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KH Industries PS6DD3-520-B10G-L2120D Alcryn Dead End Power Stringer Three Duplex Boxes, 20 Amps, 120/208V AC, 3 Phase, 30' vs US2:VC30-GRYU

KH Industries 120/208 Volt temporary power stringer has three (3) black 20 Amp duplex/duplex outlet boxes with six (6) NEMA 5-20R. Three phase with 10/5 SOOW cable. Spacing is 10-10-10, 30-feet total length. Dead end stringer will include NEMA L21-20P. The KH Industries PowerTuff movable outlet box is industrial grade and intended to comply with OSHA and NEC rules for safe, movable power. Made from non-metallic and non-conductive materials these electrical outlet boxes protect against electrical shock. Heavy-responsibility rubber construction on outside. Integrated cover plate mounting holes. Integrated strain break system. Cover plates are made from greatly lasting Valox. Made in the USA.

Leviton 2621-P 24 Pack 30Amp 250V Industrial Grade Locking Plug, Black White

Leviton 30Amp 250V Industrial Grade Locking Plug. Leviton's business leading locking devices, like our Black & White line of industrial grade plugs and connectors and receptacles. Offer superior performance, long lasting dependability and other features that are supported by a lifetime warranty. Super Tough Nylon Body Resists Damage From serious affect, attrition and Chemicals. Hard Brass Blades And Contacts Feature Improved Conductivity, Low Resistance, Low Heat, and Long Life. Interior Wiring Chambers separate Individual Conductors to Prevent Flashover, curving, and Stray Strands of Wire. 30 Amp, 250 Volt, NEMA L6-30P, 2P, 3W. Locking Plug, Industrial Grade, Grounding.

50 Piece Flush Mount Black Hole Plug Assortment for Auto Body Sheet Metal

Variety of 50 flush head style hole plugs usually used in a range of professional applications in vehicle sheet metal, heating and ventilating, and body shops and the garage. Nice plug fits sheet metal up to 0. 10 thick. Installs easily and securely. Made of lasting black polyethylene material. Individually bagged by plug size.

Leviton 931 30/50 Amp, 250 Volt, Plug, Angle, Grounding, Black vs US-2:VC-30GRYU

Electrical plans Grounding: Grounding Amperage: 30/50 US2:VC30GRYU Amp Voltage: 250 Volt NEMA: 6-30P/6-50P Pole: 2 Wire: 3 Dielectric Voltage: Withstands 2000V per UL498 Current disrupting: Certified for current disrupting at full rated current Temperature Rise: Max 30° C after 50 cycles OL at 150 % rated currentEnvironmental plans Flammability: Rated V-2 per UL94 Operating Temperature: -40° C to 60° CMaterial plans Body Material: Thermoplastic Blades/Contacts: Brass Assembly Screws: Steel, Zinc Plated Color: BlackMechanical plans Terminal ID: Brass-Hot, Green-Ground, Silver-Neutral Terminal Accom. : 14-6 AWG Product ID: Ratings and NEMA I. D. Permanently marked on device Cord Range:. 630 - 1. 050Standards and Certifications NEMA: WD-6 ANSI: C-73 UL498: File E13393 CSA C22. 2 No. 42: File LR-406 NOM: 057 Warranty: 10-Year restricted.

Remote Control Outlet, Hi-Tech 4 Wireless Outlet Switch & 1 × 150 Ft Range RF Signal Remote Controller (Battery Included)

The Wireless Outlet Switch with remote is easy to install and take control over your outlets. The Wireless Outlet Switch Kit is great for switching on/off hard-to-reach appliances and devices without fitted power switches. It operates household appliances from across rooms, wall and floors (range around 30m/100ft), may be a great helper to the mobility impaired. Remote Controlled Outlet could save money for you. Many household electronics and appliances consume electricity when not used - wasting priceless energy and rising your electric bill. It is easy to take control for the best energy efficiency by using this Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit to power everyday electronic devices like stereos, chargers, microwaves, Xbox, Amazon Firestick, lamp and Christmas lights. Wireless Remote Control Outlets has Learning Function. This feature lets you to program the learning outlet plug to match your different needs. Match any button on any remote outlets controller so that you may control each outlet individually or all now. Plans: Material: Plastics Color: White Working Voltage for Socket: 100V-127V/60Hz Transmission frequency: 433. 92MHZ Max Load Current: 10A Battery for transmitter: DC 12V 23A Battery Package weight: 1. 06 pound Size: 210 x 110 x 60mm/8. 27 x 4. 33 x 2. 36"(L x W x H) Package will include: 4 x Outlet Swicth 1 x Remote Control Transmitters 1 x User Manual 1 x 12V Alkaline battery Note: To decrease the risk of damaging your devices, be sure that the wattage of your appliances doesn't surpass this merchandise power output.

