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Mackie ProFX4v2 4-Channel Professional FX vs SLM32.4.2-AI

Mackie ProFXv2 Series mixers supply a complete live sound solution, with models from 4- to 30-channels, covering a big range of applications. Delivering unmatched sound quality, ProFXv2 features all-new Mackie Vita preamps, which are virtually noiseless and intended exactly for the greatly-dynamic world of live sound. ProFXv2 also will include the greatly powerful new ReadyFX effect engine, harnessing floating-point DSP to deliver 16 rich effects that elevate any performance. The ProFXv2 no-agreement live sound toolkit will include a room-shaping GEQ, and adaptable I/O. With a rugged steel chassis and unmatched sonic performance, ProFXv2 is really the life of your live mix.

Soundcraft LX7ii 32 Console 32-Channel

The hugely successful and well-liked Soundcraft LX7 console has received an upgrade to the LX7ii - both by audio specification and cosmetics. The stylish new desk gets its looks from the greatly successful and well-liked MH3 and MH4 touring sound consoles, and will include a new frame, module ID graphics and end-cheeks, making the LX7ii not only easy to use but creating a system that will be the envy of professionals everywhere. Electronically, the LX7ii gains a new Soundcraft mic-preamp and EQ part, both intended by Soundcraft founder and electronics wizard Graham Blyth. Chosen the GB30 Series, the new designs coincide with Sound craft's 30 year anniversary and the new 4-band EQ with swept mid sections is depending on the greatly-highly praised EQ in the new MH3 and MH4 touring consoles. "The new GB30 mic pre on the LX7ii brings together some of the quality and precision of the mic pre's we use on our biggest touring desk, whilst retaining the cost-sensitivity demanded now in the market, " reports Blyth in a rare interview. "we are conscious that we must supply the best possible audio quality at the best price for the buyer - we don't let agreement - and it starts at the mic preamp.

Samson S-zone 4-Input/4-Zone Stereo

The S-Zone gives system installers all the features they have to control up to four zones of audio with a compact, single-rack space unit. It features 2 balanced mic and 4 balanced aux/line inputs with a distinctive front panel control part that lets you to allocate any of the four inputs to any of the four zones with just the push of a button. The front panel layout also has input and output volume controls, independent 2-band equalization, and an on board speaker for selectable zone monitoring.

Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX Compact Live and Studio with FX and USB Port vs SLM-32.4.2AI

Live or in the studio, ZED60-14FX SLM32.4.2AI from Allen & Heath is a compact, movable mixer that's ideal for small bands. This mixer is a guitarist's dream. Two of the 8 mono channels have high blockage jack inputs that can take a normal line level or a low level input from a guitar pickup, so guitars may be plugged straight into the mixer without the need for DI boxes. These inputs have been crafted to recreate the sound of a classic tube preamp in a combo or head amp for unbelievable meaning and warmth. Two stereo inputs are provided for MP3/CD players or keyboards. ZED60-14FX comes with configurable USB audio in/out, making it simple to catch a stereo recording at the gig or in the studio. The mixer comes with professional XLR major stereo outputs, a adaptable monitoring part with headset and speaker feed outputs, and 16 stunning FX. 
 Most important of all, ZED60-14FX lives up to the audio and build quality standards that have made Allen & Heath one of the most reliable names in professional audio for more than 40 years. The ZED60-14FX comes with a full duplex USB soundcard fitted, many useful routing alternatives and a separate stereo return channel. An very high input blockage assures loading on pickups is minimal and a Class A FET circuit powered from 48V is employed to give the value-like get stage. ZED60-14FX features a responsive 3-band, swept mid frequency design which utilizes MusiQ with optimized slope for equalizing individual instruments. An essential selection of 16 time-delay effects was intended with small groups in mind who do not want to carry around an effects unit with their gear but who still want great quality FX at their gigs and recordings. Allen & Heath continues to use separate vertical PCB construction on the ZED, borrowed from our big pro-audio mixers. With the smallest SED, each one of its controls is solidly PCB mounted, and every potentiometer is nutted to the front panel.


