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5000 Watt RSQ Digital Player Professional Equipment vs TKR-365-HK

We're number 1 in Complete Karaoke Systems for a reason and here is just a small example everyone! This complete professional karaoke system is here to make your bar, restaurant, karaoke business or home the spot to be late night or when you have the urge to sing. With one of the most advanced players with amazing features, 1500 watts in your amp this system will be hard to go with, particularly for the price. We're also giving you 2 rechargeable wireless microphones and 2 wired microphones for all the coverage and sound you could possibly need. The RSQ NEO 22 is the most advanced player on the market and less than half the price of anything on the market comparable to this machine. The wireless microphones by RSQ are the best dual wireless microphones on the market at the price also. Let us not forget about the 2500 watts in the amplifier which also has all the mixing effects you'll have to get the right sound for your voice and music and bluetooth. You may also run any laptop ipod, droid phone etc. Through this amp for some good music for the party throughout your breaks from the karaoke. 1500 Watt 6-way speakers are amazing for vocals and music. Hook you TV or any monitor to this karaoke player because you got VIDEO, VGA and HDMI outputs so any monitor will work. We're also giving you 1000 songs loaded so you get a pretty selection from the beginning. You may be able to add songs, download songs rip songs as you. Bigger music packages are available. This is simply an amazing system that can not be paired at this price.

Barbie 1004

Let us celebrate, Barbie Rock N Royal fans! Now you may be able to sing with Barbie and her rock star cast with Barbie's own karaoke machine! Bring your budding music career to life with bright neon colors and an easy-to-use microphone that connects entitlement to your TV. Can not remember the words? Barbie's karaoke machine comes with a CD + G disc that allows you to read the lyrics to your favorite Rock N Royal songs (3 total) off your TV screen. As well as a microphone that really helps you belt it out. If you are hosting karaoke birthday party or chasing your dreams of superstardom, Barbie and her karaoke machine will amplify any occasion.

Kumyoung KHM-600 Portable n Wireless Microphone included - n Edition

Product Details& -& Brand Name : Kumyoung& TKR-365HK - Model Name: KHM-600 -& Voltage: 110V220V, & Power Supply: DC 5V / 2A - Dimension (major Body) : 203 x 200 x 66 mm - Package: 2 Wireless Mic, Receiver, Remote Control, Carrier Bag, AV Cable, Batteries, User's Manual (in Korean) -& notes that& User's manual, menu and remote control are& all in Korean. & Description& - Support 30, 000 Songs - Korean Song, K-POP, English Pop Song, and Japanese& Song - Simply plug and play, no extra hardware obliged - TV Format : NTSC + friend, HDMI Available - HD support (Resolution: 1080x720, frame rate : 30 fps, bit rate: 10 Mbps - Record your music in MP3 files - Update new songs: easily upgraded with the expansion pack - HDMI 1. 3 support: high-meaning video output - USB Input: USB 2. 0 quick (Host) - Multimedia player (MP3, Video and Photos) - Customizable pictures and video backgrounds Shipping: Expedited Shipping, Ship from Korea(South) Expedited Shipping takes 35 business days from shipping date from South Korea & & .


Create song-filled times in perfect harmony with great VIDEOKE Harmony! it's the newest movable Videoke with HD SOUND from WOW Videoke. With REALSOUND Songs with MP3-established audio-recorded live using real orchestral instruments makes you sing to the original music and instrumentations. With ADVANCED MIDI + CHORUS Songs and sounds re-mastered and re-engineered to be as close as the originals makes you feel singing live complete with live instruments and back-up vocals. With AUTO MULTIPLEX Songs with full-length guide vocals that you may switch on or off, great when you have to practice before you give it all. With MEDLEY, Themed DJ combinations of songs with full vocals, great for Sing-alongs at get-together or karaoke parties. Made in Korea. Quality guaranteed. With 12 months maker's warranty.

The SMG303BK Portable Mini Plug N Play CDG Player (Black)

Karaoke is back! The Singing Machine movable Mini Plug n Play CD+G Player allows you to bring, play and sing with your beloved music out of a lightweight package, regardless where you're! The SMG303BK is a front-loading system that features microphone volume, master volume, echo control, balance, auto voice control and speakers system and aux input for your smartphone or iPhone/iPod/MP3 devices.


