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TASCAM -200iL Professional with iPhone Dock 888365408194 vs SA-8005

Equipped with Lighning Connector and Pull-out iPod dockAlto Music - Why you need the Tascam CD200il CD Player with iPod Dock fitted 30 pin and Lightning dock for audio output, transport control, and charging iPod is controllable via the deck once connected to the dock Supports CD text and id3 tags Supports CDDA and data CD 10 second skip protection IPOD NOT INCLUDEDTASCAM's CD-200iL is the greatly anticipated model in the best selling "CD-200" series. For many years the CD-200i had been a need in most professional installs, however needed an update after the release of the iPhone 5 Lightning Connector. Now on the CD-200iL, both Lightning and 30-Pin connectors are available on a pop-out dock located on the front face of the unit. The CD-200iL is intended to meet the needs of any professional playback install. The CD-200iL features 10-second skip protection and upgraded DACs from those on your iPhone or iPod. By just attaching your device to the docking station, the CD-200iL will bypass its converters and ensure higher quality audio playback. The tray-load CD-drive comes with 10-second skip protection and different playback modes (random, repeat, skip, etc. )TASCAM's CD-200iL is the only unit in the market that gives both 30-Pin and Lightning Connection plus professional CD playback. Ideal for all House of Worship, Education, Government, Corporate or Retail solutions, TASCAM assures quality, novelty and versatility in the CD-200iL just as they do with all of their other merchandise.

Gator Tour Series G-TOUR ERGO-ARM2-PL Ergo DJ Case with Two Adjustable 360 Degree Laptop, Tablet, or Monitor Arm

Gator's well-liked line of G-TOUR DJ SA-8005 road cases takes the worry out of transporting all your priceless DJ equipment. With the addition of the new (patent-pending) G-TOUR DJ Arm cases, Gator has really increased their game in allowing a versatile, all-in-one mobile solution. On the outside, a conventional road style case gives heavy responsibility protection with sleek hardware and heavy responsibility turn latches. Inside, a thick EVA padding securely holds your DJ equipment with a removable front panel allowing full use while in the case. The distinctive completely rotational interior arm lets secure mounting of laptops, tablets, or LCD screens with VESA mount. This case novelty adds a new level of flexibility for the mobile entertainer. Easily cue up laptop established software, touch established tablet apps, or integrate video tracks on the fly. The completely rotational arm allows you to choose your ideal setup and with a simple push can quickly be moved on the side when it is time to get back to mixing. Models available to fit Pioneer DDJ-T1 & S1, Numark Mixdeck, NS6, & NS7, Native Instruments S4, & American Audio VMS4 DJ Controllers; Xone 4D Mixer, also as a coffin style case for (2) DJ CD players and 10 or 12" Mixer. All G-TOUR DJ models are offered in the standard black with aluminum hardware or the all new Platinum models with slate grey panels and all black hardware. Separate 'Arms' will be available soon as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on for a dual setup in a single case. Gator Cases, the leading case maker with over 30 years experience in the Musical Instrument/Pro Audio business is focused on designing, manufacturing, and selling groundbreaking solution oriented merchandise.

Denon DND4500 Dual /MP3

The DN-D4500 is the replacement to Denon's award winning DND4000 and offers many extended features particularly in the neighborhood of MP3. Key change, Auto BPM Counter, MP3 Seamless Looping with B-Trim edit, MP3 Hot Starts, MP3 File Search System, MP3 Frame Search, CUE Stutter and wider +/-24/50/100 pitch ranges for audio CD? S are just some of the improvements. MP3 File Search System lets you to find in seconds, hundreds of MP3 tracks on a CD-R/RW by artist name, song title or folder. Also, MP3 ID3 tags and Audio CD Text are supported on a big, easy-to-read dot matrix flourescent tube display.

Sony PCX455 400 Disc MegaStorage Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Sony's CDP-CX455 400 Disc MegaStorage® CD Changer is perfect for your broad CD collection. Access your CDs with ease using Twin Jog Dial and enjoy MP3 and CD-R/CD-RW Playback. Use features like Custom File Memo, MegaChanger Control, Optical Digital Output, CD Text, and 2 Repeat Modes (Disc or Track) to make the most of your music. Keyboard Input, FL Display, 32 Step Program Play, Control A1 II, and a Remote Commander® Remote Control are included. So take control of your CD listening experience with the CDP-CX455! This 400 Disc MegaStorage CD Changer stores and plays CDs only.

