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HOLOSUN HS403G Paralow Micro Red with T1 Mount/High E/W Turret vs RM04-Parent

The PARALOW HS403G Red Dot Sight comes with 50, 000 hours battery life, parallax free, PEO/MAO finish and restricted lifetime warranty. With the new HS403G, we have used the design of the successful HS403A, however we moved the battery housing to the right side of the optic. This gives easy access to change the battery. The compact battery housing has a lower profile than the windage turret. The mount is completely T1 well-matched. You may be able to use any aftermarket T1/H1 mount for this sight. The turret modification system was updated with it being 3mm higher than the HS403A, to make it easier to change with a gloved hand. All other features are same to the HS403A. Alike to Aimpoint T1 and H1 Sights. HS403G comes with lower mount only, no AR riser. Intended for day use and night vision. Settings 1, 2, 3 are for night vision. Settings 4 - 9 are for day time. New advantage technology LED lets 50, 000 hours of operation on one battery. 2 MOA on dot size. Reduced training time and ammunition. Unlimited field of view. Parallax-free with unlimited eye break. Unaffected by extreme weather conditions. Lasting and dependable construction. No hazardous materials used. No laser emission that may be harmful to your eyes. Press button light setting. 50, 000 hours of battery life (that is over 5 years of uninterrupted use) Motion awake with 8 hour auto shutoff.

Acid Tactical 1 See-Through Picatinny Riser Flat Top Rail Scope Mount - Full Length 14 slot

Plans: Picatinny Standard single rail See-through with most sights 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum Black Anodized finish 14 slots 1" Riser Scope Mount Fits Weaver/Picatinny(One cross screw is sheared flat for weaver. ) See-Through Weaver /Picatinny Rail design 14 Slots on Top Rail Length: 5. 7" Long Hard-coat Anodized Finish Aluminum Alloy.

Lasermax Guide Rod Laser for Springfield XDM 9mm, .40 & .35 Calibers

This Guide Rod Laser fits the Springfield XDM 4. 5" Barrel Caliber/s: 9mm; . 40 &. 357 Battery Model: LMS-3x393 (readily available silver oxide batteries usually used in watches) Accuracy (10 Yards): ± 1. 5" POA Laser Operating Temperature: 15° -120° F Wavelength: 635nm (red-orange) Power Output: 5mW (brightest available - blinks for highest visibility) Spot size: at 7 yds 5/16” , spot size at 25 yds 3/4” . If any firearm was ported, fluted or compensated by the original maker or with a gunsmith, LaserMax won't ensure alignment. Custom alignment quotes for firearms can be acquired by calling LaserMax. Note: 1. Expect to change your batteries once a year with common handling. 2. Battery operating temperature is 15° F-120° F.

Vector Optics Viper Wolf Tactical Green Laser IR Laser Combo for Night Vision vs RM-04-Parent

This is one of the highest RM04-Parent quality laser sights we offer. It features a high quality green laser sight with a IR (Infrared) laser together to make one of the best rifle lasers for tactical use available. Night Vision well-matched. Lifetime warranty from Vector Optics Technical Data: Model: SCGL-04 Viperwolf Green laser power: 4-5mW IR laser power: 4-5mW Working temperature: -10 to 40C Green laser wavelength: 532nM Infrared laser wavelength: 850nM (only observable under night vision device) Green laser and IR laser dot diameter at 25 meters: 1. 5-2. 0cm Green laser and IR laser dot diameter at 50 meters: 3. 5-4. 0cm Weight (net): 194g (6. 85 Ounces) Length: 63mm (2. 5 inch) Width: 76mm (3. 0 inch) Height: 30mm (1. 2 inch) High quality aluminum alloy in lasting black matte finish Working temperature: 0-40 degree Celsius With On/Off and wire cable switch Rear LED indication plate Memory function for your last push before few minutes Rain evidence and shock evidence Wind age & elevation adjustable Build- in mount may be installed on picatinny or weaver rail Side and top rails may be removed Package will include: CR2 battery, wire cable switch, Allen keys and good gift box.

