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ARKSEN© 2 Gallons p Degassing Expoxy with 1/3HP 4 CFM Pump vs VP112-C

Single Stage Vacuum Features: High Efficiency & Low sound Heavy-responsibility Aluminum Alloy Casing Direct Drive Motor Allowing Easy Starting and is Maintenance Free Oil Sight Glass for Monitoring Oil Levels With Oil Drain Plug located at Bottom of Oil Reservoir interior High Volume Cooling Fan for expanded Use Exhaust Port with Exhaust Cap ON/OFF Switch Non Slip Cushion Handle will include a Bottle of Vacuum Oil "FREE" plans Power Voltage:110V, 60Hz Motor Power: 1/3HP, 4 CFM Pump Speed: 1720 RPM Oil Capacity: 200ml Micro ranking: 75 Microns (10pa) 2 Gallons Chamber Features: Heat cured silicone gasket is chemically tolerant to solvents like butane and doesn't loose vacuum over time Heavy responsibility 3/4" shatter tolerant acrylic crystal cover lets you to see inside and bulletproof Hydro-tested stainless steel container is high strength, lasting Glycerin filled industrial gauge resists vibrations and keeps the gauge correct to inside 0. 5inHg. 5 foot collapse-evidence steel wire strengthened hose easily withstands any vacuum pressure you throw at it and features Both the release valve and ball valve are constructed into a single unit for easy use 50 micron air filter decreases air flow back into the chamber for purging and prevents dust and debris from entering the chamber 4. 75" x 4. 75" non stick silicone pad lets you to easily remove resin combinations plans Maximum Rated Vacuum: 29. 9inHg @ sea level / 24. 82 @ 5000ft Hose Connector: 1/4" SAE w/ 45 Seat Chamber Max Temp: 160F Gauge Style: Gylcerin Filled Silicone Pad Size: 4. 75" x 4. 75" Chamber Dimension: 8. 25" x 8" (Without cover) in general Dimension: 8" x 13-3/4".

LINOBASE LINOLEUM (5104888) 5 GALLON 51048888

Specially formulated, permanent sealer that forms a long-lasting seal over linoleum flooring. An ideal base for linoleum floor finish topcoats. Helps to prevent linoleum from being stained or damaged by water, regular alkaline cleaners and strippers. Sealer won't powder or crack when applied on porous linoleum. Creates a tough seal that's greatly tolerant to attrition and chemicals. Enhances color, on old, worn and faded linoleum.

50 8 x 50 Commercial Grade Food Saver Storage Roll Bags

Features:One side clear, no markings on VP112C bag - perfect for resale of goodsBoilable - Perfect for Sous Vide cooking! FreezableReusableMicrowave SafeDishwasher SafeBPA FreeOur vacuum sealer rolls may be used on most "clamp style" sealers like:FoodsaverBlack & DeckerRivalSeal A MealDeniKenmoreGeorge ForemanCabelasand many more..

V3840 FoodSaver Vertical SS vs VP-112C

Food Saver V3840 Upright Vacuum Sealing System. Stainless Steel finish; hands free operation; auto bag detection; marinate mode; canister mode; fitted retractable accessory hose; fitted roll holder & bag cutter; 2 vacuum speeds and 2 sealing levels; extra-large sealing strip; crush-free instant seal.

Boshi Electronic Instrument DZ350 Packaging For Food/Tea Aluminum Bags Sealing Machine With CE Certification Sealing Size 35010 mm

Boshi Electronic Instrument Our Boshi Electronic Instrument is a professional store on laboratory instrument. When you buy our product, find it in our Boshi Electronic Instrument to have good after-sales service ensure About product Theseriesofvacuumpackingmachinesisfeaturedautomaticprocessingofvacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling, whichisusedinvacuumpackagingofthefood, pharmaceutical, aquatic, chemicalandelectronicindustries. Itcanpreventtheproductsfromoxidization andmildew, aswellascorrosionandmoisture, keepingthequalityandfreshnessandprolonging Model:DZ-350 Voltage:AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz(optional, bydefault, wewillshipaccordingtothevoltageofyourCountry) Chamber size:450370220mm Sealing length:350MM Sealing Width:10MM Vacuum:≤ 1KPA Capacity:2-5 times/min Pump power:1. 0KW Sealing power:0. 37KW Dimension:560420340MM Weight:64Kg About service & feedback 1. All merchandise have been checked and packaged in good condition before shipping 2. After your order is confirmed, the product will be sent to your hands for 7-13 workdays. 3. Your Feedback is really important to us, take some seconds to leave a great feedback if you're pleased with our product and service.

Sales KF-300CS 12 Wide PTFE Coated Direct Heat & Bag w/ 15 mm Seal

Our newest addition to the movable heat sealer lines with longer sealing length of 12". KF-300CS is lightweight and easy to use anywhere. The movable KF-sealers are ideal for sealing small, irregular or extra long packages. We suggest using this sealer if you're sealing cellophane, coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper and other thicker materials. Equipped with an adjustable temperature controller lets the user to control the amount of heat needed for different kind of materials. A 5-15 minute warm up time is needed to accomplish the correct temperature. The sealer is constructed of lasting metal with insulated rubber handgrips. Also included with each sealer is a stand for setting your sealer while not used. Don't touch the jaws of the sealer till it has cooled down. Easy to operate: based on the material, let 5-15 minutes of warm up time for the sealer to reach the wanted temperature. Just put the material between the jaws and close the jaws for some seconds. Release the jaw. Increase or decrease the timing till a acceptable seal is acquired.