Musical Fidelity M3S and Stand-Alone DAC - Black

Like the agreeing M3i integrated amplifier, the M3CD black CD player is intended as serious hi-fi available at a simple price. From the good fit and finish of its metal casework to the distinctive technology sitting inside, the M3CD exceeds expectations. The M3CD builds on our years of engineering specialty, uniquely featuring both a mains choke filter and a high-tech digital-stream sound filter. Such innovations enable the player to deliver technical performance; it boasts low distortion and a virtually flat frequency answer, plus minimal sound and jitter. The M3CD's DAC design also draws from its high-end siblings, using cutting-edge technology to ensure excellent data recuperation from your discs. Simply put, that means you'll hear more from your music. Hi-Fi World's review of the M3CD called it a mature and polished performer , which sounded refined and stylish . We say it's a great-looking, superb-sounding player you must see and hear. The M3CD offers an elegance and excellence of build and finish that belies its price. As with the M3i, its front panel is a custom-made extrusion of hard metal, with agreeing metal volume handle and buttons. The CD player's performance is engineered to be equally smooth, serene, and structured - without colouring the sound. As Hi-Fi World's review confirmed: It's best portrayed as clean, open and in depth, with a nice lilting musicality, underlined by a strong backbone .

Yamaha -S300BL Natural Sound

The Yamaha CD-S300 is an cheap CD player which does not agreement on quality. With its smart brushed aluminum fascia, silent-loading, high-precision drive and high-quality DAC, the CD-S300 gives you a superb acoustic delivery. The CD-S300 will play CDs, as well as CD-R/-RW discs and also MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files both from disc and well-matched USB memory sticks or movable MP3 players. It's also iPod well-matched.

Decksaver Pioneer DDJ-SX Cover

Decksaver covers are tailor-made to exacting standards to fit each unit like a glove. Rather than using cheaper inferior acrylic. Every one is made from Polycarbonate a hardwearing plastic used in bullet evidence glass and made to fit your gear as closely as possible. The use of Polycarbonate means that thinner material may be used. Making for discrete. Strong still nice protection for your decks. Great care is taken to trim each Decksaver to accomplish the best fit and still leave cables in place.

Decksaver DS-PC-J2000NXS Cover for Pioneer J-2000 Nexus

Decksaver covers are tailor-made to exacting standards to fit each unit like a glove. Rather than using cheaper inferior acrylic. Every one is made from Polycarbonate a hardwearing plastic used in bullet evidence glass and made to fit your gear as closely as possible. The use of Polycarbonate means that thinner material may be used. Making for discrete. Strong still nice protection for your decks. Great care is taken to trim each Decksaver to accomplish the best fit and still leave cables in place.

Yamaha -S3000SL Natural Sound

Introducing Yamaha's highest class CD Player-the CD-S3000. High-rigidity drive system and groundbreaking circuit design for loss-less audio. Breaks through to the final in audio reproduction-and the essence of music. The goal: To express the deepest emotions of the artist, to touch and move the hearts of listeners, and to deliver the utmost pleasure in the music. The S3000 series was born from this passion. In creating the CD-S3000 CD Player, we took rigorous, thorough steps to eliminate vibrations in the disc drive system, which is the key instrument in reading the audio signals, renovated the digital/analog circuits, and have striven to accomplish musical reproduction that very minimizes audio data loss. The result is a sound that conveys the most subtle nuances of the music and the atmospheric ambience in the recording.

Sony PCX210 200-Disc Changer

Put 200 of your beloved CDs in this one and you'll have fast, complete control over what you hear. This MegaStorage 200 Disc CD Changer gives you storage/playback capability for up to 200 of your beloved CDs. You won't be fumbling with jewel boxes anymore once you get this unit loaded. Block File organizes your CDs into 8 regions establishes 8 different regions in the tray for different kinds of music. Sony S-Link Control System allows you to build an entertainment system that is simpler and more intuitive to operate, with improved A/V functionality. Front panel Jog Dial rotates through the discs for fast easy selection. Remote Commander remote control features 10-key Direct Access track search, 5-key Direct Access disc search, Programming and Digital Volume Control. Pulse D/A Converter minimizes zero-cross distortion, considered by researchers to be the most audible distortion in CD players.

Musical Fidelity M6S (Black)

The M6SCD is a superb performer by any measure. It uses a 32 bit DAC with 192 kHz upsampling and delivers a musical performance faithful to the most complex recordings. Retained from the M6CD model is the same fabulous disc loading system which proved to be both a great performer and dependable in lasting use. The M6SCD comes with a range of digital inputs too. That means it's both a world-class CD player but also a phenomenal stand-alone DAC too. Both Coax (RCA) digital inputs work up to 24 bit 192 kHz while the 2 x Optical (Toslink) and asynchronous USB input works up to 24 bit 96 kHz. It also has digital outputs on both Coax (RCA) and Optical (Toslink). The M6SCD offers remaining sound quality, excellent disc readability and world-class technical performance. Its mix of excellent sound, good looks and a large range of digital inputs make it an excellent partner for the M6si Integrated and a large range if other amplifiers.