ArmaLaser GREEN GTO for S& W SD9VE SD40VE Laser with FLX03 Grip Activation!

When you 1st handle the Green GTO you realize its a high end, very well crafted state of the art laser system. The Green GTO makes lasers from the other upper-tier brands feel old-fashioned. Experience the fastest, effortless laser activation. The FLX03 is custom intended to fit only on the Smith and Wesson SD9VE and SD40VE. The use of the FLX03 changes your ArmaLaser Green GTO into Grip Touch Mode so the laser turns on when you grasp the pistol grip. The ArmaLaser Green GTO laser sight is included. Green GTO is shipped in standard Finger Touch Mode so you may be able to start using it now without having to set anything up. Perfect if you just want a laser you may be able to start using right out of the box. But you have the choice of installing the FLX03 and setting up Green GTO in Grip Touch Mode if you like. Check out the use and installation videos at armalaser web site.

Lasertac GLX-SR Rechargeable Subcompact Green Laser for Springfield XD XD-S XDM S& W M& P Beretta PX-4 Taurus Millenium Walther PPQ PPS PP

Specification: Dimension: L x W x H = 1. 45in. X 1. 12in x1. 04in. Weight (net): 0. 8 oz Battery: fitted rechargeable lithium battery Runtime: 2 hours uninterrupted use Charging time: 20 -30 minutes Fitting Guide: It requires a regular accessory rail. Be sure your handgun has it. Springfield: subcompact, compact and full size Smith & Wesson: handguns with accessory rails like M& P and SD series but not SW series. Sig Sauer: Models with accessory rails. Beretta: PX4 Storm Walther: PPQ, P99, PPS, PPX, PK380 Taurus: models with accessory rail, as well as millennium handguns. Ruger: SR9C, SR40C, SR22 Glock: models with accessory rails. Bersa: Thunder Pro Series extra notes: be sure at least 1. 1" space between the rail groove and the trigger guard. If the gap between the rail groove and trigger guard is more than 1. 3", the switch may be bit hard to reach. This usually happens to full size handguns with single rail groove. Feel free to contact us if you have extra question.

Magpul Industries MBUS Generation II Set Front & Rear Color

The MBUS (Magpul Back-Up Sight) is a low-cost, color injection molded, folding back-up sight. The MBUS Front Sight is adjustable for elevation, The dual aperture MBUS Rear Sight is adjustable for windage, and fits most 1913 Picatinny-railed hand guards, however is exactly tailored to the colt style rifles platform.

HIVIZ HHVS001 Henry Rifle

HiViz substitute front rifle sight for Henry lever action rifles. It fits H001, H001L and H001Y long rifle models, in. 22 Long Rifle caliber only. The interchangeable style front sight comes with red, green, black and white fiber optic family Litepipes plus rotating carry case. Doesn't fit Golden boy model. All HiViz merchandise are covered against defects in materials and workmanship for a full year.

C-MORE Systems RTS2 6 Red with Rail Mount, Black

The RTS2R's has a removable Picatinny or Weaver style rail mount, so the sight may be direct mounted or use the different STS mounting kits. Just like our competition sights, the RTS2R head up display gives an unobstructed sight picture in which the red dot hovers on the sight line, illuminating the point of affect on the target, creating the fastest target acquisition in existence and unlimited eye break. Likewise it uses a beam-splitter lens made of glass; hard coated for maximum scratch resistance and light transmission, while the parallax free design enables targets to be assumed without the have to center the dot in the lens. The RTS2R uses a CR2032, lithium battery that's contained inside a removable battery tray, which permits battery substitute without dismounting the sight; this removes the need for re-zeroing when replacing a battery. The battery tray is O-ring sealed and is part of the waterproofing that goes into every RTS2R. A 10-position push button switch gives manual intensity modification; auto return to the last light setting on start up; and an off position. The RTS2R aircraft alloy housing and electronics are intended to manage the hottest loads from big caliber firearms. The RTS2R gives 1 moa click modifications for windage and elevation ensuing in pinpoint accuracy. A positive locking screw for both windage and elevation lock the modification screws in position.