125pc Rubber Grommet & Plug Assortment - Includes Solid Plugs - Automotive, Airplane, Marine Applications

All pieces have recessed rim for easy mounting. Set will include rubber grommets (inside diameter x outside diameter x depth): 1/8 x 1/4 x 1/4", 7/32 x 5/16 x 3/8", 9/32 x 1/2 x 5/16", 1/2 x 19/32 x 5/16", 3/8 x 15/32 x 5/16", 3/8 x 1/2 x 1/4", 5/16 x 9/16 x 3/8", 3/8 x 13/16 x 5/16", 7/16 x 3/4 x 5/16", 5/8 x 31/32 x 5/16", 3/4 x 15/16 x 5/16". Rubber plugs in outside diameters (all 1/4" thickness): 9/32, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 and 1". See-through organizer case has 18 compartments to keep things organized and easy to recognize; double latch cover.

Etekcity Energy Saving Programmable Remote Control al Plug & Outlet / Wireless Switch Kit for Household Appliances Devices w/o Built-i vs US-2:VC-30-GRYU

Take Control Over Your OutletsThe Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit works from as far as 100 feet and is great for switching on/off hard-to-reach appliances and devices without fitted power switches. It operates household appliances from across rooms and may be a great helper to the mobility impaired. Save Energy and MoneyMany household electronics and appliances consume electricity when not used - wasting priceless energy and rising your electric bill. Standby energy intake can average up to 100 a year in needless energy costs in a regular American household. By using this Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit to power everyday electronic devices like stereos, chargers, microwaves, and christmas lights, it is easy to take control for the best energy efficiency. Learning FunctionThis feature lets you to program the learning outlet receiver to match your needs. Match any button on any remote transmitter so that you may control each outlet individually or all now. SpecificationsPower input: 120V/60HzPower output: 1200W/10A (max)Transmission frequency: 433. 92MHzRemote transmitter battery: DC 12V(23A) 1pcPower intake: 0. 6wWhat's included5x Etekcity Outlet Receivers2x Remote Control Transmitters2x 12V Batteries1x User Manual.

Hubbell M4100C12R 100A 125/250V Female Connector

Hubbell Marine was the 1st to offer 100 amp marine grade devices that are considered second to none. Hubbell worked on the standard for 100 amp Pin and Sleeve devices with the National Electric Code and the American ship and Yacht Council. Only Hubbell offers 3, 4 and 5 wire 100 amp cable sets for your shore power prerequisites. Cable sets made in factory controlled conditions using specially compounded cable to accommodate a full 100 amp. 100 Amp pin and Rugged, watertight, sleeve devices. UL listed, AB02029 YC compliant, corrosion tolerant. 100 Ampere, 125/250 Volt 3 Pole 4 Wire Ship-to-Shore Devices M4100B12R Gray nylon shore power inlet has gasketed, spring-loaded cover which closes automatically when not used and is watertight when securely fastened. Mounting holes are 4. 88 in. (123. 8) on centers and rear part has 3. 94 in. (100. 0) diameter. Mounting screws and gasket included. M4100C12R Yellow Zytel super tough nylon watertight connector body has gasketed locking ring to make inlet/connector interface watertight. Cord grip range is 1. 00? 1. 94 in. (25. 4? 49. 3). Note: This device mates with shore power inlet only. M4100P12 Yellow Zytel super tough nylon watertight plug has gasketed locking ring to make plug/receptacle interface watertight. Cord grip range is 1. 00? 1. 94 in. (25. 4? 49. 3). M4100R12 Gray nylon dockside receptacle has gasketed, spring-loaded cover. Closes automatically when not used and is watertight when securely fastened. Mounting holes are 4. 88 in. (123. 8) on centers. Mounting screws and gasket included. M4100C12 Yellow Zytel super tough nylon watertight connector body for mating plug to connector interface on extension cords or adapters. Cord grip range is 1. 00? 1. 94 in. (25. 4? 49. 3). Note: It can not be mated to the shore power inlet. 100 Ampere, 3Y 120/208 Volt and 3Y 277/480 Volt 4 Pole 5 Wire Ship-to-Shore Devices M5100B9R Gray nylon shore power inlet has gasketed, spring-loaded cover.

Leviton EVJ46-PEV 40-Amp Max 208-240V AC Level 2 Charge Connector Assembly, 25-Feet Length

Leviton is proud to announce the introduction of the 40 Amp Electric car Charge Connector Assembly. Featuring a superior ergonomically intended connector handle and high performance UL Type EV cable, Leviton EV Charge Connector Assemblies are the smart choice for integrating into your Electric car Supply Equipment. This connector will be well-matched with North American Original Equipment maker (OEM) vehicles only. It may not be well-matched with plug in car conversions or vehicles that were made previous to 2010 calendar year. Buyers should buy this product only if they have an OEM car from 2010 model year or afterward. The J1772 connector assembly isn't to be used as a substitute for a Leviton EVSE. Verify with the maker of the EVSE to ensure compatibility. The EVJ46-PEV isn't a standalone electric car charging station. It's meant to be used as a part for substitute of present EVSE cords that may became damaged and/or needs substitute. The product has a 25' cord that has a blunt cut end so that the installer can properly prep the wiring for their installation without minimizing any cord length.

