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New OEM Original Genuine Apple Iphone 5 5s 5c 6 Earpods Earphones w/ Remote & Mic by TGstore vs MOJO-BLK

OEM Apple EarPods With Remote & Microphone in Retail Box (Sold in Original Retail Box Packaging) Condition: Brand New OEM, Authentic Apple Product you'll get: 1 x New OEM Apple Earpods w/ Remote & Mic in Retail Packaging 1 x Original information well-matched With: iPhone 4 & 4S iPhone 5, 5S, & 5C iPhone 6 & 6 Plus iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2 iPad Mini 1, 2, & 3 iPod Touch 4 & 5 iPod Classic.

FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Silver)

The FiiO E11K Kilimanjaro2 movable headset Amplifier (Silver), made from an aluminum-alloy body and chassis increases metal texture and shielding from EM interference. It can work while charging, 1400mAH fitted battery assures more than 16hrs of battery life. Its new toggle switches are more dependable and easier to operate. Completely discrete bass circuit design Boosts bass effect without influencing the in general sound field. Bass off: Bypasses bass circuit, decreases interference and sound floor so as to ensure the purity of the sound quality. Improved sound performance Pre amplifier OPA1642 serves as the voltage amplifier with great layering and medium and high frequency extension. Power amplifier AD8397 serves as the current amplifier, with great control of low frequencies and smooth drive capability.

Fulla USB Dongle DAC/Amp

"That tiny thing is a joint DAC and headset amp? For 89? you are Fulla Schiit!" you may be saying. And you know what, you are right. That is Fulla, and it is not only a joint DAC and headset amp, it is also the least costly quality dongle-DAC/amp on the market, with a handle for volume control-connected to a real live analog volume pot, not a volume control chip. Total Convenience Just plug Fulla into virtually any computer's USB port and you will be enjoying great tunes instantly. No drivers, no fiddly software, no confusing volume buttons-on either Mac or PC. It also works (with some caveats) on Linux, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Plug it in, attach your headphones, and turn it up. Done! A Dang Good DAC Like Modi, Fulla uses a CM6631 USB 2. 0 receiver and the AK4396 digital to analog converter-not antique 1. 1 or an integrated DAC with headset drivers fitted. The AK4396 is one of the best-measuring, most able digital to analog converters on the planet, used in systems that cost many times the Fulla's price. Lots of Power for Most Headphones After the DAC, a get stage using precision thin-film resistors and film capacitors filters and boosts the output, up to 200mW into 32 ohms. That means lots of power for most headphones, with a vanishingly low sound floor and low output blockage that make Fulla great for IEM use. Made in USA. No, Really. By "made in USA, " we mean made in USA. The vast most of the total production cost of Fulla-chassis, boards, assembly, etc-goes to US businesses manufacturing in the US.

Beyerdynamic A2 2-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

The A 2 headset amplifier doesn't only impress with its unbelievably natural and powerful airy sound, however also with its clear and high-quality design. & With its powerful and lively answer, the A 2 brings out the best performances from all dynamic headphones and supplies an excellent reproduction quality that's as close as possible to the original sound: From highs with a smart resolution and totally authentic mid-range to a deep, natural bass. Surprisingly sound-free operation and exact control may be enjoyed via all headphones that are connected, despite of their blockage. Completely Discrete and AdjustableSelected, hand-assembled parts and the discrete circuit design open up a richness of detail that's hard to defeat. Caused by the two headset outputs two people can enjoy their& favorite& music together and the sophisticated, intuitive operation of the A 2 fills with enthusiasm. Applications like the volume may be exactly and endlessly adjusted via the convenient remote control. As a special highlight, the A 2 is now the only device on the market that gives separate modifications for the blockage and sensitivity of the connected headphones also as different levels of the audio resources. That means that headphones between 16 ohms and 600 ohms may be operated perfectly on the A 2 without distortion occurring at high levels. & With the voltage selector switch the supply voltage may be adjusted to 110 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V, which lets the device to be used global.

Pyle-Pro PHA40 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

The new PHA40 from Pyle answers MOJO-BLK the need for a headset distribution amplifier with professional plans in a small package at an cheap price. The PHA40 features four headset outputs on the front panel giving you an very powerful monitoring solution at an surprisingly low price. Use it at the studio, for mixing, for practicing with your bandmates - or for simply listening to audio without disturbing others. With the PHA40 you may be able to watch movies, practice with your band, or do any other group activity in solitude.