Meprolight Colt Tru- Night for 1911 Government & commander. Fixed set

The ML10776 is a fixed set of sights with a stake-on front sight for use on all ‘ 80 & ‘ 90 series Colt Pistols. MEPROLIGHT sights, like our other self-illuminated merchandise & devices take maximum benefit of tritium light resources - the fail-safe, maintenance-free light resources that don’ t require any external supply of energy and gives up to 15 years of usable light under all weather conditions. MEPROLIGHT continues to offer the strongest ensure in the business for the usable light of our TRU-DOT sights. & The tritium powered Sight is White in colour throughout day light and is green in low level light (night) & The ML10776 was intended to fit the Colt 1911 government and Commander model and not Springfield model.

C-MORE Systems Railway Red with Standard Switch

Built for speed, these High Performance red dot sights will take your shooting capability to the next level. By using a single red dot as an aiming point, target acquisition is as simple as point and shoot. The distinctive Heads-Up-Display (HUD) design gives an unlimited field of view, while eliminating obstruction and tunnel vision common to tube style scopes. The Railway sight quickly attaches to Weaver and Picatinny rail style scope mounts. This enables the Railway to be attached to virtually anything. Shotguns, rifles, handguns, revolvers, crossbows, paint ball guns; they are just some of the applications the Railway has seen. The sight may be easily detached and installed on other weapons, making it the most versatile in the C-MORE  line.

Meprolight Front & Rear Flip-up s with Tritium-2 Rear s

FRBS M2D is an advanced, tritium illuminated, low-profile, lasting, secondary front and rear sight set. The front sight post elevation modification and rear sight windage modification is easily and quickly adjusted without tools. The FRBS M2D is readily mounted on any 1913 Picatinny rail, making it ideal for use on M4/AR-15/M-16 platforms and on the FAB Defense KPOS. Some distinct benefits include, a tritium light source imbedded in the front sight post with two tritium inserts in the rear peep, ergonomic angel-wing-shaped front shroud helps create a exact optical tunnel that assures more correct aiming and faster target acquisition, low folded profile is smooth and inconspicuous, and won't snag on gear, webbing, or brush, instant spring-locked deployment system won't slip, break or deform, no tools needed for easy, fast elevation modifications, with positive detent locking, made of very lasting high-grade polymer and metal.

ArmaLaser TR4 for Smith and Wesson S& W Shield Super-Bright 635nm Laser , Instant On

ArmaLaser is the only big brand featuring all 635nm 5mW red laser technology. HIGHEST AVAILABLE legally. Up to 5 times lighter than LaserMax Centerfire, LaserLyte, and Crimson Trace Defender which use much weaker 650nm red lasers and old-fashioned push button switches. UP TO 5 TIMES lighter THAN LASERMAX CENTERFIRE, LASERLYTE, AND CRIMSON TRACE DEFENDER ROCK-hard MOUNT. EASY DO-IT-YOURSELF INSTALL. WEIGHS 3/4 OF AN oz! decide PULSING OR STEADY BEAMS. completely ADJUSTABLE FOR WINDAGE ELEVATION-KEEPS ITS ZERO. BATTERY DOOR lets BATTERY CHANGES WITHOUT TAKING LASER separately. big 6 HOURS RUN TIME FROM ONE CR1/3N LITHIUM BATTERY. 12 HOURS IN PULSE MODE. MASTER KILL SWITCH RECESSED IN LASER BODY ALLOWING PRACTICE WITHOUT LASER TURNING ON. The other lasers make you reach for a push-button switch. ArmaLaser (Touch-Reactive) TR-Series lasers turn on instantly when you grasp the pistol grip. And without a bump on the front strap like Crimson Trace Laser Guard. TURNS ON INSTANTLY AS YOU GRASP THE PISTOL GRIP. NO BUTTON TO HAVE TO REACH FOR IN A STRESSFUL SITUATION. ALL FINGERS ON SAME LEVEL-NO BUTTON UNDER center FINGER. TOUCH SENSOR IS AT BEST SPOT ON WEAPON TO ACTIVATE A LASER. nearly IMPOSSIBLE TO ACCIDENTALLY TURN ON IN HOLSTER/POCKET LIKE PUSH-BUTTON LASERS CAN. FULL CONTROL TURNING LASER ON AND OFF - MOVE center FINGER FORWARD TO TURN LASER OFF, GRASP PISTOL usually AGAIN TO TURN BACK ON.

