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QTY 2 Kenwood Protalk TK-3400U4P UHF 451-470Mhz 4 channel 2 watt s and Speaker Microphone vs rci-2970-n4

Included Item(s): 2 New Kenwood Protalk TK-3400U4P UHF 451-470Mhz 4 channel 2 watt radios. 2 New remote speaker microphones with 3. 5mm listen only audio ports. Li-ion Battery (KNB-45L) Fast Charger (KSC-35SK) Antenna Belt Clip (KBH-10) 2-PIN Connector Cap Instruction Manual Warranty: 2 Year Warranty (Radio) 1 Year Warranty (Accessories) Model Number: TK-3400U4P M03-K1 Product Description GENERAL FEATURES 2 W (451-470 MHz) UHF 4 Channels 89 UHF Pre-programmed Banked Frequencies Normal Scan Transmit / Busy / Call Alert / Scan / Warn LED 2 PF Keys Super Lock (Manager Key Lock) 500 mW Speaker Audio improved Kenwood Audio Companded Audio Voice Announcement Channel acknowledgement Mode VOX prepared Voice Inversion Scrambler fitted QT / DQT 10 Call Alerting Tones Time Out Timer Low Battery Warning Battery Saver Windows Programming & Tuning Wireless Cloning MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G IP-54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion.

Pack Baofeng Pofung GT-1 UHF 400-470MHz FM Two-way Ham Green (LOT ) + 1 x Programming Cable

Programming Software: https://s3. Amazonaws. Com/www. Dasgute. Com/28/GT-1/GT-1+Setup+v1. 05. Zip With its small size, easy to carry feature, and stylish look, GT-1 is suited for different wireless communication industries, and is loved by outdoor sports fans. Besides, it may be widely applied in airports, hotels, big shopping center, entertainment venues, and other industries etc. Features: VOX Function Voice Prompt PC Programming Emergency Alarm Intelligent Charging Battery Save Low Voltage Alert Time-out Timer Flashlight Talking Range The maximum efficient talking range is up to 5KM (3. 1 Miles) from peak to valley. Average distance is up to 3. 6KM (2. 3 Miles) in open area. The range is up to 2KM (1. 3 Miles) in downtown with skyscrapers. Benefits Over BF-888S: Optimized ergonomic design, feels excellent, convenient to carry. With FM function. The shell is made of imported PC material, excellent in sealing, elasticity, and pressure resistance; easily react to salt fog, humidity, high temperatures and severe environments. Perfect buyer Service system, with 60 days return and 1 year warranty. 1800mAh lithium-ion batteries, with power saving function. Battery life is more lasting and long lasting than other brands' and BF-888s walkie-talkies. Package Content: 10 x GT-1 Radio 10 x 1800mAh Li-ion Battery 10 x SMA-Female Antenna 10 x Original Earpiece 10 x Belt Clip 10 x English Manua 10 x Desktop Charger 10 x Wrist Strap 1 x Programming Cable Programming Software: https://s3. Amazonaws. Com/www. Dasgute. Com/28/GT-1/GT-1+Setup+v1. 05. Zip.

2 Pack WouXun KG-UV9D Multi-Band DTMF Two-way , Dual-Band Walkie Talkie, 7 bands included Air Band, 136-174MHz/400-480MHz, with 4 antennas + car