BEHRINGER XENYX X1622USB Premium 16-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps Compressors, British EQs, 24-Bit Multi-FX Processor and USB/Audio Interface Premium super-low sound, high headroom analog mixer 4 state-of-the-art, phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps 4 studio-grade compressors with super-easy "one-handle" functionality and control LED for professional vocal and instrumental sound Neo-classic "British" 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mid band for warm and musical sound New studio-grade FX processor with 16 editable presets as well as reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter, multi-effects, Tap function and storable user parameter settings fitted stereo USB/Audio Interface to connect straight to your computer. Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins and super-low latency driver downloadable at www. Behringer. Com Channel inserts on each mono channel for adaptable connection of outboard equipment 2 aux sends per channel: 1 pre/post fader switchable for monitoring/FX applications, 1 post fader (for interior FX or as external send) Clip LEDs, mute, major mix and subgroup routing switches, solo and PFL functions on all channels 2 subgroups with separate outputs for extra routing flexibility; 2 multi-working stereo aux returns with adaptable routing major mix outputs with ¼ " jack and gold-plated XLR connectors, separate control room, headphones and stereo rec outputs Control room/phones outputs with multi-input source matrix; rec inputs assignable to major mix or control room/phones outputs Long-wearing 60-mm logarithmic-taper faders and sealed rotating controls "Planet Earth" switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V), sound-free audio, superior temporary answer plus low power intake for energy saving Rack mount brackets included for final flexibility High-quality parts and very rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and intended by BEHRINGER Germany The X1622USB features four XENYX-fueled mic inputs with channel Inserts, "one handle" compressors and 3-band British-style EQs with a sweepable, semi-parametric mid frequency band. The four stereo line-level channels offer improved good-tuning via 4-band EQ, which is very useful for adjusting important keyboard midrange frequencies. Aux 1 Sends are switchable (pre- or post-fader) and individual channels may be assigned to two subgroups for mixing flexibility. XENYX USB Series mixers are intended to manage your live gigs, and they supply the state-of-the-art tools you have to make stunning, professional-quality recordings. With their fitted USB/audio interfaces, XENYX USB mixers come with all the recording and editing software you will have to turn your computer system into a complete, high-performance home recording studio. Sonically Superior Mic Preamps All XENYX mixers have one thing in common - great-sounding, high headroom XENYX mic preamps. These state-of-the-art mic pres represent a big step in the evolution of audio technology - and they can hold their own, when in comparison to the most costly stand-alone mic preamps. XENYX preamps offer a staggering 130 dB of dynamic range, with a bandwidth that extends from below 10 Hz to well above 200 kHz. Armed with the remaining mic preamps, XENYX mixers supply such transparent, crystal-clear performance you just may think someone upgraded your mics while you were not looking. Sublimely Musical British EQ The British consoles of the 1960s and '70s changed the sound of rock and roll - without them the British Invasion may not have happened. Those legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. The channel EQ on our XENYX mixers is depending on that same circuitry, allowing you to imbue signals with unbelievable warmth and in depth musical character. When applied generously, these equalizers exhibit sweet forgiveness and superb audio quality. One-handle Compression Ask professional sound engineers what their favorite part of external processing gear is and the most answer will be virtually unanimous - dynamic compression. What is compression? we are happy you asked. Compression generally limitations the dynamic range of a signal, lowering the level of deafening sounds and turning up softer sounds, to accomplish sonic balance. But applying compression is a fragile art that many novice, and intermediate, sound techs have great difficulty mastering. Our "one-handle" compression is available on all mono channels and is easy to operate, for entry-level users. With this one handle, you may be able to easily dial in the perfect amount of compression for instruments and vocals, creating powerful combinations with punch and clearness. This is indeed a rare feature for merchandise in this class - but standard on all XENYX USB mixers. Efficient FX All XENYX USB Series mixers (except the 1204USB) feature our new 24-bit dual engine FX processor, with 16 editable, studio-grade presets as well as reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and multi-effects. Complete with a greatly correct input meter, these effects may be altered to your personal taste via the Parameter control. Time-established functions may be entered manually by pressing the Tap button in rate with the music. Recording Bliss There was a time when the recording procedure called for lots and lots of costly gear, which meant the average musician had to purchase time at a recording studio - and that time was costly indeed. But modern technology has put personal recording well inside the reach of virtually anybody with access to a computer. How do you get all that music flying around your brain into your computer? that is where XENYX USB mixers come in. Thanks to the fitted, bi-directional stereo USB audio interface, you may be able to connect any of these mixers straight to your PC or Mac computer via a single USB cable. Now any signal source you connect to the mixer may be recorded straight to your hard drive. Which brings us to software.. Free could Be Nice! Because you will want to take full benefit of the XENYX USB Series mixers' recording and podcasting possible, we have thrown in a big software package that will include Audacity (the most well-liked open source audio editor), Podifier, Juice, Podnova and Golden Ear (a great selection of podcasting software). You are prepared to go live on your PC or Mac computer right out of the box! You also get more than 100 virtual instruments and 50 FX plug-ins, turning your computer into a complete home-established or mobile recording studio from input to output. Value regardless what your audio mixing needs are, BEHRINGER USB Series mixers supply the performance and features that can take your skill to the next level, at a price that's sure to amaze you. Attempt one on today - we have one available in your size.