Entertech is the magic microphone leader in groundbreaking karaoke technology. This unit is great for people of all ages to come together and have a great time! This is the new magic microphone for the fall-winter season of 2014. It comes with 2, 000 Spanish and English songs and you may be able to download more songs and there are extra song chips available for buy. IMPORTANT NOTE: Older variant Entertech song chips won't work with this unit. Don't purchase and intend to use your old song chips. You may be able to buy song chips for the ET28KH at this link - http://www. Magicmicrophoneusa. Com/et28kh-songchips. Html.

EnterTech MagicSing ET-5KPH Microphone - Tagalog/English Edition

Enter Tech brings new 2013 model Magic Sing ET25K All in One movable Digital Home Karaoke Microphone with 621 Tagalog songs and 1, 679 English songs, totaling 2, 300 songs. This karaoke microphone is perfect for any skill level and is built with rich sound quality and high performance. You may be able to choose and enjoy singing your beloved collections of songs whenever and wherever you want. Bring the party with you wherever you go. Package will include: major wired karaoke microphone, AC adapter (SMPS), user manual and song list with binder, USB install CD and USB cable and leather carrying case. Check out the features below. Features: & ● fitted Songs: 2, 300 ( Songs list available upon ask ) & ● Moving picture background & ● MP3 Support & ● Real-time song search (artist/title) & ● Jump (Prelude and interlude) & ● Background mode change & ● fitted Manual (Help) & ● Game: 5 games: BINGO1, BINGO2, BLACKJACK, TEN-TEN, IQ200 & ● Gift Box with Carrying Bag & ● Echo, key, rate control & ● Recording/playback & ● Reservation: Up to 100 songs & ● Change of Instrument Melody & ● concurrent Scoring & ● Voice alteration (M-F-M) & ● My mic (up to 100 customized songs) & ● Voice multiplex - Guided vocal available & ● Music notes support (Musical data) & ● Song Display (Sorting on Screen) & ● Duplicated song display & ● Auto power off.

VOCOPRO SmartTVoke -

You own a smart TV, it probably has karaoke capability. It may be a dedicated karaoke app like Karaoke Channel™ , or Red Karaoke™ , or decide from thousands of karaoke tracks on YouTube. You are just one step way from hosting a great karaoke party and that is VocoPro's new SmartTVOke! it is the fast solution to integrate karaoke into your speaker set up at home. Simply connect the SmartTVOke in between your TV and stereo system and you are prepared to rock on for hours of karaoke fun with friends and family.

Magic Sing ET8KH HD Resolution with Wireless , 3, 806 Songs, Newest Hindi Edition

OnStage let us Karaoke system brings families and friends together. With over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of Karaoke systems, Enter-Tech gives the most advanced Karaoke system in the world. With its intuitive user interface and simple design, users can customize Melody, Tone, Echo, rate and other functions to produce the best singing performance. The system can display musical notes on your TV while the music plays. This feature lets you to play along to the music with your beloved instrument. You can also customize the back ground by adding your pictures with the included USB memory card. You may be able to record your performance! With the two wireless microphones (included), your friends and family can join in for hours of fun. Simple Operation: The OnStage let us Karaoke machine was intended for everyone who wants to have great fun, without spending too much time learning the system. With the included HDMI cable, just plug it into your TV and enjoy! More than 3, 806 well-liked songs are included in the machine. The wireless microphones have a key-pad that holds numbers and function keys for fast song selection and modification of the music. Intelli-Scoring and Smart-Echo System: OnStage let us Karaoke has a fitted Intelli-Scoring system that scores your singing in real-time. Have your singing contest with your friends and family. This system also will include the Smart-Echo feature, which gives an echo when you sing to the music, however turns off when the music is off. Record Your Singing: OnStage let us Karaoke lets users to record their own performance for direct replay, or store it into USB for replaying on other musical devices.

MA-3000KII 750W Mixing Amplifier

The Martin Roland MA3000KII is a 750 watt powered mixing amplifier with a fitted SD/USB reader to playback MP3 songs. The max power of 750W yields great quality sound that you may experience. Superior echo control with tone controls - treble, mid, bass - enhances the performance of your sound system by far. Martin Roland amplifiers have been a hard performer powering many home and professional systems so you may be able to expect rock hard dependability.