Frequency Range (suited for different regions) A Area TX:136-174MHZ(FM) 400-480 or 512MHZ(FM) RX:108-136MHZ(AM Band Receiving) 136-180MHZ(FM) 230-250MHZ(FM) 350-400MHZ(FM) 400-480 or 512MHZ(FM) 700-985MHZ(FM) B Area TX: 136-174MHZ(FM) 400-512MHZ(FM) RX: 136-174MHZ(FM) 400-512MHZ(FM) 76-108MHz(FM Radio) Dual Bands Duplex, Separate Work a. RX on the same/different bands of A& B regions simultaneously b. TX on one area while RX on the other area at the same time Encoding/Decoding All Calls, Group Calls and Selective Calls Remote Control: Stun, Kill, Monitor and Inspection CTCSS/DCS Scan Progammable Non-Standard CTCSS/DCS 999 Memory Channels Multi Scan Modes: Programmable Scanned Frequency Range (only available in Frequency Mode), Channel Groups Scan (only available in Channel Mode) VOX Multi Functions Programmable for Side Keys, Programmable Transmission Function on Sub-Frequency (Side Key Function Programmable) Channel Name Edit Priority Scan, Priority Channel setting Dual Band concurrent Scan Multi Power Save Modes, Auto Power-Off Timer (APO), Multi Keypad lock Modes, PTT ID, Backlight light Selection, Reverse Frequency, Stopwatch Three Output Power Levels UHF: H 4W, M 2W, L 1W VHF: H 5W, M 2W, L 1W Multi Single-Tone Pulse(1750Hz, 2100Hz, 1000Hz, 1450Hz) large/Narrow Bandwidth Selection Package 2x Two-way radio 2x 2000mAh Battery 2x Multi-Band High get Antenna 2x Dual Band Stubby Antenna 2x Belt Clip 2x Wrist Strap 2x Desktop charger 2x Car charger 2x Adapte 1x Programming cable 2x Speaker 2x Manual.

MIDLAND -Waterproof Series GMRS 2-Way vs rci-2970n-4

-EXTREME Lithium Polymer Battery Pack - Gives you maxium power and battery lifeUltra Fast Charge - Polymer battery pack charges in just 2 hours and keeps the power for when you need itHD Dynamic Audio22 channels plus 28 extra channelsXtreme range - Up to 36 milesJIS4 Waterproof - Protection in all directions against light rain or splashing water142 Privacy Codes - Gives you up to 3124 channel alternatives to help block other conversationsWhisper Mode - lets you to speak silently and still be heard by othersNOAA Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan - Automatically locks onto your local weather channel and alerts you to serious weather3-year warranty10 call alertsDual watchMonitorSOS sirenChannel scanSilent operationeVOX - hands-free operation (9 levels)Backlit display (LCD)shake alertHI/MED/LO power settingsKeypad lockKeystroke tonesRoger beepAuto squelchMic and headset jacksDrop-in charger capableBattery life extenderPackage will include:Pair of RadiosBelt ClipsPair of HeadsetsLithium Polymer Battery PacksDesktop ChargerAC AdapterDC AdapterOwner's Manual.

Retevis RT-B6 2 Way Ham 5W VHF/UHF 136-174/ 400-480MHz 99CH DCS/CTCSS FM ( Pack) and Speaker Mic ( Pack) and Programming Cable

Specification: Inductively loaded antenna Antenna blockage: rci-2970n4 50 ohm Working temperature: -20 +60C Rated Voltage: DC 7. 4V 10 Max output power: 5W Working manner: Simple or semi-duplex Channel step: 5/6. 25//10/12. 5/20/25kHz large/Narrow Band: 25kHz/12. 5kHz Busy channel lock Channel mode display VOX function Tone rear eliminate TOT function DTMF tone Lower power/lower voltage prompt Auto-power off PTT-ID function Reverse Frequency LED flashlight Power saving function High/Low TX power selectable:(5W/1W) Chinese & English voice prompt PC software programmable Frequency stability: 2. 5ppm Max frequency deviation (large band, narrow band): < 5kHz/< 2. 5KHz Audio Power: 1W Intermodulation: 65dB bordering channel selectivity: 65dB/60dB FALSE rejection: 65dB Speaker Mic: Twin right angle: Ear 3. 5mm stereo (top pin); Mic 2. 5mm stereo (bottom pin); Spaced Between Two Pin: 11mm Package will include: 10 x Retevis RT-B6 2 Way Radio 10 x Earpiece 10 x Antenna 10 x Li-ion battery pack 10 x LI-ion charger 10 x Belt clip 10 x The sling 10 x User manual 10 x Retevis Speaker Mic 1 x Programming Cable We supply 1 year warranty(customer should bear shipping fee) and 30 days no reason to return. If more details, contact us freely, we'll work with you to reach win-win.