What do you get when you merge the greatly successful PRO MIXER DJX750 with the super-smooth Infinium "contact-free" optical crossfader and fitted USB connectivity? You get the DJ mixer that is sure to set a new business standard - the Behringer DJX900USB. Contact-free Infinium crossfader. The DJX900USB features our super-smooth channel faders and the Infinium "contact- free" VCA-controlled optical crossfader for the final in dependability and state- of- the- art audio performance. A dedicated CF Curve control lets you to custom-tailor the crossfader's control feature, and you may be able to set the crossfader tension just the way you like it. Special FX. When we began design on the DJX900USB, we knew we had to do something special. We took our best analog DJ mixer and revved up the FX processor, putting advanced parameter control right at your fingertips. Not confined to rigid presets that bound creativity, you may change FX parameters on-the-fly, pushing your performance to the next level. In no time you may be able to create powerful sets with your custom-tailored effects sounds, all of which may be controlled in real-time. We also included a professional USB audio interface, so you may be able to play tracks directly from your PC/Mac computer or an external thumb drive. Features galore. Because your voice is your instrument, the DJX900USB features a dedicated mic channel with a fitted Talkover function that automatically detects your voice and brings down the volume of the music track (called "ducking"), so your voice is generally out front. Vocal good-tuning is handled by the onboard 3-band EQ, which gives up to 15 dB of increase or cut at Low (80 Hz), Mid (2. 5 k), and High (12 kHz) frequency centers - for an very broad tonal palette. Equipped to manage any conceivable input source, these channels accept everything from line level, phono, CD and tape decks to MP3 and minidisk players.

Pittsburgh Modular and Attenuator Eurorack Synth Module vs SLM-32.4.2-AI

A adaptable, low-sound four channel mixer and/or attenuator for audio and cv that may be used in some number of ways. Three of the four channels have an output that removes the channel from the mixer circuit and lets it to become a standalone attenuator. The pots are wired with a logarithmic volume curve that's tuned for use with audio but it'll work with CV also. Patching the output of channel 1, 2, or 3 will remove it from the mixer circuit. Channel 4 can't be removed from the mixer circuit, but if channel 1, 2, and 3 are all being used as attenuators, channel 4 is the only input left over in the mixer allowing it to be used as a buffered attenuator.

