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BOSS R2400 Riot 2400-Watt , 1-8 Ohm Stable with Remote Level Control vs SK-3500.1-D

Class D Topology A class-D or switching amplifier is an electronic amplifier in which all power devices (typically MOSFETs) are operated as binary switches that are either completely on or completely off. Ideally, zero time is spent transitioning between those two states. In this way, power loss is considerably reduced, making a D class amplifier anywhere from 75% to 95% economical. To preserve high efficiency, the filter is made with only reactive parts (inductors and capacitors), which store the extra energy till it is required instead of converting some of it into heat. Some other benefits include reduction in size and weight, reduced power waste as heat dissipation (which means smaller or no heat sinks), and reduction in cost caused by the smaller heat sink and compact circuitry.

Caence Acoustics ZRS C1 4500 Watt Peak 16V Mono Block

The new ZRS Series is unmistakably SK-3500.1D Cadence. Professional studio grade quality means your system will deliver dynamic sound with natural transparency, unmatched affect, and perfect imaging. The ZRS C1 is a class D mono block amplifier. It has a quick MOSFET power supply and bipolar Japanese Sanken outputs. The ZRS C1 has copper rail PCB architecture. There's a preamp input voltage of 200mV-9V, and has a 12-24dB crossover circuitry. It has a bass concentrate with rumble control, preamp RCA outputs, and adjustable subsonic filters and phase control. There's a soft start mute and delay circuitry and power and diagnostic LED indicators. The ZRS C amplifiers are master/ slave configurable and are twin amp bridgeable for twice the power output. Each comes with a dashboard bass remote control. The ZRS C1 has a power handling of 800 Watts at 4 ohm RMS, 1400 Watts at 2 ohm RMS, 2250 Watts at 1 ohm RMS, with a 4500 Watt Peak. The frequency answer is 10Hz – 500Hz. It has a minimum harmonic distortion of 88dB, and a damping factor of >100 @ 100Hz. The power supply is 16V able. The ZRS C1 dimensions are 20-inch (L) x 11. 6-inch (W) x 2. 7-inch (H). Product comes with a two (2) year fix/replace warranty, which covers factory defects. Should the product fail throughout the warranty period, simply call 800-477-2328 for a Return Authorization Number.

Incriminator IA10.1 1200 Watt Mono Block - Car /Amp iA

Authorized Incriminator Audio DealerThe 2013 IA10. 1 is a first Generation amplifier depending on the legendary IA20. 1 platform. We took every feature of the IA20. 1 and scaled it down to size, at just over a foot long the IA10. 1 is just as versatile as its bigger brother. These amplifiers also come out of the box with the capability to be linked, or "strapped" together to double the power with one unit acting as the Master and the other the Slave. This model also now comes with Mirror Technology so you may be able to match output and crossover settings from every unit by the Master, with an infinite number of Mirror amps. FeaturesDigital Class-D Linkable Mono Block AmplifierDual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply1 Ohm Stable Topology / 16 Volt StableHeavy responsibility 3 Oz Copper level Double Sided Epoxy PCBExtremely High Tolerance Electrical parts For ReliabilityProprietary Custom Tooled Heatsink with Onboard PCB Support For Vibration ResistanceHigh End Silver Tiffany RCA Inputs with Metal PotentiometersBlack Molded Oversized 4 AWG Power and Ground InputsAdvanced Strapping with Mirror TechnologyMulti-level Bullet evidence Protection CircuitRemote Bass/get with Clipping Indicator1 Year restricted Warranty& SpecificationsRated Power ( 14. 4V at 1 THD )RMS Power - 2 Ohm Linked :RMS Power - 1 Ohm Mono :RMS Power - 2 Ohm Mono :RMS Power - 4 Ohm Mono :Low Pass Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) :Subsonic Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) :Frequency answer ( +/- 1dB ) :Bass increase ( 45Hz ) :Input Sensitivity ( Volt +/- 5 ) :Signal / sound percentage :Dampening Factor ( 1 Ohm ) :Operation Mode :Power Efficiency ( 4 Ohm ) :Fuse ranking ( 14. 4V ) :Fuse ranking ( 14. 4V Linked ) :Power Input Connection :Operation Voltage :Speaker Output Connection :Dimensions ( Inches ) :Dimens.

ual XPE1700 1000 Watt Peak Mono Channel vs SK-3500.1D

Features: Low level inputs (RCA); Variable get modification (200mV 6V); Selectable crossover (low pass/full range); Variable low pass crossover; Bass increase (0, 6, 12dB); Selectable subsonic filter (@35Hz); PWM MOSFET power supply; Class A/B output design; Extruded aluminum heatsink; Direct-wire connection terminals; Reverse polarity protection; Bi-color LED position display plans; Power Output (14. 4VDC, 20Hz 20kHz); 240-Watts RMS x 1-channel x 4-ohms; 400-Watts RMS x 1-channel x 2-ohms; Total dynamic power: 1000-Watts; Frequency answer 20Hz 20kHz (-3dB).

