above, to the resonance capacitors and other parts cool. 4. The use of switching power supply note that caused by high power are usually slow start function, which just opened machine output voltage is gradually increasing, while it's turned on before the induction heating circuit if the voltage rises to 12V, because start inadequate voltage can't pay for to vibration, ensuing in two concurrent conduction mos tube so burned parts. So the 1st will start switching power supply voltage reaches 12V above, then access the induction heating circuit. 5. The volume of the object being heated inside the heating coil can't surpass 1/5 of the volume (if the heating cylinder, then heating coil diameter less than the diameter of 1/3), or it can be caused by overload or burn out the power supply to the circuit. Though this circuit can tolerate 20-30A input current moment, however don't surpass 15A when safe work, you may be able to easily add an ammeter between the power supply and heating driver board but generally monitor the current overload. This circuit can't only do the induction heating, the copper tube into the high-frequency transformer, is a powerful inverter. Package will include: 1 x ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board 1 x Brass.

Digpro 360LK2 360 Product Photography (White/)

Digpro ET-470W Heavy responsibility (loading unto 160kgs) 360 Turntable is the only 360 Turntable in the market to operate over Wi-Fi connections between Camera and the 360 Turntable. In just 3 - 4 minutes, you may be able to make your eye catching 360 pictures on your websites that may be seen and used on Chromes, I. E, Safari, etc… No computers and cables are obliged throughout the shooting processing. With the auto build-in shooting modes, users can take the 360 source pictures by video or taking the pictures frame by frame. The 360 Turntable will automatically synchronize with your camera on every shot you made. The 360 source pictures may be transformed into a Html file with the Digpro 360 program that comes with this package. The Html 360 image may be interacted with users in both directions also as speed control. With our Digpro Product Photography Systems, everyone can make perfect 360 photos with just a simple DC camera and requires no more post editing work but Digpro 360 Turntable will give you a one stop solution on 360 product photography and it's easy to operate and carry. See us on YouTube "". With Digpro 360 Turntable System, everyone can become Professional Photographer. We offer 2 years warranty with 100 free Labor and Parts, shipping cost to us and return will be depending on a 50/50 policy inside the warranty. 3 months free Online Technical Support will be also given to our users for more questions when using our system. You'll be to get the full support and warranty service directly from the Digpro established in Hong Kong and simultaneously to constantly updating with our new tutorials and uses guides on our YouTube channels at "". Telling you with all the tricks and technique you have to become a professional photographer with your DC at home or office.

Denon DJ MC4000 road ready Flight case laptop shelf X-DNMC4000LT

The X-DNMC4000LT is the ideal friend for the state-of-the-art digital DJ, made to fit Denon MC4000 This ATA style 300 gig prepared case has our sleek all-black outside that's sure to turn heads. It's intended to protect the Denon MC4000, and it does the job well. The case is constructed with a rugged and lasting Premium Series Plywood, strengthened steel ball corners, also as recessed steel padded handles and latches. There's extra space for cables and small accessories in the back of the unit for convenience, also as a removable front panel so you may be able to access your inputs easily. The Sliding Laptop counter creates table space and gives you functionality and easy use throughout gigs. For the safety of your equipment, don't try to transport with any gear stored on the sliding counter and be aware that the counter may be removed when slid out to its furthest point. ProX Goes Green: The lasting hard rubber foams used in our cases contain 70 recycled content. Of that 70, 80 of it comes from recycled plastic bottles and the left over 20 from recycled post-industrial material. At ProX we strive to make the world a better place.

Decksaver Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 DJ Cover

Deck saver covers are tailor-made to exacting standards to fit each unit like a glove. Rather than using cheaper inferior acrylic. Every one is made from Polycarbonate - a hardwearing plastic used in bullet evidence glass - and made to fit your gear as closely as possible. The use of Polycarbonate means that thinner material may be used. Making for discrete. Strong still nice protection for your decks. Great care is taken to trim each Deck saver to accomplish the best fit and still leave cables in place.