Behringer MicroMIX MX400 Low-Noise 4-channel Line , Black

BEHRINGER MICROMIX MX400 super Low-sound 4-Channel Line Mixer super-compact 4-channel line mixer Highest sonic quality at maximum output level Input Level control for each channel Power adapter included High-quality parts and very rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and intended by BEHRINGER Germany in spite of its super-compact size, this 4-channel line mixer is big on features! It yields the highest sonic quality at all output levels, boasting super low-sound 4580 operational amplifiers for remaining audio performance - the same op amps found in its much larger brethren. Expanding on the potential of standard-size mixers is where the MX400 does very well, as an example as a sub-mixer. If you're running short on available channels on your "big" mixer and have to bring the output of three different keyboards into your mix, you may be able to simply connect them to the MX400, work out the keyboard mix, and connect the MX400's output to a single input on your major mixer. It'll catch your eye because it is cute as a button, however you will want to own one because of what it can do for your performance.

Mackie PROFX22V2 22-Channel 4-Bus with USB and Effects

Like the name says, the ProFX22v2 is a professional mixer, with convenient features and sound that competitors that of some bigger format mixers. Mackie intended the Vita preamps with live sound in mind to offer the quality of sound that's missing in some compact mixers. Each channel features own individual 3-band EQ with sweep able mid-frequencies and 100Hz low-cut filter for shaping the sound of your inputs. The ReadyFX digital effects engine gives you access to 16 different effects as well as reverbs and delays - Mackie added chorus effects for your guitar. A 7-band graphic EQ may be assigned either to your major outputs so you may be able to good tune the PA or the aux output to easily get rid of feedback in your monitors. If you perform with tracks there are inputs (as well as USB) for your laptop or MP3 player. You get four channels of single-handle compression, a headset output with individual level control, and when you add to all that phantom power for your condenser mics, you dont have reason  NOT  to own a ProFX22v2. Ever walk into a venue to set up and been pointed to an old Mackie mixer in the corner, covered in years of smoke, dust, and bar goo? Are you surprised when you plug in, fire it up, and rock your gig? You should not be! Mackie was making hard, roadworthy gear for decades and the ProFX22v2 is no different. In fact, the gear just keeps to get better. Built like a tank? Indeed! With hard steel chassis construction and super-tough ABS side protection you will be playing through your ProFX22v2 for many years to come. The groundbreaking "USB Thru" switch lets for an remarkable live/recording setup when using performance software like Ableton Live or Reason. When gigging, stream the output of your performance software (or iTunes, ) into the ProFX22v2. Add that signal with anything plugged into the mixer, and send the whole thing back to the computer for recording. Archiving your integrated live performances never been easier.

Samson SM10 Line

The Samson SM10 line mixer is a versatile and dependable addition to your audio setup! This generously filled Samson SM10 stereo mixer is perfect on stage, in studios, boardrooms, health clubs, restaurants, houses of worship, and more. The SM10 line mixer features a 19 inch rackmount metal chassis unit is internally powered and may be easily integrated into any present system to more proficiently group your signals. For either audio or video applications, the Samson SM10 rackmount stereo line mixer brings different signals together for a really amazing audio experience! Inputs The Samson SM10 gives ten channels with 1/4-inch stereo line inputs and a balance control for each channel, two channels include XLR mic inputs. This lets you to blend the relative levels of stereo inputs to your liking. Also, each channel will include a switch for +4 dBu or -10 dBV line level input. Outputs The Samson SM10 line mixer gives electronically balanced major stereo XLR and 1/4-inch line outputs. The SM10 gives versatile signal routing via major Mix, Mix B, Monitor and EFX bus outputs, also as low sound and discrete microphone pre-amplifiers with 48-volt phantom power. Two secondary sends may also be used to path signals to external effects, or create a separate mix for on-stage monitors. The SM10 features front panel headset and monitor outputs with dedicated level controls. The mix can be audited with the SM10's 6-part LED meter and a adaptable meter/headset source control.

