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Ingersoll Rand IRR-2475N7.5-PTS 80-Gal Vertical 7.5Hp Electric-Driven Two-Stage Air vs T-2820-ST

Features. Lasting cast iron design for 100 uninterrupted responsibility application. Precision engineered parts for high dependability. Individually cast cylinders overhung crankshaft and one part connecting road for easy maintenance and service. High efficiency finger valves. 175 psig maximum operating pressure for applications requiring high air capacity and pressure. Industrial Grade ODP motor. Magnetic Motor Starter. ASME Rated storage tank. 175 maximum PSI. High-Efficiency intercooler. Low oil level switch-Protect pump from running in a low oil condition. Air-Cooled after cooler-Removes roughly 70 of moisture from the air. Electronic Drain Valve-automatically drains water from the tank. HP - 7. 5. 24. 0 CFM at 175 PSI. Max PSI - 175. Tank Size - 80 Vertical. Engine - 230-1-60. Dimension - 30 x 37 x 73 in.

Viair 97 Kit

VIAIR 90 Series compressors offer a T-2820ST light responsibility solution for smaller air prerequisites and are meant to fill no bigger than a 1. 0 gallon air tank. Many responsibility cycle, mounting, compressor finish and intake alternatives are available based on model. Installation information included. Check valve included. 12-Volt. Permanent Magnetic Motor. Responsibility Cycle: 10 @ 100 PSI. Max. Working Pressure: 130 PSI. Max. 12v Amp Draw: 12 Amps. Max. 24v Amp Draw: 7 Amp.

Oasis XD3000 Heavy Duty Air

The Oasis XD3000 produces a stunning 14 CFM at free flow and remains strong all the way up to 200 PSI. This beast of a compressor can operate a 1/2" affect wrench without an air tank! Better still when running it with an air tank it'll fill a 5 gallon tank from 0 all the way to 150 PSI in just 54 seconds. Most 12 Volt compressors take this long to fill from 120 to 150; with this compressor it takes just 11 seconds to refill a 5 gallon tank from 120 to 150. Now that's some extreme performance.

VIAIR VIAIR 380C 200 PSI Dual Performance Value Pack - Pewter vs T-2820ST

Dual Performance Value Packs (380C), will include two heavy responsibility 40-amp relays and a 165 PSI cut-on, 200 PSI cut-off pressure switch, to make installing a heavy responsibility onboard air system simple, and cheap. All Dual Packs come with remote mount filter assemblies and mounting hardware. Each dual performance value pack is rated to fill tank volumes up to 10 gallons.

Reading Technologies 3P-090 Element - 1 RTI Micron

Reading Technologies Inc 3P-090 Element - 1 Micron- Removes waterdirt and oil protects air toolsair cylinders keeps lubricants from being washed out of tools 60 scfm air flow rated at 1 micron tool-less turn onoff element maintenance economical patented application dryer with 14 regulator and mounting bracket included. Item weight - 1. 000 lbs.

VIAIR 400P Portable

Viair 400P movable Compressor is a bigger movable compressor kit that can inflate up to a 35 inch tire from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 5 minutes by just attaching its supplied heavy responsibility battery clamp power leads to the battery, attaching the lever style air chuck to a tire valve stem and turning the unit on. Air pressure may be monitored using the 5-in-1 inline inflator/deflator hose and gauge included. Generally turn off the unit to take an correct pressure reading since air flow into the tire will show an inaccurate pressure reading while the compressor is running. Used and accepted of by off road fans global.

VIAIR 480C 200 PSI Dual Performance Value Pack -Chrome

Dual Performance Value Packs (480C), will include two heavy responsibility 40-amp relays and a 165 PSI cut-on, 200 PSI cut-off pressure switch, to make installing a heavy responsibility onboard air system simple, and cheap. All Dual Packs come with remote mount filter assemblies and mounting hardware. Each Dual Performance Value Pack is rated to fill tank volumes up to 10 gallons.

