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Peavey Electronics XPort USB Guitar vs QUARTET-IOS-MAC

The Xport's high-quality ASIO and Core Audio drivers offer rock-hard performance for both Windows and Mac OS X. Powered by the USB bus and featuring both headset and Line outputs, the Xport gives musicians with a simple, annoyance-free digital recording solution. Included with Xport is Peavey ReValver HPse amp modeling software, the only virtual amplifier that captures the true tone characteristics of vacuum tubes. This state-of-the-art software may be used as a stand-alone virtual amplifier or with your beloved recording software. We also include the REAPER audio workstation software, an advanced multi-track audio production and recording environment for Windows and OS X, is included with the Xport.

Steinberg UR44 6 x 4 USB 2.0 with 1 Year Free Extended Warranty

Will include 1 Year Free expanded Warranty. 6x4 USB 2. 0 audio interface with 4x D-PREs, 24-bit/192 kHz support & MIDI I/O The perfect balance between connectivity and portability: the UR44 is a powerful audio/MIDI interface intended to match a big range of recording and production situations. Four mic preamps, six inputs, four output channels, MIDI I/O ports, onboard DSP power and full iPad connectivity offer an outstandingly adaptable feature set. The advanced movable production studio Today's musicians and producers demand remaining quality, sleek design, the new in audio technology and enough I/O capability to offer true flexibility while being completely movable and rugged enough to withstand the challenges of the road. Enter the UR44. 1st-class parts The UR44 is distinctive in its mix of input and output potential, stellar part quality and portability. Four Neutrik analog combo inputs with peak LEDs and switchable +48 V phantom power supply inputs for everything from an electric guitar through line-level audio equipment to boutique condenser microphones. Switchable Hi-Z support means no extra DI box is needed to hook up your electric guitar or bass. Two extra line inputs let connection of another audio source in mix with four mic preamps giving you a total of six input channels; that is enough to manage a big range of recording situations. This distinctive interface also brings you the benefits of latency-free monitoring powered by the dspMixFx application and offering DSP-powered FX, letting you record with compression, EQ, reverb and guitar amp simulation on the headset mix.


BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA222 super-Low Latency 2 QUARTET-IOS-MAC In/2 Out USB Audio Interface with Digital Output super-adaptable audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. With your computer for recording and playback big software bundle as well as Audacity audio editor, complete podcasting software and over 150 virtual instruments and effect plug-ins downloadable at www. Behringer. Com Works with your PC or Mac computer - no setup or drivers obliged High-resolution 48 kHz converters for high-end audio quality Stereo headset output with dedicated Level control allows you to monitor both input and output extra S/PDIF optical output for direct digital conversion Powered via USB - no external power supply needed High-quality parts and very rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and intended by BEHRINGER Germany The Fastest Way to Upgrade Your Mixer Looking for a simple, cheap way to get your music into the digital realm? Or maybe you'd want to connect your computer to an external effects unit or recorder? Want to move your old cassette tapes to CD before the oxide falls off the tape? The fastest, simplest way to get analog audio into your computer is with the U-CONTROL UCA222 Audio Interface. PC and Mac prepared This super-compact, USB-powered device allows you to connect your PC or Mac computer to virtually any part of audio gear. It gets its power from your computer's USB bus, so no external power supply or batteries are obliged. And the UCA222 requires no special setup or drivers - just plug it in to a free USB port and start recording. Versatility The UCA222 features two analog mono inputs for connecting any line-level device, like a mixer or tape deck, and two analog mono outputs for connecting active speakers or studio monitors. On the digital side, the UCA222 gives USB connectivity and an extra S/PDIF optical output for direct analog-to-digital conversion. The stereo headset output has a dedicated level control and lets you listen to either the input source or the computer output. Imagine the Possibilities.. When used as a professional interface between a mixing console and your computer, countless alternatives become available. Some of these may include connecting the UCA222's RCA outputs to the TAPE INPUT jacks of your mixer or active monitors, or directly into the input channels of the mixer. Connecting to mixer input channels gives you access to equalization and lets you to use the AUX Send features of your mixer to build very versatile monitor combinations for your recording sessions. Tons of Free Software Because you will want to take full benefit of the UCA222's podcasting and recording possible we have included a big software package as well as Audacity, Podifier, Juice, Podnova and Golden Ear. You are prepared to go live on your Mac or PC computer right out of the box! You also get more than 100 virtual instruments and over 50 effects plug-ins, turning your computer into a complete home-established or mobile recording studio from input to output. Value For a small percentage of the cost of an overpriced USB audio interface from those other guys, you may be able to have state-ofthe- art digital conversion, world-class recording and editing software, and annoyance-free connectivity between your PC or Mac Computer and any part of audio gear. Bridging the gap between your music and the rest of the world - the BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA222.