Rega - RP1 (Titanium)

Rega's new RP1 turntable was intended and engineered to accomplish remaining performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point. Excellent build quality, dependability and easy use add to make a product, which can offer a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Omitting all the common gimmicks allowed Rega to concentrate the manufacturing costs on the high quality parts needed to reproduce records precisely. "Rega's new RP-1 turntable may just be the perfect source for Stereophile's new monthly column, 'The Entry Level', " reports Stephen Mejias in his Stereophile blog for July 30, 2010. "All the cool kids are going to want one of these. " The RP1 uses a greatly correct manual speed change rather than an auto system. This approach removes speed inconsistencies and also decreases wear of the drive belt. It has a big added benefit, too. The money which Rega saved is spent across the design, as well as a new hand assembled RB101 tonearm, precision major bearing, phenolic resin flywheel effect platter, and a high quality low vibration motor which could usually be used on a turntable costing two or three times the amount. The RP1 also comes prepared-fitted with a great sounding Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge. The minimalist design of the Rega RP1 and the use of very high quality parts ensure that this turntable will last for many years - just like every product that Rega manufactures. The RP1 is the 1st in a new generation of Rega turntables offering far greater performance than their predecessors. The performance of this amazing new product will knock you out. The only thing entry level about the RP1 is the unexpectedly low price.

(10 Pack) TEN Yellow Plastic 45 RPM 7 Inch Vinyl Adaptor - 7 Inserts

A 45 rpm adapter (also 45 rpm record put, or 45 rpm spindle adapter) is a small plastic or metal put that goes in the center of a 45-rpm record so it'll play on a turntable. The adapter may be a small hard circle that fits onto the bottom of the spindle (meaning only one 45 may be played at a time) or a bigger adapter that fits over the complete spindle, permitting a stack of 45s to be played. The former RCA company presented a snap-in plastic put called a spider to make 45 rpm records well-matched with the smaller spindle size of a 33⅓ rpm LP record player. Commissioned by RCA president David Sarnoff and invented by Thomas Hutchison, spiders were prevalent in the 1960s and sold tens of millions per year.

Yosoo Yosoo565161 5V-12V ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Power Supply Module With Coil

Description: note: the product is zvs heating power Supply module, include the heating coil 1. This no tap mini plate zvs finished board, ignition coil and a cooling Fan, etc. 2. The input voltage dc 5 V to 12 V 3. Maximum power 120 W (12 V induction heating). 12 V, push the ignition coil main 5 + 5 turn, about 30 W. 4. Pcb size: 55 mm 37 mm 1. 6 mm 5. Heating coil, the width of the heated objects as far as possible between the heating coil diameter of 1/3 1/2, most do not more than two-thirds. 6. Induction heating, power work five minutes to cool. For induction heating current is bigger, heating coil is comparatively big. When heated, part of the heat generated by the heated object will be passed on to the heating coil, over time, the temperature of the heating coil will be high. If the heating coil in the words of the terminal, the terminal part of plastic melt!!!! so, induction heating the best heating coil directly welded to the PCB. Package include: 1 x zvs heating power Supply module 1 x heating coil.

Crosley CR49-TA Traveler 3-Speed with Stereo Speakers and Adjustable Tone Control (Tan)

Enjoy a whole new level of LP independence with the Crosley CR49 Traveler. Inspired by the original movable turntables of the late 1950s, the belt-drive unit is versatile enough to play all three common speeds-33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm-so you are not constrained to any one part of your vintage record collection. Crosley CR49 Traveler movable Turntable. Also, the table's tan-colored suitcase housing will include a pair of fitted, full-range stereo speakers, effectively turning the Traveler into a LP boombox (although without the battery power). The effortless portability makes this a great turntable for traveling, visiting friends, or simply enjoying albums in the garage, basement, or another secondary rooms. The case is stylish, too, with a vintage look that beautifully complements conventional furnishings. The Traveler comes with an adjustable tone control, adding to its versatility, with a diamond-stylus needle. So if your tastes run to classic jazz or modern rock, savor your vinyl in style with the Crosley Traveler. The Traveler measures 17 by 7 by 11 inches (W x H x D) and is supported by a 90-day warranty.

SKB ATA 88 Note Large Keyboard Case with Wheels, TSA Locking, Trigger Latch

ATA cases supply reliable transport and meet ATA Cat 1 specifications as airline shipping containers. These SKB Keyboard cases have been intended to accommodate TSA accepted and recognized locking latches. The TSA locking latch lets the traveler to securely lock their case and still lets for needed security inspections and re-locking of the case when traveling. The patented corner cleat design holds the keyboard in place on an indestructible hook and loop fastener surface. The bubble in the top of the cover adds extra support to the keyboard while in transit. Outside bumpers protect the valance and hardware from affect damage. Meets ATA Cat 1 specifications as airline shipping container will include TSA Locking Latches Patented corner cleat design outside bumpers protect valance and hardware fitted wheels.

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