Boss AR2500M 2500 Watt Mono Power With Low Pass Filter an Bass Remote

Why sacrifice performance for the sake of convenience? With a slimmer chassis, ARMOR is the ideal amplifier when space is restricted, and power is needed. Indeed, this mix of feature-rich performance and put-it-anywhere convenience is hard to find in the vehicle environment; so much so that the ARMOR may well be forging own product group.

SK-125.4 4 Channel

The SK-125. 4D is an SK Series, four channel, class D amplifier. This amplifier was intended from the ground up with some number of key objectives in mind. At the forefront of these objectives was to build the most economical full range multichannel amplifier possible, while being able to offer it at a reasonable price. It was important for us to produce an amplifier that was compact in design but able to offer a serious amount of power! you'll notice the sleek compact heat sink & foot print design which will let you to get the extra power needed without sacrificing space! With this super-economical full range multichannel amplifier, you have the capability to run 2-way active speaker setup with no external sound processing obliged. This amplifier was intended to pack the power to easily run a set of speakers on one channel and possibly a subwoofer on the other set of channels! The versatility of the SK-125. 4D gives the flexibility that many car audio fans want.

BOSS P5000 Phantom 5000-Watt , 1 to 8 Ohm Stable with Remote Level Control

Get more Bass with the Boss Audio Phantom PD5000 Class D Monoblock Amplifier. This powerful 1-Ohm stable amplifier features 5000 Watts Max Power with a MOSFET power supply to get your car rocking. Customize the sound with Variable Low Pass Crossover, Bass increase and Subsonic Filter. Turn up the Bass and feel the music with the Remote Subwoofer Control. For double the performance and power, strap on another PD5000 for a total power of 10, 000 Watts @2 -Ohms. The Phantom Series are full shown amplifiers that offer eye-catching Multi LED Backlit Illumination and customization for high quality sound and performance. Feel the beat with the Boss Audio PD5000. For more product details, scroll down.

Planet AC2400.4 ANARCHY 2400-Watt Full Range A/B 2 to 8 Ohm Stable 4 Channel with Remote Level Control

Drive up your music vibes with the Planet Audio Anarchy AC2400. 4 4-Channel& Class A/B Full Range Amplifier. This powerful 2-Ohm stable Amplifier features 2400 Watts Max Power with a MOSFET power supply for clean, strong sound. Customize the sound with Variable Low and High Pass Crossover, Bass increase and Remote Subwoofer Control. Bridge channels for more power and flexibility. The Anarchy Series of Amplifiers are constructed to break the rules, allowing you to customize and control your sound so you may be able to live like a mobile anarchist, clear and deafening. Modernize your audio experience with the Planet Audio AC2400. 4. For more product details, scroll down.

Hifonics ZRX3216.1 Zeus ZRX Series Mono Block 3200 Watt Vehicle

3200W Monoblock Zeus Series Super Class D Amplifier. Mono channel operation. Subsonic filter (24 dB at 15 Hz). Old School Hifonics heat sink gives superior heat dissipation. Frequency answer: 10-300 Hz. Military grade PCB construction. Simpatico coil design. Hifonics surface mount design. DC, short circuit, thermal and overload protection. 1/0 gauge power and ground wiring is needed for installation.

S18 PRO-SPL8.5K1 8, 500 Watts SPL

Made in South Korea, the PRO-FR and PRO-SPL series supply Full Range and SPL alternatives for audiophiles seeking maximum power with unparalleled performance and sophistication. Find the most powerful midranges, tweeters, drivers, coaxials, or any other speaker and plug them to the Full Range series. Find the most powerful subwoofers and plug them to the SPL series. Create an elaborate build. Compete. Win. These amplifiers are the highest rated amplifiers today's technology can make. Only suggested for serious installers, competitors, and people who want to be heard by anybody inside a mile radius.

b rive PRO4500 2-Channel Pro 4500W

2 Channel Pro Audio Amplifier / 4500 Watts. High Efficiency Mosfet Design. DRIVESINK Heat Management System. Direct-Connect Integrated Wire Terminals. Variable Input Level Control DC-DC PWM. DC Short Circuit Protection. Full Range RCA Line Outputs. Bass increase @ 45Hz. Input Sensitivity 285Mv-6V. Signal to sound percentage 90 dB.