Ary Table Top () vs VP-112-C

Vacuum package soups, stews and liquid rich food! The VacMaster VP112 Chamber Machine takes conventional commercial technology and transforms it to fit your home. The VP112 has a sleek, low-profile design, making it easily controllable and countertop friendly. With commercial chamber technology, the home kitchen fan or recreational chef can use the same technology that professionals have been using for many years. With this machine, you may be able to vacuum package anything, as well as liquids! The VacMaster VP112 Chamber Machine is so simple and fun; it'll have you searching your house for things to vacuum package.

AIE-402CH 16 Constant Heat Foot & Bag

These special foot sealers are excellent for sealing polycello films, humidity-evidence cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset bags. A beautiful mesh seal, 5/8 inch large by 16 inches long, is produced. These sealers are ideal for producing large seals of heavier bags. Each unit comes with a temperature controller & beeper signal to inform operator when the sealing is complete. Each machine was injection mold cast and electro static painted for durability. Each unit comes complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable work table and foot control.

Minipack MVS 35X Machine

The Minipack MVS 35X is a great choice for packaging beef, fish, poultry, pork, fruits, vegetables and other food also as non-food things. It has a nice 13" W x 11. 75" L chamber that's 4. 5" at its lowest and 7. 5" high at the top of the dome. This chamber sealer features a single sealing bar that may be used to vacuum seal bags of different sizes. Using this machine is simple and automated in comparison to other alike machines with complex dials and settings. Simply set the amount of air you want removed, sealing time, place your product in the chamber, close the cover and the machine does the rest. This machine is made in Italy and features an very lasting construction, which is much better than the flimsy sheet metal found in other machines. The basin is seamless, making it simple to clean and there's no have to worry about junk and bacteria to get caught in the cracks. Auto calibration keeps everything running smoothly. This machine runs on 120 volts / 9 Amps.

Ziploc V366 System Reduces food costs up to $1, 200 a year

Ziploc offers reliable quality from a brand you may be able to trust. Ziploc Vacuum Sealing is an groundbreaking convenient and smart way to store leftovers. With this Ziploc V366 Vacuum Sealer System you'll save time food and money. The machine features different vacuum and sealing modes as well as Programmable Marinating for different kinds of meats Auto Bag Creation Custom or Sized and Roll Storage. The Dual Seal technology lets for economical continual use. Plus the machine is intended for easy clean up.

AstroSeal II Tunnel Only

The ASTROSEAL II shrink wrapping system increase production by using a shrink tunnel rather than a labor intensive shrink gun to produce glistening shrink wrap packages. Already have an ASTROSEAL? By combining an ASTROSEAL 13", 18" or 24" system with our shrink tunnel, 100's of shrink wrapped packages may be made hourly with far less effort. In just seconds your packages may be sealed in film, placed on the moving conveyor belt to be automatically shrink wrapped and prepared to go.. With far less effort.

16 in. 800W Impulse Hand with Cutter, 0.2 in. Seal Width

This Impulse hand sealer seal poly bags and other thermoplastic materials quickly and proficiently without any warm-up time. The sealer comes with a plug-in electronic timer it can control the different sealing times needed for the varying thickness of different materials. Work table and film roller aren't included. Cutter is 0. 5 inches above the seal line. The timer automatically beeps when the seal is done. Once the timer is set, the sealer will give a steadily flat seal. It's suggested that the user hold the seal bar down for some seconds more after the light goes out to ensure enough time for the seal to cool and set. Easy to Operate: Set the timer; put the bag between the sealing bars, then press down and release. Maker's kit will include 2 elements and 2 PTFE covers.

Huanyu Instrument DZ260 Automatic Desktop Sealing Machine for Maximum 260mm

Buyer Notice Huanyu Instrument primarily gives instruments and tools. We supply voltage customized services, particular prerequisites may be contacted by email, we'll react quickly. After your order is confirmed, the product typically takes 7-13 business days to arrive to your hand. If you have special prerequisites or have any questions, contact us in time. Product Introduction (1) simple and convenient to use. (2) Small volume, light weight, low energy intake and auto control operation; (3) Fits for stores, supermarkets and family. (4) there's no power connection in the vacuum chamber lead to a more beautiful vacuum chamber. (5) It is simpler and quicker to change the sealing heating wire. (6) Sealing temperature range is broad so that this machine fit for different materials of packaging bags. (7) On control panel there's a emergency "stop" button. If the packaging turn to be irregular in the procedure of air extraction, push down the emergency "stop" button, that's stop the packing procedure now. Major Parameter ■ Voltage:220V/ 110V (optional, by default, we'll ship as indicated by the voltage of your Country) ■ Frequency:50 Hz/ 60 Hz ■ Heat Sealing Power (Moment):700 W ■ Motor Power:180/370 W ■ Vacuum bound:< 1 kPa ■ efficient Heat Sealing Size:260 x 10(mm) ■ Vacuum Chamber Volume:380 x 280 x 90(mm) ■ in general Size:480 x 330 x 360(mm) ■ Net Weight:28 kg When you buy, confirm the product is from our Huanyu Instrument, otherwise we can not ensure the quality and after-sale service. We'll attempt our best to offer you the best product and service, welcome to purchase our product.