Viair 450P Automatic Function Portable

The VIAIR 450P auto Function movable Air Compressor is the only 100-% responsibility cycle movable compressor on the market, and can run for expanded periods of time based on your environment. Its auto pressure guideline system is intended to preserve an interior tank pressure of 145 PSI by cycling power to the compressor motor. This compressor is equipped with a removable gas-station-style inflation gun, which lets you to easily fill tires with a simple squeeze of the handle. This inflation gun may also show current tire pressure, so you do not need an extra pressure gauge.

Q Industries MF-1044 MasterFlow Turbo Air

The Q Industries MasterFlow Twin Turbo Air Compressor works just also on the road as it does at home. Featuring dual flow technology, this air compressor may be used to inflate car, bike, trailer, motorcycle, SUV, and truck tires up to 33 inches, also as a queen size air mattress, sports balls, pool toys and other household inflatables. Dual flow technology uses both high pressure and low pressure blowers to swiftly inflate air mattresses and other big inflatables. Simply attach the nozzle that best fits the valve opening on your particular inflatable item, slide on the sealing ring, and put the hose, then activate both pumps, and watch your item inflate effortlessly. The MasterFlow Twin Turbo air compressor will totally fill a queen sized mattress in under 8 minutes and inflates a passenger sized car tire in less than 1 minute. Reverse the pump, and the MasterFlow MF-1044's distinctive dual flow technology makes clean-up just as easy as set-up, deflating a bed or another inflatable things automatically in minutes for easy, compact storage. The MasterFlow MF-1044 is the ideal tool to keep with you at home or on the road.

Tower Tc1093 Rotary Screw with Dryer and Tank (Full Size)

10HP Integrated Compressor with dryer and 93 Gal. Tank 39 CFM@115PSI 220v/3/60 DirectDrive System = Higher Efficiency- The air end and motor is connected with a adaptable coupling This coupling design achieves an economical move of power and lowest energy intake. 1:1 transmission, without transmission loss, Reduced number of parts Reduced maintenance Reduced sound level Saves Energy Saves Money Precision High Volume rotating screw air end Air inlet filter and intake valve auto capacity control: load/unload Premium efficiency electric motor TEFC ASME Certification TUV Certification PLC Controls Microprocessor Display info: exhaust pressure, Temperature, running time, motor Current, state of load/unload, Use and substitute time for lubricant, Air Filter, Oil Filter, and Oil separator, Malfunction info investigation Protection- auto Shutdown@ high Temperature, High Pressure, Low Oil, missing Phase, wrong rotation and motor overload, Emergency Shutdown button Low Voltage starting, Soft Start Integrated Oil Separation system with minimum pressure valve, thermostatic valve, safety valve Big air/oil after cooler calm! Full Sound enclosure 62DB +/-2.

MasterFlow Rechargeable Air for motorcycles, ATV's, Cars, SUV and light trucks.

The MF-1045 air compressor is a 12-volt unit that comes with a rechargeable battery. This unit powers from the rechargable battery or directly from your car's cigarette lighter outlet. It's convenient, easy to use and perfect for motorcycle, ATV, Car, SUV and light truck use. The MF-1045 air compressor is a 12-volt unit that comes with a rechargeable battery. This unit powers from the rechargable battery or directly from your car's cigarette lighter outlet. It's convenient, easy to use and perfect for motorcycle, ATV, Car, SUV and light truck use.

ABN Tire Air Inflator with Gauge PSI Range from 10-170 PSI

The ABN Tire Air Inflator with Gauge PSI vary from 10-170 is a must have from anybody who owns a car with tires. Easy to read tire gauge (PSI, BAR) protected by a rubberized covering to prevent damage from drops, etc 12-inch adaptable hose lets for easy lock on to the tire valve to ensure safe use. Fitted break valve lets user to get the exact PSI throughout fill up.

Bonaire Inflator Multi Use for Tires Sports Equipment Air Mattresses

Bonaire Multi Use Inflator. Plugs into wall outlet or car. Inflator has On board air hose storage, Backlit predetermined digital pressure gauge, On board 12 volt power cord storage compartment, On board 120 volt power cord storage, 22 inch air hose, 16 foot 12 volt power cord (to plug into car outlet), fast connect valve adaptor, 1 air mattress nozzle, 1 sports ball needle and 1 presta valve adaptor with on board storage compartment, Backlit run pause button, 4 Tire valve caps store in board. Inflator may be used for: car tires, Sports Balls, Bike Tires, Air Mattresses and more.

