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GenTent 10k XKu Stormbracer Edition running cover for 3000W+ Inverters - Made in USA - GreySkies Color - GT10KZKUGB vs XP12000-EH

Do you use your inverter generator in wet weather? ! Do you feel safe doing so? lots of people run inverter generators for tailgating, camping, or events and unknowingly risk damage or shock caused by wet weather. Read your user guide, or the warning labels on your generator! Why can not inverter generators be used in wet weather? Because water can get into the electrical panel which can lead to generator damage and electrocution risk, you may be able to run your inverter generator in rain and wet weather with the GenTent, the best way to keep your inverter generator safe to use in wet weather. This wet weather safety canopy and cover is for running Inverter class or completely enclosed movable generators whose length and width area is between 76" and 112" (usually 3000W or more). This GreySkies GenTent gives a pleasing finished look to your inverter generator, while keeping it safe to use in wet weather. The GenTent ships complete with electrical outlet protection skirts. GenTent XKi will include a Kevlar ratchet strapping system to securely hold extendable and adjustable corner part arms in place. The arms use high quality EPDM Grommets as feet which protect the inverter case from being marred, supply grip against the case and may be used in big/small mix to level the extension arms against curved inverter cases. This specific kit will fit inverter generators that are completely encased and meet minimum total area (2 x Length + 2 x Width) of 76" up to a maximum of 112". This product is Made in the USA and supported by a 3 yr canopy and 3 yr hardware warranty. Included in the package - complete four corner strapping system, fiberglass frame, canopy and electrical skirts, setup instruction/product safety manual. No tools obliged. Order with confidence; we will confirm the fit! Strap it, Frame it and Cover it in three easy steps to Weatherproof your Power.

Powerland PDW100 600 Watt 6.5 HP OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered /100 Amp Welder Combo

Ideal movable welder and generator for farm, general construction and emergency power situations. This unit is intended for stick welding with fast and easy arc starts It gives you with the power you need wherever and whenever you need it with 600 watts of AC output. Generator is 600 Watt. Dea movable Welder and Generator for farm, general construction, and emergency power applications. This unit is intended for Stick welding with fast and easy arc starts. It gives you with the power you need wherever and whenever you need it. Features: very lasting Lightweight and compact completely enclosed case Professional welding and power performance Excellent value meets a large range of job site needs at an cheap price.

Subaru RGX7500E Industrial , 7500-Watt

Intended for exceptional performance in the most rigorous applications of the construction and industrial users, Subaru movable generators remain top choice among professionals. With a full range of power from 1, 100  to 13000 watts, Subaru has a movable generator for your application.   The movable generators have many standard features as well as GFCI receptacles,   low oil  shutdown and high surge capacity, just to name some.   Subaru also has  diesel power,   also as a three phase 13000 watt generator to meet any movable generator prerequisite.

Dometic LW3000 Plus vs XP-12000EH

Dometic has the perfect answer for all your power needs at home, at the beach, work anywhere. The LW3000 Plus is a dependable, energy-economical Digital Inverter gasoline generator able of electrifying all your power needs and more. LW3000 Plus is a digital inverter/generator that's lightweight, fuel economical and able to deliver dependable power for expanded periods. Consistent power load means you may be able to use sensitive computer equipment with total peace of mind. Perfect for printers, computers, audio equipment and telephone. With a clean, stable power for all home or work applications, the LW3000 Plus easily powers a 13, 500 BTU air conditioner Lightweight 24 % lighter than comparable models calm (71-74 dB), air cooled four-stroke engine Energy economical 15. 4 % more fuel capacity Smart Throttle minimizes fuel intake Electric start is standard Long run time up to 10 hours, depending upon the load Two AC and one DC outlets DC circuit breaker Overload display (red) Output display (green) Engine alert oil system Inverter technology Dometics state-of-the-art movable generator know-how moves energy production to a new level with Digital Inverter technology. Our unit is smaller, lighter and more energy economical thanks to advanced technology. The LW3000 Plus automatically changes engine power to run at the obliged RPM to power load needs. The unit silently meets your energy prerequisites while saving on fuel.

Rally 7471 8 in 1 Power Source and Jumpstart Unit with Hand

Jumpstart any 12 volt battery quickly and carefully Emergency hand generator charges battery 140 watt inverter operates a range of household merchandise USB power source to operate and recharge movable electronic devices 260 PSI air compressor for high pressure inflation of tires and more The Rally 8 in 1 Power Source and Jumpstart Unit is one of the most versatile movable jumpstart and power source units. The on-board pull handle generator assures you'll never be without power. Now you may be able to take 140 watt of AC/DC power anywhere - perfect for roadside emergencies, power outages, camping and more. The useful design will include: a jump starter with cables; 140 watt power inverter with AC outlet; USB port for operating and recharging iPods, cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players; LED work light with emergency flasher; 260PSI air compressor with pressure gauge; 12 volt outlet and more. Recharges with AC current, 12 volt DC adapter or on-board pull-handle generator. This is a Hazmat non-returnable item.