M- M-Track Plus MKII Two-Channel USB 2.0 with Waves Plugins

The M-Track Plus delivers studio-grade 24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution in a compact and friendly format that's ideal for any user. This versatile interface accommodates any input, from an electric guitar to a professional condenser mic-and phantom power is made available. Ideal for on-the-go musicians, the sleek M-Track Plus features a lasting metal case to withstand the rigors of the road. A single USB cable gives both power and a data connection to and from your laptop or desktop computer. Completing this powerful package are three complementary software selections: Cubase LE; Ableton Live Lite; and Waves Audio plugins to get things started.

Audient iD14 High Permance USB

ID14 delivers the audio performance of a big format console in a compact and stylish desktop package. ID14 gives a pair of world-class Audient console mic pres, class-leading Burr Brown converter technology, console style monitor control, JFET D. I and the revolutionary ScrollControl. With its versatile feature set and intuitive layout, iD14 will become the hub of your studio in no time.

Denon DN-X120 Compact 2 Channel 10 DJ Mixer

For exceptional sound in a tight package, the Denon DJ DN-X120 is our entry level mixer that maintains Denons high standards and gives our users with the smallest professional-quality DJ mixer on the market. The DN-X120 is a friend mixer for Denon's DN-S1200 Media Player and Controller and the new Denon DJ DS-1 is a pretty straightforward part of equipment. As for controls, it has a 3-band EQ with a Full Kill choice, VCA, 45mm crossfader and channel faders, Mic Talkover switch, split cue, fader start, a 4 position Input/Transform switch, and a 2-band EQ for the mic input. The I/O will include TRS balanced; RCA unbalanced L/R stereo outputs, line and phono/line (switchable) inputs, and a mic input. It also has it is own external power adaptor.

M- M-Track Eight 8-Channel USB

Add a professional edge to your studio with the M-Track Eight from M-Audio. Eight combo XLR+1/4" inputs accommodate almost any source, from phantom-powered microphones to your beloved guitar, and eight dedicated outputs offer versatile playback alternatives. The XLR inputs are intended to work with microphones and other Lo-Z resources, and the phantom power switch enables you to use condenser microphones by delivering 48v phantom power to the XLR inputs (Channels 1-4; 5-8). M-Track Eight also has two conveniently located inputs on the front panel that may be switched to let instrument- level signals, so you may be able to plug your electric guitar or bass directly into M-Track Eight and start recording. Individual get knobs with meters help ensure the correct input level by real-time visual feedback. M-Track Eight features pristine and exact audio recording with up to 24-bit/96 kHz resolution. Each input channel comes with a high-headroom input that features M- Audio's sought-after Octane Preamp Technology. Also, each input comes with dedicated line-input circuitry so you may be able to record and track with your beloved external preamps. The USB/Analog Direct Balance handle changes the balance between the direct inputs and the playback from your computer software for correct monitoring throughout tracking and recording sessions. Adaptable output routing allows you to send signals to outboard gear or analog mixers for summing or processing. Also, two headset outputs, located on the front panel, have their own level and selectable-source controls for creating custom headset combinations. Also to remaining audio performance, M-Track Eight connects to your computer via USB 2. 0 and easily integrates into your studio with its standard 1U 19" rack size. Plus, Cubase 7 LE comes bundled with M-Track Eight for out-of-the-box music creation and gives you a powerful software environment to record, edit, and bounce down your songs.

