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Impecca IWA15-QS30 1, 300 BTU/H Electronic Control Hybrid Window & Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner vs RP1448-AJ1-NA

Decide the air conditioner that is right for you room room conditions to maximize your unit's cooling efficiency, compute the obliged BTU as indicated by the conditions of the room in which it'll be placed. For rooms with lots of sunlight, decide a unit with at least 10percent more BTUs than what is needed by the size of the room. For kitchens, choose a unit with 4, 000 more BTUs than what is needed by the size of the room. If the room will contain more than 2 people on a Regular base, add an extra 600 BTUs per person. Energy Saver unit turns off when wanted temperature is reached clean filter display save energy and maximize cooling by cleaning your filter when indicated remote control change temperature controls and settings from anyplace in the room programmable 24 hour delay save energy by running your AC only when you need it 4 way air direction guide the air flow up, down, right or left 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds decrease sound level and save money with lowered cooling and fan settings auto restart automatically resume last settings when turning the unit back on cools up to 700 sq. Ft. 11. 9 EER, 11. 8 CEER 4 way air direction 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds auto restart energy Saver programmable 24 hour delay clean filter display eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant installation kit included electrical prerequisites 115V/60Hz (uses standard Outlet) 1 year parts & labor restricted warranty obliged window opening minimum window width: 26 inch maximum window width: 41 inch minimum window height: 18. 5 inch chassis type: slide-out.

Amatahouse Filtrete Air Conditioner Filter Size 15 x2 , Set of 12

Meets the American Lung affiliation Health House Indoor Air Quality terms. No needless antimicrobial chemicals added; Filtrete filtering material won't support the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew or fungi in normal use. Improves the air quality inside your home. 15 x 24 x 1" 3M Filtrete Room Air Conditioner Filters - This product ships as a sheet of filter media which is trim-to-fit in your window air conditioner. Electrostatically charged Filtrete fibers work like tiny magnets to attract airborne particles Outperforms common bubble and slide-in mesh air conditioner filters Lasts 2 months Captures microscopic allergens like dust and smoke particles Captures big allergens like mold spores, pet dander and pollen Easy cut to fit installation.

Haier HPF12XHM-LP 12, 000-BTU Room Portable Air Conditioner with Supplemental 10, 000-BTU er, Silver

The Haier Heat/Cool 12, 000-BTU movable Air Conditioner offers a lasting heating and cooling choice. It features a stylish silver color and comes with 3 heating and 3 cooling settings, also as 3 fan settings. This gives you with a high degree of versatility in air flow and weather control. A 24-hour on and off timer lets for automated function, when a dehumidify mode helps to decrease air moisture throughout hot months. The Haier air conditioner includes a fast-install window kit, also as a slide out, completely washable mesh filter to offer purified air. It can cool rooms up to 550 square feet and heat rooms up to 450 square feet big. An eco-friendly refrigerant, this air conditioner is RoHS compliant and free of lead and mercury. Its movable and may be used in many rooms or a garage. The Haier movable has a digital time and temperature display large enough to see across the room, which is useful for when you have to use its remote control. It comes with a window kit, making it simple to install. For an AC unit that can heat or cool your room up quickly, get the Haier movable Air Conditioner.