Tascam LM8ST Rackmount Line

The TASCAM LM-8ST is a 1-space rackmountable line mixer for installation, studio submixing, keyboardists or anybody looking for a great-sounding mix. Eight pairs of balanced 1/4" TRS inputs - switchable from +4 or -10dB - may be bussed to a pair of XLR balanced outputs, labeled ST1 and ST2/AUX. Pre or post-fader bussing is available for the alternate buss, and master output level controls and metering keep signals under control. A microphone input is provided for announcements or performance.

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 500 Series Mic Pre with Texture

With a big, bold preamp and the flexibility of variable Silk/Texture, Rupert Neve intended the 511 to add classic sonics with 500-series value. Incorporating the 517s powerful preamp, the 5012s universally useful sweepable high pass filter, and the transformer-saturating power of a variable silk circuit resulting from our flagship Portico II Channel, the 511 is a Rupert Neve-intended micpre for the masses. While it is challenging to design 500-series modules that are equal to their non-500 series counterparts, the team at Rupert Neve experimented with some different transformer and circuit designs so they could accomplish the same presence and sweetness that's found in the standard Portico Series modules making them perfectly suited for the highest caliber studio environments. Input SectionInput signals can be resulting from Mic or Line resources (be sure 48V is off for line resources!). The input has a 10K non-reactive input resistance that handles a full 22dBu signal without the need for a pad. The pre-amp is a TLA non-reactive design that precludes the loading of microphones with restricted driving capability. A main get control gives 66dB of ga.

Mackie VLZ4 Series 3204VLZ4 32-Channel 4-Bus FX with USB

A legend in no-nonsense compact mixer design, performance, and durability. View bigger The VLZ4 line offers mixers of every channel count for each application. View bigger VLZ4 Multi-Channel Compact Mixers A legend in compact mixer design, performance, and durability, Mackie VLZ is the original no-nonsense mixer series. Offering more bang for your buck, the redesigned VLZ4 line now will include Mackie's business-proven Onyx preamps for crystal-clear sonic clearness. The complete VLZ4 line delivers the proven feature set, high-headroom/low-sound design and "Built-Like-A-Tank" construction that produced an business more than 20 years ago. From every input to every output, VLZ4 is optimized to deliver professional-quality results all time.

Mackie DL1608 Lightning 16-ch. with lPad Control + Bag+iPad Tray Kit+Dust Cover

Mackie DL1608 16-channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control Proven Hardware That Sounds Great 16 Onyx mic preamps High-end Cirrus Logic converters super low-sound, high-headroom design 6 stereo-linkable aux sends for monitor combinations Master L/R output for mains Tons of fitted Processing Choice of powerful, touch-sensitive modern and vintage plug-ins 4-band EQ + HPF, gate and compression on inputs 4-band PEQ + HPF/LPF, 31-band GEQ, comp/limiter and alignment delay on outputs world reverb and delay 4 mute groups Wireless Mixing Seamless wired to wireless mixing Tune the room from anywhere Get on stage to ring out monitors Personal monitor mixing with access control and view groups Use up to 10 wireless devices at the same time Total Control from Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch Intuitive Master FaderTM app for all iPad models My FaderTM app for fast control from iPhone or iPod touch Mackie Dust Cover for DL806 & DL1608 Digital Mixers Material: 600-D nylon kind of Closure: Touch fastened flap outside Dimensions: 12. 5 x 1. 0 x 20. 5 inches Mackie Bag for DL806 & DL1608 Digital Mixers Shoulder strap Included Material: 600-D nylon, High-density, 10 mm bubble, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) kind of Closure: Double zipper outside Dimensions: 15. 0 x 5. 0 x 18. 5" (38. 1 x 12. 7 x 47. 0 cm) Mackie DL Series mini Tray Kit put for iPad mini DL806 or DL1608 with Lightning connector obliged for 30-Pin iPad Connector.