HDK BOX .0 Streaming Supports iPad/iPhone/Android Apps Control and Recording w/ 1 Month Free Subscription

HDK Box- The Smartest Karaoke Machine Breakthrough Internet Streaming Karaoke Machine. Brand New Experience! HDK Box is the smartest Karaoke machine ever. It uses internet streaming and downloading technology, direct connection to our exclusive karaoke music portal. The thin and movable HDK Box offers the most convenient, high quality karaoke experience anywhere. Controller App for iPhone/iPad/Android makes song selection easier than ever. The 1st Karaoke Machine Supports App Remote Control for iPad, iPhone and Android It supports iPhone/iPad/Android app. Users can use smart phones and tablets to control the selection of songs and all other functionings auto Song Update Supports Ethernet (LAN) and wireless networks (Wi-Fi) connections. HDK Box automatically updates songs weekly. Big Licensed Karaoke Library HD Karaoke gives over 9, 000 English licensed karaoke content in HD for direct stream and download. In total, 15, 000 songs will be slowly added into the library. Online Streaming and fitted Hard Drive HDK Box has online streaming technology and a big capacity fitted hard drive. Groundbreaking Design - Compact and movable HDK Box is super-compact and movable. Only 8. 0"x 4. 7"x 1. 3", and weighing just 2. 1lb, makes it simple to use at home or take it to a friend's house party. This Listing is for HDK Box Only. This package is as well as the Karaoke Machine - HDK Box and 3-month English Song Subscription You may also buy songs and service individually. Song service alternatives, Unlimited Access Monthly Subscription (works like Netflix): 9. 99/Month or A La Carte Song buy (works like iTunes): 0. 99/Song. This is the English variant of the HDK Box. For Chinese variant and Chinese song subscription, contact our buyer service.


HDMI + 2 WIRELESS MICROPHONE 5, 145 MIX TAGALOG OPM and& ALL TIME FAVORITE ENGLISH POP SONGS Music, Melody, MIC Volume modification Echo, Key, rate modification Realtime Search Mode (Song Title, Artist, Number Guide Vocal (Multiplex Songs Musical data Display CDG Karaoke Support Movie, Music Play Mode concurrent Score Three Level Scoring Mode (Beginner / Amature / Professional) Record & Playback (USB memory) Moving Picture Background Display copy Song Numbers Song Repeat (Practice Mode) Random Playback uninterrupted Play Melody Instrument Change My-MIC (100 Customized Songs) Jump (Skips Prelude / Interlude) Song Reservation (100 Songs) Background Change HDMI Support fitted Manual(Help) USB memory support Video Output NTSC Games Auto Power Off.

Spanish Version Magic Sing Et3kh Built-in Incorporado 1, 573 Spanish 47 English POP Songs Wireless Mic

Click here for 2, 000 Song list www. Et23k. Com/songlist/1573sp+p427. Htm Click here free of charge chip song list - http://magickaraoke. Com/songlist/1573sp+p427. Htm NO WARRANTY IF purchasing FROM KARAOKEDJSHOP SORRY. Hi meaning with HDMI Output 2 Wireless Microphones Wireless IR Remote Control 4 Chip Slots for extra Song Upgrade USB Memory Support Video Background/Video Playback(plays supported files only) Other Features MP3 Player capability Cheering capability(claps etc.. ) concurrent Song Search(artist/title) Echo, Key, rate Controls Random/Repeat/uninterrupted Playback Recording/Playback Reservation(up to 100 songs) Melody(w/ changeable instruments) concurrent Scoring Voice Alteration(M/F) My Mic(up to 100 customized songs) Multiplex able Music data able Song Display(Sorting On Screen) NTSC/friend Mode Auto Power Off fitted Manual(Help) will include: 2 Wireless Microphones, major Base Unit, Remote Control, AV Cable (RCA), HDMI Cable, AC Power Adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz) w/ U. S. Type socket, Handbook, Song List, fast Guide, Carry Bag, free Batteries.