VIAIR 2007-2011 Jeep JK, 400C , 150 PSI Hi-Speed 2 On 2 JK Bolt-on Platform w/free gift

Using two high output compressors mounted to a 2-gallon, 5-port air tank all obliged parts are included to let the installation of a quick onboard air system that gives 150 PSI maximum pressure. Available as a model-particular screw-on application for 2007-2011 Jeep JK with a crossmember mounting bracket - 2ON2 systems all come complete with an easy-to-install wiring harness and manifold to make wiring and plumbing the system straightforward. 2on2 screw-On Platform systems in model particular applications for 2007-2011 Jeep JK are equipped with a crossmember mounting bracket. Included Parts Pre-installed: - 2. 0 Gallon 5-Port Air Tank - (2) 400C air compressors - (2) 2 1/4" Stainless braided leader hoses - (2) 2 1/4" JIC fittings on leader hoses - 1/4" NPT swivel to 1/4" NPT swivel - T-fitting (remote mount filter) - 1/4" NPT Drain cock - Sealed pressure switch (110 PSI ON, 145 PSI OFF) - (2) Loomed compressor wires terminated with Delphi connectors - Prewired Delphi connector on pressure switch wiring - 1/4" NPT Safety valve - 1/4" Hex plug - Crossmember mounting bracket Included in Kit: - Toggle switch - Electrical terminal pack - Fuse holder - 60-amp fuse & fuse holder - 80-amp relay - (2) 1/4" BSP adapters for air lockers - T-fitting - Wiring harness with Delphi connectors - (2) Delphi connector plug kits - Billet 1/4" NPT x 6-port manifold - Air filter housing with installed element - (2) substitute air filter elements - Dash panel air pressure gauge (0-160 PSI illuminated) - Air pressure regulator (0-200 PSI).

Ingersoll Rand IRR-UP6-10TAS-I Rotary Screw Air Total Air System 10 Hp 230-3-60v - 150 Psi 80 Gal

Features. Calm Operation - completely enclosed unit. Easy Installation - Plug Play. E-Pact Energy economical Motor Air-cooled After-cooler Full-Voltage Motor Starter. Integrated Refrigerated Air Dryer Coalescing Filter System. Tank-mounted Design. 10HP. Voltage - 230-3-60. Sound Level - 68. CFM - 34. Max PSI - 150. Tank Size - 80. Tank Configuration - Horizontal.

Bon-Aire (i6000) Goodyear 12V Direct Drive Inflator

Goodyear i6000 12V Direct Drive Inflator features a powerful, direct drive motor that is very calm and virtually "vibration-free". With 15 feet of air hose and power cord, it gives lots of room to service all four tires on your car. The useful A/C adaptor plugs into your car 12-volt power outlet. It is easy to use while you are on the go, and compact enough to store under the seat. The glow-in-the-black pressure gauge makes roadside fill-ups much safer and easier. Great for recreational inflatables; kit will include a raft nozzle, sports needle also as a Presta valve adaptor. Also will include a carrying bag.

Viair 45050 IG Series Kit

450C IG Seies 12V feaues iude a sepaae 1/4 saiess see baided eade PTFE-ied hose ad sepaae hek vave. Idusia Gade (IG) ompessos ae speifiay desiged o fi ai esevoi aks ad feaue a speiaized head assemby ha iudes a ewy-deveoped, paes pedig ieooe fo highe hea dissipaio. A IG ompessos ae eified CE spe. Ad feaue ousadig seaig popeies o he eemes. Addiioay, a IG ompessos ae equipped wih saiess see baided PTFE-ied eade hoses ad a sepaae hek vave assemby ha seves o poe he ompesso by eimiaig he possibiiy of high ampeage esas. IG ompessos equie he use of a pessue swih ha aows opeaio up o eah ompessos maximum wokig pessue as we as a eay fo isaaio. Mode45050.

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