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Synology DiskStation 5-Bay 5 TB (5x 1 TB) DS1511+ 5100 (Black) vs STDF100

Synology DiskStation DS1511+, bundled with 5x1TB HDDs, offers a high-performance, scalable, and full-shown network attached storage solution that meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that require an economical way to centralize data protection, change data management, and quickly scale storage capacity with minimal time spent on setup and management. The Synology DS1511+ is backed with Synology&'s 3-year restricted warranty.

NETGEAR Ready 2120 1U Rackmount 4-Bay with 4x2TB Enterprise s (RN21242E-200NES)

Application data, virtual pictures, client files, email. The types of data central to running a successful business can seem endless. With ReadyNAS you have an advanced and easy-to use solution for centralizing, securing and controlling access to your digital assets. Way more than just simple unified (NAS and SAN) storage for your company, ReadyNAS lets you to do more than you ever thought you could pay for by pairing the new in performance with groundbreaking efficiency technologies like unlimited snapshots, thin provisioning and cloud-managed replication. Every networked attached storage (NAS) device from NETGEAR runs on the revolutionary ReadyNAS 6 operating system. This custom-built OS protects stored data not only with auto RAID configuration, however is the 1st of its type to feature the uninterrupted data protection of unlimited snapshots with real-time anti-virus and native encryption. Intended with ease-of-use in mind, ReadyNAS devices use proprietary prepared CLOUD technology for cloud-established finding, provisioning and continuing management. These days, your data is your world. With ReadyNAS, defending and accessing that world never been easier. ReadyNAS - Storage Made EASY.

Buffalo TeraStation 1200 2- 4 TB Desktop for Home Office (TS1200D0402)

Buffalo's TeraStation 1200 is a compact, STDF100 budget friendly two drive desktop network storage solution ideal for small businesses, home offices and professional users requiring a dependable RAID-established network storage solution for advanced networks and business important applications. TeraStation 1200 is easy to set up with customizable RAID data protection, and it gives exceptional performance throughout file transfers and everyday NAS functions. TeraStation 1200 is filled with professional features like Active Directory support, disk quota support, share level replication, hot-exchange hard drives, USB accessory support and ten licenses of NovaBACKUP Business Essentials.

Synology RS815 4300 4Bay 4x3TB RackStation vs STDF-100

Synology Rack Station RS815 4300 is a compact and scalable 4-bay rack mount NAS, which is intended to help businesses effectively store, protect and share data. By size, RS815 4300 is almost half the depth in comparison to its predecessor. Running on Synology's award-winning Disk Station Manager, RS815 4300 enjoys rich features and stability in situations with restricted space and budget. Features: 12-Inch Depth lets for super concentrated Installation A Compact Feature-Rich NAS for Business Dual Core CPU with Floating-Point Unit Dual LAN with Failover and Link Aggregation Support cable up to 48TB of Space with Synology RX415 Running on Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM).

QNAP TS-431 4-Bay Dual Core Personal Cloud with DLNA, Mobile Apps and AirPlay Support (TS-431-US)

The TS-431 is a powerful still easy-to-use network storage center for backup, synchronization, remote access, and home entertainment. With the Notes Station, you may be able to easily create digital notes on your private cloud and share with friends and colleagues at no extra cost. Powered by an advanced ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor, the TS-431 delivers unbelievable performance as a home NAS with three USB 3. 0, one eSATA, and dual LAN ports. See how TS-431 can improve your digital lifestyle.

QNAP TS-253 2-Bay fessional-grade , Intel 2.0GHz Quad Core CPU Supports Virtualization Station ( TS-253-US )

QNAP TS-253 Pro 2-Bay Professional-grade NAS, Intel 2. 0GHz Quad Core CPU with Media Transcoding. Intel Celeron Quad Core 2. 0GHz, 2GB DDR3L RAM (max 8GB), SATA 6Gb/s, 2 Giga LAN, Read 224MB/s, Write 222MB/s, , hardware transcoding, HDMI out with XBMC, Virtualization Station, Surveillance Station, max 1 UX expansion unit.

Qnap TS-251A 2-bay TS-251A personal cloud /DAS with USB direct access (TS-251A-4G-US)

The TS-251A gives the groundbreaking USB 3. 0 fast Access port that lets you to swiftly complete the 1st-time NAS installation and to then directly access files and data stored on the NAS. It also supports two extra transmission modes: Ethernet NAS mode and iSCSI SAN block-established mode. Combining USB fast Access, NAS and iSCSI-SAN into one box, the TS-251A is a powerful but easy-to-use storage solution ideal for backup, synchronization, remote access, and entertainment. It largely helps to increase productivity and can meet the demands of photographers and audiovisual fans for direct, fast access to files. The TS-251A is powered by an upgradable and high-performance 14nm Intel® Celeron® N3060 dual-core 1. 6GHz processor, and supports 4K video playback and transcoding.

Netgear Ready 2, 6TB Unified System (6TB: 2 x 3TB) (RNDP2230)

ReadyNAS Pro is the newest and most powerful member of the award-winning ReadyNAS product family. Intended for small and medium businesses, workgroups and home offices, ReadyNAS Pro delivers class-leading performance, easy use, and robust features in a small desktop form factor chassis behind 6 SATA channels and up to 6 TB of storage. This 2-bay network attached storage (NAS) appliance is filled with business-class features, as well as RAID (redundant array of independent disks) levels 0, 1, and Auto-Expandable X-RAID2 support for data protection against disk failure, system monitoring potential and fitted backup. The ReadyNAS Pro includes dual redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports for failover protection.