TEAC dual mono over Lal USB-DAC / headphone amplifier Reference UD-503 () UD-503-B

Product Description ◆ full balance / parallel unbalanced drive circuit equipped DSD11. 2MHz corresponding dual mono over Lal USB DAC / headset amplifier. ● UD-503 is a compact enclosure of A4 size, and audio design know-how of TEAC was cultivated for more than 60 years, is a dual-mono over Lal USB DAC / full balance headset amplifier which was condensed the design idea of high-end audio. ● also adopted the design idea of "dual mono over Lal Configuration" from the high-end audio and UD-501, worked on by with the new Asahi Kasei Electronics Co. Ltd. DAC VERITA AK4490 2 groups to DAC chip DSD11. 2MHz, PCM 384kHz / It supports native playback of 32bit format. Also, the analog output circuit also may be said that the cornerstone of audio, a new current transmission improved buffer amplifier "TEAC-HCLD" circuit for 4 circuit installed, in full balance at the time of XLR balanced output, and parallel imbalance at the time of RCA unbalanced output in drive. We realized D / A converter part having the expressive power that exceeds the class. Headset amplifier, discrete configuration that share the amplifier part and the line amplifier. Front panel comes with two groups a TRS phone jack, it has the driving force of high-dimensional as a full balance / parallel unbalanced drive the headset amplifier. Also, it can use it as a high-quality preamplifier with high precision volume "TEAC-QVCS" a remote control that may be set in 256 steps. ● UD-503 is the next generation of USB DAC / headset amplifier leading to desktop audio to the next stage.

BoomCloud 360 BoomStick Portable Headphone Enhancer ()

Fast, easy, movable sound is just not good enough. Well-matched with any set of wired headphones or earphones, the BoomStick adds vivid meaning and creates a really immersive listening experience. It brings sound back to life like never before, with processing that opti­ mizes audio content to deliver a richer world of detail and envelopment for music, video, and more. & Psychoacoustic bass enhancement increases the view of low end frequency answer, creating a fuller and richer listening experience. & High frequency contouring gives meaning and clearness in the music, bringing out amazing detail and instrumentation you never heard before. & Soundfield expansion creates an unbelievable sense of immersion. & Selectable increase mode dials up the enhancement for more affect. & The BoomStick is small, lightweight, and easy to use – just press the “ Boom” button. & It easily connects to earphones, headphones and audio players with a common 3. 5 mm wired connection. & The interior rechargeable lithium ion battery gives up to 14 hours of use, without draining phone battery. & Available in black or silver.

HifiMan EF-6 Class A Reference Headphone Amplifier Pre-Amplifier ()

Hand-built by HiFiMAN craftsmen, the new EF-6 flagship headset amplifier gives audiophile quality for the most calling for listeners. Fit and finish hint at the amplifiers exceptional performance under the hood. EF6 is a hi-end headset amp with powerful output. EF6 may also work as a world-class pre-amplifier. The EF-6 the clear choice for discriminating music lovers seeking a no-agreement headset amplifier still priced well below units with comparable performance. Volume: Hand-made Step Attenuator Power Supply Design: CLC filter Weight: about 24 lb (10. 75 KG) Dimensions: 13''(330 mm)large 12. 2 (310mm)Deep 4. 1 (105mm)High THD: 0. 03 (1w and 1KHz) S/N: 95 DB Max Output: Class A 5W at 50 Ohm.

FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier -

FiiO E6 is a movable headset Amplifier intended to enhance the sound quality and volume of any movable audio source like MP3 players, iPods, personal media players, mobile phones, laptops, notebooks/netbooks, or movable CD players. It's an upgraded model of the well-liked E5 headset amplifier. The E6 keeps all of the benefits of the E5 while adding new features and a considerable increase in performance, all inside a small and stylish case. With fitted volume controls, the E6 may be used with the line-level output of audio resources for better sound quality. Compared with the E5, the E6 offers higher get, extra bass increase levels, input sensitivity modification to manage "hot" source signals, and a lock switch to prevent unintended button presses. Consequently, the E6 gives superior sound qualilty and works better with high blockage headphones. Three EQ profiles are available for flat and two bass-increase levels, allowing extra flexibility in getting best tonal match with different headphones. Key Features and Benefits:Robust design handles high blockage and low sensitivity headphones. Easy to carry and use both indoors and outdoors - Increases music player's battery life. Improved amplifier design with high S/N and low distortion. High PSRR for superior supply sound rejection. Electronic volume control for super low sound. Three EQ profiles: flat, bass increase 1, and bass increase 2. Fitted rechargeable battery gives up to 10 hours of normal use. Mini USB charger port may be used with any USB power source. Replaceable clip attaches to clothing, bags, and etc. Plans: Output Power: 150mW (16Ohm), 16mW (300Ohm). SNR: > =95dB (A weighted). Distortion: < 0. 009%(10mW). FR: 10Hz 100kHz. Blockage: 16Ohm 300Ohm. Battery: LiPo. Play time: 10hr. Size: 41mmx40. 2mmx9mm. Weight: 16g. Connector: 24V DC In x 1, S/PDIF Optical Audio In x 1, Analog L/R Audio In x 2.