9000 Btu Klimaire PTAC Air Conditioner and with 3.5 kW Electric er vs RP-1448AJ-1NA

Klimaire Package Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and Heat Pump (PTHP) units with back-up electric heat are intended to offer year-round comfort in hotel, motel, office buildings, nursing homes, classrooms, apartments, dormitories, and hospitals. The broad selection of Klimaire PTAC units is ideal for new construction and substitute applications. The KTHN package terminal units are lasting, calm, dependable, and easy to preserve. Standard features like 208-230 Volt supply maximum flexibility to meet any application prerequisite and decrease installation and labor costs. Klimaire's KTHN009E3H211-BC-C PTAC is built with the highest quality materials available so you may be able to count on lasting durability. The unit easily fits in an present 42 inch x 16 inch wall sleeve, its 9, 000 BTU cooling capacity cools up to 400 square feet. The Klimaire KTHN009E3H211-BC-C state of the art control panel has LED indicators and push buttons for easy temperature and mode control. Energy-saving and fail-safe features are a three minute restart delay with compressor memory function in cases of power failure, customizable temperature limitations, easy to use control evaporator freeze protection. The memory function of the Klimaire KTHN009E3H211-BC-C automatically restores all of the functions of the last setting in case of a power failure. This prevents discomfort caused by the temperature changes. A polypropylene mesh filter prevents air borne pollutants from entering living space and is easy to clean using light soap and water. Other Klimaire KTHN009E3H211-BC-C features are the capability to decide the temperature to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius also as restrict temperature ranges. Establishing minimum and maximum temperature settings is a great cost and energy saving measure for commercial buildings. An easily available washable air filter also means you will enjoy quality, clean air.

LG LMU50HV Ductless Air Conditioning, 18.5 Multi-Zone Outdoor w/ - 5, 000 BTU

The LMU540HV is a multizone condenser and requires a multizone air handler to operate. The LG LMU540HV is the outdoor unit only, indoor units are sold individually. The LG LMU540HV Ductless Air Conditioning, MultiZone Outdoor Condenser w/ Heat Pump is a 54, 000 Class BTU unit with a heat pump inverter, allowing you to connect to and operate up to eight indoor units in separate rooms. With selfdiagnosis, Gold Fin AntiCorrosion, auto operation and low ambient functionings, this unit is perfect for different residential and commercial needs. Though alike to a central air system, the LG LMU540HV Outdoor Unit Only MultiSystem Ductless Split Air Conditioner features the new in ductless technology, which offers less invasive ductwork and a more nice design. The air handler is installed indoors and the noisy condenser is installed outside. The LG LMU540HV's heat pump inverter offers added convenience and efficiency. As a reversible, two way heat pump, it utilizes electricity to move heat between the inside and outside. It delivers heat on the heating cycle and reverses it on the cooling, and while using variable speed compression, it matches the heating and cooling load and avoids the on and off cycling of conventional systems which saves on energy handling. To properly size and install the unit, LG recommends that a qualified freelancer handle the installation for final performance and longevity. Outdoor Unit will include:outside unitExterior unit has enough refrigerant for charging 8 indoor coilsInstallation manual Note: MiniSplit Systems must be installed by a licensed Heating freelancer holding an EPA Refrigerant Certification to meet the criteria for warranty.

5 1.5 York Air Conditioning System

The York YFE Model Air Conditioners are a new offering in our successful LX Series split system air conditioner lineup. These units are optimized for the new 14 SEER Regional Minimum Efficiency in the Southeast US, and feature a tube-in-fin condenser coil, scroll compressor, and copper filter-drier. These outdoor units have been exactly intended to be paired with Johnson Controls Unitary merchandise indoor coils, furnaces, and air handlers to offer a complete system solution. Standard Features: Quality Coils Scroll Compressor Copper filter-drier Easier Installation available info lasting Finish Rugged Coil Protection Protected Compressor dependable Operation Top Discharge Low Operating Sound Levels Better Service Access Agency Listed The York AE Air Handler offers the final in application flexibility. This unit can be used for upflow, downflow, horizontal right, or horizontal left applications. All JCI Unitary merchandise air handlers and coils can use a TXV to offer our customers with the optimum performance and refrigerant control. Air handlers are shipped with Flex-coils without a factory installed metering device. For extra flexibility, an R-22 or R-410A piston or TXV must be field installed to meet the prerequisite of the wanted refrigerant. Standard Features: RC2 - Rigid Case Construction Powder-painted MaxAlloy Coil Quality Construction Improved Insulation Design Thermostatic Expansion Valve Case Depth Thermoset Drain Pan Factory Sealed improved Filter Rack Blowers.