WD 6TB My Cloud Personal - - WDBCTL0060HWT-NESN

, a cloud of their own - Give your customers a complete solution to save everything in one place and access it anywhere from their computers, tablets and smartphones. Auto file backup for all their PC and Mac computers means their files are protected. And it is all stored on a home or office network, not a remote server, so there is no unexplained place of their data. It is more than network storage, it is a personal cloud.

Hitachi SimpleNET Head USB 2.0 Portable Dongle SNET (Black)

SimpleNET is the simplest way to make your present USB drive more priceless! Share its contents across your network, quickly and easily! SimpleNET is a small network adapter that enables you to share and access present USB hard drives over a network. Simply plug a USB hard drive into SimpleNET, then plug SimpleNet into an Ethernet network. The drive then seems as a network drive on the network. Easy to install, easy to use! SimpleNet is very cost efficient too! Why pay more for a new hard disk drive? Make your investments pay off by sharing music, photos, videos or papers in minutes! No configuration needed, no extra drives to purchase.

Lenovo PX4-300D (70BC9000NA)

Lenovo NAS drives supply a fast and easy way to backup, share, and access files on a home or business network. Content may be shared between computers and other digital media adapters, like game consoles, and can stream many HD movies simultaneously. Lenovo/EMC Personal Cloud protects data and gives access from anywhere. Simple interface lets setup in minutes with just some mouse clicks.

Qnap Affordable 10 Gbe-Ready Golden Cloud Turbo v (TVS-463-8G-US)

Adorned with a box in gold color, the sophisticated TVS-463, featuring the easy-to-use QTS operating system, is a powerful, dependable, secure and scalable NAS solution intended for mission-important and intensive business applications and to meet fast growing data storage needs. The TVS-463 supports 10GbE via optional PCI-E network expansion and delivers high performance with pervasive throughput, allowing a complete storage solution for SMBs to build a dependable private cloud.

QNAP TS-863U-RP 2U 8-Bay , iSCSI/ IP-SAN, AMD Quad Core, 4GB, 2 x 1GbE, 1 x 10GbE (SFP+), DUAL PSU

The TS-863U-RP is a powerful network storage system powered by a high-performance AMD quad-core processor. It uniquely gives 10GbE at a budget price to maximize ROI, and doubles the encrypted file move performance with the AES-NI hardware-accelerated encryption engine to over 800 MB/s. Powered by the QTS operating system, the TS-863U-RP gives versatile all-in-one server functionalities also as distinctive features as well as Virtualization Station, which lets users to run VMs on the same device. The TS-863U-RP is intended for small and medium-sized businesses looking for backup, restoration, private cloud, storage for virtualization, and to future-evidence their IT infrastructure for 10GbE networks.

Synology DiskStation 5-Bay () with iSCSI/DS1513+ (DS1513+)

With its superior performance, scalability, resiliency, and complete features, Synology DS1513+ is the ideal storage solution for your growing SMB. The DS1513+ may help to change data management, allowing a centralized destination for storage, backup, and sharing - with minimal setup and the freedom to develop capacity at any time. The DS1513+ is supported by Synology's 3-year restricted warranty. NAS software license is included. Item is hazmat and non-returnable.

ASUSTOR AS6210T 10-Bay INTEL Quad-Core

The ASUSTOR AS6210T NAS comes with a powerful Intel Celeron quad-core processor and fitted AES-NI hardware encryption superior move performance and security. It gives seamless cross-platform and multi-user access, allowing you to easily connect to your NAS from Windows, Mac OS X or Linux-like operating systems regardless if you use a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. The AS6210T is a cost-efficient big capacity NAS behind online capacity expansion that lets you to flexibly plan your hard disk purchases. Also, with over 200 distinctive Apps to download from App Central, there's boundless range of applications to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs.

QNAP TS-851 (4GB RAM version) 8-Bay Personal Cloud , Intel 2.41GHz Dual Core CPU with Media Transcoding (TS-851-4G-US)

The TS-851 gives a high performance & high capacity storage solution for SOHO & home, workgroup, and SMB users. Powered by the advanced QTS operating system, the TS-851 performs as an easy-to-use still powerful NAS for data backup, file synchronization, remote access, home entertainment, and is ideal for users to build a personal cloud to access their data easily.

Buffalo TeraStation III 4-Bay 12 TB (4 X 3 TB) RAID 1U Rack Mountable () - TS-RX12TL/R5

The TeraStation III Rackmount is the replacement of the well-liked TeraStation Pro II Rackmount. It incorporates a new hardware platform and a complete set of firmware features. Hot swappable hard drives, RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10, share-level replication to another unit, a heavy-responsibility power supply, fast CPU and dual Ethernet ports are all part of the new TS III Rackmount. It is 1U form factor will include a position LCD which shows the IP address and important system info. The TeraSTation III Rackmount also will include features to make the IT administrator's job easier. UID LEDs on the front and back may be engaged with the press of a button to recognize each unit visually. This is particularly useful if many units are mounted in one rack and if the administrator wants to recognize a specific unit for maintenance reasons. The TS III Rackmount also will include a full host of business level features like, AD support, quota support, DFS support, also as hot-exchange and hot-spare functionality. All in all, the TS III Rackmount is the ideal solution for SMB and mid level businesses that need a fast performing, dependable, implanted NAS solution.

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