Teac HA-P50-R TEAC Portable Headphone Amplifier USB/DAC HA-P50-R

High quality, movable headset amplifier with fitted 24/96 USB DAC, high-resolution 'go anywhere' listening from iPhone, Android and PC/Mac. Headset Output Power: 160mW + 160mW (32ohms) Total Harmonic Distortion: 0. 001 (100mW + 100mW ) Analog Audio Input: 1/8" Stereo Mini audio Inputs: USB Type-A, USB Micro B headset Output: 1/8" Stereo Mini well-matched headset blockage: 8 to 600 ohms Battery: Lithium Battery (2100mAh) Battery Life: Approx. 8 Hours Dimensions (W x H x D): 64 x 21. 7 x 112 mm, 2. 5" x 0. 85" x 4. 4" Net Weight: 210 g, 0. 46 lbs.

Sony PHA3 PHA-3 Headphone Amp,

Enjoy your beloved music with convenient Analog and Digital connectivity that allows you to maximize your audio experience regardless the source: smartphone, movable audio player, PC or other analog devices. The interior battery delivers up to 5 hours battery life while the interior DAC can decode PCM audio up to 384 kHz/32-bit and DSD files at 2. 8/5. 6MH, while dedicated high fidelity circuitry assures bit-perfect playback.

HeadRoom Ultra Desktop Amp

Delivering the total control of our standard Desktop Amp/DAC but with considerably improved sound via 'Class A' reference electronics and upsampling D-to-A Converter, the HeadRoom super Desktop Amp makes headset dreams come true for audiophile and sound professional alike. Two analog inputs and 'volume controlled' line-output on Cardas RCA connectors, plus computer USB, optical or coax S/PDiF digital inputs let all your resources to be connected at the same time and switch between them as needed. Features 1/4" and 1/8" headset jacks and our world-famous HeadRoom crossfeed for natural headset imaging. 3-position get exactly drives audiophile headphones of any blockage.

Creative Sound Blaster E3 Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier with Bluetooth NFC

The Sound Blaster E3 is a USB DAC and headset amplifier with Bluetooth that connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth or NFC. It also supports high quality audio streaming from smartphones via USB. It has a 600ohm headset amplifier, a 112dB DAC, and users can access the advanced SBX Pro Studio suite of audio enhancement technologies when connected to PCs and Macs. Enjoy a earlier unreachable audio listening experience from your smartphones and PCs. The Sound Blaster E3 features amplification for headphones up to 600ohm and 112dB DAC, so you are ensured audio fidelity of the highest grade. Users can connect the Sound Blaster E3 to their smart phones or tablets via USB for very high audio streaming quality, plus enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity! The Sound Blaster E3 can conveniently connect to smart phones or tablets via Bluetooth, and users with NFC-enabled phones can pair and connect to the Sound Blaster E3 by just tapping the two together.