Friedrich CP05G10B 5200 BTU Chill Window Air Conditioner, 115-volt vs RP-1448-AJ-1-NA

5200 btu115v room air conditioner. Energy star qualified. Chill's design is cool, sleek in designer white. And it is lighter weight so it is easier to lift and install. Programmable timer a 24-hour programmable timer allows you to predetermined an on and an off time. Auto air sweep swings louvers left to right for more air distribution during the room. Energy management the money saver setting turns the fan off with the compressor to use less energy. Comfort three cooling speeds plus a fan only setting. Safety & security entry Gard anti-intrusion protection protects against kick-in intrusion. Filtration washable antibacterial air filter.

Alice 12 115v/60hz, Ductless Mini Split System 16 , 12k Btu Indoor+outdoor with 15' Copper Line Set (White)

Suggested Room Size: 500 sq. Ft. (115 Volt systems), G10 Inverter Technology, Low Ambient Cooling 5 F, Low voltage start-up, Intelligent Defrost, Intelligent Pre-heating, comfy Sleep Mode, Auto Swing (Vertical), many Fan Speeds, Auto Clean, Dry Anti-mildew design, LED display, auto Operation, Self-diagnosis, Memory Function, Timer, Control lock, Fan Delay function.

Perfect Aire 1PAMSH12-MZW-16 12, 000 BTU Multi-Zone Indoor Wall Unit, Low Noise Airflow

Perfect aire 1PAMSH12-MZW-16 12, 000 BTU multi-zone RP1448AJ1NA indoor wall unit, low sound airflow. Perfect aire's multi-zone indoor wall unit is constructed from the highest-quality materials to ensure efficiency and dependability! Unit features; 12, 000 BTU cooling capacity, 13, 000 BTU heating capacity, Auto restart function, Auto defrosting, low sound airflow system, refrigerant Leak Detection, compressor heating belt, self-diagnosis function, eco-friendly refrigerant and is cetlus listed. Today's buyer desires more, expects more and demands more when spending their disposable earning and perfect aire delivers on all counts. When you need the best, look no more than perfect aire! Quality merchandise and unmatched buyer service are the key drivers behind perfect aire. From dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, and an variety of movable, window, and through the wall air conditioning units, perfect aire offers merchandise suited to a large range of needs. Should you need any support with our merchandise we're more than happy to help you, contact us at 877-365-6274 or email supportatperfectaire. US.

Fantech FR 160 - 289 CFM 6 Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan

Fantech FR160 - 289 CFM 6 Inline Centrifugal channel Fan Fantech FR Series Overview: Fantech's versatile FR Series Inline Fans supply the ideal answer for a range of air motion problems in residential and commercial applications. The fans feature a plastic housing constructed of UL-recognized, UV protected thermoplastic resin. This tough protecting shell lets the fan to be mounted in outdoor and wet places. FR fans feature external rotor motors that proved reliable year after year. Fan is completely caulked to prevent moisture from entering the housing. FR fans may be used for many point exhaust applications, bathrooms, new additions, crawl space venting or make-up air supply. They're also widely used as booster fans to move air from one room or area to another. The FR Series isn't made to operate with water running through the motor compartment, or to be used in applications where the fan could be buried underground. A UL-recognized waterproof conduit should be used for all outdoor applications to prevent moisture entry via knockout in wiring box. Fantech FR Series Features: Five-year factory warranty 100 speed controllable UL Listed; CSA Certified suited for airstream temperatures up to 140 Degrees F Easy connection using external wiring box with waterproof gasket Prewired and supplied with a mounting bracket for easy installation accepted for residential and commercial applications and for wet places Fantech FR Series specifications & Dimensions: 2750 RPM, 115V, 1. 14 Max Amps 289 CFM @ 0 W. G. - 260 CFM @. 2 W. G. Channel Diameter - 6 Fantech FR Series Literature: FR Series buyer Brochure FR Series Guide plans FR Series Installation information FR Series Submittal Data extra Product pictures:.