Digital Inverter 2000 Watt Inverter Very Quiet Lightweight

Digital Inverter Generator Maximum 2000 Watts XP12000EH Morpower very calm only 61 Decibels Lightweight and weighs only 45 pounds 4 Hours Run Time at 1. 1 gallon Switch enables running full throttle or enables idle up and down with load clean power for running sensitive electronic equipment List Price 999. 99.

Subaru RGX4800E Industrial , 4800-Watt vs XP-12000-EH

Intended for exceptional performance in the most rigorous applications of the construction and industrial users, Subaru movable generators remain top choice among professionals. With a full range of power from 1, 100  to 13000 watts, Subaru has a movable generator for your application.   The movable generators have many standard features as well as GFCI receptacles,   low oil  shutdown and high surge capacity, just to name some.   Subaru also has  diesel power,   also as a three phase 13000 watt generator to meet any movable generator prerequisite.

Blue Max 6783 6.5 HP 4-Stroke Gas Powered 196cc Engine

The BLUE MAX 6. 5 HP Gas Engine is an ideal choice for powering tools on the job site or at home. The OHV engine features an easy pull recoil start that powers the single cycle 4 stroke engine. The engine runs at 6. 5 HP at 3600 RPM and has an idle speed of 1400 RPM. A side shaft and counterclockwise rotation of the shaft make it versatile for a range of uses.

Powerland PDL6500E LPG Propane Powered 6500-Watt with Electric Start

Powerland LPG (Propane) Generator 6500 Watt, 16 HP with Electric Start is intended to supply electrical power for lighting, appliances, tools and alike equipments. Generator: Rated Wattage: 5500W Surge Wattage: 6500W; Rated Voltage: 120/240V; Rated Frequency: 60Hz; Phase: Single Outlet: 120V /240V, 20A & 30A; DC Output: DC 12V/8. 3 A Engine: Engine Model: Powerland 190F/16HP; Engine type: 4-stroke OHV single cylinder with forced air cooling system; Ignition system: Non-contact transistor Max. Power output: 16 HP; Displacement: 419cc; Starting type:Electric start /Recoil; Fuel: Use clean, new, regular LPG (Propane); Oil capacity: 1. 1L(37fl oz. ) Engine oil grade: SAE 10W30 SG or SF Valve Clearance: Intake 0. 10-0. 15mm Exhaust 0. 15-0. 20mm; Input LPG pressure prerequisite: 10-15 PSI; sound Level: 72dB@7m (22 feet) Dimensions (in): 30. 2 X 22. 5 X 24. 2 "; Shipping Weight: 200lbs; Running time: 6 hours on 20 lbs LPG tank (50 load) One year warranty.

Category 5 Electric Start - 9375 Watts, Wireless Remote Control, Model# 41535

This group 5 Electric Start Generator allows you to start up 9375 Watts of power from the comfort of your home or RV with a useful wireless remote control. Surge Watts: 9, 375, Rated Watts: 7, 500, Start Type: Electric, Engine Displacement (cc): 439, HP: 15, Engine: CPE OHV, Run Time: 8 @ 1/2 load, Receptacles (qty. ): One 120V locking plug, 120/240 locking plug and two 120V duplex outlets, sound Level (dB): 74, Fuel Type: Gasoline, Fuel Capacity (gal. ): 5. 9, Low Oil Shutdown: Yes, Battery obliged: Yes, Battery Included: Yes, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 31. 7 x 22 x 23. 8.

All Power America APG3535CN 3, 500 Watt 6.5 HP OHV Propane Powered

The All Power APG3535CN Propane 3, 500 Watt movable Generator can power common household appliances and power tools. The movable generator is powered by 6. 5Hp engine and features a two AC 120V outlets, one 120/240 turn lock, one 12V DC, 3500W peak power, 2800W rated power, and EPA and CETL accepted.

3g/h Ozone Ozone Sterilization Machine Ozone Air Water Purifier CH-KTA3G

The product typically takes 7-13 business days to arrive to your hand after your order is confirmed Technical parameters Gas flow rate: 10L\min Ozone output: 3000mg\h Power: 95w Output gas tube: φ 6mm Fuse: 3A Size:300173270mm NW:5. 6KG Voltage: 220v or 110v How to use it? 1. Before use this machine, put it in a stable flat place which can hold its weight. 2. Use the power equipped with the machine; 3. The machine use for air purification, firstly attach the silicone tube into the ozone outlet, then turn on the power; 4. Set the timer, then come out ozone, and put the tube into the room. 5. When use for room air purification, it requires nobody is present, after 30 minutes people can walk into the room. 6. If use for water treatment, the air stone should be attached into the silicone tube and put into the water. 7 Attention, the machine should be placed higher than the water, in case that the water refluex happen. Functions: >>Sterilization: Can quickly kill all bacteria, viruses, however without secondary pollution. >>Detoxication: efficient remove of pesticide residues from food. >>Remove odor: musty, smoke, smoke flavor, water stains etc. >>Improve oxygen: improve oxygen for water or air. >>Healthy: air purify, expedite human metabolism. NOTE: we'll send the product to you as early as possible If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