Lexicon Omega Desktop Recording Studio

Omega Studio is a totally integrated computer recording system that will include the Omega 8x4x2 USB I/O Mixer, Steinberg's Cubase LE4 audio and MIDI recording software, and Lexicon's world-class Pantheon and Reverb plug-in. The Omega Desktop Recording Studio quite literally holds all the needed parts to transform your PC or Mac computer into a professional 24-bit/48 kHz recording studio. Omega is an very adaptable USB audio interface solution. With two microphone preamps, it is a great choice for singer/songwriters, duets, or you may be able to record you and a friend playing guitar. There are two stereo pairs of line inputs, which can accommodate your keyboard or synthesizer. And, on the front panel, there is a hi-Z instrument input, so you may be able to directly plug in your guitar or bass. Omega gives a total of eight inputs featuring super-transparent A-to-D converters to catch your performance with pristine 24-bit quality. Two of the inputs feature very low-sound dbx mic preamps with +48V phantom power and TRS inserts. Four TRS active balanced line inputs accept up to +22dBu signals. Included is an S/PDIF input joint with an extra DAC for zero-latency, direct monitoring of the S/PDIF source for concurrent tracking of analog and digital resources. Rounding out the full compliment of connectivity, Omega will include 2 TRS balanced line outputs, a 1/4" high-power headset output, a hi-Z instrument input, and MIDI I/O. Users can record 4 tracks now from the 8 input resources. The distinctive mini-tower design offers individual level controls and peak meters for each microphone and line input. Cubase LE4 integrates seamlessly with Omega to accomplish an easy-to-use, 48-track complete recording solution that will include all of the modules that you have to track, edit and mix your masterpiece. Then, to finish your mix with that legendary "Lexicon Sound” , Omega will include the Lexicon Pantheon and Reverb plug-in which offers 35 factory presets and 6 reverb types.

M- Fast Track US44010 USB with GT-Player Express Software

The Fast Track USB and the Session software add to make a fast and simple way to record and produce your music. With the Fast Track USB, you may be able to connect your guitar, microphone, and keyboard for recording into Session. And Session makes creating new tracks easy by routing and configuring everything automatically, allowing you to use up more time being creative. In Session you will find simulated Guitar and Bass amps also as all types of effects for each instrument. With over 2GB of drag and drop loops and a ton of included software instruments you may be able to create nearly any kind of music. Session and the Fast Track let you record your music, mix it, and unleash you inner rock star.

M2 Tech HiFace Two Hi-End S/SPDIF Output with RCA connector

Highest quality audio up to 192kHz/24bit S/PDIF audio format available from your PC, MAC or Linux computer. Low jitter oscillators, asynchronous move on USB. Compact size (2x2. 2x10. 2cm) with hi-end performances hiFace Two USB interface was conceived to more improve the performance and easy use of the highly praised and award-winning hiFace. HiFace Two input format is a data stream signal with sampling frequency/resolution up to 192kHz/24bits, compliant to USB Audio 2. 0 specificastions, available from a PC, MAC or Linux computer USB port. A high quality S/PDIF stereo audio output signal is available from hiFace for your Hi-Fi system DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). HiFace seems a small USB pendrive, featuring a compact size. Interior low jitter oscillators let for playing 192kHz/24bits audio files that feature the best signal quality. HiFace Two is easier to use than the hiFace. No drivers are needed with either Mac and Linux computers, when a single standard driver is needed for Windows computers. While the old hiFace offered Direct Sound, Kernel Streaming and WASAPI move modes, hiFace Two adds ASIO mode to enable interfacing to pro players and software tools. HiFace improves the audio performance over the hiFace by a new output circuit compliant with S/PDIF levels, linear regulators in place of switching ones and a clickless operation when skipping tracks. Plans Connections Input 1 x USB A type male Output 1 x RCA female I/O Standard Input USB 2. 0 Audio Format Output S/PDIF Stereo audio Format Sampling Frequency 44. 1kHz, 48kHz, 88. 2kHz, 96kHz, 176. 4khZ, 192kHz Resolution 16 up to 24 bit Dimensions 10. 2(d) x 2. 2(h) x 2(w) cm Power Supply 5V DC from USB bus Temperature from 0C to 70C Weight 50gr approx.