Lg La120hvp Art Cool Single Zone Duct-Free Split System 11200 Btu Cool 13300 Btu

LG LA120HVP Art Cool Single Zone channel-Free Split System 11200 BTU Cool 13300 BTU HeatAn LG exclusive - the Art Cool Gallery Inverter Split System This air-conditioning system features a distinctive 20" x 20" indoor unit frame to display a photograph, picture, or artwork of your choice. Installation is simple - the units mount securely on a vertical surface with screws. Art Cool Gallery Inverter systems are available in nominal capacities of 3/4 and 1 ton. They are best suited for applications with zones that require heating or cooling, like residential and business office buildings. Inverter (Variable speed compressor). Customizable art panel. Gold FinTM anti-corrosion. Self-cleaning indoor coil. Cooling / Heating / Fan modes. Jet Cool / Jet Heat. Chaos Wind. Three-way cooling. Dehumidifying mode. Auto restart. Auto operation. Fitted low ambient standard, down to 14Fahrenheit (Cooling mode). Condensate sensor connection. Will include handheld remote controller Interior Unit will include: Wall unit. Installation plate & hardware. Remote control, batteries, holder & holder hardware. Installation manual outside Unit will include: outside unit. Outside unit has enough refrigerant for charging indoor coil and a 25' line set (Line set not included).

Ruud Weatherking Factory OEM Protech Parts 70-2196-83 Furnace Vent Blower - Draft Inducer

702149683 Rheem Induced Draft Blower Assembly: Vendor: Fasco Vendor Part Number: 7021-5615 Technical plans: Number Of phases: 1 Side Of Discharge: Left Inducer Housing: Polymeric Motor Voltage (V): 120 Motor Frequency (Hz): 60 Gasket: 68-21812-04 Replaces The Following Rheem / Ruud Part Numbers: 70-21504-03, 70-21496-03, 70-21504-04, 5150-5869, 70-21504-83, 70-21504-05, 5150-5997 Used on: RGDC, RGDE All Controls Should Be Installed By A Licensed Professional. Failing to READ AND FOLLOW ALL information CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING OR OPERATING THIS CONTROL COULD because PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE.

Vent Starter Kit Oval 9901 Williams Comfort Products Utililty and Exhaust Vents

Value-for-the-money-priced models feature energy and money-saving operating costs. Easily recessed or surface-mounted installation are great in apartments and shops. Cheap and energy-economical, the monterey home furnace is a conventional home comfort system that delivers both quality performance and low operating costs. Recessed or surface-mounted installations. 25, 000 - 50, 000 btu/hr. Design features. No electricity obliged. "matchless" piolot igniter. Easy installation. Patented, side-break opening draft hood design decreases flue gas temperature to minimize normal heat loss. Auto temperature and safety controls. Resettable vent-bound switch. Thermostat (millivolt) included, can be wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted. 1/2" gas connections. Natural gas..

Senville SENA-36MO-218 36000 BTU Dual Zone Split Air Conditioner and , Mini

Looking for a mini split air conditioner and heat pump? The AURA Series by Senville offers you quality, durability and economical cooling/heating for your home or business. The AURA Series by Senville is supported by a 2-year warranty on parts, and a 7-year warranty on the compressor. Intended with business leading technology, the AURA Series can cool and heat at temperatures of up to -22F/-30C. Perfect for individual rooms, additions, garages and many commercial applications, this system will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. The AURA Series by Senville, enjoys the benefit of being easy to install and cheap. All systems are pre-charged for up to 25 Ft, with R410A refrigerant. Note: Electrical wiring harness and cables not included.