The VacMaster VP215 Chamber Machine is engineered for superior performance and is the cornerstone unit of our VP Series machines. This machine is economical, dependable and easy to use, making it an essential part of any operation. The VP215 is perfect for small restaurants, culinary institutions and delicatessens. It's also a priceless tool used by serious hunters and fishermen. With a 1/4 hp rotating oil pump, the VP215 is economical and reliable, runs fast and silently and performs steadily, making it a top-seller. The VacMaster VP215 Chamber Machine is the last vacuum packaging machine your buyer will ever need! How does the chamber machine work? When sealing with a chamber machine, the vacuum pouch is placed inside the chamber and the cover is closed. Air is sucked out of the complete chamber, not just the pouch itself, allowing air pressure on both the inside and outside of the pouch to remain equal and liquids to stay inside the pouch. The pouch is then completely sealed and air is returned back into the chamber. It really is a whole new way to vacuum package. The VP215 accepts chamber pouches up to 10"W x 13"L.

Bissell Pet Bagless Upright Cleaner with Multi Cyclonic Technology and Integrated Pet Hair Lifter

Bissell Multi function BAGLESS Vacuum CleanerWith its distinctive lint brush, the Pet Hair Lifter can gather deep down pet hair from carpets and area rugs. This distinctive material grabs pet hair from carpeting when the vacuum is pulled back and releases it into the vaccum suction path when pushed forward. Joint with the multi cyclonic system and the on-board Pet TurboBrush Tool, this lightweight vacuum gives a complete pet hair elimination system. Pet hair lifter and rotating brush remove dirt, pet dander and pet hair in one step! Integrated Pet Hair LifterThe bagless vacuum collects pet hair while your doing your regular vacuuming for a cleaner housePet Turbo Eraser ToolPulls pet hairs from hard-to-reach places, and works great for upholstery, beds and stairsCyclonic Cleaning SystemThe upright bagless vacuum cleaner gives exceptional and powerful suction for excellent cleaningCleans Many Surface TypesThe upright bagless vacuum cleaner works great on many surfaces as well as Carpet, Upholstery, Bare Floors, Low Pile CarpetLightweight Vacuum CleanerLighter weight and smaller profile make cleaning and storage in compact regions easierFeaturesUpright Bagless Vacuum CleanerIntegrated Pet Hair Lifter collects pet hairLightweight, compact design is easily maneuverableMulti Cyclonic technology offers maximum suctionStretch hose and tools clean drapes, shelves and more23-Ft. Cord Length, with 5-ft. Hose LengthMulti-Use ToolsCrevice ToolCombination Dusting Brush/Upholstery ToolPet Hair ToolsPet TurboEraser Tool.

7 Weston Rolls! Three 8X50 and Three 11X50 Bag Rolls

These heavy-responsibility vacuum sealer rolls will protect your food from freezer burn and prolong its lifespan while storing. Food will taste as good and as new as the day you filled it. Purchasing big rolls saves you money. You have already decided to save money by preserving your food--now save money on the tools you have to do it! These bags are over 40 cheaper than name brand bags! Also, since you custom size the bag, there is less waste. You generally have the right size to fit your needs. Our vacuum sealer rolls may be used on all Clamp Style Sealers like the following: Foodsaver Black & Decker competitor Seal A Meal Deni Kenmore George Forman Cabelas and many more..

Automatic Bubble Tea Boba Cup Sealing Machine

Features: Commercial design in shine yellow coated. Heavy responsibility and lasting stainless steel structure. Align the roller film with black display and let the film through the sensor. Change once and seal thousand perfect cups. Simply put the cup in the tray and push it in. The machine will seal for you automatically in seconds. The film will roll and stop by the sensor on the position where is prepared for the next cup. Temperature control changes from 0C - 250C Cup Sealing Diameter: 3-3/4" Cup Sizes: 300CC, 500CC, 700CC Voltage: 110V/60Hz Power: 350W Output: 400-600 Cups/Hour Dimension: 21" x13" x12" Film Material and Sealing Temperature: PE (Polyethylene): 170C PP (Polypropylene): 170C-200C PS (Polystyrene):180C Film: 120C-180C PET (Polyester): 160C-200C Package will include: 1x auto Cup Sealing Machine 4x Triangular Plates 1x Power Cord 1x Film Collecting Roll 1x Screwdriver 1x Instruction Manual kindly note that the PP film and the cup of tea on the pictures are for installation guide only, NOT included in this item. Thanks.

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