Steinberg UR28M

The UR28M interface delivers high-resolution audio with striking clearness. Connecting via USB 2. 0, the DSP-powered console features digital and analog I/O with D-Pre mic preamps. Intended for easy access to controls and connectors, the UR28M&'s console comes with a single prominent output volume handle for individually controlling the levels of one of three stereo output pairs or the levels of six outputs at the same time. You may also choose between three monitoring combinations set up in the dspMixFx mixer or Cubase which is routed to the selected outputs. Some number of smaller rotating knobs to control signal levels of inputs 1 and 2 and the levels of the two headset outputs. While more dedicated switches for inputs 1 and 2 let you to employ 48 volt phantom power, 26 dB signal attenuation and connecting high-blockage instruments. Other controls include the Dim button for attenuating all line output signals by 20 dB, the Mono button and the Mute button for muting the selected output signal. Four-part LED meterings for the inputs and the output are available on the UR28M console.

M- MobilePre USB Mobile Preamp and

MobilePre USB is the preamp with a fitted audio interface that is intended for laptop recording like field recording and sampling expeditions. It is totally bus-powered (, you may be able to use it on the desktop also). A total of three types of audio inputs and outputs supply maximum flexibility for any application-as well as two on-board microphone/instrument preamps and high-blockage instrument inputs ideal for connecting guitars and basses. And unlike many competitors, zero-latency direct monitoring gives you with a simplified professional recording experience.

Avid Fast Track Solo ( Only)

Intended for singer/songwriters, Fast Track Solo comes with everything you have to turn your Mac, PC, or iPad into a movable, easy-to-use songwriting and audio recording system. Featuring a high-quality mic preamp, instrument input, and no software is included, the studio-grade Solo enables you to sound your best.

Line 6 Sonic Port Channel

THE final PLAYING EXPERIENCE ON iOS Sonic Port™ delivers inspiring guitar tones and best-in-class audio quality on your iPod touch® , iPhone® and iPad® . Jam with the tones of your beloved artists, connect keyboards and speakers to create your mobile studio, or plug into your amp and play live. Every time, Sonic Port gives you pro-quality sound with GarageBand® , Line 6 Mobile POD® , Jammit® and other CoreAudio music apps. The centerpiece of your GarageBand mobile studio Get the authentic tones of your beloved artists— or create your The only system that allows you to jam with original hit recordings will include removable Lightning and 30-pin cables totally powered by iOS device With the free Jammit app. Jam with the Tone of your beloved Artists World-famous guitarists rely online 6 POD multi-effects for amazing tone in the studio and on stage. The free Mobile POD app brings these legendary tones to your iOS device. Mobile POD will include over 10, 000 presets intended by artists, Line 6 and other players, so you may be able to call up the right tone in an instant. If you want to go more, you may be able to mix and match 32 amps, 16 stompbox and rack effects, and 16 speaker cupboards for an remarkable array of sounds. The intuitive interface makes it simple to tweak and save your custom tones. Mobile POD also allows you to play with your iTunes® library using your custom tones. Tracks must be stored locally, and must not protected by FairPlay® digital rights management. Plug into iOS Creativity Sonic Port makes it simple to connect your guitar or bass to your iOS device and start making music. Simply plug your instrument into the 1/4" guitar input, launch GarageBand, the free Line 6 Mobile POD app, or another CoreAudio app, and start playing. Pro specifications— up to 24-bit/48kHz audio quality during, and 110dB dynamic range on the guitar input— translate to full, powerful guitar tones. Sonic Port also transforms your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad into a complete mobile studio. Track keyboards, mixers, CD players and other iOS devices using the 1/8” stereo line input. Plug in your beloved headphones and hear your audio in stunning clearness. You may be able to connect powered studio monitors via the 1/4” mono/stereo guitar/line-level output. Learn, Jam and Record with Hit Songs Sonic Port works with the award-winning Jammit app— the 1st to let you play with real, multi-track master recordings from big artists. Jammit isolates individual audio tracks inside original master recordings, so you may be able to learn, jam and record with your beloved songs as played by the original artists. You may be able to separate your instrument from the track for closer scrutiny, loop the track for expanded practice or slow it down to a comfy rate for learning. With Sonic Port as the guitar interface, Jammit loads perfectly paired Line 6 tones for a range of its jam tracks, automatically changing the sound when needed as the song plays. Perform Live while Traveling Light With Sonic Port and your iOS device, you may be able to take the same tones from your home studio to the stage. Dial in your Mobile POD presets in the studio, then use Sonic Port and your iOS device to replace a heavy, cumbersome pedalboard when you perform live. Simply connect Sonic Port between your guitar and your amp using standard 1/4” cables— then use the Mobile POD app to instantly recall your whole effects chain for each song in your set list. It&'s the simplest way to get the same tones every time.