8 Pack of Motorola RMV2080 Two way Walkie Talkies

RMV2080 Features: Professional Two Way Radio 13 Floor Indoor Range 220, 000 sq. Ft. Warehouse Range 2 Watt 27 VHF Frequencies 8 Channels Military Grade - Dust evidence - Shock evidence Narrow Band improved Audio Quality - Powerful 1500 mW Speaker 219 Interference Eliminator Codes iVOX Hands-Free Communication - Without the Need of an Audio Accessory 3 Voice Scramble Codes Easy Cloning Tricolor LED Display NOAA Weather Radio w/ Alerts Talk acknowledgement Tone Signal Strength display PC Configurable Timeout Timer Keypad Lock Monitor Lock Keystroke Tone Signal Drop-In Charge able Battery Meter Fixed Antenna buyer Programming Software Up To 12 Hours Battery Life Antimicrobial Protection - Prevents Growth of Mold & bacteria On the Surface of Radio Package will include: 8 Two-Way Radios 8 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries 8 Swivel Belt Holsters w/ 3. 5" Spring Clip 8 Drop-In Charging Trays 8 AC Charging Adapters User's Guide.

LUITON LT-588UV 60watts VHF 45watts UHF Transceiver with Free Programming Cable Dual Band Dual Standby Car (Black) vs rci-2970-n-4

Major Features: Scrambler/Inversion Chipset, DTMF, 5Tone, 2Tone, CTCSS, and DCS Calling Modes Supported (Remote Kill/Stun Supported)High / Low Power Settings; Frequency Range: 65-108 MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception) VHF: 136-174 MHz(Rx/Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx); Broad (large) / Narrowband (Narrow) SelectableDual Watch Delay Time Function: lets the receiver to stay on the secondary channel longer after incoming transmission - customize the delay up to 50 seconds; This avoids manually channel switching when you're engaged with simulaneous contacts on two frequencies 2. Output Power: VHF 60Watt, UHF 45Watt 3. MSK/5Tone/2Tone/DTMF/CTCSS/DCS 4. Optional signal setting 5. FM Radio Function 6. PTT ID 7. Auto Lock 8. Remote stun 9. Remote Kill 10. Channel Name set 11. 200 Channels General: Frequency Range: VHF:136174MHz UHF:/400-520MHz Channel Capacity: 200 Channel Spacing: 25KHz 20K 12. 5 Frequency Stability: 2. 5ppm Operating Temperature: -20℃ + 60℃ Operating Voltage: 13. 8V DC 15 Weight (with bracket): 1kg Receiver : Sensitivity: 0. 25V / 0. 35V Channel choice:≥ 70dB /≥ 60dB Intermodulation: ≥ 65dB/≥ 60dB Inter-modulation Rejection: ≥ 60dB/ ≥ 65dB FALSE Rejection: ≥ 70dB /≥ 70dB Audio Distortion: ≤ 5 Audio output power:≥ 2W@10 Package Include: 1x Mobile Radio 1x Keypad Microphone 1x DC Power Cable 1x Bracket 1x Bracket Screw 1x User Manual 1x Programming Cable 1x Programming Software CD.