Goodman 2.5 1 Split System GSZ1030 ARUF31B1

Heat Strips and accessories are sold seperately--or call 1855 473 6484 Features AHRI Certified, ETL Listed Check flowrater expansion device for cooling and heat pump applications Direct-drive, multi-speed PSC motor All Aluminum evaporator coil Coil mounting track for fast repositioning Optimized use with 410a refrigerant Horizontal, Vertical, Upflow and Downflow configuration potential Rigid SmartFrame Cabinet 21 depth cabinet for EZ attic access DecaBDE-free thermoplastic drain pan with secondary drain connections Screw-Less sides and backhelps to decrease condensation when installed in wet places Foil faced insulation covers to interior casing to decrease cabinet condensation Galvanized, Leather grained-embossed finish Glueless cabinet insulation retention Tool-less fitted filter rack for 1" filter (filter not included).

3 / Ruud Air Handler - RHSLHM3617JA

Will include Rheem / Ruud Model Numbers: RHSLHM3617JAThe Rheem RSHL Series Air HandlerStandard Features:& 11/2 ton 5. 3 kW through 5 ton 17. 6 kW models are between 421/2 to 551/2 inches 1080 to 1410 mm tall and 22 inches 559 mm deep. Versatile 4-way convertible design for upflow, downflow, horizontal left and horizontal right applications. Factory-installed high efficiency indoor coil. All models meet or surpass 330 to 400 CFM 156 to 189 L/s per ton at. 3 inches. 7 kPa of external static pressure. Improved airflow up to. 7 external static pressure. Tough construction with 1. 0 inch. 24 kPa of strengthened foil faced jacket insulation for excellent thermal and sound insulation. Field-installed secondary electric heater kits supply exact heat for indoor comfort. Kits include circuit breakers which meet UL and cUL prerequisites for service disconnect. The most compact unit design available, all standard heat air handler models only 421/2 to 551/2 inches 1079 to 1409 mm high. Nice pre-painted cabinet outside. Rugged wall steel cabinet construction, intended for extra strength and versatility. 1. 0 foil faced insulation mechanically retained in blower compartment for excellent thermal and sound performance. Four leg blower motor mount. Blower housing with controls, motor and blower. Slide out design for service and maintenance convenience. Conventional open wire element design for heat applications. Field convertible for vertical downflow, horizontal left hand or right hand air supply. 3 combustible floor base accessories fit all model sizes when obliged for downflow installations on combustible floors. Indoor coil design gives low air side pressure drop, high performance and very compact size. Expansion valve on indoo.

1.5 to 2 , W 1 x H 18 x D 21, Painted Cased Evaporator Coil

The Goodman CAPF Cased Upflow/Downflow Indoor Coils are made for split system air conditioners and heat pumps. The coil's cabinet is painted Architectural Gray. This coil can operate with a heat pump or condenser of two different tonnages, as noted in the product description above. The unit comes equipped with an orifice (flowrater) for the bigger listedtonnage. If you want to pair the coil with a condenser or heat pump of the smaller tonnage, an orifice in that tonnage will have to be used (unless aTXV is needed instead). If you're buying a new Goodman heat pump or condenser, the obliged orifice may be found on our site by clicking the Accessories tab on the product page for that item. But, if you're buying this coil only and wish topair it with equipment of the lower tonnage ranking as listed on the description for this coil, you'll need toseparately buy the smaller orifice and install it in the coil before operating. Seethis step-by-step guide to learn how to easily do so. Also, instead ofan orifice athermostatic expansion valve (TXV)can be used or obliged for some equipment, like 14 SEER and higher heat pumpsand all equipment that uses R-410A refrigerant (see equipment specification sheets for details or call us for help). Standard features are suited for use with R-410A and R-22 refrigerants Rust-evidence, high-temperature, thermoplastic drain pans feature a low water-retention design Available with check flowrater expansion device for heat pump or cooling-only applications Rifled tubing and corrugated aluminum fin coils Foil-faced insulation Cabinet Features High-quality post-paint cabinet Split-seam front for easy access.

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