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB (2nd Generation) includes Bonus -Technica Professional Monitor Headphones and More

& Ideal for multi-instrumentalists, producers and small bands & Our new generation 6-in, 6-out USB audio interface is perfect for anybody who wants more than two analogue inputs: multi-instrumentalists, producers, recording artists, and small bands who want to record vocals, guitar and keyboards at the same time. It gives you four analogue inputs with two Scarlett mic preamps, four analogue outputs and two separate headset outputs, so you may be able to give different headset combinations to different artists, or an engineer and an artist. & Sound Like You & supported by 30 years of design experience, these two Scarlett preamps offer a pristine and natural sound, with 48V phantom power, superior linear get, low sound, low distortion and dynamic range that's unrivalled in this class. & Separate Headphones & Two separate headset outputs let you give two artists (or an engineer and artist) their own headphones and monitoring settings. & You also get four balanced outputs so you may be able to connect two sets of monitors, or send audio to an effects processor. & Effects In concurrent & An unrivalled round-trip latency as low as 2. 74ms allows you to do things that are simply impossible with most other USB interfaces (subject to your software, settings and computer). You may be able to work completely inside your DAW for both overdubbing and playback, and use your favourite plugins while recording - if it is reverb on a vocal, a guitar amp simulator, or virtual instru..

Digidesign MBox (intosh and Windows)

Mbox is a 2-channel USB audio peripheral distinguished by Digidesign and Focusrite performance, exactly engineered to offer you precision sound in a small, movable package. Featuring highly praised Focusrite mic pre amps, Mbox couples high-quality parts with a 24-bit input-to-output signal path to ensure the fidelity of your sound during the production chain.

Steinberg UR22mkII 2-Channel USB 2.0 /MIDI with EV Extended Warranty

Will include 1 Year Free expanded Warranty. 2 x 2 USB 2. 0 audio interface with 2 x D-PRE and 192 kHz support Record and compose music in studio quality on your laptop or iPad with the UR22mkII. With remaining audio and build quality for its price class, the UR22mkII combines choice parts with advanced connectivity and adaptable I/O alternatives to offer a full-on mobile production platform. The world is yours with the included Cubase AI and Cubasis LE software, the UR22mkII audio and MIDI interface is a completely-fledged mobile recording studio. Offering easy and stable connection to PC or Mac computers, the MKII variant now adds pro-level recording for iPad with the CC Mode and external power input. The UR22mkII offers total mobility, super-hard build quality and unbelievable sound characteristics for its price class, covering all parts of recording and production in small studio environments also as mobile production situations. Integration you may be able to rely on When engineering the advanced driver architecture for the UR22mkII, our veteran team of audio and driver software developers produced an I/O implementation that combines flexibility with stability. And because the drivers support the ASIO, Core Audio and WDM standards, holders of the UR22mkII are free to connect to all DAW applications available on the market today that support any of these widely accepted standards. Via the CC Mode, the UR22mkII also connects easily to your iPad, enabling a large range of iOS audio apps to be used with it. The included Cubase AI is a simplified variant of Steinberg's world-famous Cubase production environment well-matched with Windows and OS X. IPad holders can download Cubasis LE from the App Store for an thrilling range of recording and mixing features optimized for touchscreen operation.

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