Azusa MIK0115 Mixer with

Easy to set up with RCA connections to your TV or DVD player, the Azusa MIK0115 gives an economical solution for home karaoke user and American Idol wannabes. It has two standard 1/4" microphone input jacks with individual volume control, two bonus microphones are included for your convenience. Other features are music volume control, echo & tone control and common AC adapter. If you have to learn more about this product, you may be able to reach us toll free 866-524-8676, M-F, 9AM-5:30PM Pacific standard time, excluding big national holidays.

Rockville Powered 1 iphone/ipad/Android/Laptop/T.V. /

Rockville RPG12BT 12 800 Watt Active DJ/PA Speaker With fitted Bluetooth 800 Watts Peak / 400 Watts Program / 200 Watts RMS High power long-throw 12'' woofer with 2. 5 aluminum voice coil gives very deep bass and acoustic power Frequency answer: 40Hz-20KHz Maximum SPL @1w/1m: 125dB peak / 122dB uninterrupted Bluetooth signal input. Now you may be able to input any audio signal from your Bluetooth enabled music player or phone. No cables needed! USB/SD digital MP3 music player. Input audio signals, special effects, any preprogrammed audio file and amplify it through your system. Rockville RWM1201VH VHF Wireless Dual HandHeld Microphone Mic System High performance wireless hand held microphone system will include transmitter with (2) hand held microphones High sensitivity, unidirectional, wireless cardioid microphones Featuring a dual filter design to bound feedback and interference Transmitter automatically links to receiver for easy use lasting composite microphone construction comfy ergonomic design Rockville RCDR10B Black Dual Mono Right Angle RCA to Straight RCA Patch Cable Dual RCA to Dual RCA Nickel-Plated for Rugged Durability and economical Signal move 100 Copper Conductors for improved Signal clearness OFC Spiral Shields for efficient EMI and RFI Rejection and Flexibility Length: 10 Ft Color: Black Rockville RNRMR10 3. 5mm 1/8 TRS to Dual RCA Cable Length: 10 Ft Rockville RCXMB3-B Black Nickel Plated REAN XLR Male to 1/4'' TRS Cable Length: 3 Ft Color: Black.

Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand

Memorex SingStand is revolutionizing the way you interact with music-now you may be a star! Memorex SingStand microphone speaker system lets you to sing with music from iPod or any MP3 device with a headset jack. Impress your friends and family with voice control and echo effects, giving them a stellar vocal performance, then connect your musical instruments for a really amazing show. The full-range speakers, built into the base, offer quality sound, and if you feel like sharing the spotlight, SingStand comes equipped with dual microphone inputs for duet performances. Sing with music from iPod device or any MP3 device with headset jack with 3. 5mm line-in connection Auto Voice Control (AVC) is your fitted vocal guide improved vocal effects with echo and balance control Powerful speakers built into base (Two 4W speakers) Connect keyboard to play with band Cable management clips Connectivity Dual microphone inputs for singing duets (one dynamic microphone included) Keyboard input Accessories Microphone / audio player holder (audio line in cable) Dynamic 10ft. Corded microphone 3pc adjustable pole.

Vocopro TabletOke Digital lPad Mixer() Mics() Powered Vocal Speakers

Vocopro TabletOke Digital lPad Karaoke Mixer Bluetooth Receiver With 2 Wireless Mics Two Microphones Operate In The License-Free 2. 4GHz Band For dependable Transmission Bluetooth Connects To Smartphones, Tables, Or Laptops To Stream Music Wirelessly Connect Any Music Source With The 1/8 Input Jack Individual Microphone Volume And Effect Controls Via The Included Remote Control Mixed Output Jack Sends Music And Microphone Signal to Any Sound System With A 1/8 Or RCA Input MPX Function Removes Vocals On Songs With many Audio Tracks 1/8 audio in 1/8 audio out 1/4 mic out Powered Vocal Speakers intended for Karaoke and Singing 400W Max (200W + 200W Max) Amplifier gives plentiful Sound Onboard Bass And Treble Controls Inputs: RCA Line In, 1/8 Line In Outputs: RCA Line Out 20ft. SpeakOn Cable Included Speaker Bracket (not included) lets To Be Mounted Onto A Stand Rear Panel Connections: Power Input Speakon Connectors RCA L/R input RCA L/R output 1/8 input.

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