The StudioLive 32. 4. 2AI introduces a new paradigm for digital mixing and recording solutions. Retaining the same surface-driven functionality that made StudioLive mixers famous, while adding more processing power, improved workflow features, and Active Integration technology, it gives a networked, tightly integrated hardware/software ecosystem in which every touch point in the system communicates to improve each mixing task. The StudioLive 32. 4. 2AI offers wireless or wired connectivity to any standard router and networks with Macs, PCs, and iOS devices running the StudioLive AI Software Library, which features UC Surface multi-touch mixer-control software with Smaart Measurement Technology, specific iOS apps, catch 2. 1, and Studio One 3 Artist DAW (free downloads after registration). The mixer features an broad analog patch bay for adaptable connectivity; a 48x34 FireWire s800 interface for easy recording and virtual soundchecks; optional Thunderbolt, Dante, or AVB for adaptable networking; broad dual signal processing on every channel and bus, with A/B comparison (one Fat Channel on every input and bus simply wasn&'t enough); and 24 dedicated mix buses for easy configuration. Best of all, all controls are one-to-one, so there aren't layers to get lost in, and your major mix is generally at your fingertips.

Allen & Heath ZED-10 Four Mono Mic/Lines with 2 D.I. and 3 Stereo Line Inputs

Built by Allen & Heath, ZED-10 is an amazing little desk for small band mixing. It's super movable for carrying to the gig, and may be used for recording live or in the studio. Guitars may be plugged in straight to the mixer using the specially intended high-blockage inputs, while the mixer has two stereo inputs for MP3/CD players or keyboards. Equipped with professional XLR stereo outputs and a adaptable monitoring part with headset and speaker feed outputs. ZED-10 is bundled with IK Multimedia's AmpliTube X-GEAR software, giving access to superbly modeled amps and effects. Allen & Heath is recognized for building high quality mixers for the last 40+ years. At any time or night, across the globe, there's an Allen & Heath mixer out there working hard, sounding great and making life a little easier for the person at the controls. Back in the early 1970s Allen & Heath hand-built consoles in a tiny factory in London for elite bands like Pink Floyd and The Who. These days Allen & Heath customers are spread across nearly every environment imaginable, as well as touring, theatres, churches, nightclubs, TV and radio stations, recording studios and many other places where great sound matters. Key Features 4 mic/line inputs, 2 with Class A FET high blockage inputs Neutrik mic XLR and Neutrik 1/4 inch jacks 3 band EQ with MusiQ 2 auxes Sound image pan Illuminated PFL display.

Soundcraft Signature 16 High-Performance 16-input Small Format Analog with Onboard Effects

The Signature 16 is a high-performance 16-input small format analogue mixer with onboard effects. It features smooth, premium-quality faders with GB Series audio routing with adaptable pre/post switching on each Aus, and subgroups with powerful routing and switching alternatives also as dedicated outputs. The console is built using tour-grade robust metal construction and top-quality parts and have an interior common power supply. All Soundcraft Signature Series consoles integrate Soundcraft's iconic Ghost mic preamps, directly drawn from the company's top-of-the-line professional consoles, to deliver surprising audio quality with high headroom, large dynamic range and exceptional resolution and clearness with a superb signal to sound percentage. They employ Soundcraft's Sapphyre Assymetric EQ for perfectly equalizing every vocal and instrumental element in a mix with the unmistakable musicality inherent in every Soundcraft console, plus the GB Series audio routing technology famous in thousands of live venues global. They all include a large range of fitted Lexicon studio-grade reverb, chorus, modulation and other effects and dbx limiters on the input channels. The consoles offer XLR and switchable Hi-Z inputs that enable guitars, basses and other instruments to be exactly connected. All the consoles come with a 2-in/2-out USB interface. Accompanying the consoles are free downloads of the Lexicon MPX-L native plug-in and Ableton Live 9 Lite. Also, the consoles feature smooth, premium-quality faders with GB Series audio routing with adaptable pre/post switching on each Aux, and subgroups with powerful routing and switching alternatives also as dedicated outputs. The Signature Series are constructed using tour-grade robust metal construction and top-quality parts and have an interior common power supply.

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