Retevis RT2 DPMR Digital Walkie Talkies Ham 5W VHF/UHF 136-174/400-470MHz 256CH FM VOX (2 Pack) and Speaker Mic (2 Pack) and 2 Pin Covert Acoust

Legal to use on both Ham and LMS (part 90) bands if you're licensed as a user Why decide Retevis RT2 DPMR Digital 2 way radio: 1:it's a professional handheld digital radio depending on DPMR technical standards design and make 2:256 channel and VHF+UHF +400-470MHz; Message function and GPS function 3:many advanced analog signaling, as well as DTMF, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, supply more expansion capacity 4: Have Private Call, Group Call and All Call for all the flexibility projected from true a digital radio 5: 256 channel: lets the user to program up to 256 channel or channel/privacy code mixes for easy retrieval 6: A color LCD display that's big, clear, and easy on the eyes 7: Message function:add, edit and remove contacts; edit, send message Feature: Output power: 5W Operating Voltage: 7. 2V Frequency Spacing: 12. 5/25kHz Function: CTCSS/DCS auto-scan Keypad lock Scan Mode Battery save Beep Tone Squelch level modification Channel type: Analog/digital/Mixer-Analog/Mixer-digital Channel mode: VFO mode Channel mode MR mode TOT:Prevent the user to occupy the channel for a long time Color screen display Digital/Analog switch Remote kill stun Contact list editing, storing Message TX/RX(Digital only) English/Chinese standby prompt Backlight light setting Busy channel lockout Emergency Alarm High/Low power selectabl Programmable multifunction side-key Package will include: 2 x Retevis RT2 digital 2 way radio 4 x Antenna(High get antenna and Common antenna) 2 x Desktop Charger 2 x 1800 mAh Battery 2 x Earpiece 2 x Belt clip 2 x AC/DC adapter 2 x English User's manual 2 x Speaker Mic 2 x Acoustic Headset.

Tenq Baofeng Bf-888s UHF 400-470mhz 16ch Ctcss/dcs with Earpiece Handheld Two Way Amateur Transceiver Walkie Talkie Long Range Black

Basic Descriptions Rated Voltage: 3. 7V DC Battery type: Li-ion battery Battery capacity: 1500mAh Weight: 180g Hot Spots Dual band or Single band: Single band Dual frequency or Single frequency: Single frequency Frequency Range: UHF: 400-470MHz Memory Channel: 16 fitted Led torch CTCSS/DCS function Scanning function Monitor function TOT function fitted Led torch Emergency alarm function Low battery alarm Power saving function Chinese and English voice prompt PC software programmable Retevis 6 in 1 USB Program Programming Cable: Brand :Retevis Coming with 6pcs different adapters (M1, K1, I1, H1, Y1, A1) Pocket include: 20 Baofeng 888s 2 Way Radio 20 Antenna 20 Headset 20 Li-ion battery pack 20 LI-ion charger 20 Belt clip 20 The sling 20 User's manual 1 Retevis 6 in 1 USB Program Programming Cable If you need re-program the radio, contact us freely, we'll supply you the Wirte-frequency Software, Drive of USB Wirte-frequency free of charge.

4 COBRA CXT 35 FLT Camo 37 Mile Waterproof Floating 2-Way Walkie Talkies

The new Cobra Floating Walkie Talkies are the perfect radio for your next hike, camping trip or another outdoor adventure. The CXT 1035 FLT CAMO two-way radios come pre-charged and prepared to use out of the box and have a max performance range of 37 miles. The radios' compact design and rubberized grip make them easy to carry in wet and dusty enviroments and if you do drop them in water, their floating & waterproof (IPX7 standard) design make them prepared for anything you or mother nature can throw at them. The Cobra CXT 1035 FLT CAMO radios also keep you prepared when you're out and about. With a build-in NOAA Weather & Emergency Radio receiver, you'll generally be prepared for storms and emergencies and get all government operated weather channel alerts and warnings. These alerts are automatically sent to the radio depending on your place, so you don't have to remember to change channels or look for the closet weather stations. There's also an LED flashlight in the bottom of the radio should you need some extra light on your trip. The Cobra Floating Walkie Talkies also feature the patented Rewind-Say-Again technology that lets you to replay the last 20 seconds on any missed transmission. These radios come with a dual-port charger, however may also be powered up with regular alkaline batteries should you need some extra power on your outing. Stay in touch and be prepared with the Cobra CXT 1035 FLT Camo Floating Walkie Talkies.