Burson Audio - Soloist - Headphone Amplifier Pre-Amplifier

The New FET Input Stage. The input stage of the Soloist is a symmetrical current feedback circuit with only 21 parts on its signal path (compare that to a common IC Opamp of over 50). It is signal path is so short and with so little blockage on it, that it can accomplish amazing sound. Also because Burson only had to choose and match 21 parts, the Soloist sounds totally amazing. Variable Output Stage. The input stage of the Soloist is a symmetrical current feedback circuit with only 21 parts on its signal path (compare that to a common IC Opamp of over 50). It is signal path is so short and with so little blockage on it, that it can accomplish amazing sound. Also because Burson only had to choose and match 21 parts, the Soloist sounds totally amazing. The new Soloist has taken the already fanatical IC free power supply of the generation HA-160 to the next level. The result is cleaner more energetic music reproduction. When power leaves the generating station it's pretty clean. Unfortunately, every device attached to it draws a current which corrupts the purity of the voltage wave form. Open air high voltage cables can pick up radio signals from all types of resources. Transformers during the national grid are running close to saturation point, which creates more distortion. From big electric motors like those used in factories, to baby alarms and hairdryers, all can pollute to intolerable levels. It doesn't end there! The power supply from most hi-fi equipment are among the worst polluters. A big amount of interference is generated by the standard IC voltage regulators; they inject sound of their own caused by the nature of their operation, blocking out musical detail that we work tirelessly to preserve. High Resolution Volume Control At the time when an audio signal is passing through the volume control, it's still at its weakest. At this stage, the audio signal is susceptible to sound pollution and interference. A big supply of such distortion is the usually used remote volume control adopted by most manufacturers. Burson intended a 24 stepped attenuator exactly for the P-160 series. Unlike usually available stepped attenuators on the DIY market, ours only involves one < 0. 1 metal film resistor on the signal path. The result is a total elimination of any distortions presented by the volume control (which can differ up to 7 on a regular pot) The Burson stepped attenuator is built with premium quality parts joint with our hard machined aluminium handle. It assures a smooth and well controlled mechanical motion. The volum e curve was tailor made to match our 160 line giving the user a smooth control over the complete spectrum. The choice to adopt a custom built step attenuator over a remote volume control was controversial but the result was surely not! Resonance Free Aluminum (RFA) Enclosure. The Soloist is housed in a 6mm case, constructed from high precision machined aluminum. This enclosure lets the Soloist, to accomplish a high mechanical damping factor, which decreases any microphonic effects that may degrade the clearness of sonic performance. The enclosure was constructed to act as a giant heat-sink, which lets the Class-A head-amp to run cooler, and remain optimized at all times. On occasion called "the safe" by Burson customers, the Burson RFA enclosure is constructed from precision machined aluminium panels. Only 8 stainless steel bolts were obliged to join the enclosure, which then became virtually indestructible.

FiiO K1 Portable Headphone Amplifier USB DAC, Titanium

Professional Audio Architecture using savitech's SA9023A USB receiver to decode USB audio, then TI's high fidelity, low sound PCM5102 DAC chip, which outputs to the TPA61332A headset driver. Its self-muting function can largely decrease power on/off transients, giving a annoyance-free music experience. Remaining Sound No charging obliged Plug and play Thumb-sized portability nice Metal Texture All metal chassis is sandblasted for best sheen, texture, durability of look and hand grip. Plug-and-Play Audio Upgrade Connect the K1 to a computer via the supplied USB Cable and get instant music gratification. The K1 has no battery, needs no charging and requires no drivers, yielding the perfect Plug-and-Play experience. Unimaginably Small Smaller than many thumb drives in the market, the K1 weighs a feather-light 11. 3g and comes with a removable clip for convenient carrying.

UFO-DSD USB DAC for Headphone Amp & PC Audio (PCM24bit/192kHz, Native DSD64/128) sliverskyblue

1. Key Product Features • Supports DSD 2. 8/5. 6MHz 1Bit playback and PCM up to 24bit/192kHz playback (via USB2. 0/3. 0) • Aluminum body and Analog dial handle with lightweight(90g), compact size(60x60x30mm) • 1 USB Audio Input, 1 Coaxial(3. 5mm) and 1 Stereo Y-RCA(3. 5mm) Outputs • Sampling frequency display x 7(LED), Works with smart devices like iPhone/iPad/Android 2. Product Description "Good sound isn't essentially proportional to the size and price of the DAC!" it's a multi-audio device encompassing high performance audio DAC or Pre-Amplifier & headset Amplifier, however its size is just 60x60x30mm and is smaller than present movable DAC product. UFO-DSD is an cheap and easy-to-use device that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that's built into your computer. UFO-DSD is a sleek, flash drive sized Digital-Audio Converter that connects to a USB jack on a Mac or Windows PC, turning any computer into a true high- fidelity music source.

FiiO E17 Alpen Portable Headphone Amplifier USB DAC

Standard MINI USB Interface: Connect with PC to make audio move possible and make battery charge possible 3. 5mm two-channel headset Output: suited for different headphones with 16 ohm-300 ohm 3. 5mm SPDIF input connector: Connect with high-meaning player and get PCM signal 3. 5mm Line In interface: Connect with audio output LO&PO of audio players 18 Pin multifunctional interface: To make audio and data move possible in conjunction with L7 and E9.

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