Vector Optics Sphinx-High Quality Mini Red-

VECTOR OPTICS SPHINX HOLOGRAPIC MICRO RED DOT SIGHT Mini Max Sphinx Red Dot Mini Sight is One of the most versatile sights. It is key features are it is light weight and compact tubeless design. It's an excellent product for fast fire or moving target shooting. Great for Pistols and Rifles !! get a Tactical Advantage with this cqb wonder !! may be used with a long range rifle scope for that perfect setup !! auto light if you go in a black room it gets dimmer go outside in bright light it gets lighter put the cover on it goes off. Features: Holographic Laser Reflex big Field of View Computer Controled auto light "CCAB" Parallax Corrected Unlimited Eye break fitted Weaver Mount Long Battery Life up to three months on all the time New Design for use in bright daylight plans:- Model: Sphinx Field of View: 19 yards at 100 yards Weighs: 2. 9 ounces 4 MOA DOT Magnification: 1. 0 x Sight window: 22mmx17mm Package will include: 1 screwdriver 1 protecting cap 1 Lithium batter 3V, CR 2032 1 adjusting wrench information Deg Alignment tool This isn't a Nc/Star Paperweight !! This sight is made for real shooters in real situations !! Not made by Aim Ncstar or sightmark. (thank goodness) We had this model made for us to our specifications !! Super Fast Shipping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

LDM LD-IR20 Slimline

LDM LD-IR20 20mW Infrared Laser Sight 10 - 300 yards. THIS IS AN INFRARED LASER THAT CAN ONLY BE SEEN WITH A NIGHT VISION SET. This laser is optically filtered to produce the best viewable Night Vision Dot. This IR Laser Fits most pistols, rifles, and shotguns. It's also well-matched with nearly all Tube, CCD, or Digital night vision sets; it leaves a slight observable trace, however has the highest wavelength made to yield close to 100 compatibility. The laser will include a push on-off power and momentary remote switch (nothing to slide, flick, or turn) and allen key modifications. This item was intended close to Military & LE specifications. The measurements are roughly 3. 5 inches long x 1 inch round. This laser has an operating temperature between -20C (-4F) to +50C (122F). Laser module requires one CR123A battery (included). It's observable at 300+ yards throughout night time use.

Field Sport Red and Green Reflex with 4 Reticles

The top-rated Red and Green Reflex Sight of 4 Reticles is one of the finest dot sights with a powerful 33mm reflex lens aperture and tubeless design, allowing a large field of view with infinite eye-break in your fast shooting. The sight will include 4 sighting dot patterns to help aiming at a target 50 to 100 yards away. Constructed of high quality aircraft grade aluminum, it's suited for all weather conditions with shock evidence, fog evidence, and water tolerant features.

HIVIZ Ruger LCR Front

Hi Viz is excited to offer a front sight for the new Ruger LCR with a steel base and our exclusive clear overmold design making it lasting enough for the most extreme use. This sight has two distinctive features: the Litepipe has a square profile instead of round and the base is pre-drilled for the retaining pin allowing for easier installation.

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