Leviton 2621 30 Amp, 250 Volt, NEMA L6-30P, 2P, 3W, Locking Plug, Industrial Grade, Grounding - Black-White

Leviton 061-2621 Industrial Grade Locking PlugLeviton 061-2621 Industrial Grade Locking Plug Features: Industrial grade Locking plug Grounding L6-30P NEMA Locking connector (1063-2107) Flush receptacle (1050-0148) hard brass blades and contacts Zinc plated steel assembly screws Super tough nylon body material UL and CSA Standards and Certifications.

Sea Striker 890 Rigged Cedar Plug, 6-Inch Natural, 8-Feet Leader w/Thimble

Cedar Plug, the number one tuna fish tempt on the East Coast is fast catching on around the globe. Available in real naturalcedar or a range of colors. Rigged or unrigged, this tempt is great for all gamefish. Cedar Plugs™ are available in 4” , 6” , and 8” lengths. Rigged models have 8&'of leader, a plastic thimble and 3412 Mustad hooks as follows: 4” has a 8/0, 6” has a 10/0, and 8” has a 11/0 hook. The 4” is rigged with 100 lb. Test mono, the 6” and 8” are rigged with 150 lb. Test mono. Also available, “ West Coast” style rigging which uses 4&'of mono and a 2/0 crane barrel swivel. The shorter leader lets for casting if wanted. To identify “ West Coast” style rigging add “ -WC” to rigged model numbers.

Receptacle, 3 P, 4 W

Technical Specification Item Pin And Sleeve Receptacle Type Female Receptacle Amps 100 Color Orange Voltage 125/250 Phase 1 Number of Poles 3 Number of Wires 4 Material of Construction Nonmetallic, Watertight and Abuse tolerant Standards IEC 309-1 and 309-2 Compliance & limitations Compliance and limitations None This listing is for each. _DELETE_.

Leviton Grounding Connector 15 Amp Csa Ylw Bulk

Leviton 515CV 15 Amp 125 Volt Straight Blade Connector, 2 Pole, 3 Wire, NEMA 5-15R - Yellow. These rugged performers are moisture, chemical and abuse-tolerant, And they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Our EPTR rubber-backed plugs and connectors stand up to rough use, defending against dirt and moisture. The deep-slotted, backed-out terminal screws draw backwire clamps securely over stripped leads for maximum conductivity. Standards and Certifications: NEMA: WD-6; ANSI: C-73; UL498: File E13393; CSA C22. 2; No. 42: File LR-406; NOM: 057.

Leviton 69586-R48 Extreme Cat 6+ Universal Recessed Patch Panel, 2RU, 48-Port

The Recessed Patch Panel is a great choice for rack and cabinet installations where there's restricted front depth for patch cord cable management.   It improves access and maintains correct cable bend radius.   will include a screw less cable management bar that fastens directly on the back of the panel.   Pass through holes gives patch cord routing direct access to vertical cable managers.

Earring Obsession's 14K Rose Gold 36mm Spark Plug Leverback Earrings (Approx. 18.8 grams)

Made entirely for JewelsObsession. This is a beautiful 14k rose gold 36mm spark plug earrings. This 14k rose gold earrings measures 36 mm in length by 8 mm width. JewelsObsession creates all gold jewelry in our state of the art manufacturing building. Let 5-10 business days for things to be produced and prepared for shipping.

Forney 58401 al Receptacle, Pin-Type, Portable 50-Amp, 250-Volt

The Forney 58401 pin-type movable electrical receptacle is hardened Bakelite pin-type design movable electrical receptacle with heavy rubber insulator. Forney Industries is one of Americas longest operating family-owned metal working product businesses. Founded in 1932, Forney offers more than 5, 000 merchandise for the hardware, vehicle, farm and ranch and do-it-yourself markets. If you have got metal working questions, we have got answers. Were dedicated to your success despite of place size or needs. 50 amp, 250 volt capacity. NEMA 6-50. Claims for warranty must be made inside 90 days of the date of buy. Evidence of buy obliged. This warranty doesn't cover any product that was subject to abuse, neglect, neglect or accident, or that was used opposite to the function meant.

PowerXology International Travel All-in-one Plug Adapter Universal Converter Combo Unit 2 USB Ports

PowerXology All-in-One common Plug Adapter with 2 fitted USB PortsCharge your computer and phone/ipad simultaneously with one single adapter! SpecificationSize: 2. 50 2. 17 2. 64 inWeight: 3. 88 ozInput: 100VAC C 250VACColor: blackUSB Port 1: 5V/1AUSB Port 2: 5V/2. 1APowerXology common Plug Types ExplainedType USUsed in: North and Central America, Japan, etc. Type EUUsed in: Europe, with the exemption of the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. Type UKUsed in: UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. Type AUUsed in: Australia, China, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, etc. Package will include:1 PowerXology common All-in-one Plug Adapter User ManualNote:The adapter doesn't change voltage. The adapter is intended for phone chargers, battery chargers, iPods, shavers, razors, answering machine devices, tape recorders, calculators, cassettes, radios, etc. The adapter can not be used for heating-type appliances like hair dryers, hair straighter, etc. And any appliances with motors like blenders, etc.

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