BaoFeng BF-888S Two Way (2pcs)

Basic Descriptions Walkie Talkie Model: Baofeng BF-888s Rated Voltage: 3. 7V DC Output power: < 5W Battery capacity: 1500 mAh Color: Black Weight: 180g Hot Spots Dual band or Single band: Single band Dual frequency or Single frequency: Single frequency Range: UHF: 400-470 MHz Memory Channel: 16 fitted Led torch CTCSS/DCS function: Yes Scanning function: Yes Monitor function: Yes TOT function: Yes fitted Led torch: Yes Emergency alarm function: Yes Low battery alarm: Yes Power saving function: Yes Chinese and English voice prompt: Yes PC software programmable: Yes Pocket include: 2 x movable 2 Way Radio; 2 x Antenna; 2 x Earpiece; 2 x Li-ion battery pack; 2 x LI-ion charger; 2 x Belt clip; 2 x The sling; 2 x User's manual.

Wouxun KG-UV920P Transceiver 50W 136-174/400-480 MHz Duplex Cross-Band Repeat Dual Receive Dual-Track Dual-Speaker, Twin Band, Dual Displ

Major Functions: 1. Frequency Range suited for any Region of any Country: (TX / RX): 136-174MHz & 400-480MHz (RX) FM : 65MHz - 108MHz (100K Frequency Spacing) 2. Band may be Set Freely: V/U U/V V/V U/U 3. Dual Reception: Twin Band concurrent Reception 4. Dual Display: big LCD Dual Frequency Display, Two totally Independent Operating Systems 5. Over 999 Memory Channels: Area Scanning Management 6. Remote-head Mounting Capacity: many Installation Types, Convenient handling 7. Full Duplex Cross-Band: offshoot Frequency & Frequency Shift Direction Programmable; UHF/VHF or VHF/UHF Cross-band Repeater Function 8. Both Stations can Form joint Same: Band or Different Band Repeat 9. High Output Power (VHF: 50W / UHF: 40W) 10. CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode 11. Many Speaker Channel Settings 12. DTMF Hand Microphone: with Speaker, TX/RX display and Volume Controller 13. Incoming Message Display 14. Caller ID Display 15. DTMF Encoding and Decoding 16. Group Calls, All Calls and Selective Calls 17. 8 Groups Scrambler 18. Priority Channel Scanning 19. APO Power Management 20. English Voice Guide 21. Minimum Operating Voltage Settings 22. Stun and Kill Function 23. Single Tone Pulse Frequency: 2100Hz/1750Hz/1450Hz/1000Hz (Used when Activating Repeater Signal) 24. Selected Three Color Backlight 25. Reduced sound Settings 26. Remote Control Setting27. Frequency/Channel Scanning with CTCSS/DCS Detection28. Many Cooling Paths Fan Package will include : 1 x Wouxun KG-UV920P Radio ( 136-174/400-480 MHz ) 1 x Microphone KG-UV9A 1 x Mobile Mounting Bracket With Cable 1 x DC Power Cord with Fuse 2 x Spare Fuse 15 A 1 x English Operating Manual 1 x Warranty Card 1 x USB Programming Cable and Software CD for Wouxun KG-UV920P Car Mobile Radio.

x Baofeng UV-B5 Two Way Dual Band VHF/UHF 136-174/400-470 Walkie Talkie

Specification: General Frequency Range65-108MHz(only commercial FM radio reception) VHF:136-174MHZ, UHF 400-470HZ (TX/RX) Memory channelsUp to 99 channels Frequency Stability2. 5ppm Frequency Step5kHz/6. 25kHz/10kHz/12. 5kHz/20kHz/25kHz Antenna Impedance50 Operating Temperature-20 to +60 C Supply voltageRechargeable Lithium-lon mAh 7. 4V/1800 Mode of operationSimple or semi-duplex Dimension (LXWXH)116. 2 x 57. 9 x 35. 7 mm Weight553gincluding battery, antenna Transmitter Output power5W/1W Modulation ModeF3E Maximum deviation5kHz(large)/2. 5kHz(Narrow) FALSE Radiation7. 5W bordering Ch. Power-65dB/-60dB Receiver Receiver sensitivity0. 2 v (at 12 Db SINAD) Intermediation65dB Audio output1W bordering channel selectivity65dB FALSE response65dB Receiving current380mA.