XP4850EH 3850 Running Watts/4850 Starting Watts Electric Start

The DuroMax XP4850EH Propane Generator is a powerful, gas and propane powered unit that will supply dependable power whenever you need it. It features the DuroMax Dual Fuel Technology that's now able of almost doubling the lifetime of your generator by being able to run on cleaner burning propane from a BBQ tank or major line. There are many benefits to running a Generator on Propane, as well as being easy to store, longer lasting and more readily available throughout disasters. Switching over from gas to propane is easy and is done so with a simple flip of a fuel switch. By using Propane, it'll also give you quicker, more steady starts every time. It gives a constant 3, 850 watts of power and a peak of 4, 850 watts. This will adequately handle most household things needed in a emergency or power outage as well as refrigerator, lights and other basic necessities.

Weiheng hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Education Toy M14-v4-d

Package: Weiheng package and Weiheng LOGO stickered Weihenghot Air Stirling Engine Motor Generator Education Toy M14-v4-d Features: MODEL: M14-V4-D Speed: 1300 to 1500 RPM Size: 280X170X160MM Material: Steel, copper and Aluminum The base board adopts Bakelite and paint spraying. Weight:2. 85kg What is the stirling engine? A Stirling engine is a heat engine that operates by cyclic compression and expansion of air or another gas, the working liquid, at different temperature levels such that there's a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work. The engine is like a steam engine in that all of the engine's heat goes in and out through the engine wall. How it works? This is usually called an external combustion engine in contrast to an interior combustion engine where the heat input is by combustion of a fuel inside the body of the working liquid. Unlike the steam engine's use of water in both its liquid and gaseous phases as the working liquid, the Stirling engine encloses a fixed quantity of permanently gaseous liquid like air or helium. As in all heat engines, the general cycle consists of compressing cool gas, heating the gas, expanding the hot gas, and cooling the gas before repeating the cycle. IMPORTANT: 1. Adopt 95 to highgrade alcohol to be the fuel to be sure the air tank can get more temperature, and drive the stirling engine. 2. The temperature of Candle's light isn't workable for this toy, pay attention.

All Power America APG3001, 3000 Running Watts/3500 Starting Watts, Gas Powered

The All Power 3500W 6. 5 HP Generator Deluxe Side Panel gives plentiful power where and when you need it. It features a 6. 5 hp engine and runs for 8 hours at half load. Gas powered, it gives you power and versatility. About All Power America All Power America is a power tool maker and distributor that started business in North America in 2005. Groundbreaking designs and a stringent quality control make All Power America a well-respected name in the power tool business. Their engineers design, test, and make tools from raw materials to finished product and put each through a stringent testing procedure to ensure that customers are to get the quality they deserve in each part. Customers come 1st at All Power America and they continually strive to reach objectives of mutual success. 3500 watts. 6. 5HP 196cc 4-cycle OHV air-cooled engine. Runs 8 hours at half load. Gas powered. Auto idle control. Low oil shutdown. 2-AC 120V outlets. 1-120V/240V turn-lock outlet. Measures 23. 62W x 17H x 16. 54D inches.

Generac Guardian Series(TM) 30 kW Emergency Standby Power (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

30, 000-Watt Liquid Cooled Standby Generator. If it is a standby power system for a big data center, a backup generator powering the family home through an outage, movable generators powering tools at the job site, or the cleaning power of a pressure washer, Generac meets the power needs of buyers and businesses alike. Across the country and around the globe.

GHP 6.5 HP OHV Horizontal Shaft Engine 3.5 Gal. Gas Tank Power

Lifan generator merchandise are made with Lifan Horizontal Shaft OHV engines which feature Industrial responsibility upgrades like cast iron sleeves, vehicle grade rods, pistons, rings, crankshafts, valve and valve springs. The Lifan OHV design gives better fuel efficiency, quieter operation, and longer life. This is a uninterrupted responsibility generator. Features: The generator has a sound ranking of only 65 dB at 23 ft. for super calm operation The industrial 6. 5 HP OHV horizontal shaft engine delivers maximum performance The auto decompression feature makes this generator easy to begin the generator will include master circuit breaker protection for the safety of your electronics 2 single 120 Volt receptacle, one 20 Amp outlet One 12 Volt DC receptacle voltage selector (120/240) 3. 5 gal. Steel gas tank with steel cap (aprrox 13hr operation at 1/2 load) AVR (auto voltage regulator) for clean and stable power will include master circuit breaker for circuit protection low oil shut down.

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