MTX RT1000 Mono Block 1000-Watt

Road Thunder amplifiers were intended with over 25 years of amplifier experience to surpass your expectations. Brushed aluminum top covers integrate high end materials with convection cooling functionality. Each Road Thunder amplifier is intended to do to the highest standard and underwent rigorous quality testing to ensure this standard is met.

Massive N4 - Mono Block 2000w @ 1 Ohm

Extreme Power in a Small Footprint final Mounting Flexibility (Stackable, Line Array & Side Mount) Mil specification Double Sided PCB with SMD Parts fitted sound Reduction Circuitry Full Mosfet with High Grade Switching Devices Next Generation Advanced Protection Circuitry World large Standard Compliant (RoHS, E8, CEA-2006 & CE) 1 Ohm Stable Design 12/6/0 +dB Adjustable Bass increase Micro Circuit Topology High Efficiency Class "D" Design.

Soun Storm Laboratories FR4000.1 FORCE Series 4000-Watts 1 Ohm Stable with Remote Level Control (Black)

Reintroducing FORCE! This marks the return of the original, very well-liked amplifier series from SSL. FORCE has long stood as the ideal symbol for the blissful marriage of quality, power, and value. FORCE steadily proves that one does not have to break the bank to sound like a million bucks. This updated variant of FORCE features the one you're looking at now: a 4000 W Class D mono block (stable at 1 Ω ), also as a 1500 W Class A/B (stable at 2 Ω ), and five multi-channel amplifiers ranging from 1000 to 2000 watts -all stable from 2 to 8 Ω . Get this unit professionally installed and enjoy SSL's business-leading warranty program! Sound Storm Laboratories is dedicated to maintaining our role as an business leading provider of mobile entertainment. SSL has reached the pinnacle of the business by designing and building a broad selection of groundbreaking and thrilling merchandise for a large range of mobile applications. The SSL product development team devotes vast resources to ensure that SSL remains on the leading edge of business trends and related technologies while our sales and marketing team works to balance the price/value relationship. These efforts enable SSL to offer remaining merchandise with unparalleled dependability, durability and performance to our fans at a tremendous value. For extra info relating to this product, contact our technical support team by visiting our sound storm lab web site and clicking on "SUPPORT" near the top-right of the screen. Use the FORCE and see how SSL is making the world a louder place, one car at a time.

New Taramps T10.9KW T 10.9 KW 10900 Watt 12.6V 1Ohm Car /Amp

Number of Channels – Mono-Channel- 1-ChannelClass of Operation - DMaximum Output Power @ 12. 6 VDC - 1 ohm - 10900 WRMSSubsonic Filter (Variable) - High Pass - 5Hz to 50Hz (-12dB / Octave)Crossover (Variable) - Low Pass - 50Hz to 5kHz (-12db / Octave)Diagnosis - Electronic (LED indicators)Input Sensitivity - 300mV to 6VInput blockage - 22K ohmsFrequency answer - 5Hz to 15KHzMinimum Supply Voltage - 10. 5 VDCMaximum Supply Voltage - 15VDCIdle intake - 1 Amp. Musical Maximum intake @ 12. 6 VDC - 615 Amp. Sinusoidal Signal Maximum intake (100Hz) @ 12. 6 VDC - 1230 Amp. Dimensions (WxHxD) - 291 x 56 x 600mm (11. 45 x 2. 2 x 23. 6 in)Weight - 10kg/22 lbs.

VM EC4200.1 Encore 4200W 1 Ohm Amp igital Mono Power

VM Audio ECD4200. 1 CLASS D AMP plans - RMS Power 4 Ohms: 1050W x 1 - RMS Power 2 Ohms: 2100W x 1 - RMS Power 1 Ohm: 4200W x 1 - Frequency answer: 10Hz - 180Hz - Lowpass Crossover: 40Hz - 180Hz - Subsonic: 0Hz - 50Hz - Bass increase Frequency: 30Hz - 80Hz - Bass increase: 0dB - 12dB - Input Voltage: 0. 12V - 4. 2V - Fuse: 40A x 5 - Dimensions (L x W x H): 19. 45" x 9. 65" x 2. 17".

S18 PRO-FR6000.1 6000 Watts Full Range

Made in South Korea, the PRO-FR and PRO-SPL series supply Full Range and SPL alternatives for audiophiles seeking maximum power with unparalleled performance and sophistication. Find the most powerful midranges, tweeters, drivers, coaxials, or any other speaker and plug them to the Full Range series. Find the most powerful subwoofers and plug them to the SPL series. Create an elaborate build. Compete. Win. These amplifiers are the highest rated amplifiers today's technology can make. Only suggested for serious installers, competitors, and people who want to be heard by anybody inside a mile radius.

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