Motorola TALKABOUT MS355R Two-Way s 35-Mile Walkie Talkies Rechargeable Battery Packs Dual Charger, Brand New Sealed 8 PACK

Waterproof: The Motorola MS355 waterproof radio is a must have to ensure you have a dependable means of communication under severe weather conditions. Its IP-67 standard withstands constant submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes and repels the heaviest of rain droplets. It Floats: Through meticulous engineering, the radio floats and is observable on the water surface. Once recovered, use your MS355 radio to keep talking and listening. Headset Connector: Hands-free devices give you discreet communication, sound enhancement in noisy environments, and the capability to multitask. The MS355 waterproof radio comes with a headset jack connector. Earbud with PTT: Use your earbuds as a convenient clutter-free way to speak and listen to other two-way radio users. Intended to comfortably fit in your ear, input the earbud connector into your MS355 radio and snap it to your lapel or shirt. Experience an unlimited way to communicate when the pleasure of nature captivates you. Ergonomic Design: Its hourglass form fits snugly into the palms of your hands decreasing exhaustion and discomfort. The non-slip ridges eliminate annoying hand slips. The MS355 radio boasts a sleek modern look that holds own with any leader. Repeater Function: Thanks to the fitted repeater channels, the MS355 works well with a local repeater station to carry your signal more. Take benefit of this value-added feature by switching to GMRS channels 15R-22R, however you ll need a GMRS license and an available repeater station. NOAA: Weather alerts will supply your group with warnings of incoming storms or dangerous conditions. By tuning in to one of 7 NOAA channels on your MS350, you'll generally know local and regional weather broadcasting.

Motorola Talkabout 2-Way with 22 Channels and Range of up to 23 miles also features 1 Privacy Codes and 2662 Combinations - 4 Pack

Features: Motorola Talkabout walkie talkies Rechargeable Range of up to 23 miles 11 weather channels (7 NOAA) 121 privacy codes Lightweight Hands-free communication Priority scan Weather alerts Flashlight 10 regular call tones calm Talk filter Low battery. Talk acknowledgement (roger beep) Alerts Emergency alert button Keypad lock Battery save / power save Battery meter Battery type: 3AAA, NiMH Battery Pack Color: Yellow and black Package Contents: 4 radios 4 belt clips 2 dual drop-in charger 2 charging adaptor 4 NiMH rechargeable battery packs.

Blackbox Bantam VHF 2-way by Blackbox Bantam

Compact, Rugged, Full Power Radio. 16 Channels 5 watts / 2 watts Scanning Voice Channel Enunciation 1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery fast Rate Charger PC Program Freqs, PL, DPL 3 Programmable Buttons: Voice Encryption Function, Alarm Function, Whisper Transmit Function, High/Low Power Dimensions 2. 3" x 3. 75" x 1. 34" NARROWBAND COMPLIANT. Package will include: (1) Radio, (1) Battery, (1) fast Rate Desktop Charger (1) Belt Clip (1) Antenna (1) User Manual NOTE: This Blackbox Bantam Radio uses a K1 (Kenwood) 2-pin connector.

Motorola RMU2040 UHF 2 watt 4 channel and Speaker Microphone

Package: Motorola RMU2040 UHF 2 watt 4 channel radio Speaker Microphone Business-exclusive frequencies improved audio quality Rugged design Channel Announcement with Voice Alias Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) Power and Coverage Antimicrobial covering buyer Programming Software (CPS) Simplified cloning Tricolor LED interface.

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