The CD5005 plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs also as MP3 and WMA files. And possibly more importantly, it assists reproduce high-quality audio. That is because it incorporates high-quality audio parts like the famous CS4398 DAC also as the Marantz-own HDAM-SA2. It also will include customized parts for sound tuning and a dependable CD transport system which can be used for an upper class model, CD6005. Also, high-grade gold-plated analogue outputs ensure best connectivity. A well-defined headset output with discrete amplifier circuit, an easy to read dual line display, and a remote control rounds off this excellent player.

Magma CTRL Case for Pioneer DDJ-SX DJ Controller

The new CTRL-Case DDJ-SX is specially intended to protect the new Pioneer DDJ-SX unit. Crafted from lasting and lightweight Durashock molded EVA bubble and a waterrejecting polyester outside, it's also equipped with an adjustable (Velcro) bubble-kit that gives extra protection for all encoders, knobs and buttons.

Pro DJ ATA Aluminum Flight Road Travel Carrying Case For 's - 3 Sections, Holds 75/300 's - -10B

Audio Dynamics Pro ATA CD Case Musicians From All Over the Country Have Come To Expect The Best Gear Protection From Our CD Cases. Built To Last a Lifetime, The CD-10 Was Made With Quality High-End Materials And Stands Out With Its Striking Rugged Good Looks. Add To That The Extreme Low Price and You Have a Winner Right Here! What is the CD-10 Famous For? Professional DJ's, Sound Mechanics and Music Bands Live in Fear Constantly. With Loads Of priceless CD Collections, they're Petrified Of Travelling And Of The Damages That The Road Inflicts On Their Precious Cargo. Enter the Audio Dynamics CD Cases Line. Our Cases Protect, Shield, And Keeps Your Music in Top form On The Road, On Tour And On Flights. Product Features, Read Carefully: - Holds 75 Cd's In Jewel Or 300 Cd's In Sleeves. - Three Row part With Removable Dividers. - Adjustable bubble Partitions may be Removed Or Changed Into Jewel Case. Chrome Rounded Corners - Riveted Extrusion - Light Weight Aluminum Paneling. - " Plywood Construction. - Soft Grip Handle. - Rubber Feet, Stackable Nickel Corners. - Removable cover With Waved bubble - High Density Inner Lining bubble - Dimensions: Dimensions: 7" (H) 17" (W) 14" (D) - Weight: 9Lbs About Us: GMI Pro, GMI Sound, Audio Dynamics and Feel The Music Inc. Are a Family Of businesses Who Have Come Together to offer The Highest Quality Pro Audio Gear And Equipment For the Lowest Cost Possible. In Business For 41 Years, we're Perfectly In Tune With Our world buyer Base Of Musicians, DJ's and business Professionals Who Turn To Us For All Their Shopping Needs. Come Aboard, Join Our Family, And Feel The Music.

Roksan - K3

Roksan - K3 CD Player The Roksan K3 CD player sits between the K2 and M2 CD players by Roksan. Building on the superb K2 CD player, the new Roksan K3 features a heavily overhauled circuit design that gives a fuller andamp; wider soundstage than the K2. The perfect match for the new Roksan K3 amplifier, this CD player exemplifies everything that's good about cheap British hi-fi.

UD5007 3D Ready Universal Disc with Networking (Black)

The Marantz UD5007 Networking common Disc Player offers surprising flexibility with the capability to play audio and video content not just from discs, however also as a digital stream from your home network and from the internet. At the core of the UD5007 is an advanced transport system able which was newly intended for fast, whisper-calm performance. The UD5007 delivers cutting edge connectivity with support for YouTube, Netflix, VuDu and Hulu. Both HDMI and RCA analog connections are supported, while 24-bit/192kHz audio decoders and custom analog output phases deliver the affect and resolution music and movie lovers have long related with the Marantz brand.

Sony P-CE500 5-Disc Changer (Black)

Intended to deliver a superb sound experience, this 5-disc changer features CD-R/RW playback capability so you may be able to enjoy homemade music combinations also as the new business releases. Keep the party going for hours with the CDP-CE500 CD changer. Featuring a 5-disc carousel, you may be able to enjoy your beloved CDs also as custom playlists recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs. Expand your listening alternatives and play back MP3, WMA and AAC music files stored on a